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I'm nearing the end of my Doctor Who/Torchwood rewatch! I always do this, where I like... get really into a rewatch/watching a show for the first time and all I want to do is watch the show and I race through the episodes and then all of a sudden I'm at the end and I'm disappointed that there's nothing left. Although, as season 5 of Doctor Who just started, at least I do have more of that to look forward to, so it's not like I have to wait very long for more. And it'll probably be much better for the sake of my schoolwork and finals and all that if I'm not preoccupied with watching TV. Anyways, I finished Torchwood season 2 yesterday (and yes, that's essentially all I did yesterday), so here are my thoughts:

Same warnings apply: spoilers for all of Torchwood, including Children of Earth, and I believe for all, or at least some, of Doctor Who. And I am a crazy Jack/Ianto shipper and I hate Gwen/Jack, so that comes up a lot, as well, so be warned.

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
Yay, Torchwood season 2! While watching season 1, I realized that season 2 is really where most of my love for Torchwood lies.

I love that the team continues on even though Jack is off and they don't know if he's coming back. They don't just sit around and wait for him. I love how when they're back at the Hub at the beginning they're just kind of going on while Jack stands there.

aslkdjf;lkaj awwww at Ianto saying "Are you going back with him?" and Jack looking right at him and saying "I came back for you." And then he includes the rest of the team, but he totally came back for Ianto first and foremost, and nothing will convince me otherwise.


PC Andy! I forgot that he really wasn't in season 1 very much, but he's in season 2 more, which is good, because I like him.

;ljasf Ianto is so jealous that John and Jack were partners! (Coming from Doctor Who, I forget what it's like when my OTPs are actually like... real and onscreen and have relationships and such!)

I hate the scene where Jack finds out that Gwen is engaged. "Well, no one else will have me." THAT IS NOT A REASON TO SAY YES TO SOMEONE OH MY GOD I HATE YOU GWEN. Also, where does that line even COME from? It's not like they've EVER discussed Gwen wanting to be in a relationship or whatever with Jack. She's acting like they've had this torrid romance but Jack wouldn't commit, but NO. THAT NEVER HAPPENED. Good lord, Gwen.

I do appreciate Gwen for sending Ianto with Jack, though, because OMG I LOVE THIS SCENE. Jack's trying to flirt and Ianto's trying to be all business and it's wonderful. Jack was thinking about Ianto when he was away! And asks him out on a date! alksjf;j!!! (I'm trying not to think about Ianto's death and all this happiness being gone soon enough when watching all the amazing Jack/Ianto stuff this season.)

Also, nice try, John, but Jack was just offered all the galaxy and all of time by the Doctor, and he turned it down. If the Doctor couldn't get him to come along, you have no chance.

Ianto to save the day!

I love the scene where they're all in the like... medical area of the base and Ianto, Gwen, Owen, and Tosh are all there pointing their guns at John and then Jack comes out after John is like "Well your boss is lying dead in front of the building" and Jack starts going on about not being able to die, and it's just awesome. Because as I said when talking about season 1, the thing I really don't enjoy as much in that season is that they don't seem to enjoy being around each other most of the time, they're not really friends, they're not united. But here they are. I think being without Jack for however long really helped unite the 4 of them as a team, and then Jack comes back and of course they all forgive him eventually because they all love him in their own way, and so once he comes back, all 5 of them are more united. And that's one reason why season 2 is so much better than season 1 (I totally don't just like it more because of all the amazing Ianto/Jack stuff this season! Although that certainly helps a lot!).

"Tell... tell Jack, I..." lk;aslfj GWEN. YOU HAVE A FREAKING FIANCE GODDAMMIT. DO YOU NOT WANT TO SAY ANYTHING TO HIM? I think I actually manage to hate Gwen more in season 2 than in season 1. At least until she and Rhys actually get married, because I think after that they don't really go into Gwen/Jack anymore. But in Children of Earth, she's suddenly amazing. My feelings towards Gwen are so bipolar, as she can be totally awesome, but usually she's just totally horrible and annoying.

I love the preview for the rest of season 2 that occurs at the end of the premiere, mostly because I've actually only watched every episode of season 2 once, and it's been 2 years. With my Doctor Who rewatches, and half of season 1 of Torchwood, I had seen the episodes at least twice for the most part, but season 2 I've only see once, so I'm super excited to see it again. I'm sure I've forgotten loads that happened.

;lkajsflkj I love Ianto kind of flirting with Jack when they're in front of the glass wall thing looking at the alien girl and such, when Ianto's talking about how terrified he is and Jack is like "You don't look terrified" and Ianto is all deadpan and stuff. ugh they're so cute. Also, I love when Ianto pipes in about Jack's manners in bed. ;lkjas;flj excellent.

