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Ugly Betty - 4.19 )

How is there only one more episode of this show left? I can't believe how into it I am right now. It's seriously one of the shows I look most forward to right now. Seasons 2 and 3 were pretty terrible, and even the first half of this season wasn't amazing, but seriously, the second half of this season has gotten so much better, it's ridiculous. I think it's even better than parts, or most, of season 1. I kind of just want to watch this episode over and over again. And I also kind of want to buy the DVDs of this season when it comes, which I never thought I would want to do for this show. Oh man. I'm actually going to be really upset when it's over.

Also, speaking of my reactions back when I was watching season 1, I was reading them over for the nostalgia factor, and in one of them I was like "This is totally my new favorite show of the season!" which is so weird because, well, I guess seasons 2 and 3 really colored my view of the show as a whole, despite the fact that season 1, especially the first half, was a lot of fun. But I did really adore the show back then. It's nice that it's come back to be really awesome for the end. (It's actually kind of funny that in one of the posts I was reading with an old Ugly Betty reaction, I was also talking about The O.C. and how I was still not over how The O.C. was actually good (this was season 4) and back to season 1 levels, and I just kind of find it funny that the same thing is happening for me with Ugly Betty. And then I just got weirded out because season 1 of Ugly Betty seems really long ago, but that was just senior year in high school, and omg in just 4 1/2 weeks I'll be a senior in college and how is that even possible and that's so weird. Was high school really that long ago? Anyways, tangent! But in any case, that's totally why I stick with shows even once they start sucking and it starts feeling like a chore to watch them: because sometimes, if I'm lucky, they'll start getting good again. Of course, it's typically right before they're canceled, but... it's better than nothing, I guess? I'd rather have this excellent season 4 than 5 more seasons like seasons 2-3).

I have my class facilitation thing in Mood and Anxiety in like 30 minutes. I'm... feeling okay about it. I've gone over what I'm going to say about a million times, but I'm sure I'll get nervous and mess up a little anyways since I suck at public speaking. I'll be really happy to have it over with, anyways. And then I get to come back to my apartment and spend several hours working on my part of a group project before we meet tonight. ugh. But at least it's almost Friday! And then I can finally relax!

Also, there are so many TV things I'm super excited for in the next week: new Doctor Who Saturday (I'm so excited to see more of Eleven and Amy!), Glee returns Tuesday, and the series finale of Ugly Betty on Wednesday. Plus there's the normal great TV: I've been really loving Castle recently, HIMYM and TBBT are new on Monday (they haven't had a new episode in a little while, right? I don't know, it feels like it's been awhile), new Lost (I haven't watched this week's yet, actually, but I should have time this afternoon or Friday afternoon, and I've heard it's awesome), new Criminal Minds (this week was kind of eh since they were setting up the spin-off, which I don't really care about, but I still adore the show (speaking of, the picture Matthew Gray Gubler tweeted of a freaking puppy biting his nose was one of the most adorable things I've ever seen. How is he real?)), and other new stuff as well that I'm too lazy to get into now. But still, very excited for TV next week.
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I was taking a practice quiz for my social psych exam from the textbook's website and a lot of the questions are like... situations or whatever and then you have to choose whichever psychological principle fits, but there was totally one question where it was talking about a guy named Nick and then it was like "He is attracted to 2 men on a dating website..." and I was like "Hey, way to be not totally heteronormative, textbook! A+!" idk, I found it cool.

GLEE IS BACK IN LESS THAN A WEEK! For some reason I thought it wasn't coming back for 2 weeks, but I think I missed that a week has passed since last week, the last time I checked. idk, this past week has gone kind of fast, probably since I'm so busy. But yay, anyways!

I've been getting a little bored of the music I've been listening to recently, so I got a bunch of new stuff (...most of which has been played on Chuck at some point. That show has really good music, ok?). Anyways, I'm mentioning this mostly just to say that omg I really, really adore Broken Records. I got one of their songs last... July or August or so, and I really liked it, and I don't know why I didn't get their whole album after that, but I listened to another yesterday and I absolutely fell in love with it so I bought the whole album and it is so good. I also discovered Carla Bruni through Chuck (I get a lot of my music from that show. It's kind of ridiculous, but they play a lot of awesome music, and I'm too lazy to go out looking on my own most of the time), and then after listening to a few of her songs, I found out that she's Nicholas Sarkozy (the president of France)'s wife. Random and bizarre. (But I really like her music. It reminds me actually of the music from Les Chansons d'amour, and not just because it's in French. Well, not entirely). Anyways, yay for new music!

