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Oh man, just one day left to get through this week. I have to write up the research proposal for the stats project today and study for my German test, but neither of those are actually as bad as getting through that stats lab Tuesday night or finishing the Differential Equations project Wednesday night.

And, ok, for the Diff Eq project, this last problem was absolutely driving me crazy and none of us could figure it out and it just seemed impossible, and I somehow managed to figure it out at like 12:30 or so and I was kind of amazed with myself. Because we knew what the answer was supposed to be but we couldn't figure out how to get there, and I tried something that made sense but I didn't think would work but then it DID and seriously, I really thought we were going to hand in that problem with an answer that we knew was wrong but was like... as close as we could get or something. But no! I am proud and so ridiculously happy about that. Except I'm pretty sure half of our answer to a different problem is wrong. But still!

Also my mood was brought up during all the ridiculous business of yesterday when I was talking to my stats professor. I was asking her about the research project proposal and it looks like two data sets we've found will work, so I'm freaking out so much less about that. And then when I was walking with her to her office from the class to talk about it, she started going on about how my labs are so well-written and I write paragraphs and complete sentences and it flows so nicely and she really loved reading them and it was kind of awesome. I was so not expecting that. It's not like I put in time trying to make my labs sound nice or whatever. I guess I'm just used to doing that? I told her that my background in stats is all psychology based, so I'm just used to writing up reports and explaining everything like that, and she was like "Well, keep it up!" So that's good. Even though my last lab that I turned in today (finished right before class and I'm sure several answers are wrong!) is crap. But I think she likes me? So that's good, at least.

ugh I am so exhausted. I just want this week to be over already.
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I can say, completely without exaggeration, that this is the busiest week of my life. I wasn't even this busy when I was preparing for APs (...of course, I didn't really prepare very well for APs, which is why I barely got any 5s) or any single time I've studied for finals. It's ridiculous. I have no idea why everything is taking so long. It's just like... a combination of several really unlucky factors plus the fact that two of the major things this week are group projects and it's just so difficult to find a time when everyone can meet (especially the 4-person group).

Seriously, this was my day yesterday: My day! )

Really the things that have totally screwed with this week to make it worse than it should be are two major factors. First, Li not showing up Saturday or Sunday. We might have actually been a little further in both projects if she had shown up. Also (a subset to this factor), the fact that I didn't finish my stats lab over the weekend. I'm regretting that so much right now. The other major thing, though, is that our professor in Differential Equations has been gone these two weeks and the guy who he got to teach in his absence is a guy that apparently can't do anything we're doing. He'll set up a problem which we can do, but then it comes to the difficult intergration and he's like "Oh, I'm not good at this stuff, I can't figure it out." So then we have no practice on the difficult part of it, and we've seen no examples of it, and then on the quiz (that we have each week) we have to do it and don't know how. And he lectures on stuff that has nothing to do what we're quizzed on, and he gives us no time for questions on the homework. And the homework doesn't even have anything to do with the quizzes either! AND he set up a problem before we took our quiz Tuesday but he set it up wrong and confused us and then we had a similar problem on the quiz and I screwed it up because he confused me with what he was saying before. And we have this project due and he doesn't know how to do the problems, but our normal professor isn't returning until tomorrow, when the project is due. UGH.

Anyway, the good thing about today is that it's halfway to spring break and I'm halfway through this week. I can't wait until Friday afternoon. I can finally catch up with TV and relax for a little bit. Today is going to be another ridiculous day. I've been up since 8 (even though I don't have class until 1! Evil!) and have been finishing my German homework (because I forgot a part I had to do) and working on the stats lab (which is almost done! And very wrong in many places, but whatever!) and Li's coming over soon to work on the lab and both projects. And then class, Wind Ensemble, meeting with differential equations group, and then probably working on the stats project some more. ugh. I really hate this week.
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Ugh. I feel like I'm never going to catch up on sleep. Thursday I woke up an hour earlier than normal because I didn't finish my reading for class since I kind of forgot there was reading in Film Analysis and then I went to sleep late that night because I stayed up watching The Office and 30 Rock. Then last night I stayed up until 1 AM watching Battlestar Galactica. My roommate spent the night at a friend's, and so she forgot to turn off her alarm that was set for 6 AM, so that went off this morning, which was awesome. It took me at least 2 minutes to figure out where the beeping noise was coming from. Then I waited for my roommate to turn it off when I realized it wasn't my alarm, before remembering that she wasn't in the room. So then I had to reach over and turn it off myself, except it was 6 AM and I am blind without my contacts, so I just hit a bunch of random buttons until it stopped. And I couldn't really sleep in this morning because I have a bunch of work to do. sigh.