I really, really love the moment where Ianto and Gwen put Beth away in the place where all the bodies are stored and they kind of look at each other and walk away arm in arm without saying anything. One place where I do like Gwen is when she and Ianto are being friends, and I always wanted more than we got. I was hoping after Owen and Tosh died that there would be even more of that in Children of Earth and in season 4, and to my recollection there was some in COE, but obviously now there will be nothing in season 4. Just one more thing to be upset about as a result of Ianto being killed off. (When I get to COE, trust me, I will be ranting so hard about that and all the reasons why it sucks and why I hate it and why, even though Doomsday totally devastates me, the end of COE is even worse for me, and I'm not even sure I can work up the nerve to watch it again, except I probably will anyways because most of it is great and I want to remember Gwen not sucking and I'm a completist.)

(Wow Torchwood is bloody. It's always such a drastic shift or contrast, going from Doctor Who, which is supposed to be a children's show (which can be very violent, actually) to this, which is supposed to be darker and for adults and all.)

I knew watching this would make me miss Ianto, but it's also really making me miss Tosh and Owen (Tosh, especially. She was my second favorite after Ianto).

"He is dashing, you have to give him that." !!! Awwwwww Jack/Ianto.

"And I thought the end of the world couldn't get any worse." I love how deadpan and funny they make Ianto this season. Like, it was there in season 1, but at first he was all focused and worried about Lisa, and then after Cyberwoman, he was pretty much just depressed and miserable and quiet most of the time, so he didn't really get to show his personality as much. But here he's all happy and funny and adorable, probably in part because of his new relationship with Jack. It's awesome.

To the Last Man
I like this episode a lot. Mostly I just really like someone caring about Tosh and paying attention to her for her and not because they want something from her. Of course it can't last, but at least she gets it for a little while.

I love wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff like at the beginning of the episode when Tommy is telling them to take him from the other room.

(Wait, Helen Raynor wrote this episode? I don't usually pay much attention to the writers for Doctor Who and Torchwood, other than RTD and Moffat, but I was looking up a bunch of the writers for DW the other day, and... I do not like her episodes. She did the Daleks in Manhattan episodes in season 3, which I've decided are my least favorite of the season, and I believe she does the Sontaran two-parter in season 4, which is definitely better than the Daleks, but nothing like... mind-blowing. So the fact that this is an episode I remember really liking is weird considering I don't much like her DW episodes.)

For some reason I always think the awesome Jack/Ianto scene and kiss is in the following episode, so I can never find it when I want to icon it. Anyways, lk;ajsfkj Ianto asks Jack if he'd go back to his own time and Jack asks if he'd miss him and Ianto says "Yep" immediately and quickly! And Jack pretty much tells Ianto he loves him. And the kiss is epic and amazing. Ah Jack/Ianto. I love them so much.

I really like the scene between Owen and Tosh at the end, when Owen is telling her that she was strong and everything's still here because of her, and she walks away.

I like this episode a lot, mostly because FINALLY RHYS FINDS OUT ABOUT TORCHWOOD. But there are a couple things that happen in it that I really dislike, such as Gwen kissing Rhys while looking at Jack, and... well, basically everything that Gwen does. I mean, seriously, asking Rhys to trust you? You cheated on him for months!

I enjoy that they have the invisible lift really just to impress newcomers and they really don't ever use it themselves.

"Guess who'll have to take care of it in the mean time!" and "I'll stock up on plankton!" l;lkjalksjdf Ianto. He's so amusing this season. (I know, I've already been over this, but still!)

ugh I hate having to watch Tosh keep pursuing Owen and dropping hints and Owen just ignoring them or stomping all over them. Poor Tosh. Especially since she never actually gets to be with him, even though he does return the feelings in the end.

ugh that poor alienwhale thing. It's like the Starwhale all over again, except they're eating it. And it wouldn't choose to be there.

This is another good episode. Really, I like basically every episode this season. It's kind of crazy, considering how much of season 1 I don't enjoy. Of course, there are scenes in many of the episodes that piss me off, but overall I really like most of the episodes.


I love that Ianto figures it all out. Also, it is really creepy that Adam just appears once Ianto figures it out.

I also love that when the memories are put into Ianto, he immediately tells Jack that he murdered 3 girls and that he should lock him up. Adam can make Ianto remember what he wants, but he can't make Ianto a killer. And Jack won't believe that Ianto's a killer!

The scene where they're remembering things so they'll forget Adam is really great, except for freaking Gwen again. "I love him... but not the way I love you." ugh. At least Jack doesn't respond at all to that, other than "Take this pill!" even though he tells Tosh he recognized how special she was, and Owen that he would save him, and he kisses Ianto on the forehead.

Jack is too gullible in believing Adam just wants to help him recover his lat happy memory with his dad because he's grateful for being alive because of Jack and the team's memories for just a little while. He clearly did not wish to cease to exist, and he very, very obviously had a trick up his sleeve. I really can't believe that Jack would just fall for that.

lol I love that none of them have any memory of the events of the episode. And that it's like "So, we lost 2 days. Oh well. Typical day at work."

l;kajs;lkfj heeeee that Ianto talks about Jack in his diary. Ianto's face there was awesome.

