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Festival went well. Concert Band, Symphonic Band, and Wind Ensemble (the band I'm in) all got unanimous superiors for stage and superiors in sight reading, which hasn't happened ever in the four years I've gone to this school. Actually, I don't remember even one of the bands getting unanimous superior and superior any year (there was unanimous superior and excellent, and there was superior and superior, but not both). So yeah, pretty good.

Saturday was better than I expected. Waking up at 5:00 AM to go to school for the jazz festival was not my idea of fun. But we played well at the festival, Andrew and I listened to one group after we finished, and then we got to leave at like 10 AM because of the Jackie/Galaxy/Richard party thing while everyone else had to stay until like 7:30ish. So yeah, since I didn't stay, I don't know how we did, but I wouldn't imagine we got any amazing awards or anything. But we played our best, so I'm happy about that.

The party was great fun. It helped that I napped for 2 hours when I got home so I wasn't dead tired when I went to the party. There was a lot of people there and a good amount I didn't know very well, but there was enough that we could break off into our own groups and just hang out with the people we knew better. And Annie was there! God, I haven't seen her in ages. We need to hang out more, Annie. When the pool (where the party was) closed around 10 we went to Richard's house (in much smaller numbers) and hung out there. Oh, and Annie made me a facebook (which is here if you feel like friending me. I don't really know how much I'll use it. I'm thinking I'll use it more once I'm in college. But yeah, anyways). Annie and I left around midnight, and so did a couple of other people. But yeah, it was pretty fun.

The new Office promo for the April 5th episode (which can be found here) is ridiculously awesome. There are small spoilers in the last like... 20 seconds of the promo for the episode so if you're trying to avoid spoilers you might not want to watch it, or at least not watch that part, but the rest is like a summary from Casino Night about Jim/Pam, and it is so kickass. I'm so excited for the episode now. Less than two weeks! :D

Ok, so now I have to catch up on all the work I missed because of festival. I finished three nights of calculus (...which somehow only took me 20 minutes, whereas usually one night takes me about 30-40 minutes. I feel like I missed something) and the chem free response questions that were due Friday. Now all I have is some pages in a French packet, a French essay, memorizing a French skit, chapter 4 of The Sound and the Fury, and studying for the physics test. It seems like a lot, but it's only 2 PM, and I'm impressed I've done anything at all. I probably won't even study for the physics test because it'll most likely be the last test of the quarter and I've done well enough on the other two tests this quarter that I don't need to drop them and I can drop this test instead. Which is good, because I missed two days of notes with Festival and I haven't really absorbed anything else he's taught us on this unit.

Yeah, anyways. Off to do homework now.
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Got accepted to Whitman College. Good, but not very exciting, considering it was a safety so I was pretty sure I'd get in, and I'd rather go to other colleges that I've already gotten accepted to. But now I'm kind of freaked out, because this is the last of my safeties, so now there aren't anymore colleges I'm waiting to hear from that I definitely should get in to. They're all either super ridiculous (like Stanford, which I'm pretty sure has just stopped accepting anyone at all) or could go either way or I think I have a good chance at, but you never know. So yeah, starting to really worry now.

I talked to Mr. Johnson again today and he said that as far as he's concerned, when we're done at the jazz festival next Saturday, he won't expect to see me again until Monday. So yay, this means I'll have plenty of time to get back and go to Jackie/Galaxy/Richard's birthday party! I'm happy now. :D

I am no longer completely looking forward to next week now because of Physics. Mr. Malin decided for absolutely no reason that next Tuesday (in a period that's shortened to 50 minutes) it would be a good idea for us to take our final. Before we've learned everything. Before taking several more unit tests. It's going to be a 70 question MC old AP test (AND WE HAVE 50 MINUTES TO DO IT) and it's going to cover stuff we haven't learned yet (to which he said, "Eh. That's life.") and he's not going to curve it to AP scale (which wtf, THAT'S WHAT THEY INTENDED WHEN THEY CREATED THE FREAKING TEST. Instead, he's going to look at the highest score out of all five periods and adjust the scores to that) and best of all, we can't drop it because it's a final. Oh god, I am going to fail this. I normally get between 60-77% on his normal tests, and free response is what brings me up, but there's no free response here. Gah. Luckily I've actually done decently on the last two tests so I'm hoping around 50% on it won't kill me, but ugh. This really does not seem at all fair.

