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So this week the only TV I watched was Veronica Mars, Gilmore Girls, My Name is Earl, and The Office, since it was pretty much a hell week for me (I had something major in every class: test in chem, quiz in calc, test and essay in French, test in physics, midterm and essay in English, and jazz band auditions) and then on Friday we had an away football game even though we already had our last football game ever because our football team was in CIF (like... championships, or playoffs, or whatever? I mean, they didn't even make it, they got a wildcard spot or something, but yeah). So today I had like 12 hours of TV to catch up on, and I watched everything except the now three episodes of Supernatural I've missed and last week's Torchwood (which I'll watch in an hour or so). And I'm very surprised to say that out of all the TV I watched (Prison Break, Heroes, Studio 60, House, Ugly Betty, The O.C., Doctor Who, and Battlestar Galactica), the episode of The O.C. was my favorite. I just don't understand how this has happened, how The O.C. is suddenly so good again! I loved Ugly Betty a lot too, and everything else was very good as well, but somehow The O.C. was my favorite. Weird.

Anyways, at the end of the football game yesterday (which sucked, by the way, for many different reasons, and I'm glad we lost 28 to 2 so we don't have to go to another), Mrs. Daley announced that she resigned. I don't really know how to feel about it, because I didn't really like her and I wasn't really happy with how she ran things, but at the same time I did feel bad for her. So now I don't know who's doing jazz band (Mrs. Bentley, maybe? Or Mr. Johnson?) but that explains why Mrs. Bentley announced on Thursday jazz band results would be posted next week but couldn't explain why.

I'm glad next week is Thanksgiving because I could really do with a break. Ah, but this year feels like it's moving so fast! Thanksgiving means it's almost December, which means it's almost winter break, which means it's almost January, which means first semester is almost over and I can stop studying so hard and just get B's in all my classes and in January I'll hear from the three schools I applied to early action (Goucher, Colorado College, and Lewis and Clark). So weird to think about how senior year is almost half-way through.
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The past two days have been good. Disneyland on Friday was fun for the most part. It started out kind of bad, but I think things got a lot better as the day went on. Every year the marching in the parade feels shorter. It was kind of cool how we did it this year, starting at Main Street and then going into It's a Small World, since it was dark at that point and It's a Small World was all lit up. It was really pretty marching towards it. Oh, and I got the most adorable little Eyeore ever, and this stuffed animal that becomes a pillow if you undo this velcro, and it's also really adorable.

Saturday I went to the Spectrum with Emma and Soan which was great fun. I got 3 pairs of earrings (buy 2 get 1 free! And I really needed new earrings, since I always lose mine), a prep book for AP Chem, and Jane Eyre since I've been wanting to read it for awhile, and I finally finished The Picture of Dorian Gray and I like having a book to read when I have free time.

TV Friending Meme! Welcome to new friends! :D

Anyways, now I have a pile of homework I need to get through, and I should also probably practice for jazz band auditions. I hate this week. I'll be very happy when it's over.
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Marching band season is pretty much over. We're marching in a parade at Disneyland next Friday, but that's it. My last Band Spectacular was Wednesday, and my last football game ever was Thursday. Don't care much about Band Spectacular, but last football game... ah. So sad. It was a fun game, and the senior speeches were nice (so weird actually giving one, though! It still really hasn't sunk in and I still believe I'm going to be going to more football games and comps next year), but... last ever! Last time I'll ever perform in a marching band show, too! I really can't believe it.