MARTHA JONES! I loved her here in these episodes. She should could come back. (Considering 3/5 of the team was wiped out, they certainly have job openings.)

(Yes, Gwen, Martha > you.)

I love all the nods to the season 3 Doctor Who finale, especially like when Ianto says he has to be invisible, and Martha's like "I can do that," referencing (I'm pretty sure) the like... perception filter things they were wearing in that finale. And also when she and Jack are talking about her job and he asks her if the Doctor got it for her, except he likes points up instead of saying the Doctor. And of course all the mentions of the end of the world, and that Martha has been through a lot worse than what she has to do for them.

;lkajslkjf I love when Martha asks Ianto about him and Jack. It was adorable. I couldn't stop giggling.

;lkajsfl;jkasf I love also Tosh telling Owen she had been asking him out on a date. I hate that this all gets ruined by Owen... well, dying here and then dying in the finale. But I love that he agrees to the date and Tosh doesn't believe him.

I totally get the chills when they pronounce Owen dead, even though I know he comes back (well, till the finale). Poor Tosh, though. She finally gets a date with Owen, and then he dies.

Dead Man Walking
I really love the scene between Jack and Owen in the jail cell (besides the gross part). You don't see a whole lot of them bonding or being friends. When they do interact, it's usually more on the side of them arguing.

Owen talking to Jamie is really sweet. I think they really like... improved Owen's character in season 2. I liked him in season 1, but he was pretty awesome in season 2.

And he kisses Tosh! awwwwww. (Poor freaking Tosh though! She gets a date with him, he dies, he comes back and she tells him she loves him because she thinks he's going to be dead in a minute anyways but he's back for good and thinks she didn't mean it, he kisses her but it's only to distract her so he can battle Death.)

A Day in the Death
The shots of Owen in the water are really pretty.

I forgot how much actually happens between Tosh and Owen. I remembered Tosh telling Owen her feelings, but I thought it happened in the finale. And I remembered Owen agreeing to the date, but I couldn't remember when. I definitely did not remember Owen kissing Tosh in the previous episode or the fight between Owen and Tosh in his apartment or her telling him she loved him a second time.

I really love the conversation between Owen and Ianto, and Ianto asking him if he's really going to let this beat him.

I would have liked more scenes between Jack and Martha in the second and third episodes. I loved the ones in the first of her episodes, but after that there wasn't much until she was saying goodbye.

I like how the episode starts all dark and depressing, but it ends hopeful. That is not the typical tone of Torchwood; it's usually much more with the doom and gloom and darkness.

Something Borrowed
I don't hate this episode at all, but there are many things I do hate about it, all involving Gwen and her being in love with Jack when she's marrying Rhys. On the plus side, it is basically the end of all the stupid Gwen/Jack crap, so there's that.

lol that Ianto gets stuck having to buy Gwen a new wedding dress.

ugh I hate Gwen saying "He's not afraid to tell me he loves me." I mean, the thing is, Jack is with Ianto. He doesn't appear to have some rule about not getting involved with anyone or with the people he works with or anything. If he wanted to be with Gwen, HE COULD. BUT HE ISN'T. So what the hell does that tell you, Gwen? Good lord. And whether she marries Rhys or not or is with him at all or not should not have anything to do with Jack. She should not be with Rhys if she's in love with Jack and is settling, no matter how Jack feels. ugh. I hate that scene so much, and it's all because of Gwen (because obviously Jack is the shapeshifter and not real Jack). She was even about to let him kiss her! On her freaking wedding day! a;lskjf

Aw to Owen asking Tosh to dance.

hee I love Ianto cutting in. (Also, when Gwen asks Jack what he'll do without her and he says "Ianto" !!!)

From Out of the Rain
I really did not remember this episode existing until I saw the preview at the end of the previous episode.

Ianto, Gewn, and Owen going to the movies! See this is what I like; they're friendly and a team and like each other and such.

Ok I don't think this episode is as good as most of the season 2 episodes, mostly the storyline is just a little boring, but it's still better than most season 1 episodes. And there are quite a few scenes with just Jack and Ianto, which I like even if they are just talking about the case. I really loved Jack telling Ianto about what it was like being part of the show and the look on Ianto's face as he listened.

I remember really loving this episode and the next one.

I really like the scenes in this episode with like... Gwen coming home late to Rhys and then the next morning with the toast. I like Gwen more in these scenes, and it makes me wish so much that they could have just left it at Gwen and Rhys together and not included all that stupid Gwen/Jack and even the Gwen/Owen stuff.

I enjoy Gwen and Tosh working together on this. I also wish we had gotten more of a Gwen/Tosh friendship before Tosh died.

l;kja;lsdfjkalksjdf I love when Gwen walks in on Ianto and Jack. You know they totally have sex all over the base at night all the time when everyone's supposed to be gone.

I don't really know why Jack doesn't just tell Gwen what's going on. And I kind of wonder why Ianto does know. I mean, the shipper in me wants to believe it's because Jack loves him but even believing that I'm not sure that Jack would just volunteer that information. Maