Feb. 24th, 2010

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American Idol time again; this time the guys! American Idol - Top 12 Guys )

Ugh I thought it was bad last semester when I was going out for coffee every day, but now I'm starting to get into a habit of twice a day. Maybe this is why I'm having trouble falling asleep before 2 AM (and consequently why I feel so exhausted every morning and then feel the need to drink 2 cups of coffee to stay awake). I'm wasting too much money on coffee. I really need to stop that.

I normally go grocery shopping Tuesdays after my early afternoon class because it's the day I have the most time, but yesterday I decided to put it off until today to study for my Social Psych exam (and then found out later that the exam was pushed back a day, ugh). So I went today, but I was in a super rush, which led to poor decisions on my part. For one, I forgot a bunch of stuff I meant to get. Worse, though, was that I stupidly decided that I'd rather not wait 10-15 minutes for the bus in 15 degree weather and would instead walk back to my apartment. It's only 3 blocks, but those blocks are long when you're carrying really heavy bags. And I would have survived it all right, except a block from my apartment, one of the bags ripped open and all the stuff in it fell out. l;jksdf ugh. At least it was only one block away, and everything was in containers so it didn't get ruined. I managed to fit it all into the other back and my purse (and it was actually easier to carry the stuff in my purse than those bags because the handles on the bags are so thin and the bags are awkward and difficult to carry for more than a block), so everything turned out fine, but I really didn't need that much difficulty and stress in getting groceries. On the plus side, I beat the bus back to my apartment, so it wasn't a total waste. But I was emotionally and physically tired after that, so I didn't end up starting schoolwork until later than I probably should have.

...I should probably be working on stuff now, actually. I have to present a song in my German lab tomorrow. I don't even know. There are zero guidelines for this, he just sent us a humongous file of songs (I think I mentioned this a few weeks ago; it was 700 MB which is just... unreasonable) and I'm supposed to choose one and that's all I know. The guy who presented last week just chose a different song because he couldn't download the file, and he actually had, like... reasons, I guess, for choosing the song. So he had stuff to talk about. I don't know any German music. ugh, I guess I'll just choose one at random and hopefully find something to talk about. And I also have an annotated bibliography for Friday and my social psych exam Friday. Why couldn't the exam have stayed today? Or the annotated bibliography? At least then I'd be done with one of them. I can't wait until Friday afternoon. Of course, soon enough it'll be next week, and then I'll be just as busy again. sigh.


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