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I have pictures up here of my trip. I'm not sure if I'm going to do a huge post describing every day, mostly because I don't think I remember everything we did in the earlier part of the week.

I auditioned today for the Wind Ensemble here and the director told me there's definitely a spot for me, he's just not sure if I'm going to play tenor, bass clarinet, or clarinet. I really hope I get to play tenor. But in any case, I'm excited. The idea of being in band again makes this place feel a little more normal, and hopefully through it I can meet new people and such. Before my audition I met this one girl who tried out on bari sax and we talked for a few minutes. She seems really nice, so I hope she made it too.

I'm kind of flipping back and forth between being homesick and being really happy. I think it's worse at night/in the morning for whatever reason. But I'm still really looking forward to classes. I think that'll improve things a lot. Not that it's entirely awful now. It's just not as good as I'd hoped it would be. But it's only been 4 days. If things completely suck in 3 months, then... well I don't know what. But it'll suck.
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I went to San Francisco with band from Thursday to Sunday, so that's why I wasn't around then. I probably won't be able to catch up with entries I missed, so let me know if I missed anything huge.

Details from the trip. )

Pictures! )
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Ah, yesterday was so much fun. Emma decided earlier this week that she'd take the entire saxophone section to Northwood Pizza because all of us but like 2 or 3 had come to the carwash. Daniel didn't show up because he hadn't gone to the carwash and felt bad about coming, Parsa was in San Francisco, Jordan has no spirit for marching band at all, and Eric couldn't come for some reason not explained, but everyone else was there, and it was lots of fun. I played some pool and some air hockey (ah I love air hockey!) and wasted millions of dollars (well, it seemed like that) on this arcade type game to get these sticky deformed animals. The more I got the more deformed they seemed to get. We played mafia and speed and Egyptian Rat Screw. Around... 6 or 7 me, Emma, Andrew (not a saxophone in marching band, but Emma invited both Andrew and Jackie for being drum majors as well), Brian Kim the younger, and Xiafei (I think that's how you spell his name) came to my house and ate lots of desserts my mom's hairdresser made her for winning the dessert of the month drawing which were delicious and we played Clue and Cranium. It was great fun. The sax section is totally the best section.

Beach party was not as fun. Kind of disappointing, really. The thing is, it started off really fun, I thought, so my expectations for the rest of the night rose, but then... everything just kind of sucked after that. I got really bored and the annual burying of the drum majors/directors was bad because people kept kicking sand to fill the hole which gets the sand in their eyes and mouth and all which is obviously bad, and people kept crowding around them really close, and it's like... you can't do that because then there's a lot more weight on them and it's harder to breathe and such. The worst part was when someone lit off a firecracker in the middle of our area. I mean, not only is it illegal in this city, but wtf the least you can do is not set it off in the middle of a bunch of people! That's seriously dangerous. ugh. That just pissed me off a lot.

Oh, and I also liked how Paul and Gavin managed to show up for the beach party when they've missed nearly all of marching band. And I hear Paul's excuse for missing band camp today was he was sick, but if he's too sick to come to band camp I feel he should be too sick to come to the beach party.

There were some good moments, especially early on, and I did get to see Annie which was definitely like the highlight of the day, but... ugh. Most of it was just disappointing. Oh well. At least band camp (last band camp for me ever!) is finally over. Anyways, now for some pictures!

Beach party! )

Ruby's Night )

Aw, I just checked my e-mail and one of my freshman mentees e-mailed me with a bunch of questions. That makes me feel happier. I like being able to be all helpful and such.
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Back from New York! It was really awesome. We did a bunch of tourist-y stuff, saw Vassar and loved it, and if you didn't listen to the phonepost I made yesterday, I GOT TO SEE RENT!

