brokenrecord: (Default) apparently it's been over a week since I last posted. Time passes really quickly when you're marathoning TV shows, I must say. Anyways, since my last post, I had my birthday and got 4 DVDs from my parents: Buffy Season 6, Angel Season 4, Chuck Season 2, and Dexter Season 3. So last Friday I started marathoning Chuck. Oh man, I love that show so much. Random Chuck Series Thoughts )

On Saturday I saw The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus with some friends. It was... not great. Not really good, even. I'd recommend it only if you're a huge fan of Heath Ledger and absolutely have to see his last film. Otherwise, it's not worth it. The acting is good, but that's about it. I'll probably post a longer review soon, along with reviews for the other movies I've seen this month. For the first 2 weeks of the month, I only saw like 2 movies, but all of a sudden I'm at 9 movies this month. I guess I've been watching a lot of movies the past few days.

Today I'm going to see A Single Man with my mom. It's my last day here; tomorrow I'm flying back to St. Paul, and classes begin on Monday. I can't believe I have class on Monday. I don't feel like I'm going back tomorrow. ugh, I still have to start packing. I was kind of dreading going back to school most of winter break because last semester was so busy and stressful and obviously being at home and being able to do what I want without having other obligations is much preferable. But I realized that if I act so negative towards it, I'm going to be miserable for at least a week before I get back into the hang of things, and that's not fun. So I'm trying to be more positive about it. I mean, for one thing, I'm way more excited about my classes this semester. The semester shouldn't be quite as stressful as the last two, and I have no 8 AM classes this time, thank god. I also don't have Wind Ensemble, which will definitely help me feel less stressed since I'll have more time to do schoolwork. I'm going to try to be on top of things this semester and go to the library for at least an hour or so a day so I will actually have time to read and watch TV and movies on the weekends or even on weeknights. I also shouldn't have as many homework assignments theoretically (definitely nothing as bad as the Discrete Math homework assignments that took over 5 hours each), so that should hopefully free up some time. And I'm taking a class with my favorite psych professor and one with my favorite German professor. I don't know, I think it should be fine. So I'll be positive and hope for the best for this semester.
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Happy 21st birthday to me! I did stuff with friends last night for my birthday since one of them is leaving today. We saw Up in the Air which I thought was very good. Today my mom is going to take me shopping and then family stuff tonight I guess.

I finished Criminal Minds yesterday! Criminal Minds )

Anyways, overall I really love the show and I'm glad I checked it out. I didn't really think it would be my thing, but it's very good.
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My birthday was ok. I guess I've had worse, but I've also had better. I really loved seeing Slumdog Millionaire a second time, anyways. My mom really liked it, too. I didn't notice as much the first time I watched it, but that movie is really gorgeous. I hope it gets nominated (and even wins) an oscar for cinematography. And the end credits are amazing.

For my birthday, I got White House Ghosts by Robert Schlesinger (it's a book about the presidents' speechwriters since... FDR, I think? The guy went on The Daily Show when the book first came out to promote it and he was really funny and sounded smart, and I absolutely love this kind of stuff, so I've been wanting this book for ages and finally got it), some movie passes, and another set of Hitchcock movies. This one includes Strangers on a Train, Dial M for Murder, Foreign Correspondent, Suspicious, The Wrong Man, Stage Fright, I Confess, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, and North By Northwest. I've seen Strangers on a Train and North by Northwest before, and I like them both, especially North by Northwest. The only thing that sucks is that I still don't own Notorious, which is my favorite Hitchcock film so far and one of my favorite films ever. I think I'm going to end up just buying it for myself. Oh, I also got gift cards to Barnes and Noble and iTunes, so I could by it with the Barnes and Noble card.

I forgot to mention this the last time I posted, but on Monday morning I got woken up at 5 AM by the power going off. It was still off when I got out of bed. It turns out that I'm really awful at coming up with things to do that don't involve electricity. The electric company said it wouldn't come on again until 2 or 3, so my mom and I decided to go out shopping to pass the time. I got some new clothes and I got The Watchmen at Barnes and Noble because I decided that I wanted to read it before watching the movie. I'm about two chapters in and so far I'm not that into it. I've heard that it's brilliant, though, so I'm hoping I start liking it more as it goes on. It's not bad, it's just... I don't know. It hasn't really captured me.

