Mar. 9th, 2010

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My podcast promo for my evolution class project thing is finally finished! And it's not even due until Thursday afternoon! Awesome. Now the only thing I really need to focus on the rest of the week is my midterm paper for Mood and Anxiety, and this afternoon I'm going to write the intro and conclusion and edit it a bit, and I'll have to edit it some more after I do a peer review tomorrow, but there really isn't a lot of work I need to do on it. I'm so happy this week is turning out way less stressful than I originally thought it would be.

As I mentioned, I ordered the 2005 version of Pride and Prejudice last week, and it arrived yesterday, so I watched it last night. I think this must be at least my 5th, maybe 6th time seeing it all the way through (which doesn't count the random like 15-20 minute sections of it I've watched when it shows up on TV and there's nothing else on. Anyways, the first time I saw it I was kind of meh about it, but I seriously enjoy it more and more everytime I watch it. It was a lot of fun to watch it again.

I'm getting kind of behind on TV again. I've been (obviously) really focused on reading and BBC miniseries and all, and there are a lot more new episodes of shows airing than I realized (like, did you know Gossip Girl returned last night? I didn't find that out until after it aired. I think it was because during The Olympics, a lot of shows weren't on, so there weren't too many I had to keep track of and so I've missed a lot of shows coming back). I mean, there are some shows I'm always caught up on (like Chuck and Greek and more often than not HIMYM and TBBT), but others I am woefully behind on. I'll probably wait until Spring Break to really catch up.

I totally forgot to mention, but I volunteer at a homeless shelter with children on Saturday mornings, and last Saturday morning there was only one 12-year old boy so me and the other 2 volunteers were just kind of sitting with him and talking about random things, and somehow we got onto the subject of American Idol, and... he was kind of a conspiracy theorist? He was talking about how they ignore the people's votes and just give it to who they want, and then he said that Kris winning last season was evidence of that, and while normally that annoys me (because I love both Kris and Adam and they both deserved to win), it was really funny because he went on to say that Adam was a really amazing singer and he really liked him even though he was gay. And while the idea that him being gay is something that should... like, detract from him or whatever is stupid, at the same time, it was this 12 year old boy, and I just found it amusing that he liked Adam so much, because you wouldn't expect that demographic to be particularly inclined to like his music.


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