Someone seriously needs to remind me of the fact that my parents are paying a lot of money for me to be here and they would probably not appreciate it if I failed all my classes and I should probably actually do the work I have to do and stop procrastinating. Ugh. I got NOTHING done yesterday. I was supposed to make flashcards for a test and plan out my abstract film, nothing really that intense or that would require a lot of effort, but I didn't even make an attempt at doing any of it. So now I have even more work than I had already planned on doing for today. Awesome. I am so sick of school. Three and a half weeks left. sigh.

The next few weeks, I'm probably going to go back to posting rather sporadically, more like once or twice every week rather than every day or every other day. There's just so much stuff going on, and it's not even that I won't have the time, but I won't have the brain space to devote to thinking up what to post about or remembering to post. And any posts I do make will probably be me just bitching about school, which I know is fascinating. I will be happier and make more fun posts once the semester is over (May 8th! I will be so happy when it's May 8th, you have no idea).
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Ugh. I'm pretty sure my brain is about to explode. Partially due solely to astronomy (So, the universe has no center and is infinite, but is expanding. Oh, and the expansion is accelerating. And there is dark matter and dark energy and no one has any real clue what they are, and we only know what like 4% of the universe even is anyways), and also partially due to the million things I have to do in the next two and a half weeks (but mostly just this week). I originally had two 10-page papers due this week (one of which I finished this weekend! Go me for having something done! Well, I still need an abstract. But whatever, that'll take 5 seconds), but one got pushed back to Monday (when I also have a 5 page paper for another class due, but it still gives me more time for the other paper, so it's still good), but I still have a presentation on Thursday and a group presentation on Tuesday and my partner was supposed to meet me today at 4 and it's 6:49 and she never met with me and she's not in her room and did I mention she has all the results so I can't even do it on my own and get it done with, and I usually don't see her until Tuesday during geology but that's when our psych lab is due and al;skfj gah. I am stressed about this. I do know where her first class is tomorrow (it's in the same room as my first class, just an hour before), so I guess if I don't talk to her tonight, I can go to class really early tomorrow and stalk her. But I really wanted to get this done tonight because I was planning on spending tomorrow in the library getting one of my papers done, or at least the research for it, or maybe starting the presentation I have Thursday, or maybe starting to think about the presentation I have on Monday, and oh god, I'm starting to feel like my brain's going to explode again.

Yeah. Have I mentioned before how much I hate group projects? And that I really can't wait until this semester is over?

I also keep missing TV which sucks, and I might have to miss most of the shows I watch this week due to how much stuff is going on. blah. I mean, I guess it's not bad to have episodes saved up to watch if the writers' strike goes on, but still. I'm afraid I'm going to miss an episode or forget or something (and of course that would be the end of the world). Ok, it's not really a big deal. I just want to watch them now.

Also, I really want a new layout, since I've had this one since like May or June, but PSP is on my computer at home. I hate that there's no PSP for Mac. I freaking spent $70 on it (which is a lot when you have no job and are going from birthday/graduation/saved/etc. money alone) and then I can't even use it on my Mac. And Photoshop is like 30 billion dollars and whatever I already bought PSP and don't want to buy a million more programs anyways. And I could get Parallels and then use PSP on this computer, but then I'd have to also get a copy of Windows XP from somewhere, and at that point I might as well buy Photoshop for 30 billion dollars. sigh. Although it's not really like I have time to play around with PSP/Photoshop as it is considering the millions of things I have to do and gah I'm procrastinating way too much.

