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gah. I had to wake up at 7 this morning for an orthodontist appointment. Evil. And they're going to make me see this speech therapist/jaw therapist thingy to see if they can get my bite to how it should be. eck. I'm really tired of braces. On the awesome side, though, when I was at the orthodontist, the radio station started playing Save the Last Dance for Me. It wasn't the version that's in QaF 122, but it was still pretty cool.

My last SAT class is today, but I managed to convince my mom to let me skip it. It was really easy, too. I mean, I told her that all we're doing today is finishing this math packet I already finished and then having a party, which is true. And she was all "Oh, that just makes it easier for me" because she has these Wednesday night meetings to go to and now she won't have to be late to it today. Of course, I didn't mention that the main reason I want to skip it is because I have one last essay due today that I really don't want to write. But woohoo, no more SAT class for me! :D Now I need to get a start on my summer reading, though.

On Friday night I guess I'm sleeping over at Tiffany's house with Jackie (...and Tiffany). We were planning to have Annie come too, but it turns out she can't make it. Tiffany talked about trying again before the school year starts so we can have one with Annie, too. But yeah, that should be fun. I haven't seen Jackie since the band beach party, or Tiffany since... I don't know. Warped Tour or the volunteer orientation.

blah. It's 9:15 AM and usually I'd still be asleep but once I've woken up I just can't get back to sleep. I'm going to be dead tonight, but for now I'm wide awake. Maybe I'll make some icons or something.

Edit: Dude, so. Like, a year ago at the end of the schoolyear I really wanted to be the person who did our band's website because it's really, really ugly. And I think someone like Soan even asked our band director for me and she was all "Well, Mike Nichols's mom is doing it now and he'll still be in band next year so she'll still do it for next year." But then now, I mean he's leaving so his mother won't be helping out with band anymore, and then my mom's now on the like... band parents board thingy and was asked to find a parent to do the website and my mom told me and I was all "OMG I WANT TO DO IT" and she was all "Oh, but Mrs. Bentley wants it to be a parent" and I was all "...blah" but then she said she'd see if she could convince Mrs. Bentley to let me do it and have my mom be totally responsible for it in case I like... screw it up somehow. And she said yes! So yay, I get to be the webmaster of the band website and make it all less ugly and wheee. :D, the only crappy thing is now I'm afraid of what I've gotten myself into, since like... junior year and I'm going to be busy like whoa. But, whatever. I'll deal with it. And I can make it less ugly! It's so freaking ugly now. So yay. I'm mostly happy about this. (...and in any case, it's always something to put on my college applications.)
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Oh my god. They played "Everything is Alright" by Motion City Soundtrack on KROQ today as the Catch of the Day. I'm really torn about this. On one hand it's good because they're a great band and they deserve all the exposure they can get. On the other hand... I don't want them to become this huge band that everyone knows about and become overexposed and so on. But being all possessive of them is ridiculous because just because I heard about them first doesn't mean I deserve to be a fan more than anyone else does. I'm still unsure about this, though.

Anyways. So, [ profile] beaute__exquise asked for people to give music recs. I went totally overboard and uploaded a bunch of songs and I figured I'd post them all here since there were so many (and it was kind of a waste to upload all those for only one person) to give everyone else an oppurtunity to download the songs.

Song downloads )

Also, got the SAT diagnostic scores from last night back. Babbling about the scores )

Lastly, a meme. 20 Happiest TV Moments )
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I hate the day after the X Games. I get so invested in it and excited about it, that when it's over, it's just like... a huge crash. And of course, it doesn't help at all that QAF ended last night so I'm crashing from that as well.

To make things worse, of course today has to be a Monday and I had to have a tenor sax lesson. blah. And then, when we were starting the car to leave, the battery started to die. The car would barely start up. So we went to the place (...the dealership? My mind is totally dead right now, but I think that's the correct word) and then left the car and rented another. We should have the car back by tomorrow, but it was still annoying to have to go through. I tried to use the oppurtunity to convince my mom to buy me a car since we were surrounded by hundreds of cars waiting to be sold but it didn't work (...not that I really expected it to).