Details from the trip. )

Pictures! )

It's depressing to know I'll be on a plane again in less than two days. I hate flying. bah.
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Beach party last night was just kind of... eh. It didn't suck, but it also wasn't as much fun as I would've liked. There were definitely some parts that were a lot of fun, but at the end it was just kind of dragging on. But of course, I have many pictures! )

Ah, summer break. How nice. Except for me it's basically just a three-day weekend, because starting Monday I have summer school for six weeks. sigh. At least summer school only goes till 12 (although it starts at like 7:15. bleh).
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I think it finally sunk in that Everwood's cancelled after the episode last night. I thought it was a great episode and it just reminded me of season 1 and how much I loved it then and how much I still love it and how upset I am that it's going. Right after the episode was over, I went on and ordered the season 1 DVDs because I was getting all nostalgic and I haven't seen season 1 in forever and I love it so much. This show is too freaking good to be cancelled. gah. It's not fair.

Anyways. Today after school but before Symphony, Emma, Jackie, Galaxy, and I decided to go to the beach again. We didn't go to Corona Del Mar like Sunday since parking would be a bitch, so we went to Crystal Cove instead. Ah, so pretty. Pictures! Not as many as before, but still a good amount. )

Today we also had our last essay ever this year. Such a relief to be done. No more essays unti like September! I don't think I did too badly, so hopefully this essay won't ruin the A- I'm barely hanging on to. Mrs. Moore also finally returned from her maternity leave today, thankfully. So awesome to have her back.

Tomorrow is probably not much fun (but then, this whole week is not much fun). 1st period I finally present that film project with Seher (gah I better get an A+++++ for all the stress this project has caused me), after school is jazz band with the composer of a couple of the pieces we're playing, Jeff Jarvis, which in itself isn't bad, but it is bad that that means I won't get home until 4:45ish and at like... 7:00 or something is freshman, sophomore, and junior awards and I have to dress up and attend that. blah. Too busy.
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Yesterday was much fun. I went to the beach with a bunch of people for Richard's surprise birthday party (even though his birthday was 2 months ago. But, hey, it was definitely a surprise!). Then afterwards, when the beach closed at like 10, we went to Richard's house for awhile and just played video games and such. I had to leave at like 11:45 since my mom didn't want me driving home past midnight, but it was still fun.

Very many pictures! Dial-up users beware! )

If you made it through all those pictures, I congratulate you. I had like probably over 100 taken, but I deleted a bunch while I was at the beach. When I uploaded them to my computer, though, I still had like 78, and I tried to cut it down even more, but the beach is just too pretty! I mean, I cut it down some, but there are definitely still a lot of pictures left.
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Yesterday was good. I went to see our school musical, Miss Saigon, with some friends. I almost wasn't able to go because earlier in the week I had left my ticket on the floor of my room and... if you've seen the floor of my room, you'll know why this is a bad idea. I have just so many papers and SAT books and other books and old junk on my floor. And in between that time, the cleaning lady came, and when she comes, all she does is push all the stuff to the perimeter of my room and vacuum. So when I realized I had no idea what I had done with my ticket, I was like "...oh, crap." And I put every single thing on the floor on top of my bed (which was a lot of stuff) and still couldn't find it and was freaking out, but then I went through all the stuff on top of my bed a second time and finally found it, thank god.

Anyways, I'm glad I was able to go. Annie came! (She's one of my closest friends I know from middle school but goes to a different high school.) And the musical itself was pretty good, too. I think I liked Urinetown better (and definitely Wicked, but I'm like obsessed with that) because, I don't know, even though it wasn't a happy ending or anything, it mixed in a lot of humor, so it wasn't just completely depressing, which is what Miss Saigon was like. I mean, it was good, but I didn't come out of the theater with a really good mood.

After that, I took Galaxy and her friend who's in the pit orchestra for the musical to Starbucks, and then we went to the band bowling event thing that was going on from 11 PM to 2 AM. That was mostly fun. I'm such an excellent bowler. On my first game, I got a total of 38! (I think Andrew said he got 19 on one game, though, so he beats me.) The best part, though, was definitely when a couple of us got tired of bowling so I went outside with Emma, Jackie, and Andrew and we played a card game (which sounds kind of lame, but it was a lot of fun). Although Soan attempting to dance with pretty much everyone was also very amusing.