I've caught up on all this week's TV except for Lost. It would take too much time to write up about all of them, so I'll just do a sort of summary-ish thing:

Shows I'm "eh" about this season: Gilmore Girls (better than the last two seasons, but that's not saying much. It's still nowhere near the quality of seasons 1 and 2), Lost
Shows I'm liking this season: Studio 60 (I loved it at the start, but my love for it has sort of worn off over the weeks), My Name is Earl, The O.C. (only one episode so far, but I really liked it. We'll see how the rest of the season goes), House
Shows I'm loving this season: Prison Break, Heroes, Veronica Mars (I think I've seen that some people aren't feeling VM as much this season, but I still love it as much as ever. I think season 3 is starting off a lot better than season 2 did), The Office, Ugly Betty, Supernatural, Battlestar Galactica, Torchwood

In conclusion, yay TV! :D

First weekend in 4 weeks with no competition! I'm not quite sure what I'll do with myself.
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Yesterday was the best day ever. It was my last marching band competition ever (since I'm a senior and not doing marching band in college) and the last of the season, and we ended up getting 1st out of 6 bands in our division! We also got 1st in percussion and 5th in colorguard. So yeah, that was pretty awesome, especially since it wasn't our best show and I would've been really happy if we'd gotten 3rd or 4th. And it was totally like freshman year at the exact same comp, where we thought we did badly and then we ended up getting first (that's also the only other time I've been in marching band that we got 1st). Very nice end to the season. :D

It was also especially awesome since on Friday both the competition and the homecoming game which was on Friday (which we perform at) were cancelled because of the air quality due to fires in San Bernadino. And all the seniors were kind of freaking out because Mrs. Bentley wasn't being very... cooperative about adding another comp and we didn't think she'd really try to find one, and that would mean our last comp ever was last Saturday and it was just overall very bad. But then the district changed their mind and the football game was back which meant we could go to Loara too, so it worked out just fine.

Oh and Thursday was Spirit Night which was fun. I helped by reinforcing murals with tape in the senior building, and then I spent several hours hanging out with my friends at the band room. But whatever, the seniors won Spirit Week, which is especially cool since as juniors last year, we beat the seniors (which was the first time that happened in like 13 years) which means our class won Spirit Week two years in a row.

Anyways, I guess that's about it that's been happening that's really exciting. Really tired now, since after we got back from the comp at 11:45ish, we all went to Denny's and I didn't get home until about 2:40 AM. I haven't checked my flist since about Wednesday what with Spirit Night, the homecoming game, and the comp, and I'll try to get through most of it but I'm not sure how successful I'll be. Marching band season is only two more weeks and we only have one game and no more comps (although we do have Band Spectacular on Wednesday) so I'll be a much better friend shortly. Fall just happens to be super hectic.
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I finally got my braces off today for good! I got them on in 4th grade, off for a year in 7th, and now I'm in 12th and I finally have them off! Very happy about this. :D

Torchwood )

Marching band comp last Saturday was eh. We performed really well I thought, and then we got 3rd out of 4 for band, 4th for colorguard, and 9th out of 11 in all the divisions for drumline. Disappointing. But I got to see Annie! And it's really fun to march a comp in Irvine rather than going off to like Anaheim or wherever because the other schools in the district also march it so they actually recognize us when we're on the field and it's just a lot more fun.

blah. I'm tired. I stayed up till 1ish last night watching Torchwood and I usually don't stay up that late on school nights, so I think I'll rest now before studying for my chem test.
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Ah, done so much in two days. When school starts, everything gets so busy!

The football game Thursday was... weird. I mean, the show went well, especially for our first performance, and most of the times in the stands were fun. But there was just... bizarreness, and playing over the other marching band (or them playing over us), and the alto saxes just falling back into utter chaos. Oh well. Hope next game will be better. (Our team lost, of course, by the way. Our team pretty much sucks.)

Today was busy. I had my essay 5th period but in 3rd I got this note to go to the principal's conference room at the start of 5th period for a mandatory meeting. I kind of worried about missing any of the essay time, but I knew it would be for National Merit Semi-Finalist qualifiers (which it was) and others in my English class would have the same problem. There were... 38 National Merit Semi-Finalists from my school which is totally ridiculous, because the other three high schools in the district combined get like... less than that. ...oh, but it's top secret for some reason and I can't tell anyone but my parents and my best friend or something, according to the school administration, but whatever. I'm not really worried about that.

