Apr. 12th, 2010

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So I was stuck between having the urge to rewatch all of Doctor Who and Torchwood and the fact that I really really wanted to watch a couple season 4 episodes immediately and not have to wait to get through the rest of the show to see them (and plus, I was aware that I really should not be starting giant rewatches when I have schoolwork and crap to attend to). So to compromise, I decided to watch a few season 4 episodes and then do a rewatch of the entire series, including interspersing Torchwood's seasons (like, watching season 1 of Torchwood after season 2 of Doctor Who rather than all of Doctor Who and then all of Torchwood). Yes, I am totally crazy for doing this when there are only a few weeks left in the school year and I know I really should be working on other things. I also haven't decided whether or not to watch Children of Earth. On the one hand, most of it is really, really awesome (i.e. the first 3 parts) and it makes me actually like Gwen (which will help after watching 2 seasons of her annoying the crap out of me). On the other hand, well, there's the obvious. I'd rather keep the relative happiness of the season 2 finale in mind than what happens in COE. But back on the first hand, I am kind of in the mood to just get emotionally wrecked (as evidenced by the decision to rewatch Doomsday out of all the episodes in season 2 I could have chosen. Seriously, as much as I love it, the only times I've watched it were when I first aired, and then when it aired on SciFi network and I was watching all of season 2 with my mom. But for months after it first aired, I couldn't think about it or even like... make icons of it or anything without starting to cry. It definitely destroyed me. Much as COE did!). But we'll see. I know for sure that I'm going to skip the Christmas special of Doctor Who preceding season 4 because for one thing, it's not on Netflix Instant Watch (as the rest of Doctor Who, including The Christmas Invasion, so I'm not exactly sure why this other special isn't up, but whatever, and as Torchwood is also up on Instant Watch, including COE), and for another, I just really don't like it and have zero urge to rewatch it. The same goes for all the specials from last year except for The Waters of Mars and possibly Ten's final episode, as I only watched it once (the first part I watched twice) and because I want to see Ten saying goodbye to everyone again. So anyways, that's the plan for this week! As I said, I am crazy. But first, random thoughts on the 4 seasons 4 episodes I watched yesterday:

Random Doctor Who Season 4 Thoughts )

Anyways, after I watched those episodes, I started the whole rewatch, and I got through The Doctor Dances and have random thoughts on all the episodes I watched, but I think I'll wait to post them when I'm done with season 1.

On a different note, has anyone ever watched Wire in the Blood? I remember seeing it mentioned once or twice by someone or a few people and I think the reviews were positive? idk, I found it on Netflix Instant Watch and the plot summary seems interesting, but I don't usually just jump into shows blindly; I typically have a good idea of at least some of the things that will happen. I don't know if anyone's watched it or not. Also, Spooks (or MI-5? Whatever it's called wherever you are)? I remember hearing more about it being good, and it has freaking Matthew McFaddyen, so I'll probably get to it much sooner, but any info on that? I have this urge to check out shows I haven't seen before, and once the school year is over (which is only 3 1/2 weeks away!) I'm going to be pretty bored and will need entertainment. Any other show recommendations would also be appreciated (you can see pretty much everything I've ever watched in my profile).

Time for class, and then more Doctor Who this afternoon/evening! And I have to work on a group project for an hour or so, but whatever, I'm focusing on the positive.


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