Ok. I'm going to try to get some more work done tonight, I'll go knock on the girl who I'm doing the project with's door again in about an hour, do some more work (maybe. If I can get motivated enough), take a shower, and watch Dexter. Brothers and Sisters will probably have to wait until tomorrow (even though I won't have time tomorrow! Damnit. Whatever, maybe I'll just stay up until 1 AM and watch it anyways (I have to watch it then because I use a Slingbox to watch my stuff which transmits the cable/DVR signal from home to here through the internet, but it's on CA time because that's where my DVR is, so Brothers and Sisters which is on at 10-11 there is 12-1 for me, which... I really can't stay up that late and still function normally tomorrow)). Um. I should start working and stop procrastinating.
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So my printer/scanner hasn't been working since I got my new computer in January because I lost the disks to install them. But Soan suggested searching online and I found a place to download the drivers to install them and now they work! You have no idea how happy I am about this. It's such a relief not to have to use my mom's computer everytime I need to print something. And she doesn't even have a scanner. I just wish I could've figured this out 3 months ago.

Last week was kind of ridiculous in terms of stuff I had to do. I had 10 lit journals due on Friday, plus like... 2 mini-essays and one full essay due in French, plus all the normal school work. Then there were musical rehearsals and the actual shows and two extra jazz band things. But the week is finally over and I got everything done and I'm happy. Of course now I have APs to look forward to next week. I'm so severely screwed for French, moreso than any other class besides maybe Physics, and it's the only AP I can actually use to fulfill requirements in college. Oh well. All I need is a 3 or above, so I'm hoping I get it.

Friday and Saturday me and my friends watched the musical (for free! since we played the overture thing before it started) and I kind of wish they had just done a normal musical (I mean, I know why they couldn't, but I still wish they could've) but it was still good. There were a couple of numbers in particular (like Grease Lightning) which were really awesome. And I totally fell in love with this one song from Children of Eden and now I want to see the musical but I don't think it's showing anywhere anymore. I mean, maybe in random high schools/colleges around the country, but it's not like it's showing anywhere close where I can go and see it. Oh well. I'll just have to settle for ordering the soundtrack.

This week should be a lot better than last week, but unfortunately this is the week that I get to start panicking over how unprepared I am for all my APs (except for English I guess, because there's not anything you can do to prepare for that at this point. Just being in the class for all these months is enough preparation, really). sigh. I can't wait until APs are over. Then there are only like 3-4 weeks until senior finals and then I'm done.
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So over the past few days I've been thinking, and I'm not going to send a letter to Vassar about how much I love the school and I would definitely go there if they took me off the waitlist (they encourage you to do that if it's your #1 school and you're on the waitlist because they want to take people off the waitlist who really want to go there over everywhere else) because it's not really true anymore. I'm really in love with Macalester. I've been looking into it a lot and it's just really awesome. And the benefits of Vassar aren't enough to outweigh what I think I would be losing by not going to Macalester. I'm staying on the waitlist because I already checked the box in pen, but I probably won't go if I'm taken off (although it's highly, highly unlikely I'll get off if I just sit and do nothing to tell them how much I love them), and I'm thinking I'm going to take myself off the waitlist by like the end of May. But yeah, anyways. It was kind of a big decision and I was struggling with it for a few days but now I'm really happy and so excited to go to Macalester. :D

These next few weeks are going to be kind of hell-ish for me, so I probably won't be around much. This week I have a combination of rehearsals for the musical (the Wind Ensemble is playing this medley of Miss Saigon, Les Miserables, and Grease before the musical [which isn't actually a musical, it's a musical revue of the musicals the school has put on in the past 10 years]) which are on Monday, Wednesday, and then the shows Thursday-Saturday, and I have a bunch of extra jazz band stuff, including the OC Fair Jazz Festival Friday and playing for the middle school parents' night on Wednesday. Plus I have a ridiculous amount of stuff due in English this week, most of which I haven't started (I need to do 10 lit journals by Friday. ugh). Then in two weeks is APs, so it's probably a good idea to start studying for those. At least for the French one, because if I get at least a 3, I can fulfill the language requirement at Macalester.

