Apr. 2nd, 2010

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It's time again for registering for classes, and I don't know what to take. Classes Stuff )

Today Li and I are going to look at an apartment for next year. We also have a time set up to view another on Monday. Unfortunately both apartments are starting in June, and we were both not planning on moving in until September. The landlord of one of the places said that if we want to start in September, we'd have to wait until later in the year to look for apartments, but that we wouldn't be guaranteed anything. So I don't know. I mean, we could get subletters, but subletters don't usually have their own furniture or wouldn't want to move in furniture for just 3 months, and I won't be around to move my furniture in for whoever to use. But we'll see. I mean, I'd rather get a place that starts in June than no place at all, of course. I'm trying not to be too stressed out about this (which is hard, since I tend to freak out and worry over every little things, even things that aren't really that important).

I have today off because of Good Friday, which is nice. Unfortunately I can't really enjoy this 3-day weekend because of how much schoolwork I have to do. I've finished one small thing I had to do for Monday, but I still have a 5-page social psych paper, two exams, and leading my Mood and Anxiety class for 45 minutes (which involves doing a lot of research and I'm tired of it already). blah. But this is pretty much my last busy week until the last week of school (which will involve exams in Origins and Social Psych, my german final, a short social psych paper like the one I have due Monday, and my final paper for Mood and Anxiety. Although hopefully I'll have much of my Mood and Anxiety final paper done a little sooner than that. I should probably start working on that once this class presentation thing is done.

Anyways, time to try to get some work done before visiting that apartment later!


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