Done with my social psych exam (which went pretty well. Maybe not quite as well as the last one, but I got a 100 on that, and I feel like I did better than a B/B+, so I should be fine. Not really worried about it, anyways). Just my class facilitation left (of course it's the most intimidating and the most work of everything I had this week). I pretty much just have to work all afternoon and night on it. I feel like that's all I've been doing (I mean, working in general, not on this specific thing) since last Wednesday/Thursday. So tired of it. And even though it's my last thing I am actually being graded on this week, I have to meet with my group for a group presentation I have next week and we agreed last time we met we would do research on our assigned sections and have slides put together, and of course I've done zero since I've been caught up in all this other stuff, so once I'm done with the facilitation tomorrow, I get to spend all of my time research and putting together some slides before we meet at 9 PM. ugh. But Friday! I will finally be able to relax on Friday! (I mean, I have some stuff next week, but nothing as major or time-consuming as this week.) I cannot wait.
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Chuck 3.13 )

I'm still kind of basking in happiness over the Doctor Who premiere. Is that weird? idk, it was just so good and so much fun! I'm super looking forward to the next episode, and I kind of have an urge to rewatch the premiere (which is ridiculous because I so do not have time for that, but still). And I'm really enjoying that nearly every single reaction to it I've seen has been positive. I'm almost always positive about Doctor Who, but I definitely saw loads of reactions last season that weren't as happy with the show and were sick of Ten and David Tennant, and it was kind of sad when watching the show then that most people didn't seem to be enjoying it as much as me. But it's fun now that I don't feel like I'm crazy for whole-heartedly enjoying the show and that everyone's sharing in the joy.

My Origins exam yesterday went pretty well, I think. I mean, I feel like I had less trouble with it than the last one, and I got a 93 on that one, and there was even an extra credit question on this one, so I think I should do fine. Anyways, at this point I'm done with 3/5 of the major things causing me stress for this week. I still have my social psych exam (but I got 100 on the first one, so I'm not too concerned, as long as I study some) and my class facilitation for Mood and Anxiety. I was feeling more comfortable with that, and then I totally slacked off yesterday afternoon, so now I'm worried about getting enough research and stuff done in time. blah. I'll be so happy when this week is over. Also, I totally meant to get up at 8:30 AM so I could get a bunch of work done before class (which isn't until 1:20) and go grocery shopping and stuff, but then it took forever for me to fall asleep and I also accidentally set my alarm for 8:30 PM instead of AM, so that resulted in me not getting up until a little past 10:00. oops.
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Doctor Who )

I'm getting really excited about my new apartment now. Immediately afterwards I was less excited and more nervous that my parents might get annoyed with me and I was worried about all the logistics in getting subletters and crap, but now I'm letting myself just be excited. I'm really looking forward to living there (although it feels like forever before that'll happen). I'm dying to have my own room (not that sharing a room with Li is bad or anything, I just definitely prefer having privacy and I'm looking forward to being able to organize and decorate the room exactly how I want and not having to worry about when I want to go to sleep early and she stays up late or vice versa), and sharing a bathroom with only one person will be much nicer, and there are hardwood floors! (Have I mentioned how much I want hardwood floors? Because it's a lot.) And I feel like... cleaning the apartment and stuff will be easier with only 2 people (I can even base this on psychological principles! The more people around, the more you're going to be like "Well, someone else will take care of it" and so you don't do anything. It's like the Bystander Effect, where everyone watches some horrible accident or whatever occur, but no one tries to help or calls 911 or anything because they all assume someone else will). And I'll also be really happy to have an apartment that's only one level; I get annoyed with having to go downstairs whenever I want to cook something, and laundry is two floors down (laundry at the new place is like one floor down still, but I don't have to go through someone's room to get there, like I do now, which I feel gives me greater flexibility in doing laundry). This is not to say that I don't enjoy the apartment I'm at now, because I do, and I'm sure there will be flaws in the new apartment (like, one of the bedrooms has a closet that's super small, and the other bedroom doesn't have a closet at all, but instead has like... a rod kind of? idk, at some point I'll post pictures, although probably not for 2+ months, and right now the closets we have are absolutely huge, which is good since I have many clothes. Also, the new apartment might not have a garbage disposal). But I'm still really excited and eager to move in, even though that won't happen until late May at the earliest, early September at the latest.

This 3-day weekend has gone pretty well, productivity-wise. I mean, obviously getting an apartment was productive and one less thing to worry about, but I've made good progress on schoolwork. I still feel a little behind just because of how much I have left to do (finished 2 assignments, but I still have 2 exams I've barely studied for and my class facilitation thing on Thursday, which I'm like... 35-50% done with the powerpoint and research and all that, I think). But I'm feeling a little better about this week now than I was a week ago, at least, and about my class facilitation specifically (I mean, I'll still be nervous as hell, but at least I'm more comfortable with what I'm going to talk about). So hopefully I'll make it through the week in one piece.

Anyways, time to start studying for my Origins exam!
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Um, so... I have an apartment for sure next year? (That shouldn't really be a question, I suppose. I just wasn't expecting to actually sign a contract when I went to see the apartment yesterday) It's really nice, as close to campus as the one I'm in now is (although in the opposite direction from campus). It has hardwood floors! (My apartment now has all carpet except in the kitchen, and the carpets are in desperate need of cleaning. Also, I just think hardwood floors look a lot nicer.) It's $425 a month each, which actually isn't much more expensive than where I am now, despite having 4 people living here. idk, it was just a really nice place, and the landlord seemed nice, and we just both really liked it and didn't want to lose it. I e-mailed my parents the other day about what to do about the whole starting in June thing, and it does seem kind of complicated, but my mom did mention that I wouldn't want to lose a place I really like because of that, and we wouldn't want to wait until late August to look for places, either. I was afraid my parents might be a little annoyed that I signed a contract without consulting them (considering they're paying my rent) for the very first apartment I saw, but both of them said they were glad I found an apartment and that they thought it sounded like a good decision, so that's good.

