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YES YES GOOD MARC/JUSTIN SCENE! I was afraid that we might not see it on-screen. Marc's smile at Justin finally admitting it was adorable.

Bobby was totally hilarious when Hilda was trying to figure out what Justin was hiding about Austin.

The surprise coming out party was adorable and well-intentioned, but oh man that would have been so embarrassing and ridiculous for him. "Gays do not have a favorite color. They like them all!" aslkdjfal;kjsdf omg. Marc running in to save Justin from the embarrassment was adorable. Oh man I couldn't stop cracking up during this scene. I think I'm actually going to miss this show. It's kind of ridiculous.

Is it weird that I ship Betty/Daniel a little? Like... ok. Back in season 1/2 I saw myself shipping them several seasons later, like after a lot of development had happened and Betty was no longer Daniel's assistant and Daniel would realize he loved Betty and so on. I even mentioned it in this post around episode like... 4 of season 1 that I wanted it to happen down the line. (And in that post I was also going on about how much I love Marc and Justin's friendship. I'm nothing if not predictable.) And I always kind of thought it would (particularly since the original version(s) of Ugly Betty got Betty and Daniel together). But since the last few episodes, I didn't think it would happen. But then! That look from Daniel and Hilda talking about doing anything for each other and Daniel seeming a little jealous of Henry and Betty hating who Daniel was with and... it was like lkajsf omg they're maybe actually going there!

I totally predicted that Justin would dance with Austin at the wedding, and awwwwwwwww. I love them. I only wish we could see more of them.

Hilda telling Marc, "Has anyone ever told you you're a really good person?" and kissing him on the cheek was sooo cute. My heart almost broke at the look on his face, like actually, people don't tell him that nearly enough. And I was thinking about just how amazing he was being with Justin. I want the show to end with Marc having a real boyfriend dammit, or at least something like... promising.

How is there only one more episode of this show left? I can't believe how into it I am right now. It's seriously one of the shows I look most forward to right now. Seasons 2 and 3 were pretty terrible, and even the first half of this season wasn't amazing, but seriously, the second half of this season has gotten so much better, it's ridiculous. I think it's even better than parts, or most, of season 1. I kind of just want to watch this episode over and over again. And I also kind of want to buy the DVDs of this season when it comes, which I never thought I would want to do for this show. Oh man. I'm actually going to be really upset when it's over.

Also, speaking of my reactions back when I was watching season 1, I was reading them over for the nostalgia factor, and in one of them I was like "This is totally my new favorite show of the season!" which is so weird because, well, I guess seasons 2 and 3 really colored my view of the show as a whole, despite the fact that season 1, especially the first half, was a lot of fun. But I did really adore the show back then. It's nice that it's come back to be really awesome for the end. (It's actually kind of funny that in one of the posts I was reading with an old Ugly Betty reaction, I was also talking about The O.C. and how I was still not over how The O.C. was actually good (this was season 4) and back to season 1 levels, and I just kind of find it funny that the same thing is happening for me with Ugly Betty. And then I just got weirded out because season 1 of Ugly Betty seems really long ago, but that was just senior year in high school, and omg in just 4 1/2 weeks I'll be a senior in college and how is that even possible and that's so weird. Was high school really that long ago? Anyways, tangent! But in any case, that's totally why I stick with shows even once they start sucking and it starts feeling like a chore to watch them: because sometimes, if I'm lucky, they'll start getting good again. Of course, it's typically right before they're canceled, but... it's better than nothing, I guess? I'd rather have this excellent season 4 than 5 more seasons like seasons 2-3).

I have my class facilitation thing in Mood and Anxiety in like 30 minutes. I'm... feeling okay about it. I've gone over what I'm going to say about a million times, but I'm sure I'll get nervous and mess up a little anyways since I suck at public speaking. I'll be really happy to have it over with, anyways. And then I get to come back to my apartment and spend several hours working on my part of a group project before we meet tonight. ugh. But at least it's almost Friday! And then I can finally relax!

Also, there are so many TV things I'm super excited for in the next week: new Doctor Who Saturday (I'm so excited to see more of Eleven and Amy!), Glee returns Tuesday, and the series finale of Ugly Betty on Wednesday. Plus there's the normal great TV: I've been really loving Castle recently, HIMYM and TBBT are new on Monday (they haven't had a new episode in a little while, right? I don't know, it feels like it's been awhile), new Lost (I haven't watched this week's yet, actually, but I should have time this afternoon or Friday afternoon, and I've heard it's awesome), new Criminal Minds (this week was kind of eh since they were setting up the spin-off, which I don't really care about, but I still adore the show (speaking of, the picture Matthew Gray Gubler tweeted of a freaking puppy biting his nose was one of the most adorable things I've ever seen. How is he real?)), and other new stuff as well that I'm too lazy to get into now. But still, very excited for TV next week.


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