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Heh. Last night I had this dream where we had gotten a bunch more birds for some reason, but then my mom had just gotten them to sell them, for some reason, so these people came to the door and she gave three away but in addition to those three she also gave away Piper and Caitlin and I was really upset even though they're not my favorite birds and both hate me because she hadn't even asked me or told me about it.

And then somewhere along the line I had a dream about Rose and the new Doctor, but I don't know what happened. I only remember it because I saw some picture them once I woke up and was all "OMG I TOTALLY HAD A DREAM LAST NIGHT ABOUT THEM." I wish I knew what had happened. I like fandom dreams.

I went to the animal shelter for the first time in like 3 or 4 weeks, and I had this fear that they had like... deleted me from the system because I hadn't come in so long and I had like half the hours I should have by this point. So when I got there and put in what I thought was my pin number, 2074, and it said that it didn't exist, I got really freaked out and thought that they had deleted me. But then there was this binder of most everyone's numbers and I looked up me and it turned out my number was 20074, which worked just fine. blah. I knew I should've checked what my number was before I left my house.

Anyways at 2 I went to Emma's and then Emma, Soan, and I went to Build-a-Bear in Fashion Island and I built a cow with cowboy boots and a denim overall-skirt thing named Darcy (I'm not entirely obsessed! It was because Soan said that hers looked like Bingley because it was smiling and I was all "Ah! Mine is Darcy!" and then I couldn't think of anything else to name her, so she ended up being Darcy). And then we went back to Emma's and played with them for a little and then watched Four Weddings and a Funeral which wasn't very good, but it was ok because it had Hugh Grant, and watching things with Emma and Soan makes things more interesting anyways.

Also, I got fudge which Emma and Soan made and is very delicious.

Hate Superbowl Sunday. I don't know why it always has to be at our house. If it wasn't at ours, then I could claim I have way too much homework (which may be true, I'm not entirely sure) and just stay home. I'm not sure what I'm doing tomorrow, but I'm hoping it is lots of not going out of my room in the house and spending lots of time not in the house. Except I'm afraid that if I leave and then they arrive, they'll steal my parking space and other people will have people over and I'll half to park like a mile from my house. blah.
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Jon Stewart is hosting the Academy Awards this year! Guess I'll be watching them, then. Although I probably would anyways, especially if Brokeback Mountain gets any noms. Still, this is excellent.

So, I went to the animal shelter today and then afterwards headed down to the spectrum and bought 2 books. Any guesses what they were? I blew my last $30 on the two Bridget Jones books. I really hope I like them (though I can't imagine that I wouldn't). I wish I had my Barnes and Noble card I got for Christmas with me, because... duh. $100! Oh well. I need to start saving money again.

Didn't end up doing anything with Emma and Mukul since I knew my mom would kill me if I didn't go to the animal shelter and I would go early afternoon and Emma could only do stuff till 5 or 6. So, I think we're going to do stuff on Saturday, now, after All Southern auditions.

Anyways. Since I have a bunch of new friends (and also some old friends that I barely know at all), I decided to do a little get to know you meme/survey thing that I've seen other people do. So, please fill this out:
Anything else?:

My answers )
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Well, today has been an interesting day so far. I went to the animal shelter around 11:00 and it was closed (as it was yesterday, and there must be something I'm missing because the volunteer hours they said this week would be 9-5, and it was well after 9 and well before 5), so then I went to the Spectrum and bought Serenity on DVD because I was too impatient to see if I'd get it for my birthday and I had the urge to see it. Then I got some ice cream and went to my car to eat it. Oh, and after I was done, the car wouldn't start.

Yeah. I sat there for 30 minutes trying to get it to start and even ended up calling my mom who I hadn't wanted to call because she was at a memorial service for her friend's mother, and she told me she'd come when she could. So I continued to sit there and finally I tried it and I worked, so I let her know and then drove home. Well, guess what happened on the way home? The car stopped. Just like my mom's car did last week when I was driving it. sigh. So I tried to pull over to the right side of the road, but I was right in front of an intersection, so I was pretty much just blocking the right-hand turn lane. Luckily, I was able to get it to start about 10 minutes later (and I was like... less than a mile from home. Like... I don't even know how to describe how close I was. It's like a 2 minute drive, pretty much) and eventually managed to get home.

