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I officially have tickets to the Panic! at the Disco/Motion City Soundtrack (and others, but those are the two I'm going for) concert in Anaheim in June. I can't believe I've only seen Panic! (I know there's no exclamation point anymore, but it's hard to break the habit!) once. And it was so long ago! I think... October of my junior year of high school, so that would be... 2005! Fever had been out for only a month! There was no Jon Walker! (...well, he still existed. But you know what I mean) Actually, that's the last time I saw MCS, too (although I've seen them more times. I think three total?). I'm assuming I'm going alone which will kind of suck when waiting in line, but it's near impossible to stick together in the pit anyways, so that won't really matter. And I hate that it's a huge venue (why couldn't they play at Bren Events Center? Or House of Blues Anaheim?). But at least it's on a Saturday night, so if I do get a job over the summer, like I'm planning, I'll still be able to go.

Meme time! List 5 TV Credits you love, which you don't fast-forward. The credits. )

Time to start making flashcards for my test on Friday and maybe do the other assignment I have to do for Friday.
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gah. I just finished watching the Arrested Development Season 3 DVDs, and I don't know why I thought I could watch it all again, because I'm still totally not over it being cancelled yet. Especially that featurette, the one of their last day on location, on the Queen Mary. I started tearing up during that, with Will Arnett talking to the crew about like how happy he had been to work there, and I think he was kind of tearing up at the end, or at least his voice was breaking or something. And Jason Bateman's clips during that talking about the show and how much he loved his job and everyone on the show and how amazing everyone was. It's just... gah. You can see how great that cast and crew must've been, and how none of them were ready to let the show go yet. sigh. And now I'm just depressed. :( I watched everything except the episodes with commentary, but I'll probably save that. Tomorrow I'll be watching The Office DVDs, so that should make me happier.

Yeah, I guess that's all I wanted to say. Sorry I've been such a crappy LJ friend recently, but it's not going to get any better for awhile, probably. Once marching band and college apps and first semester are over, it should be much better.
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Quick update before watching DVDs.

On Wednesday I ended up having no willpower, so I watched the first two episodes of The Office with commentary (I justified that to myself by saying that watching with commentary is different than just watching the episode because I don't pay very much attention to the episode when I'm listening to the commentary) and then the first two episodes of Arrested Development. Tonight I'll hopefully finish Arrested Development and then tomorrow will be an Office marathon!

Today I had an essay on the Scarlet Letter and I think it might be one of the best essays I've written in a long time. This doesn't mean I think I'm going to get an A, because I think I'll probably still get a B because of stuff I didn't notice or whatever, but just based on my standards, I'm really happy with that essay. When I get the grade this'll all probably come crashing down, but for now, I'm happy.

Yesterday one of my birds, Caitlin, was like... wheezing and sneezing funny, so my mom took her to the vet and he thought she had a seed stuck in her trachea, so they put her under anasthesia and performed surgery on her and it turned out she had a fungal infection, and yeah, this was all very shocking to come home to considering she was fine the night before. She's all right now, she still wheezes but we're giving her medicine and it should get better. I feel so bad for her, though. She'll like try to chirp but she can't because of all that so it just comes out as this little like... wheeze or squeak, and it's just really sad. :( I hope she gets better soon.

...I think that's all I wanted to update about. I can't wait until next week, because it's major premiere week. I'm really looking forward to Studio 60 starting (well I've seen the pilot already, so not so much to this Monday, but just in general I'm looking forward to the show) and definitely The Office (I'm so excited for the new season to see how everything turns out, but nervous because I'm afraid that I won't be happy with whatever path they end up choosing) and there's also ANTM and My Name is Earl, neither of which I'm totally in love with (MNiE definitely more than ANTM, though) but I'm still happy new seasons are starting, and yeah. Yay for next week! :D

Ok, off to watch season 3 of Arrested Development!
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So, I got The Office Season 2 and Arrested Development Season 3 today from I've finished all my homework except finding a passage in The Scarlet Letter that reflects the Romantic movement but that isn't going to take 4 hours. So, the question is, do I leave my DVDs until the weekend, or do I start them tonight? I'm pretty sure I don't have the willpower to wait until the weekend, but I won't get very far in them tonight, and I doubt I'll have much time tomorrow to do anything because I have a calc quiz Friday and an English essay and I'm sure a million other things that will be assigned tomorrow. Ah, but I want to start them so badly! But I also don't want to start a few episodes and then have to wait two days to continue them. sigh. Decisions, decisions.

