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So I wrote this up like a month ago and was just waiting for the Doctor Who finale to post, but then it came and I totally forgot about it. But anyways, since I did a short review of all the shows I watched last year, I figured I'd do the same for this year. There are spoilers, so if you haven't seen all of a TV show that aired this year then you might not want to read it (the shows under the cut are Battlestar Galactica, The Black Donnellys, Doctor Who, Gilmore Girls, Heroes, House, Lost, My Name is Earl, The O.C., The Office, Prison Break, Studio 60, Supernatural, Torchwood, Ugly Betty, and Veronica Mars). 2006-2007 Television Season )

I totally caught my mom watching a rerun of Ugly Betty last night. I'm so awesome at getting her to watch the TV shows I like.
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hee. So last night I should've had Symphony at 5:30 but at like 4:45ish the power went off at my home and I didn't think it would reach to the school (I live like 2 minutes from the school, but often the power will go off at my house and it'll only be like my block) but when I was driving me and Galaxy to school the traffic light was off and a policeman was directing traffic and then when we got to school some lights were off but Parsa and some other guy in Symphony told us that it was the generator and I guess it isn't for the band room? I don't know, I didn't go there, but they told me Symphony was cancelled and a lot of people were leaving so I left too and then at 5:48 the lights at my house came back on. hee. So I get to ditch Symphony and still watch Veronica Mars and Gilmore Girls and record House. That was pretty awesome.

Anyways, got my final grades in my classes yesterday, and I got a 90.5 in Chem! I totally didn't expect that, because that final was really hard, and I thought I'd gotten like an 80 on it, but it turns out I got a 94! I'm really happy. :D Final first semester grades. )

Ah but even though I got a B in English, I totally kicked ass on the final. I was so proud of myself. I got the 2 highest essay grades I've gotten all year, and she showed us how to convert it to an AP scale, and I would've easily gotten a 5 on the actual AP test. Like, not even barely, but right in the middle of the point range for a 5. So that makes me feel a lot more confident about my chances on the AP exam in May. It's still frustrating to know I could've done better but I thought I didn't have a chance so I just didn't bother. This is totally what happened first semester junior year in English, too, and I thought I had learned my lesson but obviously I hadn't. Oh well.

About the Veronica Mars promo last night... )

Besides the promo, I really enjoyed the episode. I was also happy with last night's Gilmore Girls and kind of can't wait for next week. Haven't watched House yet, probably will this afternoon.
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So, good news: I finally know when I'm getting my computer! It's supposed to come anywhere from Monday to Wednesday this coming week. So, I shouldn't be without it much longer! Unfortunately, I'm getting it right as I should be starting to review for finals, since I'm borderline in like all my classes except for band and French. Oh well. I'll still be very happy to have it back.

Just got back from Mammoth today. The skiing was all right. It was snowing pretty heavily the 3rd day we were there so we couldn't ski that day very much, and I wasn't skiing very well throughout the time. But it still ended up being fun. There was a DVD player in the room and I brought season 1 of Veronica Mars and finally got my parents to watch it with me, and both of them really loved it. They probably won't have a chance to watch season 2 anytime soon, but that's all right. They'll get to it eventually. It was so fun to watch season 1 again. I don't think I've watched it since I got it on DVD, right at the start of the second season.

I guess that's it. I really can't wait until I get my computer.
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Caught up on TV today, since all I watched this week was Prison Break, Heroes, Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars, and The Office. Some thoughts on a few of the shows I watched:

Ugly Betty )

The O.C. )

Studio 60 )

Veronica Mars )

Had an interview Thursday at Claremont McKenna. I think it was my best one yet. I mean, it wasn't amazing, but it was definitely better than the other two ones. I think I'm starting to get the hang of this. I have another up in Santa Monica tomorrow for Lewis and Clark College. I'm not too worried about it, though, because it's a safety school, so as long as I don't offend the interviewer in some way, I'm pretty sure I'll get in.

Yesterday was great fun. After school we got cake because it was Mrs. Daley's last day officially. Then after jazz band, I went to Comedy Sports at school with Emma, Galaxy, Richard, and Andrew. After that, all of us except for Galaxy went to Emma's house and played this game called The New Yorker which is kind of like Words of Wiz-dumb, except you make up captions for pictures instead of filling words into sentences.