There was a light going off on the dashboard though when I was driving and I looked it up in the owner's manual and it means engine malfunction. So I guess we're going to have to take it in to get the engine repaired.

So, yeah. That's been my day so far. Why am I having such terrible luck with cars lately?
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New layout! [ profile] brokenrecord__. It's multi-fandom. The text is some various lines from "Aside" by the Weakerthans, which is one of my favorite songs ever. The header wasn't too bad (took awhile, but wasn't incredibly hard), but trying to get colors to match were a bitch. Finally I just settled with grays, which I think is all right. I might change it sometime if I can figure out something that'll go better with it.

Anyways, yesterday was fun. Animal shelter in the morning, but a lot of the cats have been getting sick and so a bunch were in quarantine and they weren't doing volunteering with cats, so they told me I should go outside and see if I could help with the rabbits. There were two women out there and one asked if I'd ever had any experience with rabbits (which I did; I used to have 2) and then told me I could take any rabbit and just sit with it and pet it a bunch. I actually think I liked vounteering with the rabbits more than the cats. I did it again this morning, and yeah. It was nice. Made me want rabbits again, even though I barely paid attention to the rabbits I used to have.

Then after volunteering yesterday, I had a marching band competition in Anaheim. We didn't place very well (6th out of 6 or 7 in both colorguard and band), but I thought it was the best we had done the show thus far, so the results didn't matter as much. I also got some stuff... )
Um, but yeah. The comp was overall much fun. Only one more marching band comp left this year! Only 3 weeks left of marching band left! Insanity!

Nintendo Fusion Tour tomorrow! eee! Should be so freaking awesome.

I guess now I'll watch last Thursday's Everwood episode. Didn't watch Charmed tonight because I'm like 2 weeks behind. Need to catch up on that sometime. I caught up on Lost Friday night, though! So at least there's that.
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Ah. Yesterday was pretty awesome. Well, most of it.

SATs from 7:40 to 1:15ish. I managed somehow to get put in the same room as Emma and Kiyoshi which was nice because then I had someone to talk to during the breaks. The SATs themselves weren't too bad. I can't really judge how I did, but I don't think I did much worse than my practice tests this summer.

Then rushed to the football game. Mrs. Bentley showed up around halftime to watch us perform our show. eep. After halftime, I rushed to the car and then off to the Home Depot Center for the concert.

The Green Day/Jimmy Eat World/Against Me! concert )

No pictures, because the Home Depot Center doesn't allow cameras or anything, and I didn't want to risk trying to sneak my digital camera in.

I was going to go to the animal shelter this morning, but the gate was closed and locked and stuff and there was only one other car in the parking lot, so I left.'s going to be really hard to get my hours in this month.
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Tagged by [ profile] colorito:
Seven current favorite songs! (no particular order)
1. Time's Up - Donots
2. Dance, Dance - Fall Out Boy
3. Waiting - Green Day
4. Black Mamba - The Academy Is
5. Bruised - Jack's Mannequin
6. The World - Starting Line
7. Aside - The Weakerthans

Volunteered at the animal shelter, and my time is now 6 1/2 hours for September (7 hours 46 min total). I need an hour and a half more by Saturday. bleh. Not going to happen. Might go in Friday afternoon. Don't know.