Tonight is another SAT diagnostic test. sigh. But it's the last one until the actual test in October, so I'll deal. We only have SAT class Tuesday and Wednesday this week, and then it's over. Then I have my first full week of being able to do absolutely nothing all day of summer break. The week after that, band camp starts, and then school. eck.

So, yeah. I'm looking forward to it being Thursday. At the very least, I'm looking forward to this day being over.

edit: Lulu, I finally made your header. I checked it against your layout and I think it looks all right. I also have a fully black and white version if you want to use that instead. Hope you like it. :) If you don't, just let me know what you want changed and I'll try to make a better one.
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I got a paid account! It was far easier than I thought it would be. See, someone bought Lulu ([ profile] violetmist2003) a paid account and I was totally jealous, so I finally went to my mom, gave a half-assed explanation of what LJ was ("It's like this place where you can go and like talk to other people about stuff you have in common. And stuff. And you can make pretty icons and post them and... yeah!") and then told her paid accounts were better and I had enough money and I'd totally pay her back if I could use her credit card to buy one. So she asked me to give her the money first and I did, and then I bought myself 6 months of paid account time and 6 months of extra userpics. I've only uploaded a few now so I have ones of the fandoms I've been wanting to post icons of but I really need to be doing my homework now. I'll play around more with it later. And wheee, I can use a paid account layout! I'm so happy. I should've asked my mom months ago. And it won't expire until February 2, 2006! I mean, I logically know how long 6 months is, but it seems so much longer when I realize that I won't have to worry about renewing it until February. I mean, I've only had this LJ for less than 8 months. 6 months is long.

SAT diagnostic scores from last night. Cutting because I'm sure most people don't care. )

I got an Audioscrobbler account earlier today and put a little thing in my info that says the last 5 songs I listened to on iTunes. I find it really cool, because I'm dorky like that.

No time to play around with Paid Account features right now, but I'm going to have loads of fun with them tonight. Ah, I'm so happy. :D
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Nintendo Fusion Tour thing with Fall Out Boy, Motion City Soundtrack, and The Starting Line October 31st at Bren Events Center (which is 5 minutes from my house). So perfect, but it's on a freaking Monday. [sigh] I don't know. I want to go so badly, but... it won't be easy. And I'll have to make sure my tenor lessons are on Tuesdays once school starts (though that's what I'd want anyways. Wednesday would be ideal, but I don't think he gives lessons Wednesdays, so it'd have to be Tuesday). Have to see. I'll bug my mom about it tonight.

Dead Like Me is taking far too long to download. sigh. I have no patience.

How is it that everytime I write an essay for SAT homework/tests and I use the Civil War as one of my examples, I come out sounding like I wish the South had won the war and that slavery hadn't been abolished? It's crazy. I totally don't think that at all, but somehow whenever I try to make my point about something, I come off sounding like that. ack.

5 Kisses Meme )
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Babbling about SAT diagnostic test results that most people don't care about. )

I downloaded the pilot of Dead Like Me like a month ago but never got around to watching it. I finally did this morning and I totally fell in love with it. I want more now. I'm downloading torrents of both seasons, but they're taking forever and probably won't be done until tomorrow or even Thursday. Oh well.

Google Meme Thing )

By the way, I realized that my layout is all messed up when being viewed on Firefox. I don't know why this is, but, well, it is. So, if you can't see it, that's why. Someday I'll try to fix it.

Lastly, picspam! Outside my house and some more of my birds, because they are camera whores. )
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My parents go out to movies... not every Sunday, but many Sundays. Today they were planning on seeing The March of the Penguins, and they know I love penguins, so they asked if I wanted to come and I did.

Baby penguins! Baby penguins' huddle! Baby penguin crowdsurfers! After the movie my mom started talking about how it was such a stark example of survival of the fittest and other things that required some thought, and I was just all "...uh. The baby penguins were really, really cute."

But, uh, hi. You don't get to show me the adorability of hundreds of baby penguins and then switch to a dead baby penguin in the snow and the mother penguin finding it and poking and prodding it to try to make it come back to life somehow and yeah. That's just not ok. If I wanted angst, I would not have gone to see a movie about penguins.

