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Ok, so I've started sucking at updating again. But here's what's been going on with me in the past week:

I saw Avatar with some friends last Tuesday. Visually and technically it was stunning and innovative and helped make me see the point of 3D for the first time ever (although as a person who has a phobia of needles and cannot look needles on TV without cringing, I did not appreciate seeing someone get a shot in 3D IMAX. But that probably is not true of most people). Plotwise... very predictable and slightly offensive for reasons that plenty of people have mentioned before and I don't really want to get into. It's definitely worth seeing (especially in 3D IMAX), but maybe not worth spending $20 on.

I saw Annie for the first time in like over 2 years last Thursday. I was kind of nervous because it's been so long since we talked that I was kind of afraid she'd be like "...why was I friends with this person before?" But it ended up being a lot of fun. She's super into Doctor Who now! Yay! I finally have someone in the real world who loves and watches the show! Well, my mom does, but I feel like I can't be fannish in the same way with her as I can be with a friend, you know? But that was cool, anyways. (Btw, I watched the newest Doctor Who, and all I have to say is HOLY CRAP I NEED PART 2 RIGHT NOW. Luckily it's only a couple days away!)

Christmas was good. I got some new noise-canceling headphones which is awesome since my last pair has literally fallen apart. I also got Psych Season 1 on DVD which I'm looking forward to rewatching at some point. I have so many things I want to watch or rewatch this break; there's no chance I'm getting to them all.

Yesterday I went and saw The Hurt Locker with my mom. I highly recommend that movie. It's just amazing. The people next to me were so freaking annoying though. god. Do people not know how to behave in movie theaters anymore? They kept making incredibly stupid comments really loudly. Like at the point in the movie where he finds like 5 bombs connected to each other by wire, they were like "Why doesn't he just cut the wire?" Um, are you bomb-diffusing experts? Also, the movie made it really clear that he had to get this thing in the middle of the bomb out and cut those smaller wires. And there was a point where there were different Iraqi people watching them while he was trying to diffuse a bomb and one of the guys said something about how there was a guy video taping them and one of the people next to me was like "SHOOT HIM! WHY WON'T HE SHOOT HIM?!" And I was like "...uh, because he hasn't done anything to indicate that he's about to harm them in any way? And maybe they don't want to shoot first and ask questions later and potentially harm an innocent person?" And there were plenty of other moments like that, but those were the ones I remembered best. It's weird that in the past few years the people that have been most annoying in movie theaters are like adults or elderly people and not teenagers and kids like you might expect. If you want to talk through a movie, fine, but either go to a completely crowded showing so people can't hear you as well or wait until it comes out on DVD. ugh.

Anyways, I've started my first End of the Decade picspam, and I'm not even a quarter of the way through. ugh. I'm thinking I'm going to have to cut down the number of movies I was planning on picspamming if I want to finish this anytime in the next week. I'm pretty much just hoping to get this done and then that'll be it, because I really don't see me having time to also do best episodes and TV shows of the decade and best movies/tv shows of the year, like I was planning. There's just no time, unless I decide to not sleep and never go out with friends for the next few days.
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So I left all my purses/bags at school brilliantly and I've been borrowing one of my mom's whenever I go out, but I felt bad about it since I was pretty sure her purse would end up disappearing in my room never to be seen again if she kept lending it to me. So I went shopping with her yesterday and I got this awesome purse that I'm totally in love with. It's by Michael Kors and it was originally $498 but it was only $230 because it was on sale and I had a $200 gift card to Nordstrom from like 2 years ago that I never used because I never go there, so I ended up paying $30 for a $498 purse. Two pictures of it: here and here. After that we went to Old Navy and I got three new shirts. Shopping makes me very happy. :D

Then I went to Emma's for Secret Santa. I got Scrubs season 1 on DVD from Richard. I asked for a bunch of stuff but I knew that if I asked for that I'd get that no matter who drew my name since all of my friends love that show and I figured they wouldn't be able to resist. Anyways, it should be fun to watch it, although I'll probably wait until at least after New Year's to watch it.