Charmed )

So, I didn't finish the seminar like I planned. I did all my other homework early enough, but I procrastinated starting the seminar all weekend. I ended up finishing the chart. blah. I think I'll just have Seher do the outline, e-mail it to me, and I can do the thesis and conclusion. I'm so looking forward to this week being over. Or, to it being Wednesday night, and then jump to Friday night. I like that plan.
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Went to the animal shelter this morning and volunteered for an hour and 19 min (total hours now is 3 hours and 48 min, so I'm about halfway through the required hours for this month). I took out a cat named Flipper, and he was seriously the sweetest cat in the history of the world. He sat on my lap for practically the entire time and took a nap and he was just so sweet. I looked at his chart and it said he's 10+ years old and his owners gave him up because they were moving. I don't know the circumstances of it, of course, but that still seems really bizarre to me. I mean, they probably didn't get him like... a year ago. He's an old cat. I'd bet that they had him for a good amount of time. I've had Derek for 10 years, and I can't imagine ever giving him up because I was moving. Eh, I don't know. Again, I don't know the circumstances, but it still seems bizarre to me.

After that, I went to a seminar at my college counseling place about how to get into the more selective colleges. Nothing was really surprising for me, but my parents were like "OMG I HAD NO IDEA ABOUT ANY OF THIS STUFF!" So yeah, guess it was useful for that reason.

I was planning on seeing Threshold based on a review I saw of it awhile ago, but I forgot it was premiering yesterday. Oh well. I wasn't too invested in seeing it, and I don't really care enough to download it. Arrested Development is finally premiering this Monday! Very excited for that. :D
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Ha! I have all my homework finished before dinner! I doubt that I'll continue to not procrastinate doing my homework, but at least I'm starting the year out right. My pre-calc homework was kind of difficult because Mrs. Hudgins really doesn't explain anything. This does not bode well for the rest of the year with her. eck. But I actually didn't mind doing science homework. I think science is going to be one of my favorite classes this year, which is totally bizarre, but definitely awesome.

I love how last year, all the teachers were immediately on like the first day "DON'T FORGET TO COVER YOUR BOOKS. YOU MUST COVER YOUR BOOKS" while this year the only one who's said anything about covering books is Mme. DeBerry, for French. And, of course, Murphy's Law says that my French book is the only book I don't have covered yet, and it's like... not a hardcover, so I have to use paper on it (which is so pointless, because paper always rips and tears and it'll be gone by December). And we're supposed to have our French books covered by Monday. Except I left mine at school. Perfect.

I volunteered at the animal shelter this morning. I now have 2 hours and 29 minutes for September, and I need 8 by the end of the month. uh. I think I need to start going there more.

I believe today's Cindy's 16th birthday. I'd be very surprised if she read this, but happy birthday to her anyways. I hope she's doing well in Vancouver.
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Got up earlyish this morning to go the animal shelter. I was planning on going from 11-noon, so I left at like... 10:45. My mom gave me instructions on how to get there. Her instructions included going on the 405 south. Last time I went, my dad gave me directions, and it was going by Alton instead. So, I wasn't entirely confident about getting there. Anyways, her exact words were "You know how you get to the Spectrum? Yeah, it's like that, except it's the next exit." So, I figured that meant "It's like going to the Spectrum, except it's the next exit after going by the exit to the Spectrum."

So, I went on my way, and as I was driving, one of the first exits was for Sand Canyon, which is the road you take until it bumps into Oak Canyon or something like that and then to the animal shelter. But I was all "NO. SHE SAID AFTER THE SPECTRUM." So I kept going, past the Spectrum, and the next exit was actually like... two exits. One was to Lake Forest Dr, and the other was to Bake Pkwy. I didn't know which one to take, but Lake Forest Dr sounded more promising, so I took that. After passing 2 signals, it was clear that this was not where I was supposed to be, so I did a U-turn and went back on the 405 going north. The next exit was Bake Pkwy, so I took that and drove along Bake for a little while. It was clear that this one was also not the way to get to the animal shelter. Did a U-turn, got back on the 405 N, then I saw something that said the 5 N for Alton. Alton was how I got to the animal shelter last time, so I took that. Where I got off was right by the Spectrum, so I was a little comforted by the fact that I actually had an idea of where I was. From there I took Alton until it ran into Sand Canyon, and then to the animal shelter. It was like 11:20 by then, when I should've gotten there at 11. sigh. I fail at life. I talked to my mom when I got home, and it turns out that by "next exit" she meant that I'd go on the same freeway as I do to go to the Spectrum, except it's the "next exit" from when I get on the freeway. I think she should've been a little more specific than that.