Somehow when I was getting up at the table in the room, though, I scraped my ring finger on my left hand and it hurt really badly and then it started bleeding and I didn't have a band-aid and then I had to write the essay and blood was just like pooling there and I kept trying to make sure no blood got on my essay because that would be gross. blah. Oh, and so if there are any typos here, it's due to that because there's this band-aid on the finger now so it won't bend properly and it's harder to type for me.

The essay didn't go terribly, I guess. I don't think I did wonderfully, but for this essay you can't get lower than a C, and I don't think it was that terrible? I hope? I guess we'll see.

After school was marching band pictures and that was just kind of blah because we almost didn't get a senior picture because a few seniors didn't buy a package of pictures when they should of (not that I blame them, because it's not like they knew and did it on purpose, but it was just disappointing because I wanted a senior picture). But then Richard's mom agreed to pay for them if they'd pay her back, so it worked out all right. After that I went to Cha with Emma, Galaxy, and Soan, and then Justin and Andrew came for a little while, and we hung out for a little then I dropped Galaxy off at school and Emma came to my house and we did homework (well I kind of failed at that, but I did finish my chemistry assignment! Even if it did take like 4 hours...) and then she left at like 11.

Yeah. So I'm tired now, and next week is going to suck because we have an essay on The Scarlet Letter and there's no block schedule next week, and... yeah. It'll suck. Oh well.
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First day of senior year! )

Yeah, so overall I'm pretty happy with my teachers and classes. And I have people in every class except French! I'm so surprised by that. Last year I had no one in pre-calc or euro.

Now I have to rush and do calc homework and physics reading and possibly small prep for the essay tomorrow if I have time before going to the school at... like 5-ish for the football game. sigh. I hate having football games the first day of school. I hate having football games on Thursdays period, I guess. Luckily, we only have one more Thursday game.
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Home for lunch because I forgot my tenor sax at home and I kind of need it for 6th period and jazz band, so I figured I might as well update. Section leader results posted today, and they all went pretty much as expected. Emma got sax section leader. It was expected, and she'll do a great job, but it's still really disappointing. I mean, I really wanted it, more than anyone probably knew. sigh. Oh well.

ugh, but it's irritating, because people have really not been comforting about this. All this week people have been saying to Emma right in front of me "Oh, don't worry, you know you have it." Like, even if I know she's going to get it, it doesn't make me feel any better hearing it constantly. It hurts. And my mom was all when I told her Emma would probably get it "Oh, well, you can't be upset about that, at least. She'll do a good job." Yes, I can be upset about it. I freaking want to be it myself. And when I was trying to talk to Galaxy about it, she was just all "You don't like talking in front of people anyways!" ...which, no. Not the same thing. And it doesn't mean I didn't want it.

blah. But I actually feel better now than I did when I didn't know because the wait to find out was just... terrible. I felt nauseous pretty much all morning until I saw the results.

Tired. And I really don't want to go back to school (even though all I have left is Wind Ensemble and jazz band, and jazz band's only an hour today). I just feel like staying here and sleeping, or making icons, or reading, or something.

Edit: Oh, btw, I don't know how much I'm going to be around the next two weeks. Next week is our last week, and then the week after we have finals. In addition to that, I just kind of feel out of it and not much like updating or replying to comments or anything. So yeah, I might not be around much these two weeks, but after that it should be better.
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Heh, this weekend was very productive. Saturday I went to Emma's house along with a bunch of people and grilled burgers and just hung out and played lots of cards until like midnight (actually, I left at like midnight because my mom wanted me home, but they were still going on with it then). The rest of the weekend I spent watching my season 1 Everwood DVDs. I didn't think I would get through them, but I did. Season 1 is so freaking good, and it made me really wish the season 2 and 3 DVDs would come out (which, btw, I've heard is very unlikely at this point and there are no plans for them to be released).