I only have 5 movies to watch to get to 100! The DVD box set of Hitchcock movies I got for Christmas is definitely helping. I'll probably watch another of those tonight.
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Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! Mine was decent. The major awesome present I wanted that I got was an iPod touch, so I'm happy about that. The rest of the stuff, mostly so I remember )

I watched the Doctor Who Christmas special, and it was good (definitely better than last year's), but nothing special, I guess. Something occurred to me, though, about the fact that this season is just going to be specials rather than a normal season: is there going to be a companion who lasts through the specials? Because I'm really not going to be happy if all the specials are just like the Christmas special. =/ Unless it's something like Donna comes back for a special, Martha comes back for a different special, etc. I'd be more okay with that. I'm not spoiled at all for anything that's going to happen, though, so I have no idea what the plans are in regards to that. blah.
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I've been planning on doing the Top Stuff of 2008 picspam for this month's challenge at [ profile] picspammy but I haven't done anything yet, and I kind of realized that, hey, there's only a week and a half left in the month, so maybe I should get on that. I'm having issues figuring out what exactly to picspam, though. And with narrowing stuff down. I was thinking of doing favorite episodes of the year, but I'm pretty sure that would take me like a month to go through everything I've watched this year, and I don't remember stuff from earlier this year very well at all. I don't know. I'm probably overthinking this. It's also quite possible that this will be like last month where I plan on doing something all month and then... don't. Except last month I had the excuse of school getting busy, whereas this month I'm just lazy.

Also I have a confession to make: I like 30 Rock, but I don't think it's nearly as brilliant as everyone else seems to. I mean, I keep looking at all these picspams of people's favorite stuff of 2008 and 30 Rock pops up so much and I'm just like "Really?" It's a funny show most of the time, but I just can't get into it. If I missed an episode, I really wouldn't care that much. And people say that this year of The Office isn't good and last year's sucks, and maybe I just put The Office up on a pedestal where it can do no wrong (actually, that's probably very true), but I don't see how this season of 30 Rock has been any funnier than The Office's. =/ Honestly, I laugh way more out loud at The Big Bang Theory than almost any other comedy I'm watching this season, including The Office and HIMYM, and definitely more than 30 Rock. And now I just feel like I'm kind of crazy that I'm not seeing the brilliance in the show. I don't know. Because I do like it, really! I just don't think it's a million times funnier than The Office or How I Met Your Mother or The Big Bang Theory. But maybe that's just me. (Hopefully I haven't alienated everyone on my flist now!)

Speaking of HIMYM, I had this dream last night that when I woke up, I swore it was an actual episode of the show. It was weird. I was like "I know that was a dream, but I totally remember actually watching that episode!" And then as I became more awake, I realized that I was just crazy. I also dreamed that the ants that have invaded my house came into my bedroom and they were everywhere and it was irritating.

How is Christmas already in 4 days? It doesn't feel like December should be more than half over yet.
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Ugh. Ants are invading our house. Well, not the whole house, thankfully, but it is really annoying. Over the summer they took over my bathroom for a few days (which was really gross and not fun at all) and somehow they're STILL HERE. Although not in my bathroom, thankfully. But they are in the laundry room, which gets annoying. I went out to do my laundry and found ants in the little pull-out tray where you put the detergent. They're also in the bathroom that shares a wall with the laundry room. I thought they were gone from there because we sprayed ant poison stuff in there a few days ago, and I didn't see any, but when I went to wash my hands, there were tons crawling on this electrical outlet. And then today, when I was eating my lunch, I found an ant crawling on my pasta. eck. I'm not afraid of ants when they're outside and leaving me alone, but when they're swarming various areas in my own house, it is very creepy and freaky and I do not approve. :(

I have successfully gotten Christmas presents for my parents! Ugh it's hard to figure out what to get them, especially my dad. Which reminds me, I still haven't given my dad his birthday present yet. Ugh. I fail as a good daughter. The thing is, I was giving him a CD of songs I thought he'd like, but I didn't have any CDs at school, so I had to wait until coming back home to burn it, and I don't really have an excuse as to why I haven't given it to him this past week except that I still haven't burnt it because I keep forgetting and whatever, he has a trial right now so he's barely ever home because he's always at work. But yeah, I should maybe give that to him before Christmas. Anyways, now I just need to finish getting stuff for my Secret Santa.

I finished Merlin on... Monday? Or Tuesday? I think? (The days are kind of blending together. Ah, winter break.) I don't feel like doing a huge post about it, but I totally love the show and now I'm sad that it'll probably be forever before the next season airs. At least there's going to be a second season, I suppose. Since then, I've spent the week catching up on my favorite webcomic ever which I always forget to read during the school year. I'm almost done with that (it's been going on 6-7 days a week since 1997, so it takes awhile to get through everything). Not sure what I'm going to do after that. Probably watch some more movies? I'm down to 10 now! Oh, and I think most of my friends are supposed to be back home this weekend, so maybe I'll see them? That'd be nice.
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Hope everyone's Christmas went well. I mostly got books and a few DVDs for Christmas. The most awesome present I got was a new digital camera. My old digital camera is really beat up and pretty crappy, so I'm happy to have a new camera. Now I just need to go somewhere where I can actually use it, since I've basically just been home reading and watching DVDs I got for Christmas the past week.