Pictures from bowling! (Very image heavy!) )

Then today I went to get my haircut, finally! The Pictures! )
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blah. This week hasn't been going as well as I hoped. The testing was fine, but I've been feeling really anti-social this week so I didn't do much with friends and it's just been kind of... I don't know. But it hasn't put be in a good mood. I'm hoping tomorrow is better. =/

Because of testing, though, I was able to get lots of reading done. Can someone remind me next time my mother gives me books she thinks I would like to actually read them? And not wait like 3 years? Because this always happens. My mother either gives me books for Christmas/my birthday or just because I ask her what books she would think I'd like, and then I don't read them for like 3 years, and then I finally do and I end up loving them. You think I'd learn to trust her judgement by now, right? But yeah, anyways, read The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K. Le Guin and Remake by Connie Willis, both of which I really enjoyed, and yesterday afternoon started A Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth. Which, by the way, wasn't the best of ideas, since the book is like 1349 pages long (and I'm not using hyperbole there) and there is a lot of text on each page. But I'm enjoying it so far. I'm just never going to be able to finish it.

A couple comments on the season finale of Lost )

Uh. Shoes I ordered last week at Nordstrom finally came! The shoes )
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New layout! [ profile] brokenrecord__! Not sure how I like the colors, but they were giving me a hell of a time, so I kind of just gave up. I might look at them again later, but it's unlikely. I'll probably just wait until I make a new layout.

This actually isn't the layout that I mentioned earlier I was unsure about. I found myself liking the old one more after some time, but I had no idea what to do about the colors, and then I tried to make the one that's up now, and I decided to just go with that one. I might put the other one up when I get sick of this one (that one's here if you want to take a look. Well, that's one version, at least. I had many versions, where mainly the only difference was the borders).

Anyways. Pictures of the stuff I got yesterday! )

I probably should do something productive like work on my assignment for my college counselor or read parts 3 and 4 of The Power and the Glory, but instead I think I'll watch some episodes from my season 3 Charmed DVD (I'm about halfway through it, and I got it back in January for my birthday, and at this rate, I'll be done by like December).
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First of all, happy birthday to [ profile] orton_qaf! :D

Second, went to the Spectrum today with Tiffany. I got two new shirts at Hot Topic: a Fall Out Boy shirt and an Epitaph tour one, from the tour last winter that Tiffany, Danny, and I went to at the House of Blues in Anaheim with Motion City Soundtrack, Matchbook Romance, From First to Last, and The Matches. After about an hour we got bored. Usually we can spend a lot more time there because first we'll go have lunch at Johnny Rockets (except we're saving money for tomorrow, so we decided not to go to lunch at Spectrum today) and then go to Hot Topic, FYE, and Barnes and Nobles and then go back to the food court. Except today I didn't really have any CDs in mind like I usually do, I just wanted to go to the Spectrum so I could get out of the house, so... yeah. Went trhough Barnes and Noble and FYE pretty quickly. I found in Hot Topic that I had 2 Hot Topic gift cards. One was all used up, but the other still had nearly $40, and the Epitaph shirt I got was on sale, so... yeah. Didn't have to waste any money on the shirts. Then after that there wasn't much to do. So, we called Annie to see if we could terrorize her at home, but it turned out she was at the Crossroads with Joe. So then I drove Tiffany and me over to the Crossroads and we hung out there with Annie and Joe for like an hour and a half. Then at 5 Annie had to go home, so I drove Tiffany home and then went home myself.
The two shirts I bought )

Tomorrow at noon I have my first animal shelter thing. I'm meeting with this buddy who is going to show me like... how things are done and stuff. Then after that, I can go in whenever I want. Woohoo! I'm getting really excited for this. Especially since I've been like... majorly wanting to get a cat recently (no idea where it's come from, but I do) and since I can't get one (4 birds and a cat wouldn't really mix), this is the next best thing. That should end around 1. Then after that, I'm driving Tiffany and me to Anaheim to go to Chain Reaction. It's this club, and from 10 AM to 5 PM there's going to be this like... thing where they sell a bunch of band CDs, signed posters, shirts, etc. It sounds cool, so yeah. I'm a little unsure about driving all the way to Anaheim (it's only like 15-20 min away, but... I've only ever driven as far as like the Spectrum, and plus... it's still illegal for me to drive other people. Only for 20 more days, and tomorrow it'll only be 19! But... yeah. It still makes me kind of nervous), but well... driving today around a bunch helped make me more confident. I think thinking about it is like... worse than it'll actually be. Meh, my dad doesn't see any problem with me driving there, so I think it'll be ok. If I don't kill Tiffany and me driving there, it should be fun. :)