Today was section leader tryouts. eh. I think I did better at drum major tryouts (although I think maybe my answers to questions were better this time, but questions aren't as important). Oh well. Even if I had done amazingly I don't think I'd get it. [shrug] Won't know until Friday for sure, though.

Ugh this morning when I was putting my car keys back in my pocket, I cut my finger on one of my house keys. I didn't realize it was so sharp! Bleh.

wheee, Everwood series finale tonight. I'm both excited for it and dreading it at the same time. sigh. Hopefully it's amazing.
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Yesterday was our last marching band competition of the year. We placed 6th out of 6 for band and colorguard, so yeah, didn't do so well. It was really fun, though, especially tbe bus rides, since we got Charter buses because Temecula's like 1 1/2 hours away from us.

Then after that Jackie and I slept over at Emma's house. We saw our freshman year's band DVD which was really amusing and then Emma made eggs and in the morning Jackie made eggs and they owned Emma's, and we watched the Lion King at like 3 AM and in the morning we watched Man in the Iron Mask. It was a fun night.

Unfortunately now I have mounds of homework to do, and I should've gone to the animal shelter today but there's no way that's going to happen now and I think my mom's going to get made at me for not going, but that's ok.

So tired. This week is going to be pretty good after Monday, though, because we only have school till Wednesday and Wednesday is a minimum day, so it's pretty much pointless because we only have half hour periods. Essay tomorrow I need to get through first, though.
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Whee, I have new glasses now! (Last time I got a new pair was the 7th grade. This is like my 4th pair of glasses ever, and I've been wearing them since I was 6.) It doesn't matter too much since I wear my contacts whenever I'm in public, but at home I get lazy and wear my glasses a lot on the weekends. But before my prescription was so old that I couldn't watch the TV from the couch because it'd be all blurry and I'd have to put on my contacts and it was kind of ridiculous. But yay, now I have a pair of glasses that is actually the right prescription! They don't look much different than my old ones, but I still like them.

Today was the last day of marching band practice, and tomorrow is our last tournament. Then the season's over. I've been kind of looking forward to it just because our marching isn't really any better than last year's, it's just more enjoyable because of the lack of Bentley and because I don't just stand in the corner and watch other people have fun and pity myself because I have no friends like last year. But now I'm kind of sad about it. Especially since today was also Mr. Austerman's last day, and I doubt I'll see him much after tomorrow. It's sad, because he's totally awesome. sigh.

Oh, today in band Mukul was all "Oh hey. So I was talking to Lulu [[ profile] violetmist2003] earlier today, and she said you had this dream about me and maybe Ziyad and we were playing random instruments? And then--" and I was all "wtf?" because that was a total lie and I wasn't sure if Lulu was lying to him [GLARE] or Mukul was lying to me because he found out I'm friends with Lulu, but I was all "I think Lulu's lying to you" and then Emma was all "Ah you seem like you're lying!" and Mukul agreed and no one would believe me that I hadn't had a dream about Mukul and Zi playing instruments. It was very bewildering. Especially because why would I tell Lulu if I had a dream like that? I forgot she knew Mukul at all, and I had no idea that she knows Zi (although she might not and Mukul could be just lying about it). I don't know. It was odd, but now I'm curious as to who made it up.

I totally failed a Euro test today. Sounds like I'm exaggerating, but going through it there were 5 I knew for sure out of 80. I should really start studying for that class. sigh.

Don't forget to tell me what you want for Christmas/Hanukah/etc!

