Jan. 26th, 2010

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Today I just had one class, Mood and Anxiety. My favorite professor ever teaches it. She's so awesome. One example of her awesomeness is in the syllabus, she was talking about the student-led component of the course and she said "Some students might love the idea of leading a class, while others consider it an unforgivable curse (to borrow from J. K. Rowling)" and any professor that can reference Harry Potter in their syllabus is A+ with me. Anyways, the class looks absolutely fascinating and totally terrifying. This is basically like the Distress, Dysfunction, and Disorder class I took 2 years ago with the same professor but much narrower in scope, and I love the subject matter in that class so much; in fact, it's my favorite class I've ever taken. But unlike that course, which was a level... 252 I believe (so, intermediate), this is an advanced course (375) and it counts towards the major requirement of having a course with a significant student-led component, meaning we have to run one session. Also, it's seminar-style, so she expects a lot of discussion. I'm way better and participating in class than I was in high school (when I literally never spoke up in class), but I still don't typically do it often. I've had to discuss for other classes, though, so I think I've gotten better about it over the past few years. It's still not a highlight, though. And I'm so bad at public speaking, I know I'm going to get so nervous when it's my turn to lead the class. But at least it's in a subject I adore, and with a professor who's awesome and I'm sure will help me prepare for it if I feel like I'm struggling.

Oh I totally forgot yesterday to mention that my Origins professor told us that if we got a tattoo related to evolution, she would give us bonus points. As I have a severe phobia of needles, this is not happening, but I found it really amusing. Apparently our T.A. has a tattoo of Darwin's finches on her shoulder.

Also, I managed to fall down on the ice/snow twice yesterday. ugh. That combined with the fact that my suitcases were abnormally heavy on Sunday and I had to lug them up a flight of stairs and I am weak plus going grocery shopping on Monday afternoon and having 3 heavy bags and having to wait outside in the snow for the bus (which was late) to arrive and not wanting to set the bags on the ground because I was afraid of them getting wet and falling apart resulted in me feeling super sore on Monday night. Seriously, lifting my glass at dinner to drink was ridiculously difficult/painful.

I have very, very brief thoughts on Chuck from last night: Chuck 3.05 )

We're having internet issues at my apartment, and this entry is long enough so I won't get into it, but because of that I've only been able to watch last night's Chuck since I've been back. I was already super behind on TV since I spent a bunch of time marathoning TV shows and watching movies over break, and now I can't even catch up even though I have so much time to. We are supposed to have full internet back by tonight or Wednesday at the latest, so I'm hoping that happens. =/


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