I need to stop buying books though and actually start reading them. I have so many books right now I've never read. Everytime I go to a bookstore I just have to buy something, but then I never read anything. I'm going to try to start reading more I think.
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So, today's my birthday! I'm 20 years old today. Weird. Since all my friends are back at school, I'm spending it by going to see Slumdog Millionaire with my mom. I've already seen it, but she hasn't, and I wanted to see it again.

The high today is supposed to be like 89 degrees. That's ridiculous. I suppose I shouldn't complain because soon enough I'll be back in Minnesota and wishing it was this warm.
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So I spent most of the past week watching all seven seasons (plus the two new episodes from last Tuesday) of Scrubs. It's a good show. In terms of comedies, I like it more than 30 Rock and The Big Bang Theory, but less than Arrested Development and Green Wing, and probably as much as The Office, maybe a little less. I actually don't like it so much for the comedic bits as I do for the more dramatic moments. Anyways, now I feel like watching Green Wing because it reminds me of that show, and I haven't watched it in ages.

After watching all those episodes, my list of TV watched this year so far is kind of ridiculous (I'm at 170 episodes so far). I'd say that's abnormal and only resulted from watching all that Scrubs, but then I remembered that I marathon shows I've never seen before all the time. Two summers ago I spent over a week watching all of The West Wing, and I watched Merlin in early December, The Big Bang Theory and True Love in November, and several shows in the summer. So the list probably is a fair representation of how much TV I typically watch. Anyways, I'm keeping track of that, how many movies I'm watching, and some other stuff at Listography now if anyone cares to check how I'm doing on that stuff. I'll still end up posting the lists here at the end of the year, anyways.

I'm turning 20 on Wednesday. It feels very weird. I feel like I'm not mentally old enough to be turning 20. I think I'm still around 17 in my head. I also feel like I don't look 20. I mean, ok, I'm a terrible judge of age, but still. At the movie theater over the summer where I worked, when people would ask me how old I was and I told them I was 19, they were all like "Really? I thought you were like 14." Also, I feel like I'm nearing the age where I have to actually decide what I want to do with my life or at least what I want to do after college. I'm just so indecisive. =/ Also this birthday sucks because I'm still at home, but all my friends from home will be back at school. I think I'm going to convince my mom to take me shopping and buy me clothes so my birthday doesn't totally suck.

Finally, this is a little old news, but I'm so happy that Franken is ahead after the recount! I know that Coleman is going to sue, but it actually looks good for Franken despite that! That makes me very happy. :D
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So I'm doing Secret Santa with my friends from home again this year, and I was really looking forward to it until I realized today I have absolutely no idea what to ask for. So now I'm stressing about this. Ok, not seriously stressing, but I just don't know what I want! It's like, there are loads of things I kind of want, but nothing that I really, really want. I could always ask for books because there are always books I want, but I have so many books as it is that I haven't read and I know I'll get more from my parents for Christmas that it feels stupid asking for a book. There are DVD sets I could ask for, but our limit is $30-40 and I think most of the DVD sets I want would be more than that. I do want more winter clothing, but I don't really want to ask for clothing because my size varies so much that I wouldn't know what size to ask for because it really depends on the specific article of clothing. I could ask for gift cards, but that's kind of boring, and I'm sure I'll get some from my parents again anyways, and in any case, I still have gift cards left over from last Christmas/my birthday. There are a few specific movies I could ask for, I guess, but I don't tend to rewatch movies, so that feels kind of pointless. Seriously, I feel so bad for whoever got me, because I am totally useless this year.

I'm thinking I'm just going to ask for a scarf. It's what I asked for the previous two years, and I like scarves. But I don't really NEED more scarves like I did last year or the year before that. I don't know. I'm so useless. I might just give them a lot of options and then they can get me whatever.