I need it to be June.
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gah I've been sucking recently at updating, and I feel obligated to update now, but I don't even have much to say. I don't even have an excuse, because I'm not any busier than usual or anything. It's just nothing exciting has been happening (still waiting for college letters. Two weeks until they start coming!) and most TV is on hiatus except for a few which I don't have anything to say about.

I'm going with a bunch of people to see Faculty Follies on Saturday night. It's this show that's held every 3 years at my school where the teachers put on skits and it should be really hilarious. I didn't get to see it freshman year since I didn't really know what it was until tickets were sold out, so I'm really looking forward to seeing it now. It kind of sucks for juniors and sophomores if it's held during their year, since it's their only chance to see it. I don't really understand why they do it every 3 years. It seems so random. 2 or 4 would make more sense. Oh well.

Next week is both CAHSEE and festival, which basically means no school for me. Well, not entirely, but Tuesday and Wednesday it doesn't start until 10:21 and we still get out at the same time (and it's block, so only 3 classes each day, but shorter than a normal block period). Then Thursday and Friday is festival and I ended up signing up for all day both days (let's hope no tests/essays are scheduled on those days. It sucks making up stuff) so provided that she schedules me at all times, then... no school those days! And even if she doesn't, I can always ask to be a floater and just fill in whatever job needs filling in. I've done that in past years.

Jackie, Galaxy, and Richard are having a joint 18th-birthday party next Saturday which also happens to be the day of the Fullerton Jazz Festival which I have to be at and which we're probably staying at until like 9 PM. But I talked to Mr. Johnson and he said he'd be fine with me leaving early, but he has to run it by Mrs. Bentley. I hope she has no problem with it, because I really want to go and it's pointless for us to stay at the festival for 13 hours (yeah, did I not mention? Our call time is 6:15 AM and we're performing around 8 AM and we'll be done by like 9 AM at the latest, but awards aren't until 8 PM and I don't see us actually leaving and be home until 9 at the latest. God I'm going to hate that morning). I'm glad he was so reasonable about it, though, because I was kind of freaking out. I'm hoping this all works out. It's making me nervous.

New Ugly Betty tonight makes me very happy. So does Supernatural, but I'm not as obsessed with Supernatural, so I'm more looking forward to Ugly Betty.

(This ended up a lot longer than I expected.)
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The Black Donnellys premieres tonight (10 PM on NBC)! I'm so excited. :D If you haven't seen it yet, you have to check it out. Just give it a chance, even if you don't think you'll like it, because it's awesome.

I was actually pleasantly surprised with the Oscars last night. Usually at awards shows about one or two things that I want to win do so, but those will be canceled out by a loss of something I really wanted to win which seemed like a sure thing. And considering the only movies I've seen that were actually nominated for anything important (meaning, not Pirates of the Caribbean) were The Departed and Little Miss Sunshine (both of which I loved), that's pretty good. The Oscars always make me want to watch more movies.

I've been getting really irritated with jazz band. Most of it I really like, I mean, I like our music, and Mr. Johnson's really good as a director. But ugh, the rhythm section just pisses me off. Not even all of them, just the guitars and basses, because they never. stop. playing. Even when he's talking or giving announcements, they keep strumming and playing and oh my god it drives me crazy. And everyone's shushing them and they still keep playing. I don't understand what makes them think they're so special they get to play when everyone else has to be quiet. What the hell? And sometimes we'll shush them and then whoever was playing will be "Oh, I'm not plugged into my amp!" like that's justification, but wtf we can obviously still hear you, and you're really loud and irritating and I just want you to stop! And because of them always playing (and always talking! They never stop making idiotic comments that just waste everyone's time) we always end up getting out late, and ok, maybe you want to stay at school until 5 PM, but I actually have a crapload of work to do, and I'd really like to be able to get home and get it done before Prison Break, Heroes, and The Black Donnellys. gah.

