Feb. 1st, 2010

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kl;fjs so having internet starting Sunday has now turned into somewhere around Wednesday to Saturday. We're sharing internet with the apartment next door (which we did with a different apartment last semester and worked perfectly fine, but for some reason they didn't want to this semester with us, so that's why there's all this stuff going on now) and the guy came and installed internet for them yesterday. However, for some inexplicable reason (I don't really understand this as I got this account like 3rd-hand) he didn't bring a wireless router. Instead, Comcast is going to mail them the wireless router, which will take 3-5 days to arrive. l;kjsdf UGH.

Anyways, right now I'm at Dunn Brothers (a coffee shop) because it's nearer to my apartment than the library and it's internet is way better. But anyways, I got here and absolutely none of the tables were open but I had gotten my coffee and a mug so I couldn't just go and I really needed to use the internet, so I was literally standing waiting for a table to open up for 20 minutes, and then one did and this family that I had seen arrive about 10 minutes after me got to it and was like "Oh the girl here before said we could sit here" and I was like "I HAVE BEEN LITERALLY STANDING HERE FOR 20 MINUTES AND I SAW YOU GUYS ARRIVE AND YOU HAVE NOT BEEN HERE REMOTELY LONG AS ME" and they were like "Where were you? We didn't see you." and I was like "I WAS STANDING OVER THERE SERIOUSLY YOU TOTALLY SAW ME" and they were like "I guess we could share" and I was like "Fine, whatever" but then another table opened up so I just went there. It was seriously annoying though because the whole reason I had come was to use the internet and I had been waiting forever and feeling like an idiot and then they were just kind of rude.

Also rude was the woman who was standing like right in the way when I was crossing the street trying to get on the sidewalk who wouldn't move so I tried to get around her so I wouldn't just be in the middle of the street waiting for the light to change so I could cross and resulted in me slipping on ice and falling down and bracing myself with my hands which were bare and had I mentioned it had been snowing for several hours? So my hands were freezing AND I managed to scrape them and I was on my way to class so I couldn't turn around but my hands were bleeding some so I had to wash them off in the bathroom in the building before class so I wouldn't bleed all over my notes. Have I mentioned how awesome today has been?

In more positive news, I'm so happy Kathryn Bigelow won the DGA! Not only because she's the first woman to do so, but also because The Hurt Locker was just a beautifully done film. I was afraid after the Golden Globes that Avatar's wins meant that it would be heading down the road to Oscar success, but after both the PGA and DGA going to The Hurt Locker, I'm more optimistic for its chances. Avatar was excellent technically and visually, but that is all that it should be recognized for. If it gets nominated for script, I am going to punch something because oh my god was that an awful script. The story wasn't anything original and some of the lines were horribly cheesy. The Hurt Locker and Kathryn Bigelow are far more deserving, in my opinion. Of course, I also think films like A Serious Man and A Single Man and Moon were brilliant and amazing and they (particularly A Single Man and Moon; they pretty much have no shot) will have a far more difficult time getting nominated while Avatar will coast to a nomination. sigh. But whatever, still happy about The Hurt Locker's success, at least.

Back to negative stuff, I got Campbell's Chicken Soup which I've never actually had before (my mom always made chicken soup herself) just to try something different since I'm a little bored of my usual food choices, and wow, that was not good. There was waaaaay too much broth, it was pretty much flavorless (I had to add a bunch of salt/pepper/herbs de provence to make it taste like anything), and all the chicken/carrots/noodles were super mushy. Seriously, one of the pieces of chicken literally melted in my mouth. And not in a good way. Chicken should not melt; you should have to chew it. I also bought some clam chowder at the same time, and now I'm very wary of it. Anyways, I am disappoint. I suppose I should learn how to cook more stuff rather than relying on instant-food, which is really never that great.

Anyways, I am going to quickly check up on my flist and then go back to my apartment because I finished like 3/4 of my coffee waiting here so long.


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