I started watching Joan of Arcadia. I'm only up to episode 12 of the first season, but I totally love it. I'll probably do a post with more thoughts about it when I finish both seasons (which might not be for awhile, because I think I want to save the rest for when all the new episodes of shows run out because of the writers' strike).

Also, I saw Sweeney Todd and Juno in the past week. Sweeney Todd was very good, but I absolutely adored Juno. Just, yeah. I've been wanting to see it since I first heard about it probably nearly a year ago, so I tried to lower my expectations because I was afraid having too high expectations for it would diminish how much I liked it, but yeah. I really loved it. And now I want to see it again.

I made 100 movies a few days ago! Last year I only got to 67, I think. That's pretty crazy. I didn't think I'd actually make it, especially with days to spare. I actually probably could have reached 100 sooner since I was on like 96 from early December, but finals and papers got in the way. I'll post a list with mini-reviews on January 1st, probably (provided I remember). I also reached 30 books this year. My goal was 50, but that's still pretty good, especially since I didn't have an English class this past semester, and it's only 3 short of the number I read last year, when I did have English classes both semesters. So, yeah.

Um, what else? I still don't have final grades for last semester yet, which sucks, since they were due several days ago and they should have been posted by now. Oh well. My two finals both went pretty well, but my astronomy grade was kind of borderline, so we'll see. Hopefully they'll be up soon.
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gah. Dell called last week and left a message saying my computer should arrive this Monday to this Wednesday, and today, still no computer. But I was finally able to check my order status, and apparently the order just shipped today, and it's due to arrive at earliest this Friday and at latest on Tuesday. al;skjdf gah! I'm getting really frustrated with this! They said they'd send me a new computer immediately when my mom e-mailed them 3 weeks ago! I'm sick of having no computer! My teachers have all been out to make my life miserable by assigning no homework and there's nothing new on TV (well, ok, there was a new House tonight, and there'll be Thursday night TV, but there was nothing last night, or anything else for the past few weeks) and I know the second I get my computer it'll be finals and I'll have a million things to do. a;lskdjf gah! And, ok, technically I have been able to use my mom's computer so I'm not totally helpless, but you can hardly classify this thing as a computer. I can't open more than webpage at once or it'll go bezerk and freeze and god I hate it.

And for some reason, everything's breaking! First it was the computer, then my mom's car, then my iPod suddenly and randomly on the way to Mammoth (the screen froze, but luckily after the battery wore out and it turned off, when I charged it up again it was fine. But now I'm getting anxious because I'm afraid it'll break permanently and if I lose my iPod, then all my music is gone forever because my computer is broken too), and our heater is broken. I mean, ok, Monday at 7 AM it was 70 degrees, but still. It gets cold at night, and it's supposed to be colder tomorrow.

sigh. Anyways, in better news, I realized yesterday suddenly that my 18th birthday is this coming Sunday. I'm not quite sure when that happened, since last I checked it was like a month away, but anyways. I'm going to try to do something on Saturday with friends, but I don't know how well that's going to work out since I don't really have any idea of what I want to do. We'll see. Oh, and today we finally did Secret Santa and Andrew got me this scarf with mooses (meese?) on it and candy and it came in a really, really nice box. So that made me happy, at least.

Oh and I got an e-mail today from an alum at Vassar to schedule an interview, which I'm really happy about since it's my first choice school and they don't know they're my first choice school and I really want them to know how much I want to go there. It's good too since I haven't had an interview in awhile, but it'll be right after my Pitzer interview on the 20th, so I'll at least have that to prep for the Vassar interview.

That's about it. aslkdj I really desperately want my computer. :(
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Still no computer, still no idea when I'm going to get one. sigh.

Hope everyone had a good Christmas. I mostly got books and DVDs. I've been spending my time without a computer watching Battlestar Galactica Season 1 and Grosse Pointe Season 1, but I've finished all the episodes now.

But man, Grosse Pointe was so freaking good. I watched it when it first aired so when I was like 11 I guess, and I remember liking it then, but I wasn't sure if it was as good as I remembered. But ah, it's so hilarious. I think it's pretty much the only good comedy The WB has ever made (well, actually, I liked Maybe It's Me pretty well, but I haven't seen that in ages either, so I'm not sure), so of course it got cancelled after 17 episodes. I think I'd be ok with that if they hadn't made it like a cliffhanger ending. Well, it's not really a cliffhanger, but I really really wanted Marcy and Dave to get together, and I hated that they never got to know that they were both into each other. blah. I guess I should be thankful it came out on DVD at all.

