Mar. 25th, 2010

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I'm slowly catching up on TV! I still have a good ways to go, though. Luckily one of my two major things for next week got pushed back 2 weeks, so now all I have to focus on right now is my German test tomorrow and for next week my group project for my evolution class. Unfortunately my group still wants to meet tonight for the group project that got pushed back two weeks, which, I mean... I understand the point of pushing it back was not so we could put it off for 2 more weeks, but at the same time, my German test that is tomorrow has to come before a project that is 3 weeks away. And we were supposed to meet at 8 tonight, but then someone in the group wanted to attend some event or something, so we're meeting at 9:30. I hate meeting so late. =/ I mean, no it's not incredibly late, but at that point, I want to be entirely focused on studying for my exam. But the other people in the group agreed and I didn't want to be the lone person causing problems, so I just went along with it. blah.

I'm so tired. For some reason I've had a terrible time falling asleep this week. Don't really know what to do about it, though. The thing is, the more nights that this happens, the more anxious I feel about it, and I feel like that just makes it even harder to fall asleep the next night. I definitely haven't had a nice, full night of sleep since being home, which sucks. I'm not even having as much caffeine as I normally do! Hopefully tonight my various group meetings and the culmination of several nights of not being able to sleep will tire me out enough so that I can actually get a full night of sleep.


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