I forgot in my last post, but now that it's April, in March I watched 144 episodes of TV, 24 movies, and read 5 books. I'm kind of surprised I managed all that. I haven't read anything for fun in like 2 weeks, though, and I'm afraid I'm going to get back into the habit of not reading anything, so I should probably focus more on that than watching movies or TV.

I finally finally finally did some cleaning/organizing of my closet and desk that I've been meaning to do for ages. The drawers in my desk are still ridiculously messy, but at least the top of it and little open space in the middle (if I'd ever actually post pictures of my apartment, I could show what I mean by that. I totally will post pictures at some point! But not today, or even this weekend probably) are nice and organized. And it helped me procrastinate doing work for an hour! Now let's see how long this lasts (spoiler alert: no more than a week). At least for now it's making me happy that everything's all neat and organized.

DOCTOR WHO TODAY! I found this out earlier this week but forgot, but anyways, I'm very excited! I'm still a little sad about Ten being gone, but I also was upset when Nine left and wasn't sure that I'd ever be able to like Ten as much, and I definitely fell in love with him, so... I think I'll get used to it. I also think I'm thinking of it kind of as a different show than the previous seasons, and that helps. I'm also really interested in the new companion and what sort of relationship will exist between Eleven and her, and Moffat has written some excellent episodes, so I'm intrigued to see what sort of season he puts together. I don't know, I guess I'm just very excited in any case. I've been a little bored with most of the other TV I've been watching, anyways, so maybe I'm just excited by having something totally new and shiny to watch.
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It's time again for registering for classes, and I don't know what to take. Classes Stuff )

Today Li and I are going to look at an apartment for next year. We also have a time set up to view another on Monday. Unfortunately both apartments are starting in June, and we were both not planning on moving in until September. The landlord of one of the places said that if we want to start in September, we'd have to wait until later in the year to look for apartments, but that we wouldn't be guaranteed anything. So I don't know. I mean, we could get subletters, but subletters don't usually have their own furniture or wouldn't want to move in furniture for just 3 months, and I won't be around to move my furniture in for whoever to use. But we'll see. I mean, I'd rather get a place that starts in June than no place at all, of course. I'm trying not to be too stressed out about this (which is hard, since I tend to freak out and worry over every little things, even things that aren't really that important).

I have today off because of Good Friday, which is nice. Unfortunately I can't really enjoy this 3-day weekend because of how much schoolwork I have to do. I've finished one small thing I had to do for Monday, but I still have a 5-page social psych paper, two exams, and leading my Mood and Anxiety class for 45 minutes (which involves doing a lot of research and I'm tired of it already). blah. But this is pretty much my last busy week until the last week of school (which will involve exams in Origins and Social Psych, my german final, a short social psych paper like the one I have due Monday, and my final paper for Mood and Anxiety. Although hopefully I'll have much of my Mood and Anxiety final paper done a little sooner than that. I should probably start working on that once this class presentation thing is done.

Anyways, time to try to get some work done before visiting that apartment later!
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Greek - 3.20 )

So I was catching up on Brothers and Sisters, and the guy who played Alec last season (he also showed up in 4.15, which is how I realized this), the guy who Kitty almost cheated on Robert with (or did? I don't remember. They kissed, right? Does anyone on my flist even watch this show anymore?) was totally one of the leads in this play I saw with my parents over spring break at South Coast Rep in Costa Mesa. In his bio thing in the program it said he had guested on Brothers and Sisters but I didn't realize it was him until I saw 4.15 and it was like "WAIT A SECOND I SAW HIM IN REAL LIFE A WEEK AND A HALF AGO!" (He was very good in the play, btw.) I love when people on shows I've seen are in plays there. It happens pretty frequently, actually, since Costa Mesa is pretty close to L.A.

Fringe is coming back tomorrow! I'm so excited. The last episode was amazing. During the time when I got super behind on TV and wasn't watching like anything but Chuck and Greek and HIMYM and TBBT and wasn't really looking forward to any new episodes, I was super anxious for Fringe to return because omg the last episode was AMAZING and obviously ended on... kind of a cliffhanger? Not like... really a cliffhanger, but it left me wanting to know what would happen next, I guess. Anyways, it's coming back! And Glee is also only a few weeks away, right? I've been missing it recently. I have the urge to do a rewatch, but I have plenty of schoolwork and still a lot of TV to catch up on and I'm still trying to watch a lot of movies and I haven't read anything for fun in over a week and I want to try to start reading more again, so... I don't really need more things to add to my list of things to do. I have definitely caught up a bunch on TV, though. I now only have like 15 episodes to catch up on (down from 40-something from last week). Of course, the stuff I have left I'm not as eager to watch. But I'll get to it at some point.