Also in a present-related theme, my dad's birthday is today and I don't know what to get him. I mean, I don't have anything for him right now because obviously he's in CA and I'm here, and since I'm just going to be home on Wednesday, it wouldn't really make sense for me to send him anything. For awhile I've been giving my parents mix-CDs of songs I think they'd like (and they've given the same to me, usually, and to each other. It's kind of a dorky tradition between us). But I feel like I've given him almost everything I have that I think he'd like. I don't know what else I would give him. And I feel like I should start getting my parents real presents and stop being cheap. But then I feel weird about that because I didn't give my mom a real present for her birthday (which was in July), and then that would mean I'd have to give them both real presents for Christmas and so that's just one more gift I have to come up with, and yeah, I'm clearly a terribly daughter, but apparently I really suck at gift-giving. Maybe I'll buy him a hat from school. He loves going to the campus store and buying stuff and he's obviously barely here so he doesn't have much stuff. Or course, I don't know what stuff he does have already. ugh this is too hard.

Anyways, I didn't get as much schoolwork stuff done as I planned yesterday, unfortunately. My Research in Psych homework took forever for some reason. It was kind of ridiculous. I don't have much the next few days, but I have so much stuff the week after Thanksgiving, so I really should be getting stuff done. Of course, I say this, but I've already watched last night's True Blood (ugh I don't want to have to wait until the summer for the next season! That's so far!) and right after I post this, I'm going to watch last night's Dexter (although I might do math/German during it! So, you know, I'll be somewhat productive!). sigh.

I can't believe I'm going to be home in just two days. I can't wait. I'm so excited for Thanksgiving. I've been craving turkey and mashed potatoes, too. And, you know, seeing my family and my birds and all that will be fun too.
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So Monday was my 19th birthday. It was pretty blah, since I basically just sat at home all day. I got Leopard and a copy of Windows XP for my birthday from my parents so I can finally use Windows on my Macbook because Paintshop Pro only works with Windows and I like PSP more than Photoshop and Photoshop is like a billion dollars anyways, and I bought PSP last year when my computer died and I had to get a new one for $80 and only used it for a few months before I got my Macbook. And now it turns out that I can only use that copy of PSP on one computer. gah. So I don't know what I'm going to do about that now, but I really don't want to have to buy it again. sigh.

I celebrated my birthday with Jackie, Galaxy, and Justin yesterday by having a Colin Firth marathon (which was really more watching Love Actually, 3 episodes of Arrested Development when Justin had class and Galaxy had to go to this thing for a friend, and the first Bridget Jones movie). It was fun, though.

I watched the season premiere of Torchwood this morning. Torchwood )

I am very, very happy that BBC America has decided to air this season basically as it airs in the UK (only a week and a few days behind), since once I go back to school, I can't download torrents any more (well I can, but the connection is ridiculously slow, and I might as well just wait until I get back home to download them all), so at least this way I won't have to wait months and months to see this season.

Also making me very, very happy: the new movie rentals system on iTunes and Netflix allowing unlimited online downloads of movies (not for all plans, but my parents have the plan that allows that) so I can watch movies when I get back to school. It's like the universe realized "What? The movies your school library has mostly suck and you're going to run out of movies there you actually want to watch very quickly? Well, here are two ways to make life easier for you so you can still watch a ridiculous amount of movies!" (Because yes, the universe does revolve around me.) Very awesome.
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So, one of my New Year's resolutions was to update this more frequently, since I used to update like every day and now I'm lucky if I remember to once a week. I am clearly failing at this so far.

I saw Atonement with Jackie, Galaxy, and Jessica a few days ago. I think most of the reviews I've read have been split over whether it was awesome or terrible. I thought it was really great (though really sad). But even if you think the storyline sucks, it's totally worth seeing for the cinematography and the score. The cinematography is just absolutely beautiful. There's a beautiful long-track shot of a beach filled with war camps and it's ridiculously beautiful. For some reason my absolute favorite shot, though, was of Robbie turned so his back is to the camera and he's standing in a field of red flowers and... just, I don't know, but I remember just staring at it in awe. And the score is ridiculously cool. But yeah, I loved the rest of it too.