I mean, it doesn't sound like much, but it's absolutely driving me crazy. They're just so inconsiderate and selfish and it really pisses me off. I hate Mondays. (No, that's a lie, they're so much good TV on Mondays! But everything before 8 PM sucks.)
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I made jazz band! 1st tenor, too, since Andrew's doing bari sax. I kind of feel bad for Daniel, though, because I kept telling him he was better than he thought and the other Daniel (who did make it) probably wasn't as good as he thought he was, and then he ended up not making it. =/ He didn't seem too upset about it, though.

After school was fun. Got lunch with Emma, Galaxy, Richard, Elizabeth who was back from USC, Mike Tseng who was back from Purdue, Justin, Andrew, and a few people I'm forgetting, and then Emma, Galaxy, Richard, Elizabeth, and Tseng all came to my house for a little while before I had to leave for my interview.

The interview with the Tufts alum went all right. I don't think it'll get me in, but it's not going to keep me out, either. There are a few questions I wish I had answered differently (and somehow I started talking way too much about how I liked Berkeley. I think it was because she asked me what schools I was applying to and I named some and she said they were all similar except Berkeley and LA, and I started going on about how I visited Berkeley and really loved it, and then I was like " this is a Tufts interview why am I talking so much about Berkeley?!" and stopped, but uh. Yeah.) but overall it went well. She had a cat that was really cute.

I think I stopped caring about getting into Tufts, though. It's one of the most difficult I'm applying to (probably on after Stanford, Brown, and Amherst) and the more I look at it, the less I like it. I really loved it when I visited it, but there are other schools I like more now, and I don't like how it has a more rigid core curriculum (6 semesters of languages? Kind of crazy) and I prefer no core curriculum at all, so... yeah. I think I'm also trying to detach myself from it because I don't think I'll get in, so I don't want to be too disappointed when I'm rejected. But even besides that, when I was trying to figure out the reasons I want to go there in preparation for the interview, everything I could think of held true of other schools I was applying to, and they had other things that set them over the edge. So... yeah. I don't think I'll be too devastated if I don't make it.

I'll probably forget to say it tomorrow, so happy Thanksgiving!
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So this week the only TV I watched was Veronica Mars, Gilmore Girls, My Name is Earl, and The Office, since it was pretty much a hell week for me (I had something major in every class: test in chem, quiz in calc, test and essay in French, test in physics, midterm and essay in English, and jazz band auditions) and then on Friday we had an away football game even though we already had our last football game ever because our football team was in CIF (like... championships, or playoffs, or whatever? I mean, they didn't even make it, they got a wildcard spot or something, but yeah). So today I had like 12 hours of TV to catch up on, and I watched everything except the now three episodes of Supernatural I've missed and last week's Torchwood (which I'll watch in an hour or so). And I'm very surprised to say that out of all the TV I watched (Prison Break, Heroes, Studio 60, House, Ugly Betty, The O.C., Doctor Who, and Battlestar Galactica), the episode of The O.C. was my favorite. I just don't understand how this has happened, how The O.C. is suddenly so good again! I loved Ugly Betty a lot too, and everything else was very good as well, but somehow The O.C. was my favorite. Weird.

Anyways, at the end of the football game yesterday (which sucked, by the way, for many different reasons, and I'm glad we lost 28 to 2 so we don't have to go to another), Mrs. Daley announced that she resigned. I don't really know how to feel about it, because I didn't really like her and I wasn't really happy with how she ran things, but at the same time I did feel bad for her. So now I don't know who's doing jazz band (Mrs. Bentley, maybe? Or Mr. Johnson?) but that explains why Mrs. Bentley announced on Thursday jazz band results would be posted next week but couldn't explain why.