I don't think I mentioned last time this happened, but, well... Major and Minor stuff )
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Chuck - 3.12 )

School right now is... okay. This week is fine (I just have that group podcast due tomorrow, and we've already finished recording. We just maybe need to cut it down a little since it's over the time limit and we need to organize our transcript and bibliography, but we're pretty much done, thankfully. I'll be so happy when that project is turned in and done with. Although, to be fair, it didn't turn out to be as bad as I thought it would). But next week, ugh. I have a German essay, short social psych paper, and Origins exam on Monday, Social Psych exam on Wednesday, and I have to lead my Mood and Anxiety class for 45 minutes on Thursday (which involves a lot of research and preparation and I'm already tired of it. I've read so many articles on treating PTSD, you have no idea). Then I have a group project for that class a week from that Thursday, and we've been working on it now which is good so we don't leave it until the last minute, but bad because omg I'm tired of group projects. Both for this one and my Origins podcast group project, the people in my group are great and all, but I just don't enjoy working in groups. I just want to get everything done on my own time, and having to schedule times when 3-4 people can meet can get really difficult.

On the plus side, we have a 3-day weekend for Good Friday this week, which will definitely help with getting everything done. Also, it's been super nice weather-wise for Minnesota at this time, and there are no signs (thus far) that the weather is going to get really cold or start sleeting or whatever anytime soon. Tomorrow it's supposed to be up to 78 degrees! So that's nice. And Li and I are going to start looking for an apartment hopefully this week for next year, which hopefully won't be too difficult.

Anyways, I have to go meet with my Mood and Anxiety professor now about my leading the class next week (which I'm nervous about since I feel like I haven't done enough research or have a good enough idea to meet with her yet, but we made the meeting last week and I didn't realize how long researching for this would take and I'm supposed to have an article for the class to read chosen by Thursday so I can't really put it off any longer. ugh.
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Ugly Betty 4.16-17 )

I'm slowly catching up on TV! I still have a good ways to go, though. Luckily one of my two major things for next week got pushed back 2 weeks, so now all I have to focus on right now is my German test tomorrow and for next week my group project for my evolution class. Unfortunately my group still wants to meet tonight for the group project that got pushed back two weeks, which, I mean... I understand the point of pushing it back was not so we could put it off for 2 more weeks, but at the same time, my German test that is tomorrow has to come before a project that is 3 weeks away. And we were supposed to meet at 8 tonight, but then someone in the group wanted to attend some event or something, so we're meeting at 9:30. I hate meeting so late. =/ I mean, no it's not incredibly late, but at that point, I want to be entirely focused on studying for my exam. But the other people in the group agreed and I didn't want to be the lone person causing problems, so I just went along with it. blah.

I'm so tired. For some reason I've had a terrible time falling asleep this week. Don't really know what to do about it, though. The thing is, the more nights that this happens, the more anxious I feel about it, and I feel like that just makes it even harder to fall asleep the next night. I definitely haven't had a nice, full night of sleep since being home, which sucks. I'm not even having as much caffeine as I normally do! Hopefully tonight my various group meetings and the culmination of several nights of not being able to sleep will tire me out enough so that I can actually get a full night of sleep.
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I think I'm going to try to start reccing awesome movies I've seen (and even try to write more reviews of all movies I see when I see them rather than posting them all together at the end of the year, but since I've been meaning to do that since January and haven't yet, I think that might be less likely). Anyways, the first one is going to be Memento. I watched with my mom last night, and it's not my first time seeing it (my third time, actually, and it was #3 on my favorite films of the decade picspam I posted last December), but every time I see it or just think about it, I have to rec it. It's just so freaking good. If you haven't seen it, you have to. It's directed by Christopher Nolan, who also did Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Prestige, which are all excellent films, but this is my favorite of his (that I've seen). Why you should watch Memento )

My dad totally randomly met Tiffany (the singer, who was in the HIMYM episode Sandcastles in the Sand, which is where I know her from) the other day. He told her that he really enjoyed seeing her on HIMYM. I find this all very amusing for some reason. It was just so random!

I've gotten so behind on TV, it's ridiculous. I'm caught up on a few of my favorite shows, but even others that I really love (like Lost), I'm behind on. I don't know why, I just got out of the habit of watching so much TV when I didn't have internet for a few weeks and then there wasn't much on because of the Olympics. I'm just so behind that I don't know where to start, so I haven't been watching anything. And I've been much more in the mood to read books and watch movies, which hasn't helped either. Eventually I'll get in the mood again and try to catch up, but I feel like that might not be for awhile.

Today is my last full day left here! I'm flying back tomorrow morning. I was dreading going back most of the week because of this group project I had due Wednesday which we hadn't started on because the last piece of this group project was due right before spring break, so we really had no time to do it because had to do the other part first, and since this is a project we have to do all together in person (meaning, we can't complete it separately and through e-mails and such), we only would really have had Monday and Tuesday to complete it, which is pretty ridiculous and was stressing me out a lot. But then my professor e-mailed all of us and said she was pushing it back a week, so now next week is so much nicer. I do have a super-short German essay due Wednesday and a German exam on Friday, but neither is going to be super intense or stressful (particularly since I have a 100 in German right now), so now I'm much more positive about going back. And there are really only like 6 1/2 weeks left of school once I get back. Not too bad. Although once school is out I need to find somewhere to volunteer so I can be productive with my summer, and ugh, I hate applying to places and all that. And then in the fall I have to start applying to grad schools, and that's even worse. So maybe I shouldn't be in such a rush for the semester to be over. =/
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My podcast promo for my evolution class project thing is finally finished! And it's not even due until Thursday afternoon! Awesome. Now the only thing I really need to focus on the rest of the week is my midterm paper for Mood and Anxiety, and this afternoon I'm going to write the intro and conclusion and edit it a bit, and I'll have to edit it some more after I do a peer review tomorrow, but there really isn't a lot of work I need to do on it. I'm so happy this week is turning out way less stressful than I originally thought it would be.