On Friday I saw The Diving Bell and the Butterfly which was also a beautiful but sad film. Very cool cinematography in that movie too. But oh god, worst audience ever. Are people not taught how to act in movie theaters any more? Ok, so it's a huge theater, and there are maybe seven groups of people (with no more than 2 people in each group), so very few people and very quiet. But this guy right behind me keeps announcing things in the movie. Like every single time there's a shot of Jean-Do in the diving bell, he was like "THERE'S THE DIVING BELL" really loudly to whoever was next to him. And when they showed a shot of the butterfly he was like "THERE'S THE BUTTERFLY." And ok, the movie is largely comprised of the main character's memories and imagination, and every time he imagined something, the guy would be like "THIS IS HIS IMAGINATION." It was like OH MY GOD CAN I PLEASE JUST WATCH THE MOVIE. But then, even more inexplicably, about 2/3 of the way into the movie, this woman comes into the theater (which, as I mentioned, was like twice as big as a normal theater, and there were maybe 14 people total in it) and sits down in the seat right next to my mom and starts eating very loudly (she brought a huge popcorn thing and several types of candy) and then starts texting on her cell phone. Just... what? Why come into a movie when it's more than halfway done and then just sit and eat and text message? YOU CAN DO THAT AT HOME AND NOT SPEND $10 ON THE MOVIE FOR NO REASON. WTF? And why sit down in the seat RIGHT NEXT TO MY MOM when the entire theater is basically empty?! My mom got really irritated about that. And I can understand the announcer guy more, despite how annoying it was, but... I have no idea what this woman was thinking.

Um, what else? I'm going to be 19 a week from today. Weird. It'll be my last year as a teenager ever. I feel so old (even though I know in reality, 19 is still very young). I'm not sure if I'm going to do anything for my birthday. We'll see, I guess.
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Happy 18th birthday to me! Ah, man, I don't believe I'm 18. I still feel about 14.

I did most of my celebrating yesterday. Emma, Soan, Jackie, Jessica, Galaxy, Richard, and Andrew came to my house with food (lasagna, baked fettucine alfredo, and macaroni and cheese. Oh, and cake!) and we hung out there for awhile, and then we went to the Spectrum for a few hours and didn't really do much but it was fun. And I got many presents that I wasn't expecting. I got an iTunes gift card and a hat from Emma that matches the scarf Andrew gave me for secret santa, a really nice scarf from Jessica, Gilmore Girls Season 1 and The West Wing Season 1 from Jackie and Andrew, and a Target gift card from Richard. I think I'm especially excited about The West Wing season 1 because I saw the first 2 episodes over the summer and liked it but then right after that I went to Minnesota and then it was just chaotic when I got back because of marching band and having to do summer assignments so I never had a chance to watch any more.

Today for my birthday my parents gave me a necklace, an Amazon gift card, the first Bridget Jones movie, money on my visabuxx card, Persuasion by Jane Austen, and an iTunes gift card. So now I have a bunch of money to spend at Amazon and iTunes (I still have Emma's giftcard plus one I got from my parents for Christmas) and Barnes and Noble (from Christmas) and Target. Awesome.

I found out what musical my school is doing for our winter musical, and what the hell? They're doing High School Musical. I don't really understand this. I mean I've never seen it so I'm not like... saying I'm upset at the choice. It just seems bizarre. I wouldn't think we could get it, because it's property of Disney, right? And wouldn't it cost a lot to get? I mean, I heard when we did Beauty and the Beast 2 years ago it was super expensive because of that. And it's really recent, too. I don't know. Weird. It'll be interesting to see, at least.
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gah. Dell called last week and left a message saying my computer should arrive this Monday to this Wednesday, and today, still no computer. But I was finally able to check my order status, and apparently the order just shipped today, and it's due to arrive at earliest this Friday and at latest on Tuesday. al;skjdf gah! I'm getting really frustrated with this! They said they'd send me a new computer immediately when my mom e-mailed them 3 weeks ago! I'm sick of having no computer! My teachers have all been out to make my life miserable by assigning no homework and there's nothing new on TV (well, ok, there was a new House tonight, and there'll be Thursday night TV, but there was nothing last night, or anything else for the past few weeks) and I know the second I get my computer it'll be finals and I'll have a million things to do. a;lskdjf gah! And, ok, technically I have been able to use my mom's computer so I'm not totally helpless, but you can hardly classify this thing as a computer. I can't open more than webpage at once or it'll go bezerk and freeze and god I hate it.