Uh, other than that, nothing much has been going on (other than lots of homework and lots of marching band) which is why I haven't been posting. I'm liking all my classes except French, which is to be expected, and even that's not as bad as I thought it would be. I'm especially liking English (even though thinking about all those essays we have yet to write freaks me out).

I've been watching Prison Break, Vanished, and House, but I haven't been posting about them because I haven't had much to say. I'm really, really loving Prison Break this season, probably more than last season. House is still good, but I'm just incapable of really getting invested in it. I do enjoy it, though. Vanished still isn't great, but I think Gale Harold has started to get more comfortable in his role by these episodes, and the episodes are improving. Heroes doesn't start for a few more weeks, so I'll at least keep watching until then. I'm still convinced it'll be cancelled soon, but then again, I have no idea what the ratings are, so it could be doing wonderfully.

I'm tired. Is first semester over yet? I can't wait until second semester.
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My DVD player finally got hooked up correctly on Saturday morning, so I spent all weekend marathoning Arrested Development. God, I love that show. I can't wait to get the season 3 DVDs. And you know, people generally seem to like season 1 a lot more than season 2, and I thought I felt the same way, but watching it all in succession, I think from Out on a Limb to Righteous Brothers is pretty much my favorite Arrested Development ever (at least out of the first two seasons; I've only seen the season 3 episodes once, so it's harder to judge them against the first two seasons). I mean, I do love season 1, but I think season 2 is just as good really. I can see why some would prefer season 1, but I've found that I really do love season 2 just as much, if not more so with that final third of the season.

Today was the first day of band camp for freshmen and marching band leadership, but I went anyways and took pictures since I'm one of the historians. Went for lunch with a bunch of people and then came back to help set up for uniform fittings tomorrow. And now I'm kind of exhausted and I've barely done anything today. Imagine how I'll feel tomorrow. blah.

Prison Break season 2 premiere tonight! I'm excited. Vanished also premieres, but I'm not as excited for that since I've already seen the pilot. And besides, I don't think it's that great a show, anyways. I might watch it just to see Gale Harold in high definition on my new TV, though.
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We have couches in the family room now! Like two months ago, one day all of a sudden the couches in the family room were gone with no explanation. I chose to believe that we were becoming poor and my parents had sold the couches on the black market to get some quick cash. But no, they're back now, and they were just reapholstered (that's so spelled wrong, but I don't care to check how to spell it). They're a slight improvement over the old couches. I'll take a picture sometime soon.

My recent movie-watching kick has continued. Yesterday I watched Get Real (which I absolutely loved). Then today I went to the Woodbridge theaters with Elizabeth and Galaxy and saw RV. It was pretty bad, but it did have some funny moments. Plus, it had Kristin Chenoweth (Glinda in the original broadway cast of Wicked. And she sang!), Will Arnett (GOB on Arrested Development), and Tony Hale (Buster on Arrested Development). So it was worth it to see them.

Anyways, afterwards I came home and watched Beautiful Thing, which was really sweet. I was planning on watching Something New, but the version I had downloaded was screwed up, and I don't think the new one will be done in time for me to watch. Oh well. I'll watch it tomorrow.

I'm still planning to start watching My So-Called Life, I just wanted to finish my essays first, and after those were done all of a sudden I have the urge to watch a bunch of movies (particularly ones focusing on gay relationships, if you hadn't noticed the trend in a lot of the movies I've been watching [The Broken Hearts Club, Latter Days, Get Real, Beautiful Thing]). But I'll probably start watching it either tomorrow or Thursday. After My So-Called Life I was thinking of starting Entourage, but I think instead I'm going to try to watch Strangers With Candy. Still going to watch Entourage at some point, I just feel more like checking out Strangers With Candy now.