Lastly, some picspam of my birds. )

Snaps Cup! meme:
A Snaps Cup is a cup that a group of people will all put a piece of paper in. The cup will be designated to a particular person, and then that group of people will have put compliments for that person on the pieces of paper they placed in the Snaps Cup. This way, everyone gets anonymous compliments and it's a great team building exercise, and ego booster.

Post your username in a comment. People will then reply to you ANONYMOUSLY and tell you something they like about you. It must be a positive comment and it must, must, MUST be posted anonymously.

Give me comments?
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guh. I am exhausted. But it was a very fun night and day. We spent pretty much the entire night watching movies. We saw Peter Pan (the non-animated one that came out a few years ago), Moulin Rouge, The New Guy, Old Boy, and Requiem for a Dream. Then today Tiffany, Annie, and I bummed around the UCI marketplace and then went to the Woodbridge Center place and saw The Longest Yard.

More details, including my thoughts about all the movies. )

Pictures from last night and today )

That is it. I am exhausted now. Except, I have to clean my room in 2 1/2 hours because Mrs. Nichols is coming over to install the program used to do the band website, and I still have to do the website mock-up for Mrs. Bentley. Plus the fact that I have yet to begin my summer reading assignments or the assignment my college counselor gave me. guh.
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Today was this lunch thing for Mike Tseng, since he's going to Purdue, like, today, or something. Jackie was supposed to come, but last night her away message was all "Mom's mad at me. I don't know about tomorrow anymore" and then she didn't show up, so I'm assuming that means she also can't do the sleepover tonight. =/ That sucks. There's no real point in doing it now that both Annie and Jackie can't. Maybe we'll try again before school starts.

But anyways, the lunch was fun. Lots of people there: Emma, Soan, Andrew, Michele Wong, Kiyoshi, Mike Tseng, Mr. Austerman, Alex, Schmee, and Dan (the Man). I think that was all. It was a cool place, too. Like, you had these thingies and one side was red and one was green, and they'd come by with meat and serve you some if your thing was on green. Of course, I'm an incredibly picky eater so I didn't want any of the meat they had and never turned mine over, but still. I found it cool.
A few pictures from the lunch. )

Ah! Jackie just IMed me and said her mom got happy 'cause she improved like 100 points on an SAT diagnostic test, so she can still do the sleepover! Awesome. :D I'm happy now.

Anyways, yesterday I actually put loads of stuff up on my walls. I had figured yesterday would be like Wednesday, with me not really doing anything all day until like 8, but I actually worked pretty hard. I'm so happy with it now. I'll upload pictures once I'm sure I won't add anything else. It probably won't look any different to anyone else, but it's a huge change for me. It feels so refreshing. I did get a blister on my index finger, though, from pushing in all the pushpins.

Wheee, I'm excited now. Tonight should be fun. :D
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What an awesome, awesome day. I saw Women's Skate Vert Best Trick, an Inline (rollerskates) Demo, Men's Skate Best Trick in which Bob Burnquist won gold, and I then met Bob Burnquist. omg I love the X Games.

More detailed post of my day, including my comments on Women's Skate Vert, the Inline Demo, and Men's Skate Best Trick. )

All right, now for the events I watched when I got home. But first, wtf? They didn't air either the BMX best trick OR the skate best trick events! HOW THE FUCK DO YOU NOT SHOW THOSE!? I mean, I think skate best trick is my absolute favorite event. HOW CAN YOU NOT SHOW THAT!? What the hell?! That pisses me off. I'm just glad that I actually did get to go to the best trick and not being able to find anyone to go and people who told me they'd go backing out for no reason didn't fuck that up. Anyways, now for the stuff I watched at home.