And for some reason, everything's breaking! First it was the computer, then my mom's car, then my iPod suddenly and randomly on the way to Mammoth (the screen froze, but luckily after the battery wore out and it turned off, when I charged it up again it was fine. But now I'm getting anxious because I'm afraid it'll break permanently and if I lose my iPod, then all my music is gone forever because my computer is broken too), and our heater is broken. I mean, ok, Monday at 7 AM it was 70 degrees, but still. It gets cold at night, and it's supposed to be colder tomorrow.

sigh. Anyways, in better news, I realized yesterday suddenly that my 18th birthday is this coming Sunday. I'm not quite sure when that happened, since last I checked it was like a month away, but anyways. I'm going to try to do something on Saturday with friends, but I don't know how well that's going to work out since I don't really have any idea of what I want to do. We'll see. Oh, and today we finally did Secret Santa and Andrew got me this scarf with mooses (meese?) on it and candy and it came in a really, really nice box. So that made me happy, at least.

Oh and I got an e-mail today from an alum at Vassar to schedule an interview, which I'm really happy about since it's my first choice school and they don't know they're my first choice school and I really want them to know how much I want to go there. It's good too since I haven't had an interview in awhile, but it'll be right after my Pitzer interview on the 20th, so I'll at least have that to prep for the Vassar interview.

That's about it. aslkdj I really desperately want my computer. :(
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So, this week kind of sucks overall, just because I have so much crap to do. So far, I've assembled my letter of rec packets, asked two teachers to write my letters, and given the packets to them. I still have to write my national merit essay, Colorado College supplement essay, finish a packet for my counselor to do recs, schedule a meeting with my counselor, finish pt. 2 of the Stanford essay, and send my Vassar supplement. sigh. Of course, this is in addition to IMPACT stuff, marching band stuff, and school work.

Anyways, so I signed up to be a math tutor, like I do every year, and every year no one calls me. But then this year, I signed up, and immediately that afternoon someone called me to ask if I could tutor them in pre-calc. I find this very amusing for some reason. But yeah, I'm kind of excited about that. I like tutoring people and teaching them stuff (this is the part of me that wants to become a teacher when I grow up. Unfortunately, I have a bunch of other parts of me that all want to do other things, so I'm all indecisive).

The Office premieres tomorrow night! ee! I'm so excited. :D

I watched the Studio 60 premiere and I already saw the pilot like a month ago so I wasn't super excited for it, but I'm super excited for next week when the actual storylines start up, since the pilot just kind of sets up the premise of the show. Prison Break was great again Monday, and I'm liking Vanished more and more every week.

All right, off to do the millions of things I have to do.

Edit: blah, I forgot, happy birthday, Lulu ([ profile] violetmist2003)! I actually remembered last night and meant to tell you happy birthday in school, but I forgot. Sorry! Happy birthday!
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Happy birthday to Jackie today! I will get you something at some point probably before your next birthday. :)

So, Gavin proved God exists in Chemistry today. It was pretty good. We're doing a unit on liquids and solids and we were discussing why ice floats in water (because of the lower density, but more specifically we were discussing the intermolecular forces and such) and he was all "So that's not common, right? Most solids would sink in their liquid form" and Mrs. Bunch was all "Right" and he was all "So that means that God does exist!" And so then the rest of the class just stared at him. I like also how he just came up with that and offered no explanation at all, as if that should just be self-explanatory and we should've all come to the same conclusion. It was rather amusing.

blah. My mom got pretty suck last week for a few days, and now she's gotten me sick. I feel all tired and weak and I was feeling queasy earlier and I keep feeling like I have to cough. It's very irritating. At least tomorrow and Wednesday we don't start school until 10:20 because all the sophomores have to take their California High School Exit Exams in the morning.