I'm going to be so sad when summer is over and I won't have the time to watch all these movies and TV shows.
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The final four Arrested Development )

Anyways. Just to say overall if you haven't seen the episodes yet and don't want to be spoiled by the brief stuff I had to say, I love this show. I love it as much as Veronica Mars (I can't even decide between them, since they're such different shows). I was able to find things to laugh at in every episode, the writing was excellent throughout, as was the acting, I find more and more jokes everytime I see each episode, it was just... amazing, and I'm so sorry that it didn't have the chance to find the audience it deserved. And I hope Mitch Hurwitz goes with Showtime's deal even though I find it unlikely. It was amazing while it lasted. I don't know what else to say. Such a brilliant show.

sigh. All right, done with the sad.

After jazz band, Emma, Galaxy, Justin, Soan, Andrew, and Elizabeth came over to my house and we hung out for awhile before going back to school to watch the school musical, Urinetown. I was kind of regretting getting a ticket because it was from 7:30-9:40ish and I wanted to be home to watch Arrested Development and I've been in a kind of... I don't want to say bad mood, because that's not what I mean, but I was just... feeling not happy, I guess, the past few days, and I don't know. But then I went, and man, I'm so glad I did. It was really great. I don't even just mean the story (which I did enjoy), but all the people in it. I mean, man. They were good. Really good actors, and some really amazing singers. The guys who played the three main men in the story, Officer Lockstock, Bobby Strong, and Caldwell B. Cladwell, were particularly amazing. So yeah, anyways, glad I went. It was great. I think I just really love musicals in general.

Anyways. List of Lust Meme )
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So I ended up watching the extras on my Arrested Development Season 2 DVDs since I never got around to seeing them, and ugh. So good. And the cast is all just so happy to be working together! They're all such good friends and alkdfj makes me so upset that they have to split up once it's cancelled. I really hope ABC/Showtime picks it up. I love this show so freaking much.

Blah. Bored, so Lyrics Meme )

And, while I'm at it, another meme to kill time. I apologize, but I'm really bored. 10 Favorite Actors/Actresses )
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lakj Arrested Development was so freaking good and it always is and I really hope that wasn't the last episode ever. Someone better pick it up.

I did end up renting Bridget Jones and Love Actually on Sunday and watched them both. I do think the first Bridget Jones is much better than the second, but I still really like the second. I think it helped for me that I saw the second first, so when the first was better I wasn't disappointed. Seeing them in the right order, I'd probably have been disappointed by the second. Also, there needs to be a movie solely consisting of Hugh Grant and Colin Firth fighting. That would be excellent.

I liked Love Actually a lot, too. I don't know if I would have liked it as much as if I wasn't so... invested, I guess, in some of the actors (Colin Firth, Hugh Grant, Alan Rickman, Emma Thompson, Keira Knightly to some extent), but I was, so I did really like it.

I read one of the books I got for Christmas today, The Jane Austen Book Club by Karen Joy Fowler. I really enjoyed it. But I think I need to read Jane Austen's other 4 books first before I'd really love it. It was very interesting, though, and I loved reading the parts about Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility.

All Southern auditions on Saturday and I'm pretty screwed, but oh well. All I can do is practice every night until the audition and hope that everyone else sucks more than me.

Friending meme! Welcome to all my new friends! :)
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Christmas was very nice. :) My aunt and her boyfriend/roommate (I'm not entirely sure which. Each time I think I have their relationship figured out, someone ends up confusing me again) came over and my aunt gave me a nice gray fleece sweatshirt. Dinner was very good too, although I ate entirely too much of it.

Oh, and I totally forgot to mention in my earlier excitement that one of the presents my dad got my mom was one of those robot vacuum cleaners, like what Lucille got to replace Lupe on Arrested Development (in fact, when my mom opened it I mentioned to them that what it reminded me of at first was when they first get it and it goes near Buster and beeps and he's all "Oh, you're hungry" and feeds it like... some sort of snack"). It's so amusing. My dad says we should name it, and I want to name it Buster, but it is my mom's, so she'll probably end up deciding.

I've watched Monty Python and Nightmare Before Christmas (both of which I really like, but I already knew that) and listened to both CDs I got (the one my mom made me is actually really good. She has good taste in music) and started the book of Weekly World News (which is so far very amusing), so I think now I'll watch Moulin Rouge. I'll start Dead Like Me either tomorrow or Tuesday. And tomorrow we're going to start looking for a car! wheee, so excited. :D

I hope everyone's day was excellent, whether they celebrate Christmas or not. :)
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PSAT scores came back today, and I got a 223 (last year I got a 210, so I improved), which is pretty good. I have a pretty good chance of being a semi-finalist for a National Merit Scholarship, but I wouldn't say it's for certain yet. It'll be a long time until they announce those, though, so I'm not going to worry about it too much.