Ever since spring break ended, I've really felt like school should be over. I don't feel like doing any work and it just feels like everything should be done. sigh. At least it's two weeks of school, then two weeks of APs, and then after that only like 3 weeks until graduation. But it still seems like it's taking forever.
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Accepted to Macalester yesterday! Pretty happy about this. Not my first choice, but I like it more than anywhere else I've been accepted so far, and it's a really nice school. The envelope said "YES MACALESTER" pretty large on the envelope. I think it'd be funny if the rejection letter said "NO MACALESTER" and waitlist said "MAYBE MACALESTER." (Well, that'd be mean if it really was like that, but it's funny to think about.)

Since getting accepted to Whitman last Friday, I got two letters from them on Tuesday and one today. And they're all just like "Congratulations on getting accepted! Here are the reasons why you should go to Whitman!" And... ok, I can see sending one to me, but three? Isn't that a bit overkill? I think maybe they're just going to send me one everyday until I say I'll go to their school.

It's the SCSBOA Band and Orchestra Festival at my school, and my house smells like potatoes because of it. My mom's been baking potatoes all day to sell at the school and so now it just smells like potatoes everywhere. Festival's been a lot more fun this year so far. I remember really hating it last year, and the year before wasn't much better (freshman year was good, though). But I like this year. I think mostly because I'm not guiding. That gets really tiring after awhile. Sight reading room and judge's aide is the way to go.

So much real life stuff going on all of a sudden, and now I have no time for TV and fandom. Such sadness. I thought I'd be able to relax more what with Festival and not having any classes today or tomorrow, but yesterday I ended up taking 6 hours making the senior pages for the memory book (for the end of the year band banquet) and I had no time to even think about starting the junior pages, and so today I have to do those, hopefully in time to watch Ugly Betty tonight. I probably can't watch Supernatural, I skipped Lost last night, and I skipped Battlestar Galactica last Sunday, so I'll have all of those to watch tomorrow, except that tomorrow is more Festival and then I think Emma wanted to go see Comedy Sports at 7:30, and then Saturday is crazy day with Fullerton Jazz Festival and Jackie/Galaxy/Richard birthday party. sigh. I've gotten way too busy all of a sudden. :(

Two more weeks of school and then spring break! Ridiculous. I thought it was so much further away. I don't think I've mentioned this, but I'm going for four days with band to San Francisco at the end of spring break, and I'm really looking forward to it.

All right, time for working on the junior pages.
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Today was pretty awful. Derek, one of my birds, died. He stopped eating on Monday morning and by this morning he couldn't hold himself up anymore. It wasn't totally unexpected because he's been sick for a long time, but I was still really upset about it. And it sucks too because it's like why are you so upset? and I'm like "My bird died" and it's like what? Bird? Who cares? But I had him since I was 6 years old and I'm 17 now, so that's way over half of my life. He didn't just sit in his cage all day and chirp; he had his own little personality and I don't know. I just really loved him. I'm still pretty upset about it and I probably will be for awhile, but I guess it's getting better.

On a happier note, but computer situation is fixed. Well, the computer itself isn't, but my mom e-mailed Dell and they e-mailed back and were like "OMG we're so sorry! We'll send you another computer right away!" It's like "...what? You're just going to send us a new computer?" Seems kind of weird, but whatever, I'll take it. It probably won't get here for a few weeks, and we're going skiing in Mammoth the day after New Years, so I might not have it awhile, but at least I'll have it eventually. And I don't have to feel guilty for asking my parents for a new computer!

Two more days left before winter break. Unfortunately, I have a lot of stuff to do, including studying for chem test, writing a french essay (I really need to start that tonight, but it's not likely), finish writing/editing the play for english, and physics test (except I decided to fail it since I can afford to drop a test since I have an A in the class right now even without a dropped test, so I probably won't bother studying for it). So I should probably start working on that now.
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I just got accepted to Lewis and Clark College! On their site it said they weren't going to notify people until January so I wasn't expecting it, but then I checked my e-mail and they'd e-mailed me saying I was accepted. I'm actually a lot more excited about it than I thought I would be, considering it's a safety and not on the top of my list. But it's my first acceptance, so that's cool, and I actually do really like the school and would choose it above schools that aren't even safeties, like UCLA and Haverford. So yeah. Yay for that! At least I know I've been accepted somewhere.

One more week until school's out! Not even a full week, more like 3 1/2 days. Probably won't be around much until then (not that I've been around much recently, anyways) because I have a lot of stuff next week (calc test, physics test, chem test, french essay, and I have to write a 10 minute absurdist play).

I'm still loving The O.C., by the way. It was totally awesome last night. And I loved The Office, too. TV makes me so happy. :D
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Ah! Galaxy got into Columbia early decision! Congrats! I'm so jealous. Not of the Columbia part (I wouldn't want to go there, personally. Hate the core curriculum), but the fact that she knows where she's going to go to college and she doesn't have to worry anymore and she doesn't really have to worry about her grades. But yeah, anyways, that's really awesome for her.

I've been sucking at being on livejournal, but I've been really busy. I was sick Monday and Tuesday-ish (missed 4th-6th period and jazz band Monday, and Symphony on Tuesday) and I have a lot of tests/quizzes and stuff and my grades are slipping and AP English is freaking me out (we have a proposal for a paper with like 6 body paragraphs due and we don't have to actually write it but I don't really know where to even start with it and all my essays in high school have been in class and so it was acceptable when they were only like one body paragraph and a page and a half. And we also have to write a 10-minute absurdist play in about two weeks, and I am even more lost about that) and yeah. I can't wait until second semester. I just wish first semester would end before winter break like most normal schools so I'd be done with it in just a few weeks. blah.
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Caught up on TV today, since all I watched this week was Prison Break, Heroes, Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars, and The Office. Some thoughts on a few of the shows I watched:

Ugly Betty )

The O.C. )

Studio 60 )

Veronica Mars )

Had an interview Thursday at Claremont McKenna. I think it was my best one yet. I mean, it wasn't amazing, but it was definitely better than the other two ones. I think I'm starting to get the hang of this. I have another up in Santa Monica tomorrow for Lewis and Clark College. I'm not too worried about it, though, because it's a safety school, so as long as I don't offend the interviewer in some way, I'm pretty sure I'll get in.

Yesterday was great fun. After school we got cake because it was Mrs. Daley's last day officially. Then after jazz band, I went to Comedy Sports at school with Emma, Galaxy, Richard, and Andrew. After that, all of us except for Galaxy went to Emma's house and played this game called The New Yorker which is kind of like Words of Wiz-dumb, except you make up captions for pictures instead of filling words into sentences.

I think now I should probably get some homework done since I have a lot to do and tomorrow is the interview and then afterwards I'm going to try to go to Emma's Youth Symphony Orchestra concert at Chapman.
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Torchwood )

Prison Break )

Nothing to say about Heroes, but I'm still really enjoying it. (I love Hiro! I doubt I'd love the show as much if it weren't for him.) Skipping Studio 60 tonight because I wanted to post this and I have a physics test, chem quiz, and French quiz to study for, and I've studied for them all some but I feel like I should study more (especially for physics). I'll watch it by Thursday, since Friday there's no school so I'll have plenty of time Thursday afternoon.

Ah but before studying for physics, I totally had this awesome dream last night. I was in like... Chicago, I think? (no idea why, never been there before and don't have a great desire to visit) and I think I was trying to see Wicked with someone? Someone was with me, but I don't remember who. Anyways for some reason I went into this stairwell at the place where I was trying to see Wicked and I was talking to my friend and all of a sudden there was John Krasinski! And he was chatting with BJ Novak and someone else for some reason there and I totally freaked out and when BJ Novak and the other person went away, I went up to him and started talking to him about how awesome The Office was and how much the last episode was hilarious and I talked to him for awhile and I got the impression that he thought I was kind of an idiot and looked down on me, but I totally didn't care because it was John Krasinksi.

Yeah. I was really sad to wake up from that.