As I mentioned, I ordered the 2005 version of Pride and Prejudice last week, and it arrived yesterday, so I watched it last night. I think this must be at least my 5th, maybe 6th time seeing it all the way through (which doesn't count the random like 15-20 minute sections of it I've watched when it shows up on TV and there's nothing else on. Anyways, the first time I saw it I was kind of meh about it, but I seriously enjoy it more and more everytime I watch it. It was a lot of fun to watch it again.

I'm getting kind of behind on TV again. I've been (obviously) really focused on reading and BBC miniseries and all, and there are a lot more new episodes of shows airing than I realized (like, did you know Gossip Girl returned last night? I didn't find that out until after it aired. I think it was because during The Olympics, a lot of shows weren't on, so there weren't too many I had to keep track of and so I've missed a lot of shows coming back). I mean, there are some shows I'm always caught up on (like Chuck and Greek and more often than not HIMYM and TBBT), but others I am woefully behind on. I'll probably wait until Spring Break to really catch up.

I totally forgot to mention, but I volunteer at a homeless shelter with children on Saturday mornings, and last Saturday morning there was only one 12-year old boy so me and the other 2 volunteers were just kind of sitting with him and talking about random things, and somehow we got onto the subject of American Idol, and... he was kind of a conspiracy theorist? He was talking about how they ignore the people's votes and just give it to who they want, and then he said that Kris winning last season was evidence of that, and while normally that annoys me (because I love both Kris and Adam and they both deserved to win), it was really funny because he went on to say that Adam was a really amazing singer and he really liked him even though he was gay. And while the idea that him being gay is something that should... like, detract from him or whatever is stupid, at the same time, it was this 12 year old boy, and I just found it amusing that he liked Adam so much, because you wouldn't expect that demographic to be particularly inclined to like his music.
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Academy Awards Reactions )

omg it's so warm all of the sudden! It's wonderful! Last week it was getting warmer, but it was still cold enough that even though a bunch of snow and ice would melt during the day, as soon as the sun set, ice would cover the ground, making it very difficult to walk anywhere at night or in the early morning before it melted again. But now! Oh man, it was 48 degrees at 6:40 PM last night! Last year it got warm around this time, but it was only during spring break, and then it got cold again so I totally missed it. I am definitely enjoying it right now. I'm sure it will get cold again and even snow a few more times, but for now I'm just going to pretend that it will be this warm for the rest of the semester.

I finished North and South last night! I managed to finish what I needed to get done on my paper early, and I ended up reading it during all the commercials during the Oscars and the Red Carpet, so I managed to get through it. There were definitely parts I liked more in the book than the mini-series, but there were also several parts I liked much more in the mini-series than the book, and I think overall I liked the mini-series more, if only because I liked the proposal scene in the mini-series more, and the ending was so much more satisfying (the book ended rather abruptly, and when reading the book, you can't see Mr. Thornton smiling when he sees Margaret and throughout their entire discussion, and how he asks her if she's coming home with him, and it's just so lovely). There are a bunch of Dickens I want to read (namely, Little Dorrit, Bleak House, and Our Mutual Friend), but I think I want to wait at least a week to start any of them because part of the problem when reading North and South for me was that I was so familiar with what was going on from having watched it only a day or so before I started it that I found myself rushing through parts because there was another part I knew I wanted to get to, and I think my ultimate enjoyment suffered from that. So I think I'm going to either read Agnes Grey, Cecilia, or... something by Georgette Heyer (haven't decided what yet).

I've been dreading this week since like... the beginning of last week or so, when I realized how busy I would be, but it's actually not turning out too bad. I'm done with my paper except I still need an intro and conclusion (but those take very little time) and I need to do some editing, but we're doing a peer review of the midterms on Wednesday, so I have 2 days to finish it and make the changes I want. The hard part's done, in any case. And I also have that stupid evolution project podcast promo, but originally it was due Monday and it was pushed back until Thursday, so that's relieved a little of my stress, and I kind of have an idea for what I'm going to do for it. So tonight I'll figure out exactly what I want to say and tomorrow I'll record it and edit it, and theoretically I should be done with it by tomorrow night. And now only 4 days until Spring Break! I can't wait.
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I started watching Our Mutual Friend on Netflix Instant Watch and found out after getting through the first two parts that the original version is 360 minutes in all, while the Netflix version is 300 minutes. I wasn't sure if there was a point in continuing to watch since a full hour appears to be cut out, but by the time I figured it out, I was already hooked and wanted to see what happened. It's next on my list of books to read, though, once I finish North and South (I'm about halfway done now! It's slow-going since I'm pretty much only reading 5-10 chapters a day, which isn't a lot when there is something like 52 chapters, but I think I will be through by the end of the week).

Academy Awards today! I'm so excited. Even when they don't honor what I think the best film of the year is, I love it all the same. I mean, I think they're disappointing if you expect them to be the definitive... decision, I guess, as to what the absolute best performances/film/etc. of the year are. Which I guess they are supposed to be, but film taste is obviously subjective, so it would be absolutely impossible to please everyone. So I really love watching it every year, even if the stuff I love doesn't win (with the exception of Crash winning over Brokeback Mountain, which was a travesty and I am still not over it).