The score of the unit test in Euro I took last Friday is up now and I got an 87! I'm pretty sure that's with the curve, but that's still better than my previous two unit tests. If only I'd actually studied this semester in Euro. Oh well.

Arrested Development is awesome. I have nothing to say other than "Bob Loblaw Law Blog". Hee! And I thought Bob Loblaw was fun to say.

Anyways. Meme!
1. Post a list of up to 20 books/movies/anime/TV shows/video games/etc. that you've had an obsessive fannish love of at some time in your life
2. Have your friends list guess your favourite character from each item.
If there's a (1) after any of the shows, then that means I have one other favorite character from that show that hasn't been guessed.

The List )
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Prison Break )

I miss Arrested Development. But it comes back next Monday, right? Won't be able to see it until Tuesday because of the concert Monday, but still. It's coming back! Yay!

One of these days I should try studying for Euro. Today, however, is not going to be the day.
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Ah! Both the Veronica Mars and Arrested Development Season 2 DVDs came today! [is happy] The AD DVDs weren't even scheduled to come until like October 18! I think I'll watch the VM ones first since I saw all the eps in repeat of season 2 of AD over the summer and my parents need to catch up on AD before it comes back from hiatus so they can start watching the eps as they air rather than waiting for the DVDs.

I got a 92 on the Euro essay I wrote last week in class! Awesome. I thought I was going to get a C or B. And he curved the tests, so now I have a 84.6 rather than an 80. wheee. Imagine how well I could do if I actually studied. It would be insane.

We also got updated English grades: I got a 91 on the unit test, and that brought my grade up to a 78 or 79, which is a B! And it's teetering on the edge of a B+! I'm so happy. No worry about getting a C on the progress reports anymore! ...of course, I already told my mom I'd possibly be getting a C+ yesterday, but whatever.

There was a marching sectional for saxophones today after marching band, but I didn't go because A) I didn't find out about it until 5th period, B) I was having cramps on and off, and C) my foot where I injured it Monday was starting to hurt again by the end of practice. Like, it wasn't seriously hurting, but it was starting to feel stressed, and I knew if I marched for too much longer it would start hurting a lot more.

Aw, man, now I want to watch my DVDs.
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Bah. I do not have my Veronica Mars DVDs yet. It seems like they're scheduled to arrive tomorrow. But I ordered them July 28th! I think they should be here by now.

I also do not have my Arrested Development DVDs, but I just ordered those Sunday, so it's not as frustrating that they're not here yet.

I got a 80% on the multiple choice test we took last Friday in Euro. eep. But he said he's going to base it on a curve, so it should go up some. Perhaps I should start studying for Euro.

Also, Mr. Austerman told me today that there's a part for this one piece they're doing in Symphony for tenor sax, so I get to do Symphony temporarily. Pretty cool. I don't get any credit for it, but it'll still be fun. I don't have to go every week, either, only when they work on that one piece, so it's good.

Yeah, so I've been a really horrible LJ friend recently, but I just kind of got into a funk where I didn't feel like doing anything but lying on my bed and reading and ignoring the rest of the world. Hopefully I'll be better about this this week.
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What with the hating of Andrew Truong in my post earlier today, I forgot to also mention why I hate the attendance office at school. See, to leave early from class, you first need to get a note from your parent stating why and when you need to leave. Then you take it to the office before school/during snack/during lunch before you leave, they take the note and give you a pass, and you show that pass to your teacher to get out of class. Well, even though this is the 3rd year of me having to do this for orthodontist appointments at my school, my mom still doesn't know how to write a proper note. She addressed it to Mrs. Moore, my English teacher, and then wrote "10 minutes early from class" rather than 12:50 PM. So, this was the result:

Why I hate the attendance office )

Anyways. Onto TV.

Reunion )

Arrested Development )

Prison Break )

How I Met Your Mother I watched but have nothing to say about. Kitchen Confidential I didn't feel like watching, so I'm leaving it till tomorrow or Wednesday. I don't think I'm going to keep watching it, though, because I really don't care what happens and it doesn't seem to have much of a... plot, I guess.

