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Ah, yesterday was so much fun. Emma decided earlier this week that she'd take the entire saxophone section to Northwood Pizza because all of us but like 2 or 3 had come to the carwash. Daniel didn't show up because he hadn't gone to the carwash and felt bad about coming, Parsa was in San Francisco, Jordan has no spirit for marching band at all, and Eric couldn't come for some reason not explained, but everyone else was there, and it was lots of fun. I played some pool and some air hockey (ah I love air hockey!) and wasted millions of dollars (well, it seemed like that) on this arcade type game to get these sticky deformed animals. The more I got the more deformed they seemed to get. We played mafia and speed and Egyptian Rat Screw. Around... 6 or 7 me, Emma, Andrew (not a saxophone in marching band, but Emma invited both Andrew and Jackie for being drum majors as well), Brian Kim the younger, and Xiafei (I think that's how you spell his name) came to my house and ate lots of desserts my mom's hairdresser made her for winning the dessert of the month drawing which were delicious and we played Clue and Cranium. It was great fun. The sax section is totally the best section.

Beach party was not as fun. Kind of disappointing, really. The thing is, it started off really fun, I thought, so my expectations for the rest of the night rose, but then... everything just kind of sucked after that. I got really bored and the annual burying of the drum majors/directors was bad because people kept kicking sand to fill the hole which gets the sand in their eyes and mouth and all which is obviously bad, and people kept crowding around them really close, and it's like... you can't do that because then there's a lot more weight on them and it's harder to breathe and such. The worst part was when someone lit off a firecracker in the middle of our area. I mean, not only is it illegal in this city, but wtf the least you can do is not set it off in the middle of a bunch of people! That's seriously dangerous. ugh. That just pissed me off a lot.

Oh, and I also liked how Paul and Gavin managed to show up for the beach party when they've missed nearly all of marching band. And I hear Paul's excuse for missing band camp today was he was sick, but if he's too sick to come to band camp I feel he should be too sick to come to the beach party.

There were some good moments, especially early on, and I did get to see Annie which was definitely like the highlight of the day, but... ugh. Most of it was just disappointing. Oh well. At least band camp (last band camp for me ever!) is finally over. Anyways, now for some pictures!

Beach party! )

Ruby's Night )

Aw, I just checked my e-mail and one of my freshman mentees e-mailed me with a bunch of questions. That makes me feel happier. I like being able to be all helpful and such.
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Today was freshman registration and I got to meet all my freshmen mentees. They seemed nice, but they weren't very talkative. One of them just moved three weeks ago from France which I found cool. I didn't speak any French to him, but I told his dad I was in AP French and I could attempt to understand his son speaking French if he spoke slowly and with small words.

Last night was a Ruby's night for band at the Woodbridge center and as I was backing out, I backed into a parked car. I freaked out because it was really loud, and I thought I had done serious damage. I parked and went to check it out and I didn't see anything at all, but this old woman had been driving by and saw and stopped I guess to make sure I didn't just leave and she was like "No, you hit him on the side!" and I looked over there and I still didn't see anything, and then she was like "No, see this chipped paint?" and there were just like... a few tiny chips of paint that no one would even notice if they hadn't seen it hit but the woman was like "They'll want to touch up that paint. You should leave your insurance information. It won't cost you too much" and then I was like "uhhhh..." because I was thinking wtf that's nothing! and she was all, snottily "Do you even have insurance?" and I was like "wtf yes stop talking to me like I'm 12" (except not really, I just said yes) and then I was like "I'm going to go get some paper and pencil to write down my info" and then waited for her to leave and then I left. But I mean, seriously, if I had left info, they probably would just take advantage and get other stuff fixed, and I don't think they'd even be able to find where I hit them, it was that small. I could barely find it, and I was the one who hit them! I mean, I'd leave info if it was something bigger, but... that was nothing. It still freaked me out, though. I thought it would be much worse than that.

So tired. We have a parent meeting for marching band tonight where we have to perform and my mom volunteered me to help distribute uniforms and stuff which means I have to be there until late which is irritating. Oh well. Just one more day of band camp left, and then the beach party!
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Oh, god, I can't wait until The Office Season 2 DVDs come out. 10 commentary tracks? 2 1/2 hours of deleted scenes? A 17 minute gag real?! I hope I don't have much to do the weekend I get them, because I know I won't want to do anything but watch those DVDs.