Anyways. Time for more physics!
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blah, I'm sorry, I've sucked at both updating and checking my flist this week. Monday and Tuesday I already explained, Wednesday I tutored this girl and then went to a meeting with my college counselor and then had about an hour for homework before TV watching, Thursday I studied for an AP Chem quiz with Soan, Michele Wong, and Richard at UCI library until 10:30 (well we didn't start till like... 6:30ish so it's not as much studying as it sounds, and we left UCI library and Soan came to my house to study more at 8:30, so yeah). And today I have to go back to school in about an hour because we have an away game and then after that sleepover with Emma and Soan maybe? And then tomorrow's a marching band comp that I won't get back from until 11:00ish., I can catch up on Sunday? It's been a busy week.

I finally got my car back Wednesday! I'm very happy about that. :D

Ok, now off to watch The Office since I missed it last night, and then to the away game.
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wtf I want my car back! 2-3 weeks ago when I first took it in they said it would be ready on the 5th, which was last Thursday. My mom told me it'd be like 3-4 weeks, so I was really happy with that, since it was sooner than I expected. But then Thursday they were like "We're almost done, we just got to do this thing, and you can have it Friday." Friday it wasn't done, but they said definitely Saturday. Saturday, still not done, but Monday! Monday it was almost finished, and on Tuesday they'd deliver it themselves to my house. Well, it's Tuesday, and now they're saying it'll be for sure done tomorrow. For some reason, I don't believe them. I mean, I'd be fine with if it they'd just told me in the first place it'd be like three weeks because I wasn't expecting it to be done so soon. And it doesn't even seem like they underestimated the time it would take, because each day they keep saying it'll be done the next day. It just makes me think they're saying it'll be done the next day to placate me when they know it really won't be done for like another week. The thing is, I'd rather they just tell me the truth about when it'll be done then lie to me.

Anyways. Hello to new friends from the fall friending meme! Just to let you (and the rest of my friends list who doesn't already know), I suck at checking my flist on Mondays and Tuesdays because Mondays I get home at 5:15, have until 8 to finish homework (and Mondays I usually have the most amount of homework), watch TV from 8-11, then sleep at 11 so I'm not dead at school the next day, and Tuesdays I don't get home till 8 because of Symphony, and then I watch TV till 10 and that usually doesn't give me enough time to do anything online. But I'll catch up on everything tomorrow afternoon.

Now for TV stuff! Some of this probably doesn't need to go behind a cut, and I don't think I have a lot to say about anything, but here we go anyways:

Heroes )

Studio 60 )

Gilmore Girls )

Veronica Mars )

blah. I still have French homework to finish. Off to do that now.
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So, this week kind of sucks overall, just because I have so much crap to do. So far, I've assembled my letter of rec packets, asked two teachers to write my letters, and given the packets to them. I still have to write my national merit essay, Colorado College supplement essay, finish a packet for my counselor to do recs, schedule a meeting with my counselor, finish pt. 2 of the Stanford essay, and send my Vassar supplement. sigh. Of course, this is in addition to IMPACT stuff, marching band stuff, and school work.

Anyways, so I signed up to be a math tutor, like I do every year, and every year no one calls me. But then this year, I signed up, and immediately that afternoon someone called me to ask if I could tutor them in pre-calc. I find this very amusing for some reason. But yeah, I'm kind of excited about that. I like tutoring people and teaching them stuff (this is the part of me that wants to become a teacher when I grow up. Unfortunately, I have a bunch of other parts of me that all want to do other things, so I'm all indecisive).

The Office premieres tomorrow night! ee! I'm so excited. :D

I watched the Studio 60 premiere and I already saw the pilot like a month ago so I wasn't super excited for it, but I'm super excited for next week when the actual storylines start up, since the pilot just kind of sets up the premise of the show. Prison Break was great again Monday, and I'm liking Vanished more and more every week.

All right, off to do the millions of things I have to do.