I think now I should probably get some homework done since I have a lot to do and tomorrow is the interview and then afterwards I'm going to try to go to Emma's Youth Symphony Orchestra concert at Chapman.
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wtf I want my car back! 2-3 weeks ago when I first took it in they said it would be ready on the 5th, which was last Thursday. My mom told me it'd be like 3-4 weeks, so I was really happy with that, since it was sooner than I expected. But then Thursday they were like "We're almost done, we just got to do this thing, and you can have it Friday." Friday it wasn't done, but they said definitely Saturday. Saturday, still not done, but Monday! Monday it was almost finished, and on Tuesday they'd deliver it themselves to my house. Well, it's Tuesday, and now they're saying it'll be for sure done tomorrow. For some reason, I don't believe them. I mean, I'd be fine with if it they'd just told me in the first place it'd be like three weeks because I wasn't expecting it to be done so soon. And it doesn't even seem like they underestimated the time it would take, because each day they keep saying it'll be done the next day. It just makes me think they're saying it'll be done the next day to placate me when they know it really won't be done for like another week. The thing is, I'd rather they just tell me the truth about when it'll be done then lie to me.

Anyways. Hello to new friends from the fall friending meme! Just to let you (and the rest of my friends list who doesn't already know), I suck at checking my flist on Mondays and Tuesdays because Mondays I get home at 5:15, have until 8 to finish homework (and Mondays I usually have the most amount of homework), watch TV from 8-11, then sleep at 11 so I'm not dead at school the next day, and Tuesdays I don't get home till 8 because of Symphony, and then I watch TV till 10 and that usually doesn't give me enough time to do anything online. But I'll catch up on everything tomorrow afternoon.

Now for TV stuff! Some of this probably doesn't need to go behind a cut, and I don't think I have a lot to say about anything, but here we go anyways:

Heroes )

Studio 60 )

Gilmore Girls )

Veronica Mars )

blah. I still have French homework to finish. Off to do that now.
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Vanished )

Gilmore Girls )

Veronica Mars I commented on last week, so all I'll say is that the credits did look better in HD on my big screen than in a poor-quality, tiny video on my computer, and I think I'm kind of getting used to them. Studio 60 is love, Prison Break I'm really enjoying this season, and Heroes was pretty good. Yay for TV!

Um, what else is going on? I am going to end up tutoring that girl even though she dropped to FST, thankfully. I'm over 2/3 done with college apps, and in about... 2-3 weeks I'll be done completely. It'll be a relief to have those done with, but it'll be even better once it's second semester and I don't have to worry about my grades anymore.
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So I wasn't going to watch the premiere of VM tonight because I have my first physics test tomorrow and I already have a bunch of TV shows to watch tonight. But then I realized there was no way I could study knowing the episode was out there, so I watched it instead. I'm starting this year off well.

Season 3 premiere of Veronica Mars )

Ok, maybe I should try to get some studying accomplished in the 20 min I have before Prison Break begins.
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I got my Veronica Mars Season 2 DVDs in the mail today, so I'm updating quickly before I go back to watching them.

First week of band camp is through. It actually wasn't too bad. I don't know why, maybe I'm just used to like the amount of work and effort it takes, but I remember it being a lot worse in the past. And I mean, we're working way harder than we did previous years (except for maybe freshman year, because I can't really remember band camp that year as well). Not being a section leader isn't bothering me as much as I thought it would which is definitely good. I think this is going to be my favorite show since freshman year, too. And I've found that wearing a hat and sunglasses helps tremendously. Too bad I didn't figure that out sooner. Only downside is that the freshman haven't been very friendly and I haven't gotten to know a single one, which makes me sad. Oh well, there's still plenty of time for that.

I also had my first IMPACT (freshman mentoring program I'm doing) meeting since like May or June on Thursday. The training stuff we do is stupid, but I'm looking forward to freshman registration and meeting my freshmen and stuff. We had to call our 5 freshmen to give them info about registration, and I got the worst luck ever. I mean, I hate calling people I know, first off, so calling people I don't is kind of... a challenge for me, I guess. The first two numbers I called had message machines pick up, and I hate leaving messages, so I decided to call back later (one I did manage to get on a second try, and the other I got the next day). The third number I called was disconnected. The fourth number I called this Asian woman who didn't speak English very well picked up and was very suspicious of why I was calling until I explained who I was, and then it turned out she was the freshman's aunt and the girl was living with her parents in Woodbridge, but was trying to transfer or something. It was all very confusing, so I was just like "Uh. Ok. Thanks." and hung up. The last person I got through on the first try thankfully, but it seems like I'm only going to have 3 freshmen, which makes me sad.