Prison Break tonight! Excellent. It's been way too long.
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Seen this several places: Ask for my opinion about anything regarding Veronica Mars, the show or fandom, and I shall tell you. It's that simple.

I forgot to mention, I liked Brokeback even better a second time. There are so many little things you notice the second time, and it's just excellent. I also read the book last night and I actually think I like the movie better, just because it gives you so many more details and fleshes the characters out even more.

I also finished About a Boy today, which I really enjoyed, and now I want to see the movie.

Today after finished About a Boy, I picked up Jackie, Galaxy, Justin, and Andrew from their AP Art History review and we played Cranium at my house for like 45 min and then went to UCI center and Jackie, Galaxy, and I watched Pride and Prejudice (my third time). Also, there are ads in the theater that they're going to be showing Brokeback Mountain there soon, so once it does come out, I think we have a plan to see Pride and Prejudice (a 4th time - Jackie really loves that movie. And actually, I thought I would be sick of it by now, but I'm really not. I mean, it's not my favorite movie ever, but I do really enjoy it. And I think I'll always love Colin Firth's Darcy more, but the new Darcy is just... he's just kind of like a different take on Darcy and so they're both different, but I like both versions. But, um, anyways, I do really love the story of P&P, and yeah. Somehow I haven't gotten sick of it yet), then Brokeback Mountain, and then Goodnight and Goodluck, since it's also playing there and I want to see it and I think Jackie and maybe Galaxy want to, too.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ANNIE! Even though I already told you that. But still. Happy birthday!
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Happy birthday to me. :)

Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday! I appreciate it more than you can possibly know.

Today was excellent. I went to see Brokeback Mountain at 12:30 with Galaxy, Emma, Soan, and Zi. I don't know about Zi, but Galaxy, Emma, and Soan all really liked it. Then Galaxy and Zi left and then Soan and Emma and I somehow hung out at Fashion Island for 2 hours. At one point we went to Barnes and Noble and I got About a Boy by Nick Hornby because I wanted to read more stuff by him. We also had excellent gelato! And then we went to Emma's house and we went to Blockbuster and rented Four Weddings and a Funeral and this Family Guy thing, but after we got back we had dinner and then Justin and Andrew came over and we played Cranium which was fun. So yeah, it was a very fun day.

The birthday haul )

So yeah. In all, an awesome birthday, and decidedly better than last year. (Though, it would be hard to be worse than last year, considering this year I actually got presents from friends and last year only 2 people remembered my birthday.)
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Today was a pretty great day. :) We had a Pep Assembly between 4th and 5th period but Pep Assemblies are always so pointless, they just have the councils do dances and since this is the Winter Sports Pep Assembly, all the winter sports people would go up and say "I'm ___, the captain and senior, these dudes are our other seniors, these are our juniors," and so on and then the cheerleaders would do some sort of thing and blah. So boring. And they always play hideous music. So instead, me and a bunch of other people just went to the band room and played mafia. And we were afraid that Mrs. Bentley would come back in and make us go to the pep assembly and we thought she wasn't in there, but it turned out she had been in her office the entire time, but then she came out and was all "...fine."

Also, I finally worked something out for tomorrow. Going to see Brokeback Mountain at 12:30 with Emma, Galaxy, Soan, maybe Jessica, and I think Zi? I'm not sure. Because I think Galaxy asked me if he could come and I was like "Of course, it's totally fine" and all that, but I don't know if he is coming. And then afterwards we might do something, but I'm not sure right now. But yeah, I'm glad that's all settled, and I'm glad I actually have plans for tomorrow now. Wheee, I can't believe I'll be 17 tomorrow! I feel so old, which is ridiculous, since I know there are people in my friendslist in their late 20's, but, well, it still seems old to me. Plus, my birthday is one of the earliest of my friends (probably the earliest of all my friends who are in my grade), so yeah. And in a year I'll be 18! So bizarre.

