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There are people playing drums outside my dorm loudly. I suppose it's better than the bagpipes they were playing yesterday.

Nothing much has been going on. I alternate between being really homesick and being ok. I've been hanging out with people and being social which is kind of hard for me because I'm very introverted and too much socializing makes me really tired. But I watched movies with people and go to meals with them and it's ok.

Today was my first psychology lab. It seems like it should be fun and interesting. I'm really freaked out about at least one thing in all my classes, though. I'm especially freaked out about my Technologies of Gender class since I dislike the teacher and it's entirely discussion based and I'm not very good at participating. I'm trying, I really am, but... I just can never come up with anything to say, and when I do, I just feel like it was idiotic the second I said it. But it's only the first week; hopefully things will get better.

Wind Ensemble starts rehearsals tomorrow. Still don't know what instrument I'm playing, but I'm really excited for it. I can't wait to get new music; that's like my favorite thing ever. (Well, not really, but I like getting new music a lot.)
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I have pictures up here of my trip. I'm not sure if I'm going to do a huge post describing every day, mostly because I don't think I remember everything we did in the earlier part of the week.

I auditioned today for the Wind Ensemble here and the director told me there's definitely a spot for me, he's just not sure if I'm going to play tenor, bass clarinet, or clarinet. I really hope I get to play tenor. But in any case, I'm excited. The idea of being in band again makes this place feel a little more normal, and hopefully through it I can meet new people and such. Before my audition I met this one girl who tried out on bari sax and we talked for a few minutes. She seems really nice, so I hope she made it too.

I'm kind of flipping back and forth between being homesick and being really happy. I think it's worse at night/in the morning for whatever reason. But I'm still really looking forward to classes. I think that'll improve things a lot. Not that it's entirely awful now. It's just not as good as I'd hoped it would be. But it's only been 4 days. If things completely suck in 3 months, then... well I don't know what. But it'll suck.
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So over the past few days I've been thinking, and I'm not going to send a letter to Vassar about how much I love the school and I would definitely go there if they took me off the waitlist (they encourage you to do that if it's your #1 school and you're on the waitlist because they want to take people off the waitlist who really want to go there over everywhere else) because it's not really true anymore. I'm really in love with Macalester. I've been looking into it a lot and it's just really awesome. And the benefits of Vassar aren't enough to outweigh what I think I would be losing by not going to Macalester. I'm staying on the waitlist because I already checked the box in pen, but I probably won't go if I'm taken off (although it's highly, highly unlikely I'll get off if I just sit and do nothing to tell them how much I love them), and I'm thinking I'm going to take myself off the waitlist by like the end of May. But yeah, anyways. It was kind of a big decision and I was struggling with it for a few days but now I'm really happy and so excited to go to Macalester. :D

These next few weeks are going to be kind of hell-ish for me, so I probably won't be around much. This week I have a combination of rehearsals for the musical (the Wind Ensemble is playing this medley of Miss Saigon, Les Miserables, and Grease before the musical [which isn't actually a musical, it's a musical revue of the musicals the school has put on in the past 10 years]) which are on Monday, Wednesday, and then the shows Thursday-Saturday, and I have a bunch of extra jazz band stuff, including the OC Fair Jazz Festival Friday and playing for the middle school parents' night on Wednesday. Plus I have a ridiculous amount of stuff due in English this week, most of which I haven't started (I need to do 10 lit journals by Friday. ugh). Then in two weeks is APs, so it's probably a good idea to start studying for those. At least for the French one, because if I get at least a 3, I can fulfill the language requirement at Macalester.

Ever since spring break ended, I've really felt like school should be over. I don't feel like doing any work and it just feels like everything should be done. sigh. At least it's two weeks of school, then two weeks of APs, and then after that only like 3 weeks until graduation. But it still seems like it's taking forever.
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I went to San Francisco with band from Thursday to Sunday, so that's why I wasn't around then. I probably won't be able to catch up with entries I missed, so let me know if I missed anything huge.

Details from the trip. )

Pictures! )
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Accepted to Macalester yesterday! Pretty happy about this. Not my first choice, but I like it more than anywhere else I've been accepted so far, and it's a really nice school. The envelope said "YES MACALESTER" pretty large on the envelope. I think it'd be funny if the rejection letter said "NO MACALESTER" and waitlist said "MAYBE MACALESTER." (Well, that'd be mean if it really was like that, but it's funny to think about.)

