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I wasn't planning on saying anything on this show, but then there was the scene between Cara and Kahlan where Cara told her that she considered her a friend and Cara tried to kill herself to give Kahlan a better chance of surviving and omg. Have I mentioned how much I adore Cara? Because I really do. At the beginning of the season, I wasn't sure I would like her being added, but omg I adore her so much. (And I still kind of ship her with Richard. Although I also ship Richard and Kahlan a bit, and I don't see Cara/Richard ever happening.) And seriously, that scene was just so wonderful. I love how much Cara has grown and changed over the course of the season so far.

lk;ajsf Eleven holding onto Amy's leg as she like... floated in space was amazing. That would absolutely be something I'd want to do if I were the Doctor's Companion.

"Yes, but on the plus side, roomy!" and "I'd love to see the stomach! (growling noise) ...but not now," really cracked me up. I loved that whole scene, actually. Especially him realizing where they were and telling Amy to be calm and that "ohm" noise and then telling her where they were and being kind of excited about it.

lkjasdf Eleven telling Amy she was going home was so sad. :( So reminiscent of when Rose saved her father and Nine was so pissed and had that whole rant about her being human and stupid and all that. Poor Amy, too, as it was her first voyage, so it's not like she even really knew any better, and he was yelling at her for something she had no memory of doing and therefore had no idea why she had done it.

I loved Amy figuring it out, seeing what the Doctor didn't. I'm loving Amy so far. She's wonderful. And I also enjoy that she already kind of has the Doctor figured out.

The hug at the end was epic. Things like that are not helping me ship Eleven/Amy any less. And Winston Churchill calling the Doctor was pretty much the best thing ever. Also, the very last shot with Amy's voiceover was excellent. Aw, the Starwhale. I'm glad Amy stopped him from killing it.

Also I'm leaning more and more against Amy actually getting married just because all we've seen between her and Rory is Rory being really in love with her and her kind of dismissing him for the Doctor (which I can understand to a certain extent since he was her childhood imaginary friend, and then oh look he's actually real and back, but we also saw nothing indicating she was really into Rory otherwise) and then running away from her wedding day. And her talking about being afraid and maybe not being ready and running away because she can made me even less eager for them to actually get married since... fear I can understand, and even feeling not ready, because it could just be last-minute jitters, but for some reason running away because she could kind of struck me, because... I don't know. It just gave me the feeling that without this opportunity, she would have wanted to run away, but she wouldn't have the means to do so. And that basically she feels stuck in her situation, or maybe she settled because she figured she wouldn't have any better chances or opportunities in life. But as we still have yet to see more of Rory and Amy interacting, and she really could just be a little nervous, but still end up wanting to marry him and doing so, I'm trying not to judge their relationship too hard. And I realize that right now they're not going to be focusing on the positive, happy aspects of their relationship or all the reasons she does want to get married, because then why would she be still traveling with Eleven?

I don't think I enjoyed this one as much as last week's, but I loved last week's a whole lot, and part of it too was just that it was so joyful and fun. And they can't really be like that every week. I like there being a little bit of conflict between Eleven and Amy, partially because I think it helped to like... forge a stronger bond between them, and also because I can see after all Ten's angst about his former companions and not wanting to have a companion for awhile that Eleven would be a little... hesitant towards the whole thing? Like I know that he was the one to invite Amy along and had to convince her a little, and it's possible I'm totally getting this out of nowhere, but I can see him subconsciously being like... he feels like he's responsible for terrible things happening to his companions and also feeling abandoned/lonely, and wanting to like... sabotage his relationship (I don't mean this in a romantic sense, btw) with Amy before he can ruin her life. And, like... she's going to leave him someday, she can't possibly travel with him forever, so at least this way it ends it so it's on his terms and not with someone dying or being trapped in alternate universe or losing all their memories of him and their adventures. But, as I said, I could be totally making this up. He just seemed a little angrier than I expected about Amy choosing to forget (and he was totally just speculating as why she chose to forget, about trying to protect him and all) so I felt like I had to justify it to myself, and I felt satisfied with my justification.