Came home for an hour and a half after that and then went to have dinner with my parents, my aunt, and her boyfriend for my aunt and my mom's birthdays, since they're both in July. It was ok. Kind of boring for most of it, but not too bad. In the car on the way back my parents and I somehow got started talking about random things. Oh, I think it was my dad saying that he's started getting people into Arrested Development at his work. Hee, that's awesome. :D Then I told them that AD's second season DVD (because they've only seen the first season, when we watched the DVD during spring break in Mammoth, and that was like right before the end of the second season) was coming out October 11th and managed to sneak in that so was the season 1 DVD of Veronica Mars, and goddamnit, I am getting them into VM no matter what. I mean, they watched Wonderfalls and liked it a lot, and I told them that VM is the same quality-wise as Wonderfalls, except better. And I loved Wonderfalls. They are seeing it whether they want to or not, and they are loving it. I also mentioned the new Doctor Who and said that I liked them a bunch, and that my mom would probably really like them because she's a science fiction and fantasy writer and loves that genre and all. My mom said she watched the old series when it was on, too, so she probably would really like the new ones. I hope they come out on DVD too, so I can make her watch those. Ah, it's so fun to force my favorite shows on people. :D

Another diagnostic test for SAT class tomorrow. There's the one tomorrow and then there's one in two weeks and then it's over (until the actual SAT, of course). blah. It sucks because when I don't do as well as I hoped on these sorts of things, I feel horrible, but when I'm actually taking them I just don't care and so I don't really try. And plus, this takes out a huge chunk from the day that I could spend doing SAT hw. I really should do that tonight, but I doubt I will. Oh, crap, and I have a tenor lesson tomorrow. I always forget until the night before, and then I just don't care. Not as if I remembered during the week, I would practice, but still. blah.

Two random images. Well, one's a random friends only banner. )

Lastly, hi to people that friended me on [ profile] reprieved's Fandom Friending Meme! :)
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I'm in such a good mood for absolutely no reason whatsoever. It's awesome. I doubt it'll last long, but for now, it's great.

Dentist appointment this morning. Wasn't bad, though, because it was the dentist rather than the orthodontist, and my dentist is really nice and not the spawn of Satan (as my orthodontists are). Then at 1 pm I had a meeting at Collegewise with this college counselor person that I... I don't know, signed up? to do. Second meeting. It was fine. ...I don't know. Nothing to really say about it, I guess.

The place on my upper arm where they gave me the shot is becoming increasingly painful. This morning it was just kind of sore, and the nurse said that it could feel sore for a day or two so I wasn't too worried, but now it's like... I don't know. Kind of puffed up, I guess? I can't explain it. It really worries me, though. I guess I'll just wait till tomorrow and see if it's gotten any worse. =/

I'm all of a sudden in the mood for Arrested Development. I was bored last night and didn't feel like going to sleep, so I was searching for caps to make icons of, and I saw some Arrested Development caps so I made icons from Key Decisions and Visiting Ours, and then I all of the sudden missed the show a lot and had the urge to watch it. I'd watch the season 1 DVDs I have, except there's already a bunch of other shows I've been planning on watching. sigh.

SAT class was very good today. We got the essays back that I was bitching about having to do, and I got a perfect score on it. And also, he was commenting on them before handing them back, and he said "This is an example of a perfect intro" and then read mine. Awesome. I totally have the hang of the essay part. Now I just have to worry about... the rest. Oh, but also, we did a math section and I got them all right, and I was proud. I think this class is really helping, which is good.

Thanks to Jackie, I may be able to sell my AP US book from last year to someone who's taking AP US next year. Awesome. And plus, I told my mom this because she had been bugging me about selling it, and last year when I bought it from whoever I bought it from, she said "You better sell it next year so I can get my money back" so I was assuming she'd want the money, but when I told her about it, she said "Oh, that's good. You can keep however much you sell it for." My mom is awesome. Especially since I spent all my money at Warped. Now I can buy some CDs I've been wanting for ages. Yay! :D