Since getting accepted to Whitman last Friday, I got two letters from them on Tuesday and one today. And they're all just like "Congratulations on getting accepted! Here are the reasons why you should go to Whitman!" And... ok, I can see sending one to me, but three? Isn't that a bit overkill? I think maybe they're just going to send me one everyday until I say I'll go to their school.

It's the SCSBOA Band and Orchestra Festival at my school, and my house smells like potatoes because of it. My mom's been baking potatoes all day to sell at the school and so now it just smells like potatoes everywhere. Festival's been a lot more fun this year so far. I remember really hating it last year, and the year before wasn't much better (freshman year was good, though). But I like this year. I think mostly because I'm not guiding. That gets really tiring after awhile. Sight reading room and judge's aide is the way to go.

So much real life stuff going on all of a sudden, and now I have no time for TV and fandom. Such sadness. I thought I'd be able to relax more what with Festival and not having any classes today or tomorrow, but yesterday I ended up taking 6 hours making the senior pages for the memory book (for the end of the year band banquet) and I had no time to even think about starting the junior pages, and so today I have to do those, hopefully in time to watch Ugly Betty tonight. I probably can't watch Supernatural, I skipped Lost last night, and I skipped Battlestar Galactica last Sunday, so I'll have all of those to watch tomorrow, except that tomorrow is more Festival and then I think Emma wanted to go see Comedy Sports at 7:30, and then Saturday is crazy day with Fullerton Jazz Festival and Jackie/Galaxy/Richard birthday party. sigh. I've gotten way too busy all of a sudden. :(

Two more weeks of school and then spring break! Ridiculous. I thought it was so much further away. I don't think I've mentioned this, but I'm going for four days with band to San Francisco at the end of spring break, and I'm really looking forward to it.

All right, time for working on the junior pages.
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So this week the only TV I watched was Veronica Mars, Gilmore Girls, My Name is Earl, and The Office, since it was pretty much a hell week for me (I had something major in every class: test in chem, quiz in calc, test and essay in French, test in physics, midterm and essay in English, and jazz band auditions) and then on Friday we had an away football game even though we already had our last football game ever because our football team was in CIF (like... championships, or playoffs, or whatever? I mean, they didn't even make it, they got a wildcard spot or something, but yeah). So today I had like 12 hours of TV to catch up on, and I watched everything except the now three episodes of Supernatural I've missed and last week's Torchwood (which I'll watch in an hour or so). And I'm very surprised to say that out of all the TV I watched (Prison Break, Heroes, Studio 60, House, Ugly Betty, The O.C., Doctor Who, and Battlestar Galactica), the episode of The O.C. was my favorite. I just don't understand how this has happened, how The O.C. is suddenly so good again! I loved Ugly Betty a lot too, and everything else was very good as well, but somehow The O.C. was my favorite. Weird.

Anyways, at the end of the football game yesterday (which sucked, by the way, for many different reasons, and I'm glad we lost 28 to 2 so we don't have to go to another), Mrs. Daley announced that she resigned. I don't really know how to feel about it, because I didn't really like her and I wasn't really happy with how she ran things, but at the same time I did feel bad for her. So now I don't know who's doing jazz band (Mrs. Bentley, maybe? Or Mr. Johnson?) but that explains why Mrs. Bentley announced on Thursday jazz band results would be posted next week but couldn't explain why.

I'm glad next week is Thanksgiving because I could really do with a break. Ah, but this year feels like it's moving so fast! Thanksgiving means it's almost December, which means it's almost winter break, which means it's almost January, which means first semester is almost over and I can stop studying so hard and just get B's in all my classes and in January I'll hear from the three schools I applied to early action (Goucher, Colorado College, and Lewis and Clark). So weird to think about how senior year is almost half-way through.
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There's this spider in my bathroom that I'm pretty sure has regenerative powers. Seriously. This morning, it was in the sink, and I turned on the water because I didn't have contacts in and couldn't see it, and then I saw something move and when I put my contacts in the spider had drowned and was all flat and stuff. But then this afternoon when I came home, I went in the bathroom and the dead spider was gone, and a live one that looked exactly like the one from this morning was just sitting there, hanging out, all alive and well and such. And I wouldn't think it was the same spider because we have plenty in this house, except where the hell did the dead one go? It was big and didn't wash down the drain or anything. Crazy.

Anyways, today instead of going to 6th period (Wind Ensemble), I played in a sax quintet for the reopening of this Ralph's near my school. Kind of weird, but it was actually pretty fun. We didn't sound too bad for only having played a week, and we got free lunch and coffee out of it. And they paid our school's music program $1000, and since we didn't play for very long (we were just background music at the very beginning), it works out to nearly $100 a minute. Pretty good.

I finally watched the episode of Studio 60 from Monday. Just a few thoughts... )

I'm really loving The O.C. this season so far. The second episode was just so freaking good. Way better than most of season 3 and... pretty much all of season 2. I hope it continues with the same quality, because yeah. This is almost reminiscent of season 1.

New episodes of My Name is Earl, The Office, Ugly Betty, Supernatural, and The O.C. in about 17 minutes! (It's a good thing I don't have school tomorrow, and actually have the time to watch all this. Well, not Supernatural, because I still haven't seen last week's episode because my DVR player chose not to record it and I downloaded it but haven't had the time to watch it yet, so I'll probably save it for like Saturday.) TV makes me happy. :D
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Marching band season is pretty much over. We're marching in a parade at Disneyland next Friday, but that's it. My last Band Spectacular was Wednesday, and my last football game ever was Thursday. Don't care much about Band Spectacular, but last football game... ah. So sad. It was a fun game, and the senior speeches were nice (so weird actually giving one, though! It still really hasn't sunk in and I still believe I'm going to be going to more football games and comps next year), but... last ever! Last time I'll ever perform in a marching band show, too! I really can't believe it.

I've caught up on all this week's TV except for Lost. It would take too much time to write up about all of them, so I'll just do a sort of summary-ish thing:

Shows I'm "eh" about this season: Gilmore Girls (better than the last two seasons, but that's not saying much. It's still nowhere near the quality of seasons 1 and 2), Lost
Shows I'm liking this season: Studio 60 (I loved it at the start, but my love for it has sort of worn off over the weeks), My Name is Earl, The O.C. (only one episode so far, but I really liked it. We'll see how the rest of the season goes), House
Shows I'm loving this season: Prison Break, Heroes, Veronica Mars (I think I've seen that some people aren't feeling VM as much this season, but I still love it as much as ever. I think season 3 is starting off a lot better than season 2 did), The Office, Ugly Betty, Supernatural, Battlestar Galactica, Torchwood

In conclusion, yay TV! :D

First weekend in 4 weeks with no competition! I'm not quite sure what I'll do with myself.
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Yesterday was the best day ever. It was my last marching band competition ever (since I'm a senior and not doing marching band in college) and the last of the season, and we ended up getting 1st out of 6 bands in our division! We also got 1st in percussion and 5th in colorguard. So yeah, that was pretty awesome, especially since it wasn't our best show and I would've been really happy if we'd gotten 3rd or 4th. And it was totally like freshman year at the exact same comp, where we thought we did badly and then we ended up getting first (that's also the only other time I've been in marching band that we got 1st). Very nice end to the season. :D

It was also especially awesome since on Friday both the competition and the homecoming game which was on Friday (which we perform at) were cancelled because of the air quality due to fires in San Bernadino. And all the seniors were kind of freaking out because Mrs. Bentley wasn't being very... cooperative about adding another comp and we didn't think she'd really try to find one, and that would mean our last comp ever was last Saturday and it was just overall very bad. But then the district changed their mind and the football game was back which meant we could go to Loara too, so it worked out just fine.

Oh and Thursday was Spirit Night which was fun. I helped by reinforcing murals with tape in the senior building, and then I spent several hours hanging out with my friends at the band room. But whatever, the seniors won Spirit Week, which is especially cool since as juniors last year, we beat the seniors (which was the first time that happened in like 13 years) which means our class won Spirit Week two years in a row.

Anyways, I guess that's about it that's been happening that's really exciting. Really tired now, since after we got back from the comp at 11:45ish, we all went to Denny's and I didn't get home until about 2:40 AM. I haven't checked my flist since about Wednesday what with Spirit Night, the homecoming game, and the comp, and I'll try to get through most of it but I'm not sure how successful I'll be. Marching band season is only two more weeks and we only have one game and no more comps (although we do have Band Spectacular on Wednesday) so I'll be a much better friend shortly. Fall just happens to be super hectic.
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Caught up on Thursday night TV today (since we had a football game Thursday night so I couldn't watch):

My Name is Earl )

The Office )

Ugly Betty )

Supernatural )

Thursday night TV makes me happy. :D

This week was another crazy week, so I haven't been around. I probably won't be able to catch up on all my friendslist unfortunately, but I'll try.

Other than TV, nothing really important has been going on, just been very busy. Had our first marching competition last Saturday. We got 5th out of 5 for both colorguard and drumline, and 4th for band (half a point away from 3rd, though!). Not very surprising, because we've never been like... well-known for being a great marching band, and that show was definitely not our best. To place as well as we did for band is actually really encouraging. We performed really well at the football game so hopefully we can do that again tomorrow, since we have another comp tomorrow afternoon.

Ok, time for Doctor Who and Battlestar Galactica in 15 minutes!
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Yesterday was good. Two guys were auditioning for the assistant band director position for next year and Mrs. Bentley had a thing where we could all come and they could conduct us and direct us in marching if we wanted and then we could give feedback to her about which one we liked more and what we liked about them and what we didn't. I couldn't go to most of it because of summer school, but I got to go to the second guy's audition after poli sci ended. It was fun because I got to see some people I haven't seen in a few weeks, and it was fun seeing Elizabeth again since I probably won't see her much more (she's going off to USC next year). And she got us all presents from Belize and I got a green bracelet thing that's very pretty.

Then after that I went to the Albertsons center with Emma, Elizabeth, Soan, Richard, and Justin and after we finished eating Elizabeth was all "Want to get a pedicure?" because there was a nail place next door so I got a manicure while Emma and Elizabeth got pedicures. It was rather pointless (especially because I have like no nails and I didn't want to pay extra for colored polish so I just got clear and now you can't even tell I got a manicure) but I guess it was fun.

I had a required like seminar thing at the college counselor I go to outside of school and it was on college admissions essay writing and I was kind of freaking out over writing my essay before but not so much now, which is good.

Anyways, I went to the Spectrum at 8:30 and met up with Emma, Soan, Justin, Mike Tseng, Collin, and Lorraine and did what it seems everyone else did yesterday. POTC 2: Dead Man's Chest )
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New layout (to reflect my new obsession)! [ profile] brokenrecord__. It's Jim/Pam, surprisingly enough. Wheee, I'm actually really happy with this. The last layout I was just kind of eh about but I didn't want to try to make anything else, and I really hated the one before that, so I just left it up, but this one I really like. :D If you can't see the header then I'm not sure why, but for some reason my header (and all the images, actually) haven't been showing up on my LJ when I use Firefox, but do when I use IE. And they totally have been showing up for the past like 6 months when I used Firefox, so I don't know why today is suddenly different. I'm hoping it starts working again, because I've come to really like Firefox over IE.

Anyways, guess how many hours I spent working on a new layout for my LJ? (Answer: roughly, 4-5) Now, guess how many hours I spent the entire weekend studying for finals? (Answer: 0) It's a good thing I only have three finals, and on one I only need a 75, and the other I only need a 77. But I probably shouldn't be blowing them off entirely. Whatever, finals don't start until Tuesday. I have most of the late afternoon and night on Monday to study for my only final Tuesday (the one I need a 77 on).

Most of the time making the layout was spent trying to make the header. I knew I wanted a Jim/Pam header, but I just couldn't make one I liked. I actually finished three different ones before making this one. If you care to see them, here they are: one, two, and three.

Anyways, I should go to sleep now, but something very quickly: Mrs. Bentley sent me the announcements for band this week to put up on the website and she included this excel sheet to post for the chair results for next year, and wheee, I made Wind Ensemble. Not shocking, but I guess I was a little concerned, what with a tenor from Rancho trying out and Parsa suddenly telling me Mrs. Bentley wasn't sure if she was going to put him on alto or tenor (she put him on alto. Also, is it wrong for me to be slightly happy about the fact that she put him third chair out of the three altos after I had to listen to Paul spouting off all last week about how Parsa was the best alto sax player he had ever heard [at our school]? Because yeah. I'm just slightly pleased about that).

Uh, yeah. Anyways. That's about it. Tomorrow is graduation for the seniors, but everyone in band has to go to play Pomp and Circumstance 50000000 times (actually, I don't really mind. It's nice being able to see all the seniors you know one last time), so I should have pictures when I get back from that.
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heh. At the corner of the street below my house, there's been this bright yellow X-Terra parked in front of one of the houses for like a couple weeks now. If you watch Veronica Mars, you know why this might amuse me.

Anyways. Last night was the band banquet. A couple parts were good, such as the slideshow presentation thing and Galaxy and Deena both telling the stories of how Zi asked them out. Most of it was pretty bleh, though. Even the senior speeches were kind of bad (although some were good. I liked Elizabeth's, and I think one or two others). And it sucks, too, because they were supposed to read off paragraphs they had wrote earlier but instead several of them just completely started saying whatever they wanted which was exactly what Mrs. Bentley didn't want and so they totally screwed us over for next year and now next year's seniors aren't allowed to write our own speeches and give them, we have to make this stupid video that they did last year which I hate because they can totally cut out things you really want to say and it's just really irritating because it's not our fault that they didn't pay attention. She should just cut out the microphone to anyone who starts not following their speech. ugh.

Was going to watch movies at Richards afterwards, but then it turned out it would be Galaxy&Richard, Elizabeth&Brian, and me. Which, no. Not fun being the fifth wheel. And some of us were all "Well if such-and-such goes, then I'll go" but in the end most people decided not to go. And after awhile watching movies sounded not appealing, and the only other thing they suggested we do is play DDR, and I didn't feel like that either. So I just went home instead.

Anyways, since all the TV shows I was watching this year have had their season/series finales, I figured I'd write a little bit about each show I watched this year's entire season. TV in review 2005-2006 )
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A slightly more positive post than my last:

1) Oh, man, I just watched the season 1 finale of Doctor Who. I always forget how freaking amazing that episode is. It's definitely one of my favorite episodes of television ever. I mean, "my doctor" and "You were fantastic. And you know what? So was I" and just everything. sigh. I cry from like start to finish, it's just so amazing.

2) My French teacher decided randomly, after telling us that our final was going to be 200 points and would consist of 50 multiple choice and a like 500 word in-class essay, to cancel our final. She didn't give a reason, but I'm pretty sure it's just because she didn't want to have to write the final or grade them. But whatever, I'm not complaining. Unfortunately, her complete asshole-ish-ness to Galaxy totally takes away from cancelling our final. She accused Galaxy and Kimberly of copying each other on this French packet we had to do (based on the fact that one sentence in each of their paragraphs was similar. It didn't even have the same construction) and so she took like half off the 127 point packet for Galaxy and it brought her 91 down to an 88. Bitch. She seriously just hates Galaxy. She needs to be fired, like, now.

3) I got selected for this freshman mentoring program (called IMPACT) I applied for in like April which I thought I had been rejected to since it's been like 2 months since I applied. We had a training sort of session Thursday and I'm in this group with a bunch of people I don't know and it sucks and I have no idea why my team leader chose me and I wish she hadn't because if she hadn't then Richard could've and I would be in a group with Richard, Galaxy, Andrew, and Michele Wong. sigh. So much better. We did some stupid activities and I'm not so sure about this so far, but I like the idea of what it's going to be in the fall, so I guess I'll stick with it. Hopefully I'll get to know my team better and it won't suck as much.

4) I'm... kind of feeling fine about the whole section leader thing, now. I mean, it's not that I didn't want it, because I really did, but I think the wait was worse than pretty much anything else. Finally knowing is just kind of a relief. And I vented all my frustrations earlier, so I've gotten those out. Yeah, I would like to be section leader, but Emma will do a great job, I'm sure, and hopefully it'll be a lot of fun next year. So now I just have to concentrate on getting appointed as Historian for BEC. I'm kind of nervous about that because I think there are a good number of people trying out and I really want it, but I have several reasons why I think they should choose me which I'll tell them and hopefully they'll choose me.

5) I watched De-Lovely tonight before Doctor Who. I heart John Barrowman. And his voice! ah! Such a lovely voice! Small part, but I loved every minute he was on screen. ...heh, and, of course, the rest was good too. I was just kind of distracted during it, so I don't think I enjoyed it as much as I should have, but oh well.

6) I can't believe there's only 1 real week of school left (and then of course finals, but that week doesn't really count). It seems like I've been waiting for the end of school for awhile, and all of a sudden it's here and it doesn't seem real. I almost don't want it to end now, just because it's been such an awesome year. A million times better than sophomore year, and even better than freshman year. Here's to hoping next year is even better.
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Home for lunch because I forgot my tenor sax at home and I kind of need it for 6th period and jazz band, so I figured I might as well update. Section leader results posted today, and they all went pretty much as expected. Emma got sax section leader. It was expected, and she'll do a great job, but it's still really disappointing. I mean, I really wanted it, more than anyone probably knew. sigh. Oh well.

ugh, but it's irritating, because people have really not been comforting about this. All this week people have been saying to Emma right in front of me "Oh, don't worry, you know you have it." Like, even if I know she's going to get it, it doesn't make me feel any better hearing it constantly. It hurts. And my mom was all when I told her Emma would probably get it "Oh, well, you can't be upset about that, at least. She'll do a good job." Yes, I can be upset about it. I freaking want to be it myself. And when I was trying to talk to Galaxy about it, she was just all "You don't like talking in front of people anyways!" ...which, no. Not the same thing. And it doesn't mean I didn't want it.

blah. But I actually feel better now than I did when I didn't know because the wait to find out was just... terrible. I felt nauseous pretty much all morning until I saw the results.

Tired. And I really don't want to go back to school (even though all I have left is Wind Ensemble and jazz band, and jazz band's only an hour today). I just feel like staying here and sleeping, or making icons, or reading, or something.

Edit: Oh, btw, I don't know how much I'm going to be around the next two weeks. Next week is our last week, and then the week after we have finals. In addition to that, I just kind of feel out of it and not much like updating or replying to comments or anything. So yeah, I might not be around much these two weeks, but after that it should be better.
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Heh, this weekend was very productive. Saturday I went to Emma's house along with a bunch of people and grilled burgers and just hung out and played lots of cards until like midnight (actually, I left at like midnight because my mom wanted me home, but they were still going on with it then). The rest of the weekend I spent watching my season 1 Everwood DVDs. I didn't think I would get through them, but I did. Season 1 is so freaking good, and it made me really wish the season 2 and 3 DVDs would come out (which, btw, I've heard is very unlikely at this point and there are no plans for them to be released).

Today was section leader tryouts. eh. I think I did better at drum major tryouts (although I think maybe my answers to questions were better this time, but questions aren't as important). Oh well. Even if I had done amazingly I don't think I'd get it. [shrug] Won't know until Friday for sure, though.

Ugh this morning when I was putting my car keys back in my pocket, I cut my finger on one of my house keys. I didn't realize it was so sharp! Bleh.

wheee, Everwood series finale tonight. I'm both excited for it and dreading it at the same time. sigh. Hopefully it's amazing.
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Today were auditions for drum major. I actually did a lot better than I thought I would, which is good. Andrew got drum major and Jackie got assistant, so yay for that. I guess that means that Emma will more likely than not get sax section leader, but I guess that's ok with me. I mean, I'd rather I get it, obviously, but I think it'll be pretty fun next year with Emma as a section leader.

SAT II scores were posted Wednesday, and I got an 800 for Math IIC and a 700 for French. Ah, excellent. I'm so done with SATs now. I'm not taking anymore ever again.

I got my Everwood DVDs yesterday and watched the first and second episodes. Ah, they look so young! Ah, man, such a great show. I was planning on watching the entire first season before the finale, but I don't think I'll have the time. So I guess I'll just watch episodes when I can, kind of like how I did with the Charmed Season 2 and Season 3 DVDs I got for my birthday in January (that I didn't end up finishing until 2 days ago).

Anyways. There's so much going on, but I don't really have anything else to say. Two weeks of school, one week of finals, and then I'm done with junior year. Excellent
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Yesterday was good. I went to see our school musical, Miss Saigon, with some friends. I almost wasn't able to go because earlier in the week I had left my ticket on the floor of my room and... if you've seen the floor of my room, you'll know why this is a bad idea. I have just so many papers and SAT books and other books and old junk on my floor. And in between that time, the cleaning lady came, and when she comes, all she does is push all the stuff to the perimeter of my room and vacuum. So when I realized I had no idea what I had done with my ticket, I was like "...oh, crap." And I put every single thing on the floor on top of my bed (which was a lot of stuff) and still couldn't find it and was freaking out, but then I went through all the stuff on top of my bed a second time and finally found it, thank god.

