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Finished my rewatch of Queer as Folk! )

Ok, now someone rec me some good post-513 B/J fic. I read a couple right after it aired, but it's been nearly a year since then, so I'm sure a bunch more awesome fic has popped up since then.

I also watched the pilots for Vanished and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.
Vanished )
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip )
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More reasons to hate econ:

1. Whenever it's freezing cold in the room, he's all "Oh, it's to keep you awake!" Except I have so much of an easier time getting to sleep when it's cold than when it's hot, so it's always a million times harder to stay awake. And then I keep nearly falling asleep and then jerking awake again and it's just blah.

2. He made this stupid fucking "joke" when we were commenting on how everyone was falling asleep anyways: "They did this study about kids who fell asleep in class, and all the kids asleep? Were gay." And we were all "" and he was all "HAHA just kidding" but it was ridiculous, like a;lkfjd I don't know. Like there was something WRONG with being gay and being accused of being gay would keep us awake, or something. I mean it might some people, I guess. But it was just ridiculous and a stupid thing to say and it was irritating as hell.

I will be so happy a week from now to be done with that fucking class. Although I guess I am happy that I didn't have to take it for a whole semester. I would probably have to shoot myself, in that case.

I got this thing in the mail with an id number thing to see my senior portraits online. What a fucking waste of money. I mean you have to pay like $40 just to sit there, and you have to pay more to even buy any, and you'd think they'd actually be good at that price, but they're not. It's not even me being critical of how I look when everyone else thinks I look fine, because my mom looked at the pictures and she also said they looked terrible, especially for a professional photographer, and she usually is all "Oh, come on, you like fine". I mean, my freaking school ID picture from last year looks better than this. Pictures I take of myself with my digital camera look better than these pictures. What a waste of money.

Not sure if I can finish my QAF rewatch by tomorrow. I'm on 407 now and can only watch a few more episodes tonight and I thought I'd be further but I took a break to watch a movie on LOGO earlier (Hard Pill, which I really loved except for the ending) and my mom told me tomorrow night we're going out to celebrate my aunt's birthday or something so I won't have as much time as I thought. I'm going to have a bunch to say when I'm done, but let me just say now how much I love Ted/Blake. I mean, I liked them before (not so much when Blake left Ted in a coma and all, but I did kind of like him at the end of season 1, and then I really liked him in early season 4), but now going through the episodes and knowing that Blake turns out decently and Ted ends up with him, I like him even more in episodes I just kind of liked him in before, and I absolutely adore him in episodes I really liked him in. So yeah. So glad they ended up together.

All right, back to watching QAF.
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I've been updating so infrequently, but nothing's really been happening. Last Saturday I went to the Spectrum with Annie which was awesome because I hadn't seen Annie since we saw Miss Saigon in like May, but also sucked because it was like the hottest day of the year (it was 98 degrees when I was driving home at 5:30. Ridiculous). But it was awesome seeing her again, and I got three new CDs: 30 Second to Mars's A Beautiful Lie, Mike Doughty's Haughty Melodic, and Muse's Black Holes and Relevations.

Since then, I've pretty much just been rewatching Queer as Folk. I've watched up to 303, so I should be done by Saturday I would think. I'll probably make a post about some random thoughts I've had while rewatching once I finish.

I had my senior picture on Tuesday, which was... okay. I don't know, it just felt weird, because I had to smile like continuously and I don't know. It was just weird. Hopefully I'll get a decent shot. Glad it's done with, in any case.

New York in just a little over a week! It seemed so far away, and now it's so close! Ah, I'm excited.

Anyways, I guess I should study a bit for my political science test tomorrow. So close to being done with summer school! And then more Queer as Folk! :D
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I'm loving Euro this semester so much more. Mostly because A) I'm actually taking notes this semester, and that somehow makes the period fly by a lot faster, and B) I'm getting a 101 in the class. Considering that semester I struggled for an A- and barely reached it, this has gotten me in a pretty good mood. It's mostly due to the last test, which I got a 63/80 on (C+ I think?) but he curved to a 60 because everyone did terribly, so I ended up with a 107. Excellent.

Also, scored discussion results back. So, the very first scored discussion we did, for Pride and Prejudice last December, I got like... an 8/15 on, because I can't talk in front of class (or really at all, but it becomes worse in front of more people). So, needless to say, for our second one ever, for Wuthering Heights, I was a little concerned, and I probably overprepared. But I ended up getting a 14/15 this time! So proud of that. Now let's just hope the in-class essay I wrote today goes just as well. I came off writing it in a very good mood, but I don't think I wrote a very good essay, so I don't know why I was feeling good about it, because it wasn't because I was just happy it was over, either. Oh well.