Edit: blah, I forgot, happy birthday, Lulu ([ profile] violetmist2003)! I actually remembered last night and meant to tell you happy birthday in school, but I forgot. Sorry! Happy birthday!
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gah. I just finished watching the Arrested Development Season 3 DVDs, and I don't know why I thought I could watch it all again, because I'm still totally not over it being cancelled yet. Especially that featurette, the one of their last day on location, on the Queen Mary. I started tearing up during that, with Will Arnett talking to the crew about like how happy he had been to work there, and I think he was kind of tearing up at the end, or at least his voice was breaking or something. And Jason Bateman's clips during that talking about the show and how much he loved his job and everyone on the show and how amazing everyone was. It's just... gah. You can see how great that cast and crew must've been, and how none of them were ready to let the show go yet. sigh. And now I'm just depressed. :( I watched everything except the episodes with commentary, but I'll probably save that. Tomorrow I'll be watching The Office DVDs, so that should make me happier.

Yeah, I guess that's all I wanted to say. Sorry I've been such a crappy LJ friend recently, but it's not going to get any better for awhile, probably. Once marching band and college apps and first semester are over, it should be much better.
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I got my Veronica Mars Season 2 DVDs in the mail today, so I'm updating quickly before I go back to watching them.

First week of band camp is through. It actually wasn't too bad. I don't know why, maybe I'm just used to like the amount of work and effort it takes, but I remember it being a lot worse in the past. And I mean, we're working way harder than we did previous years (except for maybe freshman year, because I can't really remember band camp that year as well). Not being a section leader isn't bothering me as much as I thought it would which is definitely good. I think this is going to be my favorite show since freshman year, too. And I've found that wearing a hat and sunglasses helps tremendously. Too bad I didn't figure that out sooner. Only downside is that the freshman haven't been very friendly and I haven't gotten to know a single one, which makes me sad. Oh well, there's still plenty of time for that.

I also had my first IMPACT (freshman mentoring program I'm doing) meeting since like May or June on Thursday. The training stuff we do is stupid, but I'm looking forward to freshman registration and meeting my freshmen and stuff. We had to call our 5 freshmen to give them info about registration, and I got the worst luck ever. I mean, I hate calling people I know, first off, so calling people I don't is kind of... a challenge for me, I guess. The first two numbers I called had message machines pick up, and I hate leaving messages, so I decided to call back later (one I did manage to get on a second try, and the other I got the next day). The third number I called was disconnected. The fourth number I called this Asian woman who didn't speak English very well picked up and was very suspicious of why I was calling until I explained who I was, and then it turned out she was the freshman's aunt and the girl was living with her parents in Woodbridge, but was trying to transfer or something. It was all very confusing, so I was just like "Uh. Ok. Thanks." and hung up. The last person I got through on the first try thankfully, but it seems like I'm only going to have 3 freshmen, which makes me sad.

Uh, what else? Car wash tomorrow. They always seem like fun until I'm there, and then I just get sore and sunburnt and pissed off. Registration is next week which I inexplicably love (I also inexplicably love filling out forms and shopping for school supplies, so the month before school starts is more fun than it ought to be for me), and we have a beach party on Friday which hopefully will be fun, but you never can tell. I'll go in expecting it to suck and it'll be awesome, or I'll go in looking forward to it and it'll suck. The last few have been sucky, I think, but we'll see. It could be totally awesome.

I guess that's it. I'll be spending the next few days watching DVDs and then reading summer reading books (one down, two to go!), doing the Vassar and Pitzer supplements, and doing summer chem homework, so I don't know how much I'll be around.
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So tired, but at least it's all over.

AP Euro )


It was really irritating on Friday, I would be doing like last minute cramming, and everyone would feel the need to talk to me. Especially this one guy. He's this guy that sits in front of me during Euro and I kind of know him from middle school and sometimes we'll talk about math because I have pre-calc with him and he'll just chat with me a little, and usually it's nice because I don't really have any other friends in Euro besides Seher (who's not really a great friend of mine). But geez. Friday during Euro I was clearly intensely studying my notes and taking a practice test and such, and he kept turning around and asking "Wait, I don't understand this math problem" or not even asking my for help, but just talking about random stuff. I mean, I'm clearly trying to study. Why the hell are you trying to ruin my concentration? ugh.