This post is kind of random, but I felt like posting and didn't have much of significance to say, so this is what came out.
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Yesterday was good. There was no school because of Veteran's Day, so I went to see Chicken Little with Galaxy and Zi. It was pretty good. It's so weird to watch a movie with a theater filled with little kids, though, because they all laugh at stuff you don't find particularly funny, and you laugh at stuff that they totally don't get. It was good, though. Then we had our homecoming football game, last game of the year, which provided much amusement. And somehow during the game I got married to Mukul and then Parsa told us that logically that meant Emma had married Mike Schneider, since I was married to Mukul, and Mukul and Schneider are best friends so clearly Emma's married to Schneider (except that logic is flawed from the start, because Mukul and Schneider aren't best friends). It was fun, anyways. And after the game a bunch of people hung out at Parsa's house for awhile.

Tonight is homecoming, so I'm going bowling with a bunch of people and then I think we might be going to Emma's house to watch a movie.

There was something else I think I was going to say, but I don't remember it now. Oh well.

Edit: Ah, now I remember. Well, it's not particularly important, but anyways. This week was Spirit Week at school where all the classes compete and stuff, and then at the homecoming game they announce the order of the classes, and it's almost always from first to last seniors down to freshmen. My class (juniors) did really well this year (especially in comparison to how crappy we were last year), but I still figured seniors won. So when they announced it, I was like freshmen 4th, sophomores 3rd, juniors 2nd, seniors 1st. And freshmen were 4th, and sophomores were 3rd, but when they got to second they were all "This was really, really close, guys" and then announced seniors 2nd. It was actually really fair because the juniors did do a better job, but it was still shocking. I felt kind of bad for the senior council, because they kind of just stood there in a circle and stared at each other while the juniors went totally insane. It was still pretty damn awesome, though.
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So, yesterday was Disneyland. It was one of the best days ever, until we arrived back at school and Mr. Austerman sat us down and told us that after Temecula, two weeks from today, he's no longer going to be working as assistant band director. He said his financial situation has gotten to where the job just isn't enough money to support himself (and my mom told me this morning that she thinks it's really taken a toll on him too, since there've been times where he's had to resort to sleeping in his car because he wouldn't have enough time to drive home and back). He may not have been as great of a marching instructor as Mr. Dawson, but I don't care. He was still awesome, and I think he did as best as he could do, and I don't know how much more we can ask of him than that. He did a great job with the band, and I'm really thankful for how hard he worked for us.

Anyways. The rest of the day prior to that was awesome. We went on Space Mountain (twice!) and it was loads of fun, and the music reminded me of Doctor Who's theme, which made it even more fun for me. And the entire second half of the day was just like... unbelievably hilarious. I could not stop laughing.

First off, at dinner, I got pasta, apple pie, and strawberry shortcake (yes, two desserts, but I wasn't planning on eating all of both of them, and they were too good to resist). I had eaten most of my apple pie and about... 1/4 of my strawberry shortcake and all but a few pieces of pasta and was pretty much done, so I went to the bathroom with a few people. When I got back, I heard Emma and Justin and whoever else was at th table start to shout "AH SHE'S BACK! RUN, RUN!" I kind of figured out what had happened before I even saw my plate. But when I got back to my spot, all my food was gone except for a couple bites of strawberry shortcake. I was all " So, did aliens come and take all my food?" and Andrew was all "Yes! That's exactly what happened!" while still chewing. Then when I was on the way to Splash Mountain with Emma and some people, Emma told me the most hilarious part that I had missed: the second that I got up from the table, Andrew had immediately sat in my seat, took my fork and stabbed all the pasta he could, and, for some reason thinking my apple pie had been pot roast, smothered the pasta with caramel from my apple pie and stuffed it in his mouth. Then for like 10 seconds he just sat there with the food in his mouth with this horrible expression all "...WHAT THE HELL DID I JUST EAT?!" This story was much funnier told out loud, but ah well.