It was nice, though, once things finally got sorted out. I got out a cat named Owen who was very, very sweet. It was so sad, though, because anytime someone walked by, he'd jump up to the window and sit expectantly. And the same for when he heard noises, he'd jump down to the door and sit in front of it expectantly. To me it seemed like he had been brought to the shelter by his owner and was waiting for his owner to come back and get him. I didn't check his chart (even though I meant to), though, so I'm not sure if that's the case. It seemed like it, though. Poor kitty. I now have 2 hours and 16 min logged at the shelter (they count the time when I had my very first meeting where my "buddy" showed me around and how to spend time with the cats and such).

After stopping at home and having lunch, I went to the Spectrum. Don't know if anyone else would've been able to, but I was too lazy to ask. I saw Danny as I was leaving. He was waiting for the Tiffany he's dating (not the one I'm friends with), so I hung out with him for like 10 minutes until she arrived. I got a new pair of jeans, a new belt, and Freaks and Geeks on DVD. I've seen the first... 7 or so episodes, and I've read the recaps at TWOP for the rest of the episodes, but I was tired of downloading it and it's a lot better seeing the show than reading about it and besides, it's a good show and when I like stuff like TV shows, I feel bad about downloading them (which is why eventually I will buy both seasons of Dead Like Me, even though I downloaded them already. Well, plus, special features!). So, yeah. The plan for the rest of the afternoon is I'll finish the band website, do some of my college counselor's assignment, and then watch DVDs.
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Went to the animal shelter this morning for the training stuff. It turned out I was actually doing the training with two other kids at the same time. The buddy person took out a cat and we played with it for awhile. I want a cat so badly, guh. I would've been done at like 12:20 (40 minutes sooner than I thought), but then the two kids were all "Dude, can we do a dog training thing too?" and so our buddy found this other buddy teacing a volunteer how to deal with the dogs and so we all did that with her. So, now I can work with both dogs and cats! Awesome.

After the animal shelter, I went to Tiffany's and drove the two of us to Chain Reaction, a club in Anaheim, where they were selling a bunch of CDs, posters, shirts, and stuff like that. It was pretty cool. Everything was so cheap! Unfortunately, there wasn't a lot of merch from bands I like, but it was still cool. I got a free Hidden in Plain View poster, free Augustana, Oasis, and The Dead 60s stickers, a $5 Plain White T's CD, and a $3 So They Say CD. I think they should have something like that again soon, it was fun.

I was kind of freaked out thinking about driving to Anaheim because the farthest I've ever driven alone is like the Spectrum, and that's only like 5 miles away and that was the first freeway I ever drove on so I'm just... a lot more comfortable driving there. But to go to Anaheim, I had to drive on the 405, then the 55, and then the 5. But it ended up being a lot less freaky than I thought, and I didn't kill/hurt me, Tiffany, or any other drivers! So, I'd consider it a success. :) I want my own car. sigh.
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I was bored earlier and was trying to kill time before the Veronica Mars rerun, so I went through the guide thing and saw that The Daily Show was airing (I think a repeat of last night's episode). I've never seen The Daily Show before, but I've heard loads of people talk about how funny is, so I decided to watch it. It was absolutely hilarious. I have it set to record now on my DVR player. I don't know how easy it will be to watch it when school starts up what with it airing like every day, but... I'll try to see it. But yes, I really liked it.

Then a little after that, Weapons of Class Destruction! I realized that I pretty much blocked everything out about this episode other than the kiss. I totally forgot about the Alicia/Keith relationship coming out and Veronica and Wallace's tiny fight being in this episode and then them both admitting that the other was their best friend. But man, that kiss is just as good on every rewatch. I still get totally giddy waiting for it. Geez, even on the day that it happens (in the episode), when I see Veronica has changed into the outfit she's wearing during the kiss, I start grinning like crazy. This is like the 6th time I've seen the episode (I don't know how many times I've seen the kiss - I watched it 5 times tonight, and I know I watched it like 10 times a day after the episode aired until Hot Dogs), but it still makes me squee. Man, I can't wait until the next season of Veronica Mars to start.

The person at the animal shelter e-mailed me back with a time to meet for my like... training session thing, and I guess we're meeting Sunday at noon. After that, I can go whenever I want to volunteer. I'm excited, it should be really awesome. :D
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Watched another episode of Dead Like Me (I've finished up to episode 6) and then went to the training session at the animal shelter. It wasn't much different than the orientation, other than that it was more in depth and one of the staff took out a dog and showed how to work with a dog when its out and such. Now all I have to do is fill out some forms, show proof that I got my tetanus shot, get assigned a veteran volunteer buddy, find a time that's good for both of us, and the volunteer will show me what to do with the animals and how things work and such.

Bobcats came out again this morning. So, more bobcat picspam! )

Ok, now for more Dead Like Me.
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So, I went out to eat breakfast this morning after my mom woke me up, and as I was sitting down, she told me "I woke you up a few minutes earlier today because... TODAY IS THE DAY YOU GET YOUR TETANUS SHOT!" I had told her to just make the appointment and not tell me about it or else I'd fret over it, and so... that's what she did. It worked well, too, because I only had an hour to start worrying about it. If I'd known it was today, I wouldn't have been able to fall asleep. To make matters worse, she told me that they wouldn't give me the shot until giving me a physical exam. gah. I think I actually started to worry about that even more than the shot, at that point.

Ok, so we went into the exam room thing and I didn't really want my mom to come in with me, but she did and I didn't really feel like saying anything because I felt like I was going to vomit, so... I just let her come. The physical actually wasn't bad. They weighed me too which usually I... really don't like, but it was ok this time. The thing is, I stopped weighing myself when I was like... 13 because I was always heavier than I wanted to be and... it was depressing. And it's really annoying when people bitch about their weight, so I just didn't want it to be a focus. The last time I got weighed was a year and a half ago: I had missed 7 days from school from being sick, so my mom took me to Woodbridge Walk-In and since I hadn't been there in years, they weighed me. The good thing about this time, though, was that I was only 1 pound heavier than the last time I was weighed. I mean, I'd love to be 50 pounds lighter (30, at least), but... I'm just happy that I'm not gaining a bunch of weight every year.

Anyways. Enough about that. After pretty much everything else in the world, the nurse came in to give me a shot. Then, of course, she was all "Oh, and I'm also supposed to take some blood!" guh. Taking blood from the finger hurts more than shots, so I started freaking out even more. I started crying at that point. Actually, I started crying the second the doctor came in, but that was more just tearing up. I stopped once the physical started. I told you, I'm totally freaked out by shots/needles and I hate the doctor. I get it from my dad, totally. I mean, for example, on Sunday he wasn't able to hear very much out of this one ear and he was freaking out that he was going deaf, but he hates doctors as much as I do, so he refused to go there. My mom told me that he was upset about it and had called her and was all "I'm depressed. I'm worried about my health." and my mom was all "IT'S JUST EARWAX." Which it was. But, yeah. This is just to prove that it's not my fault how freaked out I get and it's totally because of my dad. So anyways. I was crying and I closed my eyes and she did the shot and it fucking hurt. Like, the doctor, when he came in, said that there was someone my age there earlier that week like me, totally freaked, but then said it wasn't as bad as she thought afterwards (although I swear I've heard that story every single fucking time I've been to the doctors to get a shot, so I'm pretty sure they just make that person up every time), but... that's not me. It hurt just as bad as I thought. The prick of the needle didn't hurt as much, but when the... stuff went into my arm, that hurt. guh. And then she went to my finger and pricked it and she was good at that, actually. It didn't hurt as much as the shot, which is bizarre, because the finger's so much more sensitive than the arm.

But yeah. That was over. Then they made me take a urine sample which was bizarre, since I've never had to do that before, and then they made us wait for like 15 min for the results. And a nurse just came back in and was all "You're negative!" and left. So, I'm not sure what I'm negative for, but I'm assuming that's good.