Uh, what else? Car wash tomorrow. They always seem like fun until I'm there, and then I just get sore and sunburnt and pissed off. Registration is next week which I inexplicably love (I also inexplicably love filling out forms and shopping for school supplies, so the month before school starts is more fun than it ought to be for me), and we have a beach party on Friday which hopefully will be fun, but you never can tell. I'll go in expecting it to suck and it'll be awesome, or I'll go in looking forward to it and it'll suck. The last few have been sucky, I think, but we'll see. It could be totally awesome.

I guess that's it. I'll be spending the next few days watching DVDs and then reading summer reading books (one down, two to go!), doing the Vassar and Pitzer supplements, and doing summer chem homework, so I don't know how much I'll be around.
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heh. At the corner of the street below my house, there's been this bright yellow X-Terra parked in front of one of the houses for like a couple weeks now. If you watch Veronica Mars, you know why this might amuse me.

Anyways. Last night was the band banquet. A couple parts were good, such as the slideshow presentation thing and Galaxy and Deena both telling the stories of how Zi asked them out. Most of it was pretty bleh, though. Even the senior speeches were kind of bad (although some were good. I liked Elizabeth's, and I think one or two others). And it sucks, too, because they were supposed to read off paragraphs they had wrote earlier but instead several of them just completely started saying whatever they wanted which was exactly what Mrs. Bentley didn't want and so they totally screwed us over for next year and now next year's seniors aren't allowed to write our own speeches and give them, we have to make this stupid video that they did last year which I hate because they can totally cut out things you really want to say and it's just really irritating because it's not our fault that they didn't pay attention. She should just cut out the microphone to anyone who starts not following their speech. ugh.

Was going to watch movies at Richards afterwards, but then it turned out it would be Galaxy&Richard, Elizabeth&Brian, and me. Which, no. Not fun being the fifth wheel. And some of us were all "Well if such-and-such goes, then I'll go" but in the end most people decided not to go. And after awhile watching movies sounded not appealing, and the only other thing they suggested we do is play DDR, and I didn't feel like that either. So I just went home instead.

Anyways, since all the TV shows I was watching this year have had their season/series finales, I figured I'd write a little bit about each show I watched this year's entire season. TV in review 2005-2006 )
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I'm sure everyone else has been squeeing about it, but VERONICA MARS HAS BEEN PICKED UP FOR 22 EPISODES! Can be reduced to 13, but that's pretty much the same for every show that's picked up. eeee I'm so happy now! :DDD
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So, uh, is reporting that Veronica Mars is getting picked up for 13 episodes next season. Uh, yay? If it's true, I don't really know how I feel about this. I mean, 13 episodes > 0 episodes, but 22 episodes > 13 episodes. The thing is, I'm afraid that if it were renewed for 22 episodes, and then the ratings sucked at the start of the season, then it would be cut down to 13 anyways, and maybe not in time for everything to be wrapped up. So I don't know. I mean, any Veronica Mars is better than none, but I have this sinking feeling that, if it's renewed for 13, then that's it. Unless it starts getting killer ratings and many more millions of viewers each week, then it's over. blah. I'm so tired about stressing over this. I really need to stay away from all the ratings/season 3 threads at TWoP and just wait until Thursday.

Anyways. Hope everyone had a happy Mother's Day! For Mother's Day, I "gave" my mom my VM S1 and Firefly DVDs. Not really a present, but I've hinted to her enough that she should watch them, and now I'm kind of forcing her to. But, I mean, I forced her to watch Wonderfalls, Arrested Development, and Doctor Who, and she loves them all, so I don't see her not loving Firefly and Veronica Mars. Since that wasn't really a real present, I also made her a mix CD of a bunch of songs, so hopefully she'll like that.

Edit: Of course, the same person reporting VM's pickup for 13 is also reporting Everwood's cancellation, and he seems even more sure of that than VM. So, I guess that kind of puts things in perspective. I mean, with the ratings VM gets, we should be thankful for any sort of pick-up, really.

None of this is set in stone, by the way. Nothing's official until Thursday, so don't start freaking out now.
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I am so dead tired. I woke up on 7 AM (on a Saturday! Ridiculous!) to go help out with the band car wash and I stood and washed and dried cars from 8 till like 12 until my feet finally stopped working and then I went to Seher's house after the carwash to watch Lawrence of Arabia for our Euro film project, which, as it turns out, is the LONGEST MOVIE EVER. (Ok, not quite true. But it sure as hell felt that way.) My brain is mush right now.