I got my first birthday present today, from my uncle. He sent me a box thing of like... bath stuff. And I don't care about the bath stuff and all, but I do really appreciate the gesture. He's been totally like... out of family contact since his and my dad's mom died (like... 3 years ago now, I believe) and he has seen my dad like once since then, but he always remember to send me a birthday present. And the bath stuff came in this box, and ugh, it's so awesome. It's just like... really beautiful, I think. I might post a picture of it later. I really love it.

I feel like watching random episodes I love of various TV shows. It's weird, but I don't know. I might do it.
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So, what I feared would happen today, that every one of my friends had made All Southern, didn't happen. In fact, most people didn't make it. The only people to make it in the band was Andrew and this flute player I don't know, and then Emma made alternate. And, well, I guess some people haven't gotten their letters, so there might be a few more, but that's pretty much it. And I'm kind of relieved about that, which makes me feel bad since they're all great players and deserve to make it, but still. At least I don't have to feel bad about not making it alone. Also, I turned in the form to do Chapman Honor Band (which is no audition, your music director just has to reccomend you, and Mrs. Bentley's reccomending anyone who wants to do it who's in Wind Ensemble) so yeah. At least I'll have that. It's kind of funny that more people in band made All State than All Southern. It should be the other way around.

Still not sure about what I'm doing on Saturday. First we were planning to see Brokeback Mountain, but then Jackie and Lulu had Elite so we were going to do it at 7 PM but then Zi and Galaxy were going to go see a movie and have dinner late, and then we had the idea to watch the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice straight through, from like 10 to 3 and then Galaxy would be able to go out with Zi, except then Emma had a dentist appointment in the morning. So now what I've proposed is to see Brokeback Mountain at like 12:30 (which means Lulu and Jackie can't go, but ah I can't figure out anything else that would work) and on Monday see the 5 hour version of Pride and Prejudice. So, yeah. Hopefully something's going to happen, though, because I don't want to sit around all day doing nothing on my birthday. ...unless my parents get me DVDs to watch. Which then, yeah, that might not be so bad.

The O.C. and My Name is Earl are on tonight, and ugh, why did they have to move The O.C. back an hour? Because I was all "omg now that I'm no longer watching Reunion, once My Name is Earl has moved, I can watch it again, finally!" since before it aired at the same time as both Supernatural and House and I didn't want to bother with downloading it. But now it's on the same time as The O.C. and Everwood! NBC just really doesn't want me to watch this show, does it? sigh. But Everwood isn't back this week, so at least I'll be able to watch it tonight.
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Happy New Years to everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful New Years Eve and have a wonderful year. :) I spent last night at Emma's house. Soan was there at the beginning and we all watched the second Bridget Jones Diary movie and I haven't seen the first, but I really enjoyed the second anyways. And Hugh Grant and Colin Firth! This just amuses me incredibly because of seeing Colin Firth in Pride and Prejudice and Hugh Grant in Sense and Sensibility, although I'm not sure why it amuses me as much as it does. And now I desperately want to see the first because I hear it's better and I was also promised by Emma and Soan that the first one has a much better fight scene. So yes. I think I might go to Blockbuster and rent it today along with Love Actually, which I've been meaning to rent for like a month now.

Anyways, after that Soan had to go soon so we saw Nightmare Before Christmas because it was shorter and she left and then Emma and I saw the BBC Pride and Prejudice. We started it about 2 hours in because we both had seen the beginning and we stopped it for when it became midnight and then actually managed to finish it and somewhere along the night I became incredibly obsessed with Colin Firth (as opposed to just really, really liking him, and I'm not exactly sure how that happened but it did) and now need to see more movies with him in it. And then we began to watch some of Monty Python but we were tired of watching movies so Emma got out one of the things she's giving me for my birthday and we somehow managed to play with it for 2 hours and I'm not sure how that happened but by then it was 4 and we went to sleep. And yeah, tired now, which I think you can probably tell from how many run-on sentences exist in this post.