I'm glad next week is Thanksgiving because I could really do with a break. Ah, but this year feels like it's moving so fast! Thanksgiving means it's almost December, which means it's almost winter break, which means it's almost January, which means first semester is almost over and I can stop studying so hard and just get B's in all my classes and in January I'll hear from the three schools I applied to early action (Goucher, Colorado College, and Lewis and Clark). So weird to think about how senior year is almost half-way through.
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So, I started Jane Eyre on Sunday which turned out not to be the best idea because it was really good and it was also really addictive and so I kept wanting to read it even though I had loads of work to do. And I ended up finishing it Monday night, even though I should've been studying for English and physics. (This also meant that I missed all of my Monday night TV. And I still have two episodes of Supernatural to watch, and Torchwood! It's ok, I'll either catch up this weekend or next, since next is Thanksgiving weekend.) But yeah, I totally loved Jane Eyre. Kind of sad I finished it so quickly, though, because now I want a new book to read.

Yesterday was jazz band auditions. I think I did all right. If Mrs. Bentley has any say in it, I totally made it. I'm trying not to be too confident just in case, but yeah. It went well, I think. The results were supposed to be posted today, but then Mrs. Bentley said they wouldn't be posted until next week sometime. blah.

I have my first college interview on Sunday. eep. Nervous. Luckily it's with Goucher, one of my safeties, so it can be a kind of practice, since my next one will be on Wednesday, and that's for Tufts, a school that's a slight reach for me and that I'd really love to attend.

Supersized The Office tonight! I'm so excited. I've been waiting for this episode forever. Less than 3 hours now!

Ok, time to study for chem test and calc quiz.
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The past two days have been good. Disneyland on Friday was fun for the most part. It started out kind of bad, but I think things got a lot better as the day went on. Every year the marching in the parade feels shorter. It was kind of cool how we did it this year, starting at Main Street and then going into It's a Small World, since it was dark at that point and It's a Small World was all lit up. It was really pretty marching towards it. Oh, and I got the most adorable little Eyeore ever, and this stuffed animal that becomes a pillow if you undo this velcro, and it's also really adorable.

Saturday I went to the Spectrum with Emma and Soan which was great fun. I got 3 pairs of earrings (buy 2 get 1 free! And I really needed new earrings, since I always lose mine), a prep book for AP Chem, and Jane Eyre since I've been wanting to read it for awhile, and I finally finished The Picture of Dorian Gray and I like having a book to read when I have free time.

TV Friending Meme! Welcome to new friends! :D

Anyways, now I have a pile of homework I need to get through, and I should also probably practice for jazz band auditions. I hate this week. I'll be very happy when it's over.
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blah. Been gone for the past week because, after I recovered from being sick (luckily I didn't miss anymore than that one day of school), I started studying non-stop for SATs. Which unfortunately turned out to be useless, since I ran out of time during the essay (because I hadn't prepped for that at all, and last time I was coming off a whole summer's worth of prep) and my conclusion was one sentence long (and not a long sentence, either. It was like 3-5 words). sigh. So I think I'm probably going to end up taking it again in June or October.

The best part of SATs was definitely when I was walking to the bathroom during a break and I all of a sudden slid a little ways. I looked back to see what I had walked in, figuring it was water or something, and found that I had nearly fallen into a puddle of vomit. Lovely.

After SATs yesterday I had to race over to the Fullerton Jazz Festival. We didn't place in the top 3 (those are the only places they announce. But there were 11 total bands, so it would've been hard to place), but we did get a unanimous superior, so we did do well.

Anyways, now I get to study for unit tests in English and Euro. I am so ready for spring break. Only 2 more weeks!
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So I think I'm really back now. Olympics aren't over till Sunday, but tomorrow I'll be gone a lot of the day anyways and especially when they air, so I won't end up watching them anyways, and Sunday I'll have plenty of time to check LJ. And anyways, I think the things I care more about are over. Unless Apolo Anton Ohno is racing tomorrow. That might've been tonight, though. I don't know. I don't care enough to actually tape them. Oh, I love Joey Cheek so much, by the way. Just in case you were curious (which I'm sure you were).

