Jan. 29th, 2010

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So you know how I said I would get internet Tuesday/Wednesday-ish? Yeah, well make that Sunday. ugh. I can get internet on campus, of course, but I had loads of issues with it last semester, and it's slow, and I don't really want to have to do my flailing over certain TV shows in public, ok? So as a result, I'm going to be so behind on TV after this week, and I already was super behind. And dammit, I was so looking forward to a bunch of stuff this week! Especially since I actually have time to watch stuff right now considering it's the first week of classes.

I love not having an 8 AM class this semester. It's amazing. I spent the last 2 semesters with an 8 AM class, and every semester before that I had 9:40 classes (and I think first semester I had an 8:30 class). This semester my earliest class all week is 10:50, and it's wonderful. It gets to be past midnight and I'm like "...hm, maybe I should go to sleep now," and then it's like "OH WAIT NO I DON'T HAVE TO," because I don't need to be up until 9 AM at the absolute earliest, and I can actually stay awake past midnight because I'm getting enough sleep. Also, today my 10:50 class was canceled because the professor had to go to a conference, so my first class isn't until 1:10. Getting enough sleep throughout the week definitely makes me a lot more positive and happy and energetic. I need to enjoy this while I can before I leave school and have to get a job where I actually have to wake up early.

I forgot to mention, but I have a new roommate this semester since one of my roommates from last semester is abroad. She introduced herself to me on Monday and we chatted briefly about the typical things (year, major, etc.) and since then I've seen her in the apartment like twice and said hi to her once. It's a little weird just because when I was chatting with her, it seemed like she was kind of like me: bad at making small talk and getting to know someone and kind of awkward and not that chatty. And that's fine, but... I'm so that way so it's hard to get to know someone when you're both like that. And the roommate she's subletting for is one of the most friendly, talkative people I've ever met. She was just so welcoming and warm and so interested in everyone's lives, and it was really nice, and I kind of miss that. Oh well. Next semester Li and I have pretty much 99% decided that we're going to move out and find a 2-bedroom apartment, which I'm looking forward to. I'd really like having my own room again, and it's a lot easier to work stuff out with only 2 people compared to 4-5.


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