Then after that, as I said, Emma and I were off to Splash Mountain with Mukul and Jessica and Duncan (hee. His name always amuses me because of Veronica Mars. He's a sophomore in college now, I believe, but he used to go to UNI. And did you know, we also have a Veronica and a Logan in our band? Crazy awesome) and someone else I'm totally forgetting. So it's like 9:00 PM and there's absolutely no line, because, duh, no one wants to get wet at 9 at night except crazy people like ourselves. We seriously just walked straight to the front of the line, there was no line at all. While we were walking, Mukul was totally all "We're going to be like this [pose] during the picture, but like this [pose] during the splash, because duh" and everything. Then, about 10 seconds to the ride, I hear Mukul go "OH GOD, THIS IS THAT RIDE?!" It was the best. thing. ever. I wish I'd turned around, though, because Emma says Mukul had the most horrified expression ever on his face. It was hilarious.

Um, yeah, I don't know. The whole day was just great (besides the end). There was some other pretty funny stuff that happened, but those were the best. My friends are awesome.
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Today was Band Spectacular, which is where all four Irvine high schools perform their shows for all the middle schools to try to convince them to join marching band when they're in high school and then we play This is My Country and Stars and Stripes Forever together. So afterschool we went to Ziyad's house and had lots of pizza and then played this videogame, and yeah. It was fun. Then the Band Spectacular, which was pretty good.

Friday, I don't think I've mentioned, I'm going to Disneyland with marching band. We're marching in the parade around like... 5 PM, and all the time besides that we get to do whatever we want. It should be awesome, especially since that means after tomorrow, I'm done with the school week. Actually, after 4th period I'm done, because 6th is band, so it's not like I have work to do for that. wheee, can't wait until Friday. :D

I've seen the holiday list things starting to go around recently. I'm planning to do that too sometime, but I haven't done it yet since I'm still deciding whether or not I should ask for stuff that people would send in the mail and would need my address for, not because I don't trust my flist with my address, but because I wouldn't know how to explain to my parents why I'm randomly getting cards or whatever from people all over the country. So, yeah. I'm thinking of just asking for like... fanfiction, icons, etc. I'll see. I'll also probably do either a post where you can ask me for an icon, or a card. I'd kind of rather do the card one, because A) it'd be more fun for me to write stuff to people (I'd decorate it too, though), and B) I suck at requests. Seriously. Whenever people request stuff from me, it comes out horribly, and it's just... blah. I don't know. I'll probably do these posts on like Saturday or something.

Some more about Why I Hate Euro )

hm, what else? I think that's all I had to say.

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New layout! [ profile] brokenrecord__. It's multi-fandom. The text is some various lines from "Aside" by the Weakerthans, which is one of my favorite songs ever. The header wasn't too bad (took awhile, but wasn't incredibly hard), but trying to get colors to match were a bitch. Finally I just settled with grays, which I think is all right. I might change it sometime if I can figure out something that'll go better with it.

Anyways, yesterday was fun. Animal shelter in the morning, but a lot of the cats have been getting sick and so a bunch were in quarantine and they weren't doing volunteering with cats, so they told me I should go outside and see if I could help with the rabbits. There were two women out there and one asked if I'd ever had any experience with rabbits (which I did; I used to have 2) and then told me I could take any rabbit and just sit with it and pet it a bunch. I actually think I liked vounteering with the rabbits more than the cats. I did it again this morning, and yeah. It was nice. Made me want rabbits again, even though I barely paid attention to the rabbits I used to have.

Then after volunteering yesterday, I had a marching band competition in Anaheim. We didn't place very well (6th out of 6 or 7 in both colorguard and band), but I thought it was the best we had done the show thus far, so the results didn't matter as much. I also got some stuff... )
Um, but yeah. The comp was overall much fun. Only one more marching band comp left this year! Only 3 weeks left of marching band left! Insanity!

Nintendo Fusion Tour tomorrow! eee! Should be so freaking awesome.