Edit: I started to get really worried about the tetanus shot reaction I'm having, so I looked it up online. On one site it said that occasionally swelling can occur and also soreness and the place where it was injected can become red (slightly pinkish now) and stuff. It said to take non-prescription medicine (aspirin) for the pain and fever, and to put ice on it for 20 min every 3-4 hours. I also found something that says "The most common adverse reactions are local pain, redness, and/or swelling at the injection site. This is self-limited and requires no treatment. Occasionally, a small nodule (bump) may be felt for several weeks." Which is pretty much exactly what I have: it feels like a small bump there, I don't know if it's what they refer to as swelling or a bump. There's also the pain and the redness. But, it seems to be... well, not common, but... not serious. So, I think it's fine. I'll put ice on it and hope it improves sometime soon.
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Yesterday I found out that this guy who went to my school died a week or two ago. Actually, I heard about it last week, but I didn't hear the details. His name was Charles Geo and I didn't know him, but I know people who did, and it's still incredibly sad. He was a freshman last year, so he's a year below me. He was exercising or working out or something like that I guess, and a blood vessel in his head burst. How random is that? I mean, I would expect something like a car crash or... I don't know. But a blood vessel bursting in his head? geez. I feel horrible for his family and anyone who knew him. :(

Watched Queer as Folk 510. )

Anyways, I got my camera back from Andrew's house on the way to my tenor lesson, so I have pictures from yesterday! )

I have an essay for SAT class I really need to write. sigh. And plus, I have a critical reading section thing to do, which I hate. I really need to do those tonight, though. blah.
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Guess what! )

So anyways, I was feeling kind of bad about my SAT diagnostic test scores, but it turns out that everyone in my class did worse on the reading. There was an average drop of 30-40 points, and I dropped 50, so it's not too terrible in comparison to everyone else. And I also found that I was the only person to get a 12 in the class, so that made me feel better about myself. Plus, our instructor asked us if there was any disruption during the test and we said that the 24 hour fitness below us was playing music so loud we could hear it, and also the timer that told us when each section was over and the 10 and 5 min marks kept beeping randomly, so we'd think the section was over when it wasn't. He said that could've contributed to the drop because it messed with our concentration.

Wow, only 4 days until the new Harry Potter book. I'm actually getting really excited for it, which is surprising. I usually don't look forward to the new Harry Potter books that much, but this time I am.

Ok, off to finish book 4.
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The SAT diagnostic test didn't go so well last night. =/ The essay I wrote was a lot worse than my last one (not nearly enough examples), and I was having a harder time with a lot of the questions. Oh well. It's not like it counts for anything, it's just to see how much you've progressed. And, apparently, I haven't progressed much at all.

Today is my parent's 30th anniversary. Crazy. My mom brought it up this morning, that we'd be going out to dinner and such, so I finally asked her about the digital camera. She told me to ask my dad about it, because I could probably get him to buy it for me (...which is true. He spoils me a lot more than my mom, mostly because he's guilty about not being around much when I was younger). When I told her it's only $80, she seemed impressed, and told me to mention to my dad how cheap it is and that if I use it like 4 times, that makes up for all the money I'd spend buying disposable cameras and getting the pictures developed. So, anyways, hopefully by tonight, I will have a new digital camera.

SAT class once again today. Joy. It's not that I don't like the class, it's just... if I had a choice between doing work and thinking for 3 hours or staying on the computer and possibly making icons and reading more Harry Potter, ...well I think it's pretty obvious what I'd choose. Plus, while it doesn't feel like it takes that long when I'm there, 3 hours is a pretty large chunk of the day.

Watched Queer as Folk 509 )

Edit: They e-mailed me the scores of the diagnostic test I took yesterday. Somehow I managed a 12 on my essay (perfect score). That's insane. Of course, I was right on the rest: I did worse on the reading (640 compared with a 690 last time), and my overall score was worse (2010 compared to a 2050). And I did a lot worse on the grammar (63 instead of a 72) which is surprising, since I was doing really well on that in class. sigh. Oh well. At least I did well on the essay! And I did improve upon my math score by a little.
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Went to the orientation meeting for volunteering at the animal shelter earlier today. I really like the place and the people and what it sounds like I'll be doing as a volunteer. The only downside is that you have to have a tetanus shot, and the last time I had one I was 6, meaning I'd have to get another to volunteer there. And for me, this is actually enough to make me not want to volunteer there. I mean, you thought I was afraid of spiders before? That's nothing compared to my fear of needles. I really have no tolerance for pain at all. Hate shots, hate needles. guh. Yes, I am a complete wuss.