So, yes. That was my horrible morning. And my arm, where they gave me the shot, is kind of sore. blah. And, plus, I still have to write the goddamn essay for SAT class. sigh. I'll do it after lunch, I suppose.

Oh, but also, when we were there? The doctor started telling us about this shot they suggest that teenagers should get but that "unfortunately" they were out of it that day. Thank god. I'm not getting anything that's not required. If I have to get shots/blood taken to go to college, then fine, but nothing that's just suggested. My mom said she'd take a pamphlet on it, but I told her there's no chance in hell I'm going back.

Working at the animal shelter better be awesome after putting me through all this.
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Went to the orientation meeting for volunteering at the animal shelter earlier today. I really like the place and the people and what it sounds like I'll be doing as a volunteer. The only downside is that you have to have a tetanus shot, and the last time I had one I was 6, meaning I'd have to get another to volunteer there. And for me, this is actually enough to make me not want to volunteer there. I mean, you thought I was afraid of spiders before? That's nothing compared to my fear of needles. I really have no tolerance for pain at all. Hate shots, hate needles. guh. Yes, I am a complete wuss.

I'm still going to do it anyways, which is pretty big for me. Tiffany came to the orientation meeting too, but I don't know if she'll do it. She was as put off as I was by the tetanus shot, and she said it seemed like too much trouble to get started (have to go to training first and it fills up really quickly, so it might take till late August for us to be able to start volunteering). I disagree, but oh well. [shrug] Now I just want to go get the tetanus shot and get it over with before I lose my nerve. The sooner I do it, the less time I'll have to worry about it, and the sooner it'll be over.

But yeah, the rest of the animal shelter seems cool. I guess you have to choose whether you want to train to work with dogs, cats, or rabbits. I actually think I want to train to work with cats, which is pretty surprising, as I've always liked dogs more than cats. I still do, like if I were to choose between getting a dog or cat, I'd choose a dog (well that's also partially because I have 4 birds, and a dog would be more likely to get along with the birds than a cat, I would assume), but I don't know. Something about working with the cats really appealed to me. And the thing is, after awhile, I could just go to a training session for dogs and then volunteer there as well. So it's not really an either/or thing, but I think that's what I want to start with.

Nothing else happening this weekend. I have to write an essay for SAT class, so I suppose I should start that soon. I'm not actually that concerned with it, though. Normally in school, all our essays are in-class essays, so I'm used to writing essays in an hour without knowing the prompt beforehand. Having 4 days to write an essay is heaven. Well, 3 now, since I didn't do anything yesterday, but still. I should do it tomorrow, I guess. Monday there's another SAT diagnostic test to see if we're improving any and to see what we need to work on. It's from like... 4-8 or 4:30-8 or something like that. =/ Oh well.

Edit: Got the results back from the AP US History test. I somehow managed a 4, which is insane, considering I didn't study at all for it, really. Definitely satisfied with that score.
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So, this morning, a little past 8, I woke up to hear pounding outside my door. I opened my door and found the guy who redid our kitchen last summer taking down pictures off the walls in the hallway and taking the little plastic things surrounding the light switches off and so on. Apparently, we're having the hallway, living room, family room, and my mom's office repainted. I like how no one bothered to mention this to me. Especially since this means that my birds will have to board at the vets for a few days, because of the paint fumes. blah.

On Saturday I'm going to an orientation meeting thing at the Irvine Animal Shelter for volunteering and such. Anyone (Tiffany, Lulu, or whoever needs community service hours) want to come? You have to bring a parent/guardian, but... yeah. It's awesome, because if you have put off all your community service, like I have, the shelter requires you to volunteer at least 8 hours a month. So, if you just do the bare minimum, next August (um. Next year.) you'll be done. So yeah. If you want to, let me know, and I can tell you what time and such. Or you can just go to their website and look for the time.

Yeah, so, nothing else really happening. SAT class, once again, but until then, I'll probably just waste time staring at the computer screen. Should be thrilling.


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