I guess now I'll watch last Thursday's Everwood episode. Didn't watch Charmed tonight because I'm like 2 weeks behind. Need to catch up on that sometime. I caught up on Lost Friday night, though! So at least there's that.
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Yesterday at the marching band competition I went to see, one of the schools was Harbor High School, from Newport. Needless to say, this amused me a bit. And then, even better, the Oceanside Pirates also performed. If you didn't already know, Oceanside is where they've filmed some of the school stuff for Veronica Mars, and the Pirates are also the mascot in Veronica Mars. Unfortunately, no one I was with watched either The O.C. or Veronica Mars, so I could not share my amusement with anyone.

But yeah. Yesterday was another good day. Animal shelter for an hour, then went to see Wallace and Gromit at Westpark with Jackie, Emma, Galaxy, Zi, and Mike Schneider. I was going to try to convince people to see Serenity, but it wasn't even showing at the theater anymore. It made me sad. :( But Wallace and Gromit ended up being a lot better than I thought it would be, so it was ok.

Then we went to Irvine Stadium for the comp. Woodbridge and Irvine co-host it, so I got to see Annie a lot! Yay! Justin and William joined us for the comp, and then later Rosa and Jane also showed up. It was very fun. We were going to stay for a bit of the awards, but they were taking too long, so we left. I took Jackie, Emma, and Justin home, and dropping them all off may have been the funnest part of the day (though that kind of makes it seem like the rest of the day wasn't that great, but it was).

Now I get to read one-third of An Instance of the Fingerpost and write three thematic blurbs on it. Joy.
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Today was so freaking good. Today! )

Tomorrow should be pretty awesome as well. I'm volunteering at the animal shelter from 10:30-11:30ish, then off to Westpark at noon to watch a movie with a bunch of people (either Wallace and Gromit or Corpse Bride. I mean, I'll be pushing for Serenity, but I don't think I'll be able to convince them to see it, so eh. It's ok. I'm fine with seeing either of those movies), and then going to Irvine Comp at Irvine Stadium at... 3? I think? Irvine Comp is a marching band tournament and we marched in it freshman year but not last year, so instead we went to see it last year and it was fun so... doing it again this year! Anyways, it should be good.
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My favorite pencil broke. This upsets me more than it probably should.

Yesterday was the first marching band competion of the year. We placed 3rd out of 4 for band and 4th out of 4 for colorguard in our division. Sounds bad, but I wasn't expecting any better. I mean, our show isn't even finished yet. We're not winning first with an incomplete show. I'm hoping that not doing well will motivate freshman/sophomores to work harder, but I'm thinking they'll be more like "...well, we suck." and give up. blah.

The football game next Saturday has been moved back to 3 because it's the same day as SATs. Unfortunately, I have tickets to see Green Day that night at the Home Depot Center, and I wouldn't get back from the football game till 7 at the earliest. Luckily Mr. Austerman said I can leave at half-time. I still won't arrive there until 6, but I'm hoping Tiffany can get her own ride there and save us a place in line.
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guh. I am dead. We stayed 15 min over on the day that we already have a longer rehearsal on the hottest day ever. It was like 114 degrees in the park car, and it hadn't been parked there for more than 15 min.

But the essay and test are over! I'm so happy. The test wasn't nearly as bad as I thought, and the essay could've been worse. Can't begin to guess how well I did on either, but hopefully I did all right.

We also got the scores of the seminar project I was bitching about Monday today. We got a 98/100, and that's without the 10 points extra credit. So, 108/100. Not bad.

VERONICA MARS TONIGHT. EEEE. :DDDDD I'm so excited. I couldn't be properly excited before because anytime I'd be like "OMG VERONICA MARS!" I'd instantly be "...oh, fuck, essay and unit test." But no more! Now, I can be all "OMG VERONICA MARS!" freely. :D

LULU. Ask about Serenity! I don't know if you did, but we didn't really have much time to talk today in class, so yeah. ASK IF YOU HAVEN'T. I checked the listings and there's one at the theater by Annie's house (Westpark? I think?) playing at like 7 PM, which I think would be good. Anyways. Let me know.

...VERONICA MARS! Can't be exclaimed about enough!


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