Anyways, my goal for my midterm paper yesterday was to be halfway through, and I'm about 2/3 of the way through (although the first third was much simpler than the last third will be). So I only have about 2 pages left to write, which isn't too bad. My goal is to finish by an hour before the Academy Awards start so I have time both to watch the awards and to watch the final part of Our Mutual Friend, which I decided to leave to watch as motivation to get through my paper.

I have super late thoughts on Chuck and TBBT from last week:

Chuck )

The Big Bang Theory )

Only 5 days until Spring Break now! I really can't wait.
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This upcoming week is the last before Spring Break, so it's basically midterms week. I only have two major assignments, but they're both really difficult and time-consuming and not fun. One is a take-home midterm which is really a 5-7 page paper for Mood and Anxiety that she just assigned this week. It's not due until Friday, but we have to get someone else in the class to peer review it, so I really need to have it done by this weekend. The topic is actually interesting, and I do love the class, but I really detest writing papers, and it's so hard to motivate myself. But 5 pages really isn't that bad, and she's not the sort of professor who's going to be really hard on you if you write less than 5. Still, I get such a mental block when I'm writing papers, and I'd really just prefer to take exams. On the plus side, I pretty much have figured out what I'm going to do and have it all outlined in my head; I just need to put it to paper now (which of course is the hard part. And coming up with a thesis, which I haven't done yet either). I'm hoping to at least have the paper half-done by dinner (so, I want to get about 2-3 pages written in 4 hours, which is certainly doable, provided I stop procrastinating here and get to writing), but of course finishing it all would be ideal.

My other assignment is a little more complicated to explain. We have this group project for my evolution class which is to make a podcast about a topic related to evolution, which is annoying enough as it is (I had creative projects like this, especially ones that require technology I've never used before. And I hate group projects as well). But for next week, we're supposed to individually come up with a 60-second promo for our podcast. Which I find completely pointless. For one thing, 60 seconds is really long for a promo, IMO, especially when the podcast only needs to be 3-5 minutes. For another, it's not like we're going to go over any information in the promo that won't be covered in the podcast. idk, it just seems so incredibly worthless and a waste of time. It's not due until Thursday, and I don't even want to start thinking about it yet. I'm focusing on the paper first, which I'll hopefully have completely finished in time to watch the Academy Awards tomorrow night.

Since my last post, I've now also watched Bleak House and Wives and Daughters, both of which were really good (although I didn't like either as much as North and South or Little Dorrit). There are a few more miniseries I want to check out, but more than that, I've now like... rediscovered by love for 19th century British literature, and all I want to do right now is read. I'm reading North and South right now, and I really want to finish it and read other books right now, but I don't have the time to read more than like... 50 pages a day (and the book is 700 pages). I got super into British lit from this time period during my junior year of high school (English that year was entirely British lit, and omg it was awesome. There wasn't a single thing we read that I didn't enjoy that year). The past year or so I have been more in the mood to read modern/contemporary books and I have several classic books sitting in my bookshelf at home that I haven't read yet because I haven't been in the mood for years, but now I am and of course they're at home and I have no time to read them anyways. But I'll be home in just a week, and I can't wait to start reading them. I have no idea what it is about books from that period that I love, but I really do.

Anyways, on to starting actually writing my paper, and then maybe I'll have time to actually read some stuff tonight.
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I watched all of Little Dorrit on Monday. I really enjoyed it. It wasn't quite what I was expecting, and it seemed a little bizarre at the beginning, but after the first episode, I got really into it. And I'm still looking for more stuff like North and South, Little Dorrit, Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, and so on, so if anyone has any recommendations, I'd really appreciate it!

I randomly bought the 2005 Pride and Prejudice DVD. I don't know why I don't own it already, as I've seen it many times, and every time I see it I like it more. And I just got in the mood because, well, obviously I'm in the mood in general to watch stuff like that right now, but also after watching Little Dorrit, I really got into the mood to watch it again because of how awesome Matthew Macfadyen is. And then I checked on Amazon and with shipping and handling, it was less than $10, so I saw no reason not to get it. It's supposed to get here sometime between March 8th and 23rd. I hope it comes before Spring Break so I have time to watch it then.

I had a German exam today that went all right, I think. Unfortunately I was more focused on exhausted and crappy I feel. I got literally no more than 5 hours of sleep last night. I don't even know why. I went to bed around 12:30, and I think I must have fallen asleep (although I it took about an hour), because all of a sudden I was awake and the light was on. Apparently my roommate decided that if I was asleep, I wouldn't mind the light being on. Instead, it woke me up. That was around 2:30, and I was still awake by 5:30 (even though my roommate had gone to sleep around 3:30, so it's not like she was keeping me up). The night before I didn't get much sleep either (although it was more like 7 hours, so definitely not as bad), and I only had a little coffee yesterday, so I don't know what it was. I think I would have been fine if my roommate hadn't woken me up, but then she did. And I would have been fine with it if she were doing work, but she wasn't, so it kind of irritated me.

Anyways, I need to quickly read 2 articles for a class discussion in one of my afternoon classes (that I'm soooo tempted to skip because it's going to be all discussion, so no lecture, and I don't feel like it's going to be very worthwhile, and I'm just so exhausted). I really need it to be spring break already.
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This past weekend was so nice! The only major thing I have this week is a German exam, and all I had to do ovecr the weekend was make flashcards and finish my German homework (neither of which was a lot of work or took a lot of time). So I spent much of Saturday and Sunday catching up on TV and watching movies. I marathoned episodes 7-14 of this season of Legend of the Seeker on Sunday, which was fun. For some reason I think I like that show more when I marathon it. And I'm finding myself really loving Cara more and more. I'm so glad that she was added this season.

On Sunday I also watched North and South for the first time, and omg I loved it so much. I mean, I love Pride and Prejudice, and this is very similar in a lot of the themes and even plot points. Not in a bad way, like it was too similar, or anything. Now I want to watch other miniseries/films like that, so does anyone have any suggestions? I'm already planning on starting Little Dorrit, and I've seen practically every version of Pride and Prejudice and I've seen the Sense and Sensibility film with Emma Thompson and Kate Winslet, but does anyone have any other suggestions? I'd really, really appreciate it!

Oh, hey, it's March! I feel like the past few weeks have sped by. Spring Break is only 2 weeks away, now! Anyways, in February I read 1 book (fewer than I would have liked, but I'm achieving my goal of at least 1 book a month, because last year despite reading 17 books, there were still way too many months where I had read 0 books), watched 23 movies (! That's almost one a day! It probably would have been more, too, if I had internet the first week or so of the month. I think that might be my record for most movies watched in one month, actually!), and 83 episodes of TV (not a lot, but I am still behind on several shows, and as I've mentioned like twice already in this paragraph alone, no internet for a week or two makes it hard to watch a lot of shows when you also don't have a TV).
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American Idol - Top 24 Results )

I'm done with all my major assignments for tomorrow, thankfully. Some of them were a pain in the ass to get through. Now I just need to study some more for the exam. I will be so happy when it's tomorrow afternoon and this week is over. I'm so burnt out from school right now, and I'm starting to get really overwhelmed with how much I have to do. Although maybe if I didn't prioritize watching the Olympics and AI over doing homework and studying, I wouldn't be quite so overwhelmed.
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American Idol time again; this time the guys! American Idol - Top 12 Guys )

Ugh I thought it was bad last semester when I was going out for coffee every day, but now I'm starting to get into a habit of twice a day. Maybe this is why I'm having trouble falling asleep before 2 AM (and consequently why I feel so exhausted every morning and then feel the need to drink 2 cups of coffee to stay awake). I'm wasting too much money on coffee. I really need to stop that.

I normally go grocery shopping Tuesdays after my early afternoon class because it's the day I have the most time, but yesterday I decided to put it off until today to study for my Social Psych exam (and then found out later that the exam was pushed back a day, ugh). So I went today, but I was in a super rush, which led to poor decisions on my part. For one, I forgot a bunch of stuff I meant to get. Worse, though, was that I stupidly decided that I'd rather not wait 10-15 minutes for the bus in 15 degree weather and would instead walk back to my apartment. It's only 3 blocks, but those blocks are long when you're carrying really heavy bags. And I would have survived it all right, except a block from my apartment, one of the bags ripped open and all the stuff in it fell out. l;jksdf ugh. At least it was only one block away, and everything was in containers so it didn't get ruined. I managed to fit it all into the other back and my purse (and it was actually easier to carry the stuff in my purse than those bags because the handles on the bags are so thin and the bags are awkward and difficult to carry for more than a block), so everything turned out fine, but I really didn't need that much difficulty and stress in getting groceries. On the plus side, I beat the bus back to my apartment, so it wasn't a total waste. But I was emotionally and physically tired after that, so I didn't end up starting schoolwork until later than I probably should have.

...I should probably be working on stuff now, actually. I have to present a song in my German lab tomorrow. I don't even know. There are zero guidelines for this, he just sent us a humongous file of songs (I think I mentioned this a few weeks ago; it was 700 MB which is just... unreasonable) and I'm supposed to choose one and that's all I know. The guy who presented last week just chose a different song because he couldn't download the file, and he actually had, like... reasons, I guess, for choosing the song. So he had stuff to talk about. I don't know any German music. ugh, I guess I'll just choose one at random and hopefully find something to talk about. And I also have an annotated bibliography for Friday and my social psych exam Friday. Why couldn't the exam have stayed today? Or the annotated bibliography? At least then I'd be done with one of them. I can't wait until Friday afternoon. Of course, soon enough it'll be next week, and then I'll be just as busy again. sigh.
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lkajdf ugh. So all my major assignments for Wednesday had been pushed back to Friday so I was able to spend all of today just focusing on the exam I have for Wednesday, which was awesome. Except now the professor said he changed his mind and is going to move the exam back until Friday. I mean, I understand the reasoning, considering we were supposed to have class Friday until the original professor went into labor, and we were supposed to have review on Monday despite that, but some people thought we didn't have class, and it's all just been very confused. But now everything is on Friday, and that sucks. Especially since, I mean, I can still prepare for the exam, but I'm obviously going to do better and have the best memory for the material if I study right before the exam (and by right before I mean the afternoon/night before and not 5 minutes before the exam). And one of the major assignments I have for Friday I can't do until Wednesday because it involves discussing part of a film we're going to be watching on Wednesday. The other I guess I can do, but I really don't want to. I guess instead I'll continue to review for the exam as I was planning and then tomorrow focus on the assignments and then on Thursday do last-minute kind of... brush-up? Is that the right phrase? idk. But yeah, ugh. Sometimes it's nice when professors move stuff back, but stuff like this always ultimately happens, and it makes life so much easier if everything just stays on its original date. At least now I can watch American Idol and the Olympics and not have to focus as much on school (of course, the opposite will be true on Thursday, so it's not much of a benefit).