I've found recently that I love libraries. I was reminded when Emma and I went to the University Park one that I went to all the time when I was a kid because it's literally next door to my pre-school to work on this English project, and then today afterschool Emma, Justin, Richard and I went to the UCI library to do work. I just don't love my school's library, because... I don't know. So ridiculously tiny, and no one actually goes in there to work and it's always super crowded anyways, and there's no real point to.

I've had such an urge to rewatch seasons 1-5 of QAF lately. I haven't done that since... the very first time I saw all the episodes, last May, and then the season 5 episodes as they aired. I was planning to do it during winter break, but then it was Christmas and I got the Dead Like Me DVDs and I watched those instead and then all of a sudden break was over. And I don't want to do it like, this weekend, because then I'll just be watching them all constantly, because that's what happened the first time I watched them all (luckily it was during the CAT 6/SAT 9 testing so I had no hw/tests) and I have too much work to do that. I guess during the summer? It seems so far away. :(

Veronica Mars tonight! Ah, finally. I'm so excited. And then festival tomorrow and Friday! Should be fun. :D
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Man. Thanks to Lulu I was able to see the Saying Goodbye to Queer as Folk special that aired before the series finale on Sunday. I couldn't stop crying during it. I remember when it started I was all "Man, I have to say how much I love Peter Paige. And Gale Harold. And Randy Harrison. And Michelle Clunie. And Sharon Gless. And..." Then I realized that I love them all.

And after seeing that, now I feel like the show is truly over. I think Sharon Gless said it best at the end when she said "This sucks."
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I can't believe it's over.

Queer as Folk 513 )
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Aw, man. It's over. Don't really feel like talking about it, other than saying that Bob Burnquist is amazing. I mean, he falls and totally hurts his hip and groans in pain on the ground for several minutes and then goes up for his last fucking run! geez. ...also, Bucky Lasek came right over to Bob when he saw that he was hurt. awwwww. After Skateboard Big Air they showed BMX best trick from yesterday. I ended up watching the Supercross thing anyways. It's actually pretty exciting once you start watching it. Then they showed a final like... clips reel thing from the X Games and once again pretended that Skateboard Vert Best Trick never happened. gr.

Ok, so now I have to prepare myself before watching the Queer as Folk series finale.
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20 Emotional TV Moments Meme )

Ok, now I'm off to watch Skateboard Big Air. After that is the supermoto thing which I really couldn't care less about (I'd rather watch Moto X Step Up), which means that by 1 or 1:30ish, X Games will be over for me. sigh. It's so fun to get as excited as I do over the X Games, but that means that once the end comes, I'm in for a major crash. And if that wasn't enough, the series finale of Queer as Folk is on tonight as well. sigh. Tomorrow will not be fun.
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Watched Queer as Folk 511. I caved. )

Lulu needs to get on LJ so I can squee to her in many comments about 510 and 511. sigh.

I promised myself that I'd do the critical reading hw and the essay before watching 511. ...about 1/10 through the critical reading hw, I decided that finishing that would be enough and I'd do the essay tomorrow. I'm such a horrible procrastinator. Or, rather, I'm a great procrastinator is the problem. Oh well. I'll have plenty of time to do the essay, I just know that I'll have wished that I had done it today. Last week I did it on the Sunday before the Tuesday class, which was quite wise. I clearly did not learn from that. blah. ...but for now, I shall make a multitude of icons from 510 and 511 from caps that I made, because that's far more important than writing an essay that's due tomorrow.
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Yesterday I found out that this guy who went to my school died a week or two ago. Actually, I heard about it last week, but I didn't hear the details. His name was Charles Geo and I didn't know him, but I know people who did, and it's still incredibly sad. He was a freshman last year, so he's a year below me. He was exercising or working out or something like that I guess, and a blood vessel in his head burst. How random is that? I mean, I would expect something like a car crash or... I don't know. But a blood vessel bursting in his head? geez. I feel horrible for his family and anyone who knew him. :(

Watched Queer as Folk 510. )

Anyways, I got my camera back from Andrew's house on the way to my tenor lesson, so I have pictures from yesterday! )

I have an essay for SAT class I really need to write. sigh. And plus, I have a critical reading section thing to do, which I hate. I really need to do those tonight, though. blah.
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The SAT diagnostic test didn't go so well last night. =/ The essay I wrote was a lot worse than my last one (not nearly enough examples), and I was having a harder time with a lot of the questions. Oh well. It's not like it counts for anything, it's just to see how much you've progressed. And, apparently, I haven't progressed much at all.