Registration was on Monday. My Schedule )

I am 1/3 of the way through applying to all the colleges I'm planning on applying to, which makes me happy. Actually probably more, since I've done the essays for UCLA and Berkeley, you just can't submit the app until like October or November or something. But everything's done for them.

What else? Oh, yesterday after finishing uniform fittings, I went to the Woodbridge center with a bunch of people which was fun. We went to Barnes and Noble and I found The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde for $2.50 so I ended up getting it because I had wanted to read it, and come on. $2.50! How could I not get it? I'm looking forward to reading it, but I still have two summer reading books to finish first. blah.

Only three more days of band camp left! Can't wait until it's over.
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I got my Veronica Mars Season 2 DVDs in the mail today, so I'm updating quickly before I go back to watching them.

First week of band camp is through. It actually wasn't too bad. I don't know why, maybe I'm just used to like the amount of work and effort it takes, but I remember it being a lot worse in the past. And I mean, we're working way harder than we did previous years (except for maybe freshman year, because I can't really remember band camp that year as well). Not being a section leader isn't bothering me as much as I thought it would which is definitely good. I think this is going to be my favorite show since freshman year, too. And I've found that wearing a hat and sunglasses helps tremendously. Too bad I didn't figure that out sooner. Only downside is that the freshman haven't been very friendly and I haven't gotten to know a single one, which makes me sad. Oh well, there's still plenty of time for that.

I also had my first IMPACT (freshman mentoring program I'm doing) meeting since like May or June on Thursday. The training stuff we do is stupid, but I'm looking forward to freshman registration and meeting my freshmen and stuff. We had to call our 5 freshmen to give them info about registration, and I got the worst luck ever. I mean, I hate calling people I know, first off, so calling people I don't is kind of... a challenge for me, I guess. The first two numbers I called had message machines pick up, and I hate leaving messages, so I decided to call back later (one I did manage to get on a second try, and the other I got the next day). The third number I called was disconnected. The fourth number I called this Asian woman who didn't speak English very well picked up and was very suspicious of why I was calling until I explained who I was, and then it turned out she was the freshman's aunt and the girl was living with her parents in Woodbridge, but was trying to transfer or something. It was all very confusing, so I was just like "Uh. Ok. Thanks." and hung up. The last person I got through on the first try thankfully, but it seems like I'm only going to have 3 freshmen, which makes me sad.

Uh, what else? Car wash tomorrow. They always seem like fun until I'm there, and then I just get sore and sunburnt and pissed off. Registration is next week which I inexplicably love (I also inexplicably love filling out forms and shopping for school supplies, so the month before school starts is more fun than it ought to be for me), and we have a beach party on Friday which hopefully will be fun, but you never can tell. I'll go in expecting it to suck and it'll be awesome, or I'll go in looking forward to it and it'll suck. The last few have been sucky, I think, but we'll see. It could be totally awesome.

I guess that's it. I'll be spending the next few days watching DVDs and then reading summer reading books (one down, two to go!), doing the Vassar and Pitzer supplements, and doing summer chem homework, so I don't know how much I'll be around.
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My DVD player finally got hooked up correctly on Saturday morning, so I spent all weekend marathoning Arrested Development. God, I love that show. I can't wait to get the season 3 DVDs. And you know, people generally seem to like season 1 a lot more than season 2, and I thought I felt the same way, but watching it all in succession, I think from Out on a Limb to Righteous Brothers is pretty much my favorite Arrested Development ever (at least out of the first two seasons; I've only seen the season 3 episodes once, so it's harder to judge them against the first two seasons). I mean, I do love season 1, but I think season 2 is just as good really. I can see why some would prefer season 1, but I've found that I really do love season 2 just as much, if not more so with that final third of the season.

Today was the first day of band camp for freshmen and marching band leadership, but I went anyways and took pictures since I'm one of the historians. Went for lunch with a bunch of people and then came back to help set up for uniform fittings tomorrow. And now I'm kind of exhausted and I've barely done anything today. Imagine how I'll feel tomorrow. blah.

Prison Break season 2 premiere tonight! I'm excited. Vanished also premieres, but I'm not as excited for that since I've already seen the pilot. And besides, I don't think it's that great a show, anyways. I might watch it just to see Gale Harold in high definition on my new TV, though.
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Ah, band camp's over! Crappy last day. blah. Well, not all of it, but I was just in a really bad mood for the first few hours. There was kind of a reason, but kind of not, and the kind of reason was stupid, so whatever. Beach party tonight from 5-9ish. Don't know when I'm going yet. I think Jackie (and Justin?) might need rides, but I'm not sure. I'm just going to relax for awhile now.

I finished Crystal Cave! I really loved that book. I want to get the next 3, but what with school starting, I don't know when I'll have time to read them. =/ I'll see, I guess.

The band website is almost done! I'm proud. Just... three more pages, I think? Not much, in any case. And most of the updates are done too. So yay, I'm happy. Can't wait till it's done. Then I'll only have to spend a few minutes once a week updating things. I told Mrs. Bentley I was planning on having it done by the end of band camp, but I don't know if I'm going to finish it today. I may just leave it for tomorrow. Tomorrow I'm planning to work at the animal shelter for an hour very early (not sure exactly when, but only a little after it opens) and then I guess I'll finish the website if I haven't yet. I might go to the Spectrum (planning on going by myself, but if anyone else wants to come with me, just let me know. Last weekend before school starts!), but I don't know yet.
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Heh. After marching band today, I got a popsicle (our drum major was handing them out because he had extras). Seeing as last night I saw M.A.D., you can see how this would be slightly amusing to me.

Tiiired. But only one more day left! It's only from 8 to noon since we have a beach party afterwards, but... well 8 to noon is longer than we usually march. bleh. I'm looking forward to band camp being over. Though we really are doing a lot better than last year. We started slacking again at the beginning of the week, but... it still better. We finished the opener completely, which is like... amazingly ahead of where we were last year. So, yes.

School starts one week from today. eck. Though, I suppose I shouldn't be complaining, as I know most of the people on my friends list have already gone back to school (although I'd bet that they got out sooner than we did; we didn't get out till June 25th or 26th). I'm looking forward to the first day, but I'm sure that after that, I'll be ready for it to be summer again.
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First off, happy birthday [ profile] meegzi31! :D

I'm about halfway through Crystal Cave, and I really, really like it. It's the first in a series of 4, I believe, so I think I'm going to work on getting the other books. I love when I actually enjoy the assigned books. Unfortunately, I only have one left after this, and it's How the Irish Saved Civilization, which is supposedly the worst book you have to read the entire time you go to the school I go to. bleh. Still have to finish the website (I think I'll attempt that tonight) and do assignment for my college counselor. sigh.

Today was such a slacker day. Basics for marching was like... we went off into our sections and practiced pinwheels, and when we're in sections, we do a lot less marching and a lot more relaxing. Then when we went to drill, the side I'm on does less work than the rest of the field on this one move, so we just sat down for like 20 minutes. Didn't even run today (though it isn't so bad, really. Gotten kind of used to it. Though if I had a choice, I'd choose not to run). Went home for lunch, since there was a BEC (Band Executive Council. It's like student council, except for band) meeting and pretty much everyone who I'd hang out with at lunch is on BEC. It was nice, though. I got to lay down for like an hour and read more of Crystal Cave and check my friends list and such.

I have another swallowing therapy session thing this afternoon, and then I believe M.A.D. is on tonight. Yay for Veronica Mars! :D I cannot wait until the season premiere. Less than a month away!
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Oh, man! I got the new issue of Alternative Press today, and guess what I found! George Michael and Maeby! (Unfortunately the image host I used resized them [imageshack hasn't been loading for me recently], but I think the text is still readable.) Also, Max Greenfield, aka Deputy Leo on Veronica Mars, was in it, as well as Bradley Cooper. I didn't get as excited about them (well, I did get kind of excited about Bradley Cooper, but I found that after I saw Alia Shawkat and Michael Cera, so it was kind of diminished), so I didn't scan those pages, but I will if anyone wants them.

Another day of band camp. We put music to the drill today. It's actually coming together really well. I'm really looking forward to the end of band camp, though. So tired.
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Ugh. Today we had to run two laps. It was all right, though. I jogged the entire first lap and then stopped for a second or two once or twice about 1/4 through the second lap and then walked after the half-way point of the second lap for about a 1/4 lap. I think someone said it was because Zi thought we were getting lazy or something to that extent. He made up for it later, though, when he told Mr. Austerman to give us a water break because we were dying. We learned some more drill, which was cool. Next week we'll start adding the music.

After school I helped with uniform fittings for the freshmen (it's required for the juniors and seniors to either help with the sophomores, which was yesterday, or help with the freshmen today. I actually did help yesterday, but I had nothing better to do today). I had hoped that I'd learn some more of the freshmen's names, but I failed.

After that, I drove to the Crossroads and met Annie at Subway. At Woodbridge, their band camp is from 1-9 PM, which is insane. They have to march at the like hottest part of the day (though, really, all parts of the day are hot here; when I was driving home at about 6 PM, the temperature was 90. guh. Their break is from 4-6, so yeah. We had food and talked about band camp and stuff. It was really nice. Then she had to return to school for the second part of band camp, and I came home.

Tomorrow is the band carwash thing. I didn't sign up for a time just so I can leave when I feel like it and come when I feel like it, but there's nothing much going on, so I think I might just stay for the entire time.
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Another day of band camp. The lap around the field gets easier every day, which is very good. And today we started drill! I'm excited. And as whole we're looking and sounding a lot better than last year, which is very, very good. I am looking forward to band camp being over, though. While I don't hate it, it's not really the most fun in the world. Marching and running around in the late morning during August in southern CA isn't exactly my idea of a good time. It'll be better once school starts and we only have to march for an hour and 15 min (except on Thursdays it's an hour and Wednesdays it's an hour and a half. But close enough) and very little time will be spent on basics.

I realized that I have less than two weeks to do a bunch of assignments my college counselor assigned me. And that's in addition to two summer reading books and finishing massive updates on the band website. Yeah. I need to get working.

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Um, my 23rd post is an icon post, so I went with 23rd post not including my icon posts.
I don't know if anyone on my FL is from London, but I hope that if anyone is, they're all right, and anyone else they know who's there is all right as well.

Yeah. It's probably obvious when this is from, but in case it isn't, it's from June 7th, when the terrorists bombed the subways and the double decker bus in London.

And a survey, because Tiffany said in hers if I didn't do it, I'd die painfully. )
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2nd day of band camp. We had to run again, and this time I didn't get horribly sick afterwards. I think it was because I just jogged the whole thing, instead of running at the beginning like yesterday. We didn't start drill today, even though he said we would. We'll start it tomorrow, though. For lunch, I drove me, Jackie, Emma, and Soan to the UCI marketplace again and got food. I saw Tiffany working at Lee's! Then we got into a discussion about how to differentiate between the two Tiffanys (whenever I say Tiffany, here, I'm only talking about one of them. I don't know the other very well) because the Tiffany I'm friends with used to date Danny, and now the other one is dating Danny, and the other one used to date Eric, and Eric asked the Tiffany I know to homecoming like freshman year, so we can't really differentiate between them that way. And plus, their last names are almost exactly alike, save for one letter, and they're pretty much pronounced the same way. Or at least we pronounce them the same ways. And now they both work at the same place. So yeah. Quite confusing. Um, then we went back and worked on the music and such.

Hot Dogs is tonight! I'm so excited. I love this episode. Especially since this is the one Veronica/Logan episode I wasn't spoiled at all for. Like, I was spoiled for the first kiss and for Veronica blaming Logan in A Trip to the Dentist and for them kissing and walking into the surprise party, but not at all for what would happen right after the first kiss. I was so afraid that they'd end up being all "Uh. Mistake. Let it never happen again," but then they kissed more and yeah. So. I'm looking forward to seeing the episode again. :)
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First day of band camp! It was overall good, but parts of it were absolutely awful.

Well, most of the day was good. It started off all right. It was nice seeing all my friends again, even though I've seen some of them recently. It felt a little like last year at some points, with me just tagging along and being all quiet and in the background and feeling awkward, but it actually did get better. After about an hour, we went down the field to stretch and stuff. This was the really awful part. After stretching, Zi (our drum major) was all "Ok, now let's take a lap around the field!" Uh. No. I do not run. I'm a really good swimmer, and I'm pretty good at some other sports, but guh. I cannot run. I wanted to run all the way around the field, though, no stopping to walk, because... I felt pathetic being all... blah and running. I mean, I'm actually a decent runner as long as it's a short distance, but I fail at long runs. I have no endurance. So I started out way too fast and then by the end I was still jogging, and yeah, that was great, but I started feeling nauseous. I thought it'd get better, 'cause that's usually just how I feel after I run long distances, but then I started getting like... even sweatier and feeling really dizzy and shit. So finally I just told Mr. Austerman I felt sick and asked if I could go to the bathroom and he said yeah. My stomach started hurting, too. So I went to the bathroom, and that helped a little, and then I just kind of squatted in the bathroom with my head near the toilet just in case I threw up and I spent like half an hour sitting there. Finally my stomach started hurting (felt worse than cramps. gah. I can't remember feeling that horrible before) and I left and got a water bottle from the vending machine because I was really thirsty and my water bottle was back at the field, and then I went back. Jackie (she's flute section leader) was helping some freshman who wasn't getting the hang of the commands and had me be an example and stuff, and that was good because it was like... less work than going back to the block and it helped me review the commands and all myself.

So yeah, that was the really shitty part. But I felt better after that. If we do the running every day, I'm going way slower. Fuck feeling pathetic. I'd rather feel like a loser for jogging and walking than feeling like shit for half an hour.

At lunch I drove me, Jackie, Richard, and Emma to the UCI marketplace and we had lunch. Then I drove us back and we had the music part. Eh, the music is all right, but I prefer last year's, and I still prefer freshman year's to last year's.

After it was over, my mom walked down to the school (since she let me have the car so I could drive to lunch, and we live about a 10-15 min walk from school, and yeah) to help out with the uniforms and I went to Albertsons to do shopping my mom needed to do, because that was the deal I made to be able to use the car. Then it was like 3:30, and my mom wouldn't be done till 4, so I called and asked if I could go to Target and get a CD that came out today. She said yes, so I drove down to Target and got the new Jack's Mannequin CD, Everything in Transit. I saw the Hot Hot Heat CD that came out a few months ago that I've been meaning to get forever right next to it, so I ended up buying that too. Then, home.

So yeah, it was a pretty good day, except for the part where I got sick. Tomorrow we're starting on the drill, which should be more fun than basics. Let's hope I don't feel as horrible tomorrow as I did today after running around the field.
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My lesson this morning actually wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. He said he was being nice to me because my mom wasn't there. I'd think that would have the opposite effect, but whatever. Plus, I'll have at most one more lesson before my 2 months of no lessons, and I may not even have that one. I think it's Labor Day.

Band camp starts tomorrow! Insanity. That means registration's just one week away (yay!) and schools' a little more than 2 weeks away (darn.).

I did some summer reading! [is proud] I'm up to either chapter 4 or 5 in the Jane Austen mystery book. I'm not enjoying it that much, but it's not as bad as other books I've had to read for school, so I'll deal. I just need to get through these books, and possibly read How the Irish Saved Civilization twice, since it's the book required for honors, and I'm betting we'll have to write an essay on it on like the first day. Maybe the second, if they're feeling kind.

I got my STAR report back (standardized tests we take in CA every spring). I did best in Algebra 2 which is, duh, not surprising. And worst in Coordinated-Science 2 which, again, not surprising. I did a lot better in History than I thought I would, though. I got 496/600, which is the same I did in English. I got 523/600 for Algebra 2 and 391/600 for CS-2 (eep. 1 point away from no longer being in the "Advanced" category. How terrible). In science, I shomehow did best in Biology/Life Sciences. wtf? That's my worst subject! It's probably because like... they give the same science test to you freshman year and sophomore year, even though in freshman year there's a bunch of stuff you haven't learnt yet. CS-2 is pretty much all biology/life sciences, so it makes sense I would do well on that. I did worst in Investigation and Experimentation (...I don't even know what that means. Science fair stuff? Figures.) at 50% (heh. That's bad.) and then Earth Sciences which makes sense as we haven't done any of that since freshman year. Um, yes. I don't know why I just wrote all of this up, either. These scores have absolutely no relevance at all, except they reflect on the school I guess, but whatever, as long as it doesn't hurt my college chances or anything. I think I just wrote all this to delay returning to my summer reading. I suppose I should get back to it now.

Edit: Oh, heh, I remembered for the tests they tested us on Eurpoean History for the history part because most sophomores take Euro and juniors take US History, except our school is backwards so our sophomores take US History and then some juniors take Euro and we take a Euro-type class called Global freshman year, and yeah, the point of this horrific run-on sentence is that that makes it even more surprising that I did that well on history. I must be a good guesser. Also, watch as Lulu ([ profile] violetmist2003) posts that she got 600/600 in every category, because it'd just be like her to do that well. >:O


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