Anyways. Today after the SAT II I was waiting for my mom to pick me up (...not sure why I didn't drive myself, but oh well) and I decided to check my cell phone messages for the first time since like January, and there were these two really bizarre messages. The first was from this guy saying "I hope you enjoyed the game Saturday. I see you're interested in getting tickets to Clippers games" and such, and it was from February, and wtf? I don't watch basketball, go to basketball games, or like the Clippers (I loved the Lakers when I was like 8 and watched all their games, so I still have this slight preference for them now even though they suck and I don't watch basketball anymore). It was weird. The second was from this guy who called to ask me about this two bedroom, two bathroom house/apartment he was interested in buying/renting from me. I don't understand how these people got my cell phone number.

Nothing else has been happening much. I can't believe it's May already! We only have like 6 weeks of school left! (Those of you who only have like 3-4 weeks, I hate you.) And I feel so weird now that everything's over. I have nothing to worry about now: finals shouldn't be too bad since the final I was really cramming for last semester was Euro, and I've already taken that (97 on multiple choice with the curve, no idea on essays yet, but shouldn't be too terrible). All my other classes don't require nearly as much studying. I'm so used to, for the past like month, thinking "Crap, can't make icons/go on LJ/watch TV/etc. because I have to study for Euro/Math IIC/French!" It feels so weird to not have to study on a Saturday.

Anyways. That's about it. So glad everything's done. Good luck to anyone who still has an AP exam next week!

Edit: Ah, I forgot I also wanted to say, that my mom's totally into Doctor Who now. I don't know if I mentioned that I told her to watch as it aired on the Sci-Fi Network and she did and at first she thought it was entertaining but didn't think it was anything that would really hook her, but she's been watching every episode (she doesn't even need me to remind her to record it anymore when she goes out Fridays), and she absolutely loved the episode last week, with Rose's dad (momentary blanking on title), and she was talking to me about it for awhile. So now, I've managed to convert her to Doctor Who, Arrested Development, and Wonderfalls (well, kind of. She really liked it, but not as much as DW or AD). Still have yet to show her VM, but I will make her watch it eventually.
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SAT scores are back! I somehow improved my score from a 2180 to a 2200, which was my minimum goal. I stayed the same in Critical Reading (690), decreased 10 in math (790), and increased 30 in writing (720). I also find it hilarious that this time I got a 9 on my essay and last time I got an 8, when this essay was a lot shorter, had a made up book for one of the examples, and had a 1 sentence, 5-word conclusion. But whatever, not complaining.

So, no more SATs for me (...well, SAT I's. I still have SAT II's to finish). I'm thinking this summer I'm going to prep a lot for the ACT, take it in September, and see how I do. I mean, I got a 33 first time no preparation and that was with the weird science section that I had never seen before. I think if I actually prepped I might be able to improve my score. I mean, I'm not really doing anything else this summer, so why not?

Anyways, that's about it. APs and SAT II's in less than 2 weeks now, so don't expect to see me much. Especially since I have my AP Euro final Wednesday and Friday (Wednesday we have both a DBQ and a free response question. ugh). See you all when I get back!
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Is it possible to have senioritis when I'm only a junior? Because I think I have it. I mean, before it was like... half of me wanted to be out of high school and get to go off to college, and the other half didn't want to leave my friends and life here and didn't want greater responsibility and work. But recently it's been... a lot more of me wanting to be out of high school and off to college. And it's not even that high school's becoming horrible because it's not, it's actually really great, far better than last year. But I keep looking into colleges for my assignment for my college counselor that I go to outside of school, and looking at courses you can take and stuff and I'll just be like "omg I want to take that course" or "omg it would be sooooo amazing to go there". I don't know, there are still good things about being here and being in high school, but right now I think the pros for going to college outweigh the pros for staying here. =/ At least next week I get to go to Boston and visit bunches of colleges. That should be excellent.

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So, I don't think I'm going to be around very much for the next four weeks. Four weeks from now is when I have my AP test and SAT II's and I also have a final in Euro the week before my actual AP Euro exam, and I really need to start studying for it. And of course next week I'll be in Boston. So yeah, I'm going to try to cut down on LJ time and TV (of course, there are some shows, such as Veronica Mars, that there's no chance I'm not seeing the second they air).


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