I'm still going to do it anyways, which is pretty big for me. Tiffany came to the orientation meeting too, but I don't know if she'll do it. She was as put off as I was by the tetanus shot, and she said it seemed like too much trouble to get started (have to go to training first and it fills up really quickly, so it might take till late August for us to be able to start volunteering). I disagree, but oh well. [shrug] Now I just want to go get the tetanus shot and get it over with before I lose my nerve. The sooner I do it, the less time I'll have to worry about it, and the sooner it'll be over.

But yeah, the rest of the animal shelter seems cool. I guess you have to choose whether you want to train to work with dogs, cats, or rabbits. I actually think I want to train to work with cats, which is pretty surprising, as I've always liked dogs more than cats. I still do, like if I were to choose between getting a dog or cat, I'd choose a dog (well that's also partially because I have 4 birds, and a dog would be more likely to get along with the birds than a cat, I would assume), but I don't know. Something about working with the cats really appealed to me. And the thing is, after awhile, I could just go to a training session for dogs and then volunteer there as well. So it's not really an either/or thing, but I think that's what I want to start with.

Nothing else happening this weekend. I have to write an essay for SAT class, so I suppose I should start that soon. I'm not actually that concerned with it, though. Normally in school, all our essays are in-class essays, so I'm used to writing essays in an hour without knowing the prompt beforehand. Having 4 days to write an essay is heaven. Well, 3 now, since I didn't do anything yesterday, but still. I should do it tomorrow, I guess. Monday there's another SAT diagnostic test to see if we're improving any and to see what we need to work on. It's from like... 4-8 or 4:30-8 or something like that. =/ Oh well.

Edit: Got the results back from the AP US History test. I somehow managed a 4, which is insane, considering I didn't study at all for it, really. Definitely satisfied with that score.
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I got my hair cut and restraightened this morning. I'm so happy with the length, I've been going insane over how long my hair's gotten for, like, a month. It was looking like he wasn't going to cut my hair too short, but after it was all done, it actually came out just right. Unfortunately in 2-3 months, it'll be way too long again, but oh well. I'll just get it cut, I suppose. Ahhh, it feels so short, even though... I mean, it's still 3-4 inches below my shoulders. But I took like... 5 inches off, so it just feels like so much less. Also, I love my hairdressers. They're these two guys in their like... mid-sixties who've been in a relationship now for like... I don't know, 10 years? And they're really adorable together. Seriously. It feels bizarre calling two men who are in their 60's adorable, but they really, really are.

SAT class once again. It was good, though, because I got all the questions on the vocab quiz right and all the questions on this one grammar section of an SAT practice test right. ...unfortunately, this is not nearly as cool as getting 100% on a vocab quiz in school right, seeing as we do not get grades in SAT prep class, unlike normal English at school. So I was kind of unneedlessly stressing about it. Oh well.

Downloaded the pilot of Bones last night. )

Edit: I just got the most bizarre e-mail. )
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Watched QAF 508. Um, kind of long commentary. Slightly spoilery for future episodes at the end. )