The first season of BSG was also a lot of fun to watch, just because I'm so much more into it now than the first time I watched season 1. I still have the special features to watch on it so I think I'll do that next.

The biggest thing that's happened so far over break is that I got accepted to Colorado College, which is pretty awesome since they aren't supposed to come out until mid-January. One of the admissions directors even wrote me a hand-written note saying how much they liked my essay and were impressed by me and stuff, which I thought was really awesome that they would take the time to do that. And Colorado College isn't a safety like Lewis and Clark, so it was more exciting to get accepted there (although I might like Lewis and Clark just the slightest bit more).

But other than that, I haven't been doing much except for watching DVDs. Tomorrow I think Soan wanted to go ice-skating, but I'm not sure if that's going to happen, and we still have to do secret santa so that might happen Saturday. Then it's New Year's, and after that I'm going to Mammoth to go skiing from Tuesday to Saturday. Hopefully I'll have my computer by then, but I'm doubtful. Oh well. I'll get it eventually, I guess.
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For anyone who didn't see it because they were gone or just missed it or whatever, Christmas presents for those who requested them.

This morning I had to wake up ridiculously early for an orthodontist appointment. And that would've been bad enough on its own, except then when I got there after they took off my rubber bands, they decided not to put my wire back in like they had originally planned and instead would wait until I had my next dentist appointment and my teeth would be cleaned and all that. Most pointless appointment ever, and I'm pissed that I had to wake up early for that. And if that weren't enough, when I told my mom "No, don't make an appointment now. We're supposed to make one after my next dentist appointment," she was all ", what, this appointment was pretty much pointless?" and I confirmed that and then she bitched to me about it all the way home. Because it was clearly my fault that my orthodontists like fucking with us.

Anyways, after that I went ice skating with Emma, Justin, Soan, Jessica, Richard, Nathan, and Donovan. I took lessons when I was in 4th grade for like 6-8 weeks and I went several times with my friend Ilana when she lived here when I was like... 8, but... nothing since then, and I was pretty crappy even when I was taking lessons. So, my skating wasn't all that good. Soan and Emma helped me around the ice rink the first one or two times and then I started getting the hang of it. My feet kept like... going in, though, because of the skates. And I'd tighten them and it'd get better for a minute and then get bad again. I had a 9 and I tried an 8 1/2 and then an 8 and they all felt the exact same size, slightly too big. But I didn't want to go lower because there's no way in hell I'm a 7 1/2 (I've been between 8 1/2 and 9 1/2 for the past like 5 years) and also I figured it would just be the exact same size as the others (I was convinced they were just giving me the same pair of shoes). Anyways, it was pretty good, and I didn't fall at least so it wasn't terrible. It's good I didn't fall, since I would've gotten all paranoid and then skated even worse and would've fallen more.

After that, around 5, we went to Northwood Pizza and played pool which was fun. I actually wasn't too terrible (though I wasn't particularly good, either). Then we played air hockey and I pwned everyone except Jessica who I played once and Donovan who didn't play at all and therefore I couldn't pwn him. Air hockey is so much fun for me. All those years of playing goalie for soccer when I hated it finally pay off.

Around 7 or 8 we went to Emma's house after dropping off Donovan. Emma, Nathan, and Soan played Clue while Richard, Jessica, Justin and I played... Dingbats? It's the English game possibly from the 70's where it's like... pictures and then it makes up a saying. I don't know what it's called, but we did them in 9th grade a lot. Like there was one for "I before e, except after c" and to represent that it had "ie Cexcept". And other sayings, too. I found it a lot of fun. Then we played Mafia with only 7 people which was cool because there'd only be one mafia. But it also kind of sucked because I got mafia several times (when I usually never get it) and I'm terrible at covering that I'm mafia, and somehow everyone (well, mostly Justin) would always know when I was. And then it was like 10:45 so I came home.

Anyways, the day was mostly very good. Tomorrow I don't think I'm doing anything, so I'll probably practice for All Southern a lot (since I didn't at all today), go to the animal shelter (since I should've gone Monday and today, but Monday it was pouring and today I was ice skating), and maybe read another book I got for Christmas.
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!! My car is back and fixed and all lovely again! I am happy. :D Of course, since this car is now fixed, my mom's car started going insane. I mean, it was already in this week to be fixed but today an anti-theft alarm came on while I was driving randomly and then later all the brake failure lights came on at two different instances. We're not having much luck with cars lately.