Anyways, I'm glad I was able to go. Annie came! (She's one of my closest friends I know from middle school but goes to a different high school.) And the musical itself was pretty good, too. I think I liked Urinetown better (and definitely Wicked, but I'm like obsessed with that) because, I don't know, even though it wasn't a happy ending or anything, it mixed in a lot of humor, so it wasn't just completely depressing, which is what Miss Saigon was like. I mean, it was good, but I didn't come out of the theater with a really good mood.

After that, I took Galaxy and her friend who's in the pit orchestra for the musical to Starbucks, and then we went to the band bowling event thing that was going on from 11 PM to 2 AM. That was mostly fun. I'm such an excellent bowler. On my first game, I got a total of 38! (I think Andrew said he got 19 on one game, though, so he beats me.) The best part, though, was definitely when a couple of us got tired of bowling so I went outside with Emma, Jackie, and Andrew and we played a card game (which sounds kind of lame, but it was a lot of fun). Although Soan attempting to dance with pretty much everyone was also very amusing.

Pictures from bowling! (Very image heavy!) )

Then today I went to get my haircut, finally! The Pictures! )
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I am so dead tired. I woke up on 7 AM (on a Saturday! Ridiculous!) to go help out with the band car wash and I stood and washed and dried cars from 8 till like 12 until my feet finally stopped working and then I went to Seher's house after the carwash to watch Lawrence of Arabia for our Euro film project, which, as it turns out, is the LONGEST MOVIE EVER. (Ok, not quite true. But it sure as hell felt that way.) My brain is mush right now.

Have I ever mentioned how very, very happy I am that Damone FINALLY put out their album and I can now FINALLY listen to the song that's played during the Lilly Kane Memorial video ("Now Is the Time")? I remember how absolutely crazy I was going searching for it after seeing that episode and then I found out that it hadn't been released yet. And it's not even like... that amazing of a song. It's just... the whole emotional impact of the scene comes flooding back everytime I listen to it. I totally cannot watch that scene without tearing up. I love that episode so much.

Anyways. May I ask just how in the hell 7th Heaven has been renewed for another 13 episodes for next year on The CW even though it was announced as being cancelled months ago and is crap and is actually LOSING the WB money this year and will lose the CW money even more money next year? gah. Not fair. IT'S HAD LIKE ELEVEN SEASONS. VERONICA MARS HAS ONLY HAD TWO! Also? VERONICA MARS DOESN'T TOTALLY SUCK ASS.

gah. I think it needs to be a week from now. I'm tired of stressing out over whether or not VM is returning or not. At this point, I just want to know, whether it's good news or not.
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Yesterday was long. Had Solo and Ensemble Festival afterschool and a 5 chapter Euro test on Friday that I had to study for. Solo and Ensemble Festival went better than I expected. I played in a sax trio with Nathan and Sado, and I didn't think we did that great, but we got a Superior and Mr. McBrien seemed to really like it, so that's good.

Yesterday I also almost got a Saturday school (like a detention, except on Saturday morning, and I think for 2 hours? Or maybe 4. Or maybe it depends on how much they feel like giving you. I don't know, I've never gotten one before. But you're not allowed to do work, I heard, you just have to sit there). During French I got a note to go to the attendance office and I was freaking out because I never get sent to the office and I'm just this little goody two-shoes and so when she asked me to come in I was like shaking. And then it turned out I just made a mistake last week in leaving school to go to my orthodontist appointment, but she said that my previous attendance was really good and I had done it right in the past, it was just a mistake, so she was just going to give me a warning. So now I just have to be sure not to make such a stupid mistake in the future.

Today we got our essays on Wuthering Heights back in English. With the curve, I got a B+! And the curve was only 3 points, so it's not like the ridiculous 20-point curve I had in Euro that raised my C+ to over 100%. Actually the area I did the worst on the essay was grammatical errors, which is irritating because I usually do grammar correctly naturally (which might not be evident on my livejournal, since I use all sorts of bad grammar, but in essays it's usually pretty spot-on). And while my first paragraph's analysis was kind of week, she said the second was really strong and I chose really good evidence. So yay. :D We have another essay on Monday, and I was dreading it, but this puts me in a slightly better... frame of mind, I guess.

Veronica Mars this week was so excellent. I love this show so much.

Thank you to people who requested stuff for me to take pictures of for the Photo Meme. I'll post the pictures in about a week.

Now I should probably catch up on the shows this week I missed.

1 school week left before spring break! :D


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