So, thankfully, no spiders devoured me in my sleep last night, and additionally, I found none sitting on me when I woke up this morning. I finished cleaning the floor of my room. Or, at least, organizing everything into piles. Boxes of paper that I'm done with, piles of papers/photos/other things that I don't want to get rid of, a stack of notebooks, a stack of binders, a very tall stack of CD cases that migrated from my dresser to various places on the ground, a pile of socks ( that's where they all went!), some book covers I used last year for my textbooks, 2 bags of various pencils/pens/etc, and a pile of 3x5 notecards. I did not see the spider anywhere. This is making me nervous, as I figure one of five different scenarios could have happened. First, it could've crawled into one of the 2 open drawers in my dresser. This is very likely, as it was scurrying in that direction when I last saw it. This isn't too bad, as I rarely go into those drawers and if I do, it won't be for months, most likely. Spiders don't have long lives, right? Hopefully by then it will be dead. Second, it could've crawled behind my dresser. This is also all right, as I never, ever go back there, and in my vast cleaning plan for my room over the next few weeks, behind my dresser is not one of the places I plan on cleaning. Three, it could've gone back into the box of papers where it originally crawled out of. This isn't so bad, either, as long as it stays in there. Four, it could've left my room entirely. I like this scenario a lot. Fifth, it could've crawled under my bed. This scenario is freaking me out the most, because the next place I planned on cleaning was under my bed, as there are many, many papers there. Then I managed to comfort myself by realizing that it's a small, dark place, and there are probably already several spiders living down there. ...this ended up not comforting me very much, and instead freaked me out more. sigh.

Anyways. Ended up deciding not to go to Irvine Stadium to watch fireworks and hang out with people. Don't think I ever was seriously considering it. I think I'd feel kind of awkward just showing up there, since it was only casually mentioned to me and... it didn't feel like a real invite, though I suppose it was. I don't know. I felt liked I'd have more fun cleaning my room. ...yeah. That's kind of pathetic.

SAT class returns once more tomorrow. I have a quiz and homework and I haven't even looked at anything yet. This is especially bad, seeing as I won't have any time to do anything tomorrow morning. I guess I should do that sometime tonight. hm.

Random semi-ranting about my mom )

I need to make some icons. I haven't been making very many lately. I made a set of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind icons a few nights ago, but that's it. hm. I should make some more soon.

Started organizing my CDs. I guess I'll finish doing that now, and then do my SAT hw and study for the quiz.

Happy Fourth to all that live in the U.S. :)
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Man, Motion City Soundtrack is playing most of Warped Tour, but they're not playing the date I'm going to. I thought they were playing the whole tour, but... they're playing some of the dates surrounding the one I'm going to, just... not the one I'm going to. That's really disappointing, since they were one of the bands I was looking forward to seeing the most. I mean, I have seen them before so it's not the end of the world, but it's still disappointing. Oh well. There are still plenty of other bands that I love going to this date, it'll still be loads of fun. I'm getting pissed off, though, because before I got tickets, Tiffany told me that Tina wanted to go, so I got four total tickets (the fourth being for Annie). But Tina hasn't even asked her parents yet and it's tomorrow and... yeah, I kind of need to know. I mean, I know Lulu would like to go (though probably couldn't, but wouldn't there be a better chance of being able to go if she could ask earlier) and if Tina can't I need to find someone to take it, or else I'll have to end up paying for it myself, which really isn't fair at all. If I can't find someone else to go, I'm making her pay for it, because it's not fair that my mom or I have to pay for it just because she wanted a ticket and ended up not being able to go.

blah. Anyways. Haven't done much today. I have SAT class again today, which will surely be thrilling. I'm just looking forward to tomorrow. It should be awesome, even if Motion City Soundtrack isn't playing and even if Tina doesn't tell me until the last minute that she can't go.

Oh, but I found out this morning that Spain has also legalized gay marriage! That's awesome. :D
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Man. Canada legalized gay marriage. That's awesome. I love Canada.

Orthodontist appointment this morning. blech. I suppose it could've been worse, but it wasn't exactly enjoyable. I'd really like to get these braces off, considering I've had them on since I was in the 4th grade, except for one year (I think in 7th grade) when I had them off. Way too long.

SAT class again today. It isn't that bad, really. Three hours seems long when you think about it, but it actually goes by pretty quickly. I don't know. I don't mind them very much.

Finally finished Felicity. Now of course I want to get the third and fourth seasons. Unfortunately, I definitely don't have enough money, especially not after Warped Tour (Friday! So excited. I love Warped). Oh well.

I've been wanting to watch Fight Club for, like, a year, and I finally did this afternoon. Not much to say about it, really, other than it's a wonderfully fucked up movie and I like it a lot. Now that I've seen it all, I want to watch it again to watch it knowing what you do by the end of the movie, but I think I'll wait awhile for the rewatch.