Today is my parent's 30th anniversary. Crazy. My mom brought it up this morning, that we'd be going out to dinner and such, so I finally asked her about the digital camera. She told me to ask my dad about it, because I could probably get him to buy it for me (...which is true. He spoils me a lot more than my mom, mostly because he's guilty about not being around much when I was younger). When I told her it's only $80, she seemed impressed, and told me to mention to my dad how cheap it is and that if I use it like 4 times, that makes up for all the money I'd spend buying disposable cameras and getting the pictures developed. So, anyways, hopefully by tonight, I will have a new digital camera.

SAT class once again today. Joy. It's not that I don't like the class, it's just... if I had a choice between doing work and thinking for 3 hours or staying on the computer and possibly making icons and reading more Harry Potter, ...well I think it's pretty obvious what I'd choose. Plus, while it doesn't feel like it takes that long when I'm there, 3 hours is a pretty large chunk of the day.

Watched Queer as Folk 509 )

Edit: They e-mailed me the scores of the diagnostic test I took yesterday. Somehow I managed a 12 on my essay (perfect score). That's insane. Of course, I was right on the rest: I did worse on the reading (640 compared with a 690 last time), and my overall score was worse (2010 compared to a 2050). And I did a lot worse on the grammar (63 instead of a 72) which is surprising, since I was doing really well on that in class. sigh. Oh well. At least I did well on the essay! And I did improve upon my math score by a little.
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Watched QAF 508. Um, kind of long commentary. Slightly spoilery for future episodes at the end. )

So, thankfully, no spiders devoured me in my sleep last night, and additionally, I found none sitting on me when I woke up this morning. I finished cleaning the floor of my room. Or, at least, organizing everything into piles. Boxes of paper that I'm done with, piles of papers/photos/other things that I don't want to get rid of, a stack of notebooks, a stack of binders, a very tall stack of CD cases that migrated from my dresser to various places on the ground, a pile of socks ( that's where they all went!), some book covers I used last year for my textbooks, 2 bags of various pencils/pens/etc, and a pile of 3x5 notecards. I did not see the spider anywhere. This is making me nervous, as I figure one of five different scenarios could have happened. First, it could've crawled into one of the 2 open drawers in my dresser. This is very likely, as it was scurrying in that direction when I last saw it. This isn't too bad, as I rarely go into those drawers and if I do, it won't be for months, most likely. Spiders don't have long lives, right? Hopefully by then it will be dead. Second, it could've crawled behind my dresser. This is also all right, as I never, ever go back there, and in my vast cleaning plan for my room over the next few weeks, behind my dresser is not one of the places I plan on cleaning. Three, it could've gone back into the box of papers where it originally crawled out of. This isn't so bad, either, as long as it stays in there. Four, it could've left my room entirely. I like this scenario a lot. Fifth, it could've crawled under my bed. This scenario is freaking me out the most, because the next place I planned on cleaning was under my bed, as there are many, many papers there. Then I managed to comfort myself by realizing that it's a small, dark place, and there are probably already several spiders living down there. ...this ended up not comforting me very much, and instead freaked me out more. sigh.

Anyways. Ended up deciding not to go to Irvine Stadium to watch fireworks and hang out with people. Don't think I ever was seriously considering it. I think I'd feel kind of awkward just showing up there, since it was only casually mentioned to me and... it didn't feel like a real invite, though I suppose it was. I don't know. I felt liked I'd have more fun cleaning my room. ...yeah. That's kind of pathetic.

SAT class returns once more tomorrow. I have a quiz and homework and I haven't even looked at anything yet. This is especially bad, seeing as I won't have any time to do anything tomorrow morning. I guess I should do that sometime tonight. hm.

Random semi-ranting about my mom )

I need to make some icons. I haven't been making very many lately. I made a set of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind icons a few nights ago, but that's it. hm. I should make some more soon.

Started organizing my CDs. I guess I'll finish doing that now, and then do my SAT hw and study for the quiz.

Happy Fourth to all that live in the U.S. :)
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Went to bed with a really bad headache last night and when I woke up, it was still there. And then I had to go to my tenor sax lesson which I normally hate enough as it is, so my headache wasn't exactly making it any better. It's all right now, though, but bleh. Crappy morning.

Managed to listen to the Motion City Soundtrack CD in its entirety, and I really like it. Also listened to about half of the Garbage CD. So, only 2 1/2 CDs left to listen to!

Watched Queer as Folk 507 )

Anyways. I got the pictures back from the band beach party last week. Image-heavy. You have been warned.
pictures! )

And that's all for the pictures. I totally love the colors of them. I didn't even do that much touch up in photoshop, that's pretty much how they came out. So pretty. :D

In the time that it's taken me to type this post out, I've finished the Garbage CD and the Alkaline Trio CD (both of which ended up being very good, as the Weezer and Motion City Soundtrack CDs did) and have started listening to the Starting Line CD. I think I'll stop it now, though, and go back out and watch more Felicity. I still have more than half the season left.


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