Anyways. A few Christmas and other random pictures )

I finished all my Dead Like Me DVDs. I actually found myself liking Daisy a lot more this time (though I still wish Betty had stayed on the show). The end of the season 2 finale is so freaking awesome and man, I really wish this show had gotten a third season. It was awesome.

Brokeback Mountain tomorrow! I can't wait. :D
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Doctor Who!!! Oh, how I missed you. And will continue to miss you until... what? March? May? Sometime far too long away.

Doctor Who: The Christmas Invasion )

Anyways. So. Today, we went car shopping. The plan was just to like... look at cars and test drive cars and see what there was, and it was supposed to end up being a several day process and by the end of break I'd have a new (used) car. Well, it was a good plan. We first went to the Honda dealership and saw a Honda Civic and a Honda Accord. The Civic was about $13000 (and my mom said originally we'd look around $10000, but I figured there was a little room to go up from that) but when I test drove it I didn't really like how it handled, and it felt like sitting in a tin can. And it had a lot of miles on it, too. The Accord was a lot better, but it was like $17000 and had 77000 miles on it but at least it was roomier and I felt more comfortable driving it. So we left the Honda place and went over to SAAB because my mom's car is in getting fixed and she wanted to check to see if they had made progress and then said we could look at cars around there to see if there was anything in the price range, even though we doubted it, because SAABs are like... more expensive in general, I think (though they are nicer cars). Anyways, we looked and then we found this 2001 SAAB 95 that had only 47000 miles (which isn't bad at all for a 2001) and it was only $16000. I mean, it was less than the Accord and I liked it a lot better and it had less miles (and it was older, too, than the Accord) and it felt comfortable because my mom's car is a SAAB and so I'm used to it, and before I knew it we were inside and discussing our finance options.

So, yeah. Guess what I have now parked in our driveway? :D Ah, it's really nice and I love it and I'm so happy. And right now I have the urge to name it the Tardis, but that's probably because I am a huge dork (and I don't know that I'm entirely serious about that. I may just be still coming off the Doctor Who high. We'll see what I think about it in a month). I'll post a picture of it tomorrow (along with a few Christmas pictures). Also, I got one last Christmas present that my dad forgot to give me yesterday (or maybe he couldn't get it today? I don't know): a little... thingy that plays your iPod over the radio. I had the iTrip thing before but it stopped working with my iPod, and this thing is like... an iCar? maybe? Anyways, it'll recharge your iPod while it's playing in the car, which is really awesome, and you can have multiple stations preset and then change it to whatever's clearest, and yeah, it's just awesome. So yay for that. :D

Anyways, yeah. Good day.
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Christmas was very nice. :) My aunt and her boyfriend/roommate (I'm not entirely sure which. Each time I think I have their relationship figured out, someone ends up confusing me again) came over and my aunt gave me a nice gray fleece sweatshirt. Dinner was very good too, although I ate entirely too much of it.

Oh, and I totally forgot to mention in my earlier excitement that one of the presents my dad got my mom was one of those robot vacuum cleaners, like what Lucille got to replace Lupe on Arrested Development (in fact, when my mom opened it I mentioned to them that what it reminded me of at first was when they first get it and it goes near Buster and beeps and he's all "Oh, you're hungry" and feeds it like... some sort of snack"). It's so amusing. My dad says we should name it, and I want to name it Buster, but it is my mom's, so she'll probably end up deciding.

I've watched Monty Python and Nightmare Before Christmas (both of which I really like, but I already knew that) and listened to both CDs I got (the one my mom made me is actually really good. She has good taste in music) and started the book of Weekly World News (which is so far very amusing), so I think now I'll watch Moulin Rouge. I'll start Dead Like Me either tomorrow or Tuesday. And tomorrow we're going to start looking for a car! wheee, so excited. :D

I hope everyone's day was excellent, whether they celebrate Christmas or not. :)
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laskjfd!! I'm getting my own car!

Best Christmas Ever )
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Ok, so I've finally decided for my Christmas wishlist to just ask for three things:
1. icons
2. fanfiction
3. Christmas cards (not real ones sent through mail, though)

If you want to make me an icon, then any of the stuff I have listed in my info is good (preferably not Veronica Mars, though, since like 75% of my icons are VM ones, and I'd like to have some variety). Fanfiction and Christmas cards you can also take from the fandoms and ships in my interests.

Poll for you to fill out if you want something from me. )

Yesterday was very fun. Bowling and then to Emma's house where we ended up watching Moulin Rouge. It was a good day.

Looking forward to this week being over, as it is going to suck a lot. Except it's Mr. Austerman's last week! Damnit.


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