BMX Freestyle Park )

BMX Dirt )

Moto X Freestyle )

Fiiiinally, pictures from today! Not nearly as many as yesterday. Less than 30. )

Lastly, hi. Did they have to keep showing Tony Hawk's 900 during the breaks on the screen when we were inside? I mean, it wasn't all they showed, but they showed it a fair amount. And dude, that seriously makes me cry. Um, in a happy way, though. It was just so fucking amazing and seeing all the fucking support from the other skaters (that's one reason why skateboarding's my favorite event at X Games; you really don't see nearly as much... support for the other competitors in the other events. I mean, you do see it, but it's just... I don't know. They always seem so much less friendly to me.) and the crowd and how he kept going after it and his expression when he finally did it and... geez. It makes me all teary. So yeah, you didn't need to show me that 9 bajillion times and make me have to stop myself from getting all teary and emotional. Why yes, I am aware that I am totally pathetic.

Skateboard big air tomorrow! ...I will not be there, though. My last day of live X Games (until next year). Man am I glad that I got tickets, though. These two days have been so fucking awesome. I'm so happy and so thankful and so... geez. But yeah. I'm really looking forward to skateboard big air. I mean, first, Bob qualified first in the prelims, and Bucky qualified second. Bucky didn't compete last year, either, so this makes me very, very happy. And last year Bob was injured so he performed pretty poorly. But he's qualified first! This is of course after the top 3 from last year who made it in automatically and didn't have to do the pre-lims thing this morning. But still! And I think it'll be a lot more insane after everyone's already tried the ramp out before. I mean, last year it was this brand new thing, but this year, it's not like... such a new concept, I guess. They've had a year to think about it and work on things and such. So yeah. Should be fun to watch. :D

Ok, now I need to go make some more X Games icons even though I'll only use them like twice a year (now and the Gravity Games). Then maybe I'll have a good number of icons and can make an icon post tomorrow (insanity!).
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I met Bob Burnquist.

A more coherent post about today (with more pictures! Not nearly as many as yesterday, though.) will come after I watch all the X Games coverage I recorded from today. I think I'm still far too in shock to talk about anything right now.

Today was probably the most awesome day of my life.
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I have pictures! Many, many pictures. I took 55, Annie took like... 49. So, yeah. Dial-up users, beware.
My Skateboard Vert Picutres. )

Annie's Skateboard Vert Pictures. )

Lastly, an animation Annie made from two pictures of Andy Macdonald she took. Even if you don't watch skateboarding or care about any of this in the slightest, you have to see this animation. It is awesome.
Andy Macdonald dancing. )

All right, that's all. Expect more picspam tomorrow! :D
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Watched another episode of Dead Like Me (I've finished up to episode 6) and then went to the training session at the animal shelter. It wasn't much different than the orientation, other than that it was more in depth and one of the staff took out a dog and showed how to work with a dog when its out and such. Now all I have to do is fill out some forms, show proof that I got my tetanus shot, get assigned a veteran volunteer buddy, find a time that's good for both of us, and the volunteer will show me what to do with the animals and how things work and such.

Bobcats came out again this morning. So, more bobcat picspam! )

Ok, now for more Dead Like Me.
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After I posted, I found out that the SciFi network was going to air Firefly from the pilot starting tonight from 6-8. I've only seen up to episode 6 (I think it's 6. It's the Jaynestown episode.) and the first one I saw was Train Job, I never saw the actual 2-hour pilot, so I watched that. It was really good (...and makes more sense starting from there than Train Job). And, plus, Serenity trailer! Wheee! It was awesome. Now I just need to get a friend into Firefly so I won't have to go see Serenity alone. ...hey, Lulu? Want to watch the full season of Firefly and then be dragged to see Serenity with me? :)

After that I watched the first 4 eps of season 2 of Arrested Development. If I had a Nielson box, I probably would've watched Veronica Mars, but what I watched had absolutely no affect on the ratings (not that AD doesn't need better ratings also) and I've seen the pilot and An Echolls Family Christmas (and all VM eps, actually) about 5 times now, and I've only seen season 2 of AD once. So, I chose to watch that. The first 3 episodes were great, but... man, the fourth, Good Grief, is fucking awesome. Like, the other episodes are really good, but Good Grief is even more hilarious. I missed AD. It's so nice watching AD episodes again, even if I have already seen them before.

