Feb. 22nd, 2010

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Ugh one of my major assignments for this week is this social psych assignment where I'm supposed to give this personality inventory to a friend and then rate her myself and compare, and that's not too bad, but part of it is that I first have to write like 2 pages about her various personality traits and give examples showing that she is this way, and it's just so weird, you know? I mean, it's bizarre to be like... talking about a friend this way and your friendship and all, especially for an academic assignment. It's not difficult in terms of like... for other assignments I've had to do research and analyze things and whatever else, so it's not like it's mentally strenuous talking about a friend, but it still just feels really weird. I don't know how to describe it. I didn't think it would be nearly this weird until I had to start doing it.

lol omg speaking of Social Psych, my professor in that class is very pregnant and was due during Spring Break and then after that another professor was supposed to take over the class, but I just found out that she went into labor last Friday (I was wondering why class was abruptly canceled on Friday!). ...I don't know why I'm finding this amusing, but I am. But anyways, I will have an entirely new professor today and for the first exam. I like the original professor, but she's really not a very good lecturer, so I'm hoping the new professor is better and more engaging. I'm not actually too worried about the exam. Definitely not as much as I was worried about the Origins exam (which I'm hoping we don't get back today because I don't really want to know my grade. I mean, I definitely didn't fail it, in reality I probably got at least a B, but still). I went through the review sheet she gave us last week before doing any studying at all, and I found all of the multiple choice incredibly easy. The short answer I will actually need to study for, but I don't think it'll be that tricky once I've actually gone over the material more. So as long as I manage my time well, it should be fine. And one of my assignments due for Wednesday was pushed back until Friday, so that should give me a little more time.

We started watching a film in German today, and I guess we're at the level now where we're expected to watch German films with no subtitles. Last semester we still had English subtitles, and I wish that the transition would have been made more... smoothly, I guess? Like, watch a short film without subtitles, or watch the film with German subtitles. I mean, I did feel last semester like it was kind of pointless to watch it with English because you just end up reading the English and not processing any of the German, but still. I understood so very little that was said, so it makes it hard to enjoy the movie, which is kind of lame. Oh well.

I watched the BAFTAs yesterday, and here are some random thoughts: BAFTAs )

I'm randomly really looking forward to the start of the American Idol Top 24. I've never watched a season before while it's aired (I caught a few random bits throughout high school, usually when I was at someone else's house, and then last year I watched the whole season after it had already aired and I had checked out Kris and Adam and fallen in love with them), so it feels kind of weird for me to be watching it, but I'm excited. I've caught some episodes of the season so far, but not all, mostly due to the fact that I hate the auditions, and also due to not having internet for weeks and not caring to catch up now that I do have internet. I did see last week's two episodes, so I have a few that I already like and am on the look-out for. I will probably get bored and stop watching the season after a few episodes, as has happened with SYTYCD for the past year or two, unless of course there's someone who turns out to be amazing who I really like (although usually I'm not into the type of music they perform and that results from the show. I am a sucker for a boy with a guitar or piano, though, and I think part of my increased interest for last season was that they could actually use instruments. I mean, I know that was true the year before, too, but... I don't know. I didn't watch and didn't know they could use instruments, for one thing, and for another, I just didn't care enough). But yeah, anyways, for now I'm pretty excited. I'm also excited for women's figure skating on Tuesday and Thursday (even though the U.S. has pretty much no hope. But still, I like figure skating. Even if it can't possibly compare to the men's figure skating last week, which was the absolute best). I'm not sure how I'm really going to fit in both Idol and figure skating. Maybe flip between the Idol commericals; there does tend to be a lot of downtime between both. And I can always listen to Idol while watching the Olympics. ...oh, and I have an exam, as I mentioned, on Wednesday. heh. Tuesday afternoon/night should be fun.


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