Have I ever mentioned how very, very happy I am that Damone FINALLY put out their album and I can now FINALLY listen to the song that's played during the Lilly Kane Memorial video ("Now Is the Time")? I remember how absolutely crazy I was going searching for it after seeing that episode and then I found out that it hadn't been released yet. And it's not even like... that amazing of a song. It's just... the whole emotional impact of the scene comes flooding back everytime I listen to it. I totally cannot watch that scene without tearing up. I love that episode so much.

Anyways. May I ask just how in the hell 7th Heaven has been renewed for another 13 episodes for next year on The CW even though it was announced as being cancelled months ago and is crap and is actually LOSING the WB money this year and will lose the CW money even more money next year? gah. Not fair. IT'S HAD LIKE ELEVEN SEASONS. VERONICA MARS HAS ONLY HAD TWO! Also? VERONICA MARS DOESN'T TOTALLY SUCK ASS.

gah. I think it needs to be a week from now. I'm tired of stressing out over whether or not VM is returning or not. At this point, I just want to know, whether it's good news or not.
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A little more on the season finale of Veronica Mars. SPOILERS FOR FINALE. )

We really shouldn't have to go to class the day after an episode like that. Honestly, how can I be expected to think coherently? I absorbed absolutely nothing during English today, I was totally just obsessing over the episode. sigh. I might regret this once finals roll around and I actually have to know all the stuff I was taught today.
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First, please give me suggestions of pictures to take for the photo meme. So far I have two things to take pictures of (3 if you include [ profile] violetmist2003's face, which I'm not) and I would like to take loads of pictures. So please, tell me what to take pictures of!

Yesterday we got our teachers to sign recommendations for the classes we want to take next year. Babbling about that. )

Veronica Mars tonight! Veronica Mars always makes the day better.
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Veronica Mars )
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Not checking my friendslist, but a brief(ish) update before I go.

All my finals were... eh, ok. My hardest was probably Euro, which was the one I studied the most for. Also, on Monday night as I was studying for Euro, I started feeling worse and worse, and by like 10 PM I just couldn't... process thoughts anymore. I just had a cold, but it really messed with my head this week. I don't know any of my grades yet (2 of my teachers are posting them on blackboard either today or tomorrow, but the rest I won't know till next week) except for French, which I have a 93.9 in. Somehow my grade went up .3% and I don't understand how that's possible considering that the final was ridiculous (like our listening comprehension was "What monument is near the Hotel Quasimodo? How do you get to the Notre Dame? What's a good Vietnamese grocery store to go to?" (Well I'm not sure about the Vietnamese part, but I swear I heard her say the word for Vietnamese in French) But whatever, I don't care.

Ah, but this week was so much fun. Best finals week ever. On Tuesday even though we didn't have Symphony, a bunch of people came to my house and we played mafia for hours and then finally did a little work, and on Wednesday I went to Emma's and she promised that it was just going to be us and Soan and Jackie so we wouldn't have enough to play mafia and we'd actually do work, but instead when I got there we watched half an hour of this movie with Hugh Grant involving Wales and a hill that they want to be called a mountain, and then decided for some reason to start watching Love Actually because Jackie had never seen it. But then Soan and Emma and Simon (Emma's brother) just started talking through it all and I joined in too so I don't know how much she got.

Today was also good, as after school a bunch of people went to Ruby's to have lunch. But it ended up being kind of too much people, and then somehow I got at the table with more people I didn't know than I did, and blah. There was Galaxy who I'm very good friends with and Zi who I guess I'm pretty good friends with but other than that... like they're good people and all, but I wanted to sit with all the people I was better friends with. Oh well. I also bought the book Wicked by Gregory Maguire since I've heard good things about the musical and just saw it sitting there and it looked intriguing. So yeah.

I wanted to talk about last night's new Veronica Mars, but we're leaving for the airport in like 15 min and I haven't packed yet, so I may want to do that. But I'll just say that there were definitely things I didn't like about it, but I think overall I did like it. All the Logan and Weevil parts were ridiculously awesome.

Anyways. Off to pack, and then off to San Francisco. Will be back Monday some time, but I'm not quite sure when.

Edit: Ah! I just checked my grade in pre-calc even though I didn't think she'd have it up yet, but I have an A-! I got an 89.95, so close to not having an A. But I'm happy, since I was really worried about that grade. So, so far, I know that this semester I have 3 A's (the third being Wind Ensemble, and really, I could count Symphony in that as well, but whatever). Euro's really the only one I don't know about, since anything other than a B in English is pretty unreasonable, and I'd have had to get like a 70 on the chem final to not have an A. I'll know all my grades for sure next week, in any case, no point worrying about them now.


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