While I was watching these shows, Dead Like Me season 1 finally finished downloading! I watched the second episode already. Ah, I love this show. :D I'll probably stay up pretty late watching it. It's an awesome show, and I want to see more of it.

Lastly, while I was watching Firefly, the bobcats came out! I got loads of pictures of them. Bobcat Picspam )

All right, I suppose that's it. I guess I'll stay up and watch more Dead Like Me, now.
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So, I thought I had the X Games all figured out, but last night Tiffany told me all of a sudden that she doesn't want to go to the second date anymore (apparently she's lost interest in skateboarding over the past 2 years. Though, I'm not exactly sure why she offered to go if she's lost interest. I mean, what exactly did she think would happen at Skateboarding Best Trick?). And I know Annie can't go already, and Lulu probably won't be able to, and that leaves me screwed, because I don't know anyone else who'd be at all interested in going, and my mom won't let me go alone. I'd rather not go alone, really. [sigh] I asked Lulu about it again and she said she'd check, but she probably won't be able to go. gah. I really don't want to have to miss this. X Games is (sadly) one of the best parts of my year, and I was so excited to be able to go to both Vert Skate and Skate Best Trick. I mean, even going to one day of X Games is better than nothing, but... I really wanted to be able to go to Best Trick as well. sigh. I hope Lulu can go, even though I'm not counting on it.
Edit: Well, Lulu can't go, but I explained the whole situation to my mom, and she asked me what time the event was (3:30-4:30) and she told me she'd go with me. I love my mom. She said she didn't mind as long as we'd be back before 7 (which we will, if it ends at 4:30ish) so she could have a normal Saturday night with my dad, eating Mexican food and watching movies. So yay, I still get to go. :D My mom is the best mother in the history of ever.

Anyways, new userinfo. It's pretty plain, but... I like it. I think it looks all right. When I was making the lists of shows and ships, I kept forgetting about QAF for some reason, which is why both it and Brian/Justin are so low on the lists. blah. I don't care enough to redo it, though.

Out of the two seasons of Dead Like Me I've been downloading the past few days, guess which one finished? Not season 1, of course. That would be too simple and would make me far too happy. No, season 2 finished sometime last night. sigh. Season 1 is at, like, 89%. I'm hoping it'll finish sometime early tonight so I'll be able to watch some episodes. That would rock.

We have bobcats in our backyard. )

The Body (BTVS season 5 episode) was on today, so I watched it. Man, do I love that episode. It's not my favorite episode (that would be Becoming Part 2), but it definitely makes me tear up more than any other episode. It's so brilliantly done. Forever aired after it, but I didn't feel like watching it as much.

Tagged by [ profile] unrehearsed_: Post your very first icon that you made (if you have it, if you don't, the OLDEST one that you have) along with your newest icon. This will allow you to show how you have improved in iconing skills and tag five friends to see how they have improved.
Icons under the cut. )

Also, ABC Songs Meme, because I am a meme whore. )

Finally, Arrested Development is rerunning on FOX from 8pm-10pm. It's a hilarious show, so you really should check it out if you haven't. It needs all the viewers it can get. In addition, Veronica Mars is reairing on CBS from 8pm-10pm with the pilot episode and then the 10th episode (which is one of my absolute favorites of the series). So, if you haven't watched that, definitely check it out. I think you can watch the 1st and then the 10th without being too totally confused. If you haven't watched either, well... I don't know. Check out the pilot of VM and then the second two episodes of Arrested Development, or something. They're both awesome shows, though, and need more viewers.


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