Heh. I found out that my mom's started watching The Daily Show. Next things to convert her to: Veronica Mars and Serenity/Firefly.
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Well, thank god that's over. Don't have to worry about doing another seminar until February.

English unit test and essay tomorrow. ugh. Been dreading that since she announced it on like the third day of school. I have English fifth period (and tomorrow's block, so we have 1, office hours, 3, and 5) and it might sound nice to have it so late so I have time during the day to think things through more and have more time to plan and whatever, but when it's later in the day, then I just have more time to worry and obsess and I'd actually rather have it 1st than 5th. sigh. Oh well.

I finally remembered to bring Lulu my Arrested Development DVDs yesterday, so she watched the first two episodes, but she said she didn't find it that funny. >:O She's not really into comedies, though, so it actually doesn't surprise me very much. I mean, AD is a million times more hilarious than the typical comedy, but if you're not that into comedies then... you're not going to like it that much. I think she said she'd watch the rest of the season 1 DVDs, though. She needs to see Pier Pressure. And like a million others, but Pier Pressure especially.

Uh, what else? Veronica Mars premiere tomorrow! wheee! I can't wait!
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Well, I finally finished my part of the seminar at like 6 PM. Seher was supposed to e-mail her part to me at 7 PM, but a little past 7 she was all "Uh, I didn't finish. Can I e-mail it to you at 8?" Uh, no. I said "7 PM at the latest" for a reason. So then I said 7:30, and by 7:45, she still hadn't e-mailed it to me. guh. I am so happy this is going to be over with tomorrow (though I'm not looking forward to presenting it. That is going to be hell).

Arrested Development )

Kitchen Confidential )

How I Met Your Mother )

Prison Break )
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Monday night TV!

Arrested Development )

Kitchen Confidential )

How I Met Your Mother )

For some reason I never have anything to say about Prison Break. Well, I guess that's true of most new shows I see. Not much to say until I get a better feel for the show. I am liking Prison Break, though. There are loads of flaws in it, but I don't really care because A) I know nothing about prisons, so I can't really nitpick it, B) it's keeping me entertained, and C) Wentworth Miller is really gorgeous.

It's been raining since late this afternoon. Even had a good amount of thunder and lighting. Totally crazy. I wonder if this will be another year like last year, where we had like... the second (or maybe we got up to first) most rain in this region since, like, ever. Well, since that sort of stuff started getting recorded. Whatever, I love the rain, so I'd be very pleased if that did happen.
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Heh. I was talking to Lulu about the Emmys last night during English, and I started mentioning Kristen Bell, and then all of a sudden Susan Chiang is all "omg, I totally watched the Emmys only for Kristen Bell's part and then turned it off" and then she asked me if she had won (where I sadly had to tell her no) and then she was all "Do you watch Veronica Mars?" and I was all "...are you kidding?" because yeah. I didn't realize there was anyone else who went to my school that liked and watched the show besides Lulu. And I think Melissa may have seen it, but that was only because of Lulu, and Lulu was only because of me. I didn't realize there were people who started watching it without my influence. It was crazy.

Some more school stuff. )

Arrested Development premiere tonight! Along with some others that I'm planning on catching (Kitchen Confidential, How I Met You're Mother [which I'm recording. Don't know when I'll get to see it. But it has Alyson Hannigan and Jason Segal! Have to give it a chance!], possibly another I'm forgetting), but I'm most looking forward to Arrested Development. I'm so happpy it got another season. :D
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Oh, man! I got the new issue of Alternative Press today, and guess what I found! George Michael and Maeby! (Unfortunately the image host I used resized them [imageshack hasn't been loading for me recently], but I think the text is still readable.) Also, Max Greenfield, aka Deputy Leo on Veronica Mars, was in it, as well as Bradley Cooper. I didn't get as excited about them (well, I did get kind of excited about Bradley Cooper, but I found that after I saw Alia Shawkat and Michael Cera, so it was kind of diminished), so I didn't scan those pages, but I will if anyone wants them.

Another day of band camp. We put music to the drill today. It's actually coming together really well. I'm really looking forward to the end of band camp, though. So tired.


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