So yeah. In any case, it was a fun night. And now I need to get lunch and possibly go to Blockbuster if I can ever find my Blockbuster card. I'll catch up on comments eventually. And I should also practice for All Southern considering the audition is Saturday and the last time I played bass clarinet was 2 months ago. I'm not sure that this audition is going to go very well. We'll see.
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Saw Brokeback Mountain with Lulu ([ profile] violetmist2003) today, and ee! So good! And so sad. But so good! I definitely reccomend seeing it (if you can find somewhere that's playing it, of course). The theater was packed, which I'm glad at since it means the movie's making money, but bad because... I don't know, it's uncomfortable when there are so many people there. Plus, it was really weird watching sex scenes when there was an 80 year old man sitting next to me. There really wasn't anyone my age there except for maybe a few people.

But yeah, anyways. So good. I want to see it again. I think I'd like it even better a second time.

Anyways. Happy New Years Eve to everyone! And since it's New Years Eve, that means it's exactly 2 weeks until my birthday. Very awesome.
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Today was Emma's 16th birthday, so happy birthday to her. I got her Clue and we played it during office hours. It was actually rather amusing, because we were going into the practice room, and Mrs. Bentley was all "Oh no, Parsa asked if he could practice in here during office hours. ...hey, is that Clue? I love Clue! You guys can play it in my office!" And it totally sounded like the only reason she was letting us play in there was because of her love for Clue.

Pride and Prejudice essay a week from today, and I'm starting to freak out. Especially since our intro/thesis has to be all more... better? We went into it during class a lot and how to make it less simplistic and such but I seriously doubt my abilities to do a good job on this essay, even though I really enjoy and understand (at least I think I do) the book. Also, I really suck at quote tests, and we've been having quote tests on each volume 1 of Pride and Prejudice. The first volume I read twice and got 11/15 on it. eck. But I aced the one on volume 2 (which I read three times), so at least there's that. Also, we're totally watching the 6 hour BBC version of Pride and Prejudice over winter break, and I cannot wait, because it's going to be awesome.

No Veronica Mars today makes me sad. :(

Yesterday Mr. Ives (my Euro teacher) was lecturing on causes of the French revolution and he started talking about the debt and stuff and then he started relating it to the US today, and so he then he said "And, well, ok, I don't know if you guys know who Ronald Reagan was..." and the whole class was like "!" Because, yeah, we just had AP US History last year and it went up to current events (although after Reagan, there wasn't much to be said. But we still went up that far, and we did go into Reagan pretty well), and even ignoring that, I'VE KNOWN WHO RONALD REAGAN WAS SINCE I WAS LIKE 5. Why do you insist on treating us like we are 3 years old, Mr. Ives?

This is kind of a random post, but I felt like updating. I am so looking forward to break. 6 more schooldays left!
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Early day today because of Thanksgiving break. Awesome. In addition to it being Thanksgiving, it's also my dad's 56th birthday tomorrow, so following my mom's suggestion, I'm making my dad a CD of songs I like. I know he likes a lot of songs I listen to, but I keep second-guessing myself over which ones he'd like, so it's becoming a lot more difficult than I imagined. blah. The playlist as of now. )

So, anyways, you know that Euro test I took last Friday that I said I failed because I knew 5 out of 80 for sure? I got a 62% on it. Yeah. Told you I failed. sigh. I really need to start studying for that class (though if you get a 4 or 5 on the AP exam, then he changes both semesters' grades to A's, so I guess it's not that big of a deal if I get a B). I actually did start studying, because we had a quiz on Tuesday, and I studied for hours, and then we ran out of time so I studied a bunch last night for it and we didn't have time for it today, either. blah.

The essay Monday in English also happened to be terrible. But I finished An Instance of the Fingerpost (the book my essay was on), and it was so freaking good. Difficult to write about, but so good. It doesn't start out that great, but once you get to the end everything's tied together so well, and it's just so awesome. I'm totally going to start rereading it this weekend.


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