Jan. 25th, 2010

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First day of classes down! They were kind of awesome and I think this semester is going to be kind of kickass. First Day of Classes )

Tomorrow I have Mood and Anxiety which I'm really looking forward to as it's with my favorite professor and I find the subject fascinating.

I'm also feeling good about this week because omg so much awesome TV! There's a new Chuck, which is always good, but you also have Greek and Psych returning, Skins season 4 premiering, and the series finale of Dollhouse (and while I'll be sad to see it go, I'm expecting the finale to be pretty awesome. Especially since it's entitled Epitaph Two, and I adored Epitaph One so much and had been hoping we'd see more of that stuff). Good TV always makes things better.

Last night around 11 PM I was blowdrying my hair in my room and I... blew a fuse or something? I don't know. The sad part is that this happened last semester, too. I've totally had more things plugged in than I did before and nothing's happened, but something about the blowdryer sets it off. I don't know. I guess I should do it in the bathroom instead where nothing is plugged in and it's on a different... circuit or whatever (idk the lingo, ok?). But anyways, the worst part is that to turn it back on, you have to go down on the basement, which is where one of my roommates lives, and this happened past 11 and she was sleeping when this was going on. So I ended up waking her up (because I wasn't 100% sure she was there anyways, and the lights were off, so I turned the lights on and then she woke up), and I felt so awful about it. ugh. But there wasn't really anything I could do because I needed the electricity back on for things such as my alarm clock.

Anyways, now I need to go get groceries so I have something to eat for dinner rather than relying on Dunn Brothers (a coffee shop) for meals as I have been since I go back.


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