I finally got around to listening to the new Motion City Soundtrack CD that came out last month, and they totally mention Veronica Mars in one of their songs! I was not expecting that when I was listening to it, so my reaction was pretty much "OMG DID YOU SERIOUSLY JUST SAY THAT?!" Speaking of new music, the new The Rocket Summer CD just came out today (which, I wasn't even aware that he was coming out with a new CD, let alone today, until today), and I'm loving it so much. Ah, new music. So much fun.

It's getting super close to Spring Break! On the one hand, yay! On the other hand, oh man I have so many midterms/projects right before Spring Break, and a fair amount of major stuff right after as well. Plus, the closer the summer is, the sooner I have to find somewhere to volunteer/intern for the summer break. I think whatever I'll be doing I'll enjoying it (the actual... volunteering/interning isn't the issue), but the search for somewhere is so stressful and annoying, which is why I failed to even attempt to volunteer anywhere last summer. blah.
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Ugh one of my major assignments for this week is this social psych assignment where I'm supposed to give this personality inventory to a friend and then rate her myself and compare, and that's not too bad, but part of it is that I first have to write like 2 pages about her various personality traits and give examples showing that she is this way, and it's just so weird, you know? I mean, it's bizarre to be like... talking about a friend this way and your friendship and all, especially for an academic assignment. It's not difficult in terms of like... for other assignments I've had to do research and analyze things and whatever else, so it's not like it's mentally strenuous talking about a friend, but it still just feels really weird. I don't know how to describe it. I didn't think it would be nearly this weird until I had to start doing it.

lol omg speaking of Social Psych, my professor in that class is very pregnant and was due during Spring Break and then after that another professor was supposed to take over the class, but I just found out that she went into labor last Friday (I was wondering why class was abruptly canceled on Friday!). ...I don't know why I'm finding this amusing, but I am. But anyways, I will have an entirely new professor today and for the first exam. I like the original professor, but she's really not a very good lecturer, so I'm hoping the new professor is better and more engaging. I'm not actually too worried about the exam. Definitely not as much as I was worried about the Origins exam (which I'm hoping we don't get back today because I don't really want to know my grade. I mean, I definitely didn't fail it, in reality I probably got at least a B, but still). I went through the review sheet she gave us last week before doing any studying at all, and I found all of the multiple choice incredibly easy. The short answer I will actually need to study for, but I don't think it'll be that tricky once I've actually gone over the material more. So as long as I manage my time well, it should be fine. And one of my assignments due for Wednesday was pushed back until Friday, so that should give me a little more time.

We started watching a film in German today, and I guess we're at the level now where we're expected to watch German films with no subtitles. Last semester we still had English subtitles, and I wish that the transition would have been made more... smoothly, I guess? Like, watch a short film without subtitles, or watch the film with German subtitles. I mean, I did feel last semester like it was kind of pointless to watch it with English because you just end up reading the English and not processing any of the German, but still. I understood so very little that was said, so it makes it hard to enjoy the movie, which is kind of lame. Oh well.

I watched the BAFTAs yesterday, and here are some random thoughts: BAFTAs )

I'm randomly really looking forward to the start of the American Idol Top 24. I've never watched a season before while it's aired (I caught a few random bits throughout high school, usually when I was at someone else's house, and then last year I watched the whole season after it had already aired and I had checked out Kris and Adam and fallen in love with them), so it feels kind of weird for me to be watching it, but I'm excited. I've caught some episodes of the season so far, but not all, mostly due to the fact that I hate the auditions, and also due to not having internet for weeks and not caring to catch up now that I do have internet. I did see last week's two episodes, so I have a few that I already like and am on the look-out for. I will probably get bored and stop watching the season after a few episodes, as has happened with SYTYCD for the past year or two, unless of course there's someone who turns out to be amazing who I really like (although usually I'm not into the type of music they perform and that results from the show. I am a sucker for a boy with a guitar or piano, though, and I think part of my increased interest for last season was that they could actually use instruments. I mean, I know that was true the year before, too, but... I don't know. I didn't watch and didn't know they could use instruments, for one thing, and for another, I just didn't care enough). But yeah, anyways, for now I'm pretty excited. I'm also excited for women's figure skating on Tuesday and Thursday (even though the U.S. has pretty much no hope. But still, I like figure skating. Even if it can't possibly compare to the men's figure skating last week, which was the absolute best). I'm not sure how I'm really going to fit in both Idol and figure skating. Maybe flip between the Idol commericals; there does tend to be a lot of downtime between both. And I can always listen to Idol while watching the Olympics. ...oh, and I have an exam, as I mentioned, on Wednesday. heh. Tuesday afternoon/night should be fun.


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