Although actually, despite my saying that I didn't like the episode as much as the first, as I was watching the Confidential and seeing everything again and thinking about it more, I'm liking it more and more. I really enjoy the idea of the entire episode, I mean... there really isn't any big evil. Yes, what the government was doing was wrong, but at the same time... they were sympathetic. They weren't just this 100% evil thing that had to be taken down. I mean, they weren't taken down at all. There were no repercussions. I just kind of liked that. And I adored the Starwhale. I've seen other people say this in their reactions, and it's 100% true for me as well, that I can watch horrible things happen to fictional characters (meaning people, even children) and be ok with it, but the slightest threat to a fictional animal and I freak out. I was so nervous for the Starwhale! And so thrilled when Amy was able to say it. Whereas if the first child in the episode had actually died, I would have been like "Oh, that's too bad" and then moved on with no problem. And I adored, as I said, the hug between Eleven and Amy, and her saying "Gotcha" and just... that was such a lovely moment between them, even ignoring shipping.

Next week I am still very much looking forward to, despite the Daleks returning for the umpteenth time. (The explanation for why they're still somehow around better be good. We've reached the last of the Daleks like a billion times now, seriously.) I am kind of looking forward to how Eleven reacts to them, though. I found it interesting how he talked about being the last of the Timelords to Amy, both with the fact that he was like... open about it (compared to when he was with Martha and her having to be like "Ok, seriously, I am not leaving with you until you stop shutting me out and freaking tell me everything.") and also how he seemed a little less sad about it than normal (I suppose seeing the Timelords again and remembering how totally batshit they can be in the Christmas episodes didn't really help the nostalgia factor. He did actually meet them face to face, right? I feel like I blocked out a lot of those specials, despite not hating them as much as everyone else). He just seemed kind of... not thrilled about it, but resigned to it. Just like... it was an aspect of his life, and it was a little sad, and maybe he's not super eager to discuss it, but there it is, anyways. idk. I feel like I haven't watched the previous seasons with Nine and Ten in awhile, so maybe I'm misremembering his attitude when talking about the Timelords and the Time War then. I wonder if he's going to discuss the Time War with Amy (especially with the Daleks coming back in the next episode), or if he's going to stop angsting about it.

I've been in such a Doctor Who mood recently, and yesterday I was getting strong urges to rewatch older episodes. And, I mean, seasons 1-4 were all put up on Netflix Instant Watch, so they were all there waiting to be watched! At first I was thinking about rewatching an entire season, but then I decided I was only in the mood for certain episodes. And then I was going to do my favorites from each season, but I thought that might take too long, and I felt like if I watched anything of season 1, I would get too hooked on the season arc and want to watch everything. So instead I decided to watch some episodes from season 2 and season 4. Last night I watched The Christmas Invasion, The Rise of the Cyberman/Age of Steel 2-parter, and the Army of Ghosts/Doomsday 2-parter. This afternoon I'll probably watch Partners in Crime, maybe Midnight, and then Turn Left and The Stolen Earth/Journey's End finale (clearly I'm in the mood for Ten/Rose stuff). But first I have some random thoughts about the season 2 episodes I watched:

The Christmas Invasion
la;ksjflk why did I think I could rewatch season 2 and not get overemotional? I mean, before it was bad enough what with Rose being gone, but now there's no more Ten either. And I am loving Eleven and Amy so much, don't get me wrong, and I don't even know that it's right to say that I miss Ten and Rose because... they feel like different shows somehow. It's more that I'm adoring this new show, but I still miss the old one. And I'm still all emotional about the two of them, knowing how happy they are at this point in the series and everything that happens afterwards.

Besides the fact that I was already overly... susceptible to getting emotional, I forgot how emotional the episode is. I mean, Rose is all upset about Ten not being her Doctor, and then oh man at the end with both of them not being sure that the other one of them still wants to travel together which I absolutely love.

The Rise of the Cyberman/Age of Steel
I was intending to go from The Christmas Invasion straight to the two-part finale, but I was already ridiculously overemotional from TCI and I knew that watching the finale was going to be even worse, so I decided to lighten it up a bit. And at first I was going to go with The Satan's Pit 2-parter, but I think I've seen that more times than this two-parter, or at the very least I remember it much better. I kind of forgot a lot that happened in this storyline, and plus, I figured it was a good transition to the finale. So yeah.