If I don't comment on any of your posts in your LJ, I'm really sorry, but it's not because I'm being snobby or bitchy or anything. I'm really... I don't know, I'm not shy, because when people talk to me, I can respond just fine. I'm horribly insecure, I suppose, so even if I think of something to say in a comment, I worry that the person won't want me commenting or whatever, or that I'll come off horribly stupid. So, yeah. I know it's ridiculous since it's just livejournal, and who cares? And even if someone does care, it's not a big deal. But... that's just how I am. So. Yeah. I'm hoping it'll get better after a little while, but I don't know. But yeah. Just wanted to say that.

All right. Off to watch Warped Wednesday, which I recorded this morning. Warped Wednesday is this program on Fuse, if you didn't know, where a band on the Warped Tour hosts 4 hours of music videos that they choose and they talk about the tour. They did it last year and I really enjoyed it, particularly since I have the same music taste as the bands. And it's awesome since now I have a DVR-player so I can record the show rather than waking up early and watching it all through.
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Watched more Felicity this morning. It's taking forever to finish, I still have a lot left. Usually when I buy DVDs I watch like 6 or 7 on the Saturday I get them and the next day I finish them, but I haven't had a chance to finish them all in one go. I believe I have about 5 or 6 left, don't know if I'll be able to finish them tonight.

Finally posted some icons. I was going to wait until I finished a Buffy set I had started, but I just wanted to get these icons posted, since I haven't posted anything in awhile.

Went to SAT class at 4. Richard was there even though he wasn't at the diagnostic test last Saturday. The class was 3 hours long and I expected it to drag by, but it actually wasn't too bad. I like the guy who's teaching us. Only bad thing is that we get homework assigned. blech. I found out that I got a 2050 on the diagnostic test I took, which isn't bad at all. Especially because my goal is a 2100 or above, and they claim to be able to raise your score at least 50 points in each area. I got a 9 on the essay part which is good, especially since they said the positives were that I chose good examples and I analyzed them well, and the only negative they said was that my handwriting got too hard to read. That's a much easier thing to fix, I think.

Hm. I apologize for not being as insane and random as I claimed in that post a few days ago when I stated that I'd be moving from my blog to LJ. I think once I get more comfortable posting here, I'll post more randomly. We shall see.

All right. I think I shall attempt to finish the rest of the DVDs tonight. I should probably do the SAT hw tonight, but I'll leave it for tomorrow morning.
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Morning wasn't so fun, as I had to wake up early (on my second day of summer break, no less) to take a diagnostic test for the SAT for this SAT class I'm taking which was very long and tiring, but the afternoon was awesome. I went to spectrum with Annie (my closest friend who goes to a different high school than me whom I haven't seen in months) and bought a bunch of CDs and DVDs. I was going to get seasons 1 and 4 of Buffy at Barnes and Noble since I have 2, 3, and 5, and have had the urge recently to have a Buffy marathon (I don't care for seasons 6 and 7 as much, so I don't care too much about having them for the marathon watching of Buffy) and I still have gift cards for there from Christmas and my birthday (which was in January), but then it turned out that they were having a "Buy 2 DVDs, get the third free" so I spent about 15 min trying to decide what to get. I finally decided on Felicity season 2. I think I'll start Felicity tonight and wait on the Buffy marathon. The CDs I got were the new Weezer, the new Garbage, the new Starting Line, the new Alkaline Trio, and the new Motion City Soundtrack, all of which I've been wanting to get for the longest time, but haven't had time to what with school.

Yes. It was awesome seeing Annie again. Hopefully the next time I get to see her won't be in another 3 months. She molested my boob, though! She claims it was an accident, but after that, she also admitted that she was a "mean, lean, molesting machine." Insanity.

But yes. It was a fun day. Going to Andrew's tomorrow with a bunch of people and playing DDR and such. Summer is so awesome, so glad it's finally arrived.

I really need to make some icons. I have a bunch sitting on my computer from the past week or so (...when I should've been studying for finals, but instead decided making icons was far more important), but I haven't gotten around to making enough in any one fandom to post them. bleh. Soon, hopefully.

All right. DVD-watching time.


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