Anyways, today=good. Got a 93 on the seminar project I did last week with Seher (actually found that out Wednesday, but I'm pleased with the way I'm starting out the semester in Euro), and a freaking 97 on our unit test in math I took this week. So proud of that. I have no idea how that happened, because I didn't think I had prepared nearly enough, and the chapter was kind of difficult for me. All the things I got points off on were me putting positive signs in places that should be negative signs and vice versa. Stupid. Especially the one where I had r+8cosx-2sinx=0 and somehow got r=-8cosx-2sinx. No, Michelle, that's not how you subtract things. And jazz band was better than usual because we had this great jazz drummer giving us a clinic. Sounded so much better with him. Unfortunately that will have worn off by next week. Oh well.

Then after jazz band I went to Woodbridge Center with Emma and Soan and saw Goblet of Fire, which was my first time seeing it. It was actually far better than I expected, because I was seriously expecting to hate it. I didn't like the third much and I had seen a lot of people really liked it (although maybe that's because the third is my favorite book, so when it wasn't perfect and exactly like the book, I just instantly hated it) and didn't like this one, but I actually enjoyed it. Although Emma and Soan's comments did make it even more enjoyable. But, oh man, DAVID FREAKING TENNANT WAS BARTY CROUCH JR.!!! WTF HOW I DIDN'T KNOW THIS?!?! Not that this would've urged me to watch it back last November. But if I had known this after watching The Christmas Invasion! Oh well. I know it now. And I really loved the Cedric they had (and found I've been pronouncing "Cedric" wrong the entire time. And, also, "accio", although I find that more reasonable). And, uh, yeah. Also, I've found somewhere between rereading the books in preparation for the 6th book to come out last summer and now I've become a total Ron/Hermione shipper. But yeah. Anyways. Enjoyable.

Afterwards we hung out at Del Taco and discussed things such as how much better BEC would be if I were president (like, I'd call car washes whenever I'd need my car washed, and I'd delegate to Justin, since he's treasurer, it being free for me, and delegate Jackie to make signs because she rocks at them and delegate Emma and Soan to run things and Emma to get to play with the hose and Soan to eat lots of cookies. And then with the $50 we'd make, we could use it to pay for gas for my car and take us to... the beach? I think? Yes. It would be excellent) and how next year instead of drum majors were going to have fascist dictators for marching band, and then upon arriving at my car found that the three letters on my license plate are FCS which is kind of like the word fascist, which probably means that I should be fascist dictator next year.

...yeah, I'm aware this makes little sense. But it was fun. So full from candy now, though. Tomorrow I will go to the animal shelter in the morning and then go to this band social event thing at Parkwest from like 4-10.
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!! I made jazz band! geez, that's so insane. I honestly didn't expect to make it. Ah, this is so cool. Andrew's first tenor, which isn't surprising in the slightest. wheee, this is so awesome. I'm so happy. :D

Emma + lots of sugar = either scary or very amusing. Probably the latter, based on how much I laughed this afternoon. Hanging out in the band room with Jackie, Emma, Galaxy, and Mr. Austerman until we had to go in for Symphony was lots of fun (...even if it wasn't very productive).

ah. Very good day.
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Jazz band tryouts were ok. I mean, I don't think I'm going to make it, but they went all right. Like, all last night and this morning I was totally nervous and freaking out, but then at the end of lunch I practiced with some other tenors and I pretty much decided then and there that I wasn't going to make it. And I was completely convinced of it too, because I became totally calm from then on. I really wasn't very nervous at the audition, because I already had decided I wasn't going to make it, so why worry? And I do think I did all right, I didn't bomb it or anything, but I don't think it was good enough. Plus, I realized too that I have no idea how to play in a jazz style. I'm totally classical, and I'm really good at classical, but... not jazz. I just have no experience with it. So... whatever. Results will be posted tomorrow some time. I would like to make it, but... it'll be ok if I don't. I'll get over it.

Nothing else of importance happened today, really.

Eventually, I will get caught up on comments. Thank you to everyone who commented in the last post with support. I really appreciate all of your encouragement. :)
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Thinking about tomorrow makes me want to vomit.

(Jazz band tryouts. I'm 99.9% sure that I won't make it.)

I want it to be Saturday.


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