The beginning of this episode is so ridiculously overdramatic, what with the "It's alive" and "How can you... from beyond the grave?" It was hilarious. I was cracking up so much (which was likely not the intention, but still). Really, the whole episode is kind of overdramatic. Like when Rickey and Mickey first meet and Rickey is going on about stuff. And every single scene with the villain.

Ok seriously though, after watching the 2nd part, how do Mickey and Jake not end up together? If one of them were female, I would 100% expect everything between them being set-up for a relationship. I know a lot of people liked the Martha/Mickey reveal at the end of Ten's last episode, but idk, I just didn't see the point of putting them together. Martha was happy with her doctor fiance and Mickey was happy with Jake (...well, he could have been if the show had actually gone there! And it's not like I feel like the show would be afraid of going there, since this is the show that created Jack Harkness and then had him kiss the Doctor (ksf ok now I seriously have the urge to rewatch season 1, what is wrong with me? Actually, have the urge to rewatch the whole series. But I feel like I can't do that since I don't really have enough time and I already watched a good chunk of season 2. But maybe I will anyways. Actually, I also have the urge to rewatch season 1-2 of Torchwood, but I don't know if I can without getting all upset over Jack/Ianto). Um, what was I talking about? (I go off tangents too often. Someone needs to take parentheses away from me.) Anyways, seriously, Jake and Mickey would have been awesome together.

Army of Ghosts/Doomsday
lkajsf I started tearing up at the beginning the second the Doctor asked Rose how long she was going to stay with him and she said forever and he gave her that smile and alskdjf seriously how am I supposed to not ship them.

l;aksjf ok but I must say the Daleks vs. the Cyberman is the most hilarious thing ever. When they first realize they're both trying to take over Earth and are ordering each other to identify themselves and the Dalek saying they have no concept of elegance and the Cybermen saying "That is obvious" and "You are only superior in one respect" / "What is that?" / "You are better at dying" is so ridiculously hilarious. I absolutely love it. And it definitely helps balance out the doom and gloom of the rest of the episode. Is it weird that most of the time I find Daleks adorable? They're just so ridiculous! If the Daleks have to keep coming back (as I'm sure they always will), I think they should always have to fight with some other alien race to take over Earth.

I was absolutely sobbing when Rose got stuck in the parallel world and she was crying and the Doctor was tearing up and just lakjsf ugh. And especially just a few moments before when the Doctor was yelling at her about how she would never see her mother again and she wouldn't be safe there and everything and she was like "I made my choice a long time ago. I'm going to be with you forever" or whatever and the look on his face and how he instantly just kind of sends her to start working and l;akjf oh man. And of course the end, there were just tears streaming down my face. "I'm burning up a sun just to say goodbye" and Rose telling him that she loves him and the Doctor almost telling her the same thing (I know people who don't ship them sometimes argue that he was going to say something else, but whatever, especially after what happens in Journey's End, he was totally going to tell her the same, nothing will convince me otherwise).

So as I mentioned, I was planning on watching some season 4 episodes today, but now I kind of want to just rewatch the whole series. And then rewatch seasons 1-2 of Torchwood. I so don't have time for this. I mean, I have more time this week than last, but still. It's not the best idea I've ever had. We'll see.

I kind of took yesterday off. I don't know if that was a good idea or not. idk, I just felt like I was working non-stop for the past week. I was doing schoolwork and studying and doing research and everything from the Thursday night before the 3-day weekend until this past Thursday night. So I felt like I needed a break, and I don't have a lot to do this week (although I have plenty of things a little further on that I could be preparing for, like the Minnesota Undergraduate Psychology Conference and my final Mood and Anxiety paper, and my social psych research proposal, and so many other things). Hopefully I won't become too rushed/busy the next few weeks. (Rewatching Doctor Who and Torchwood this week probably would not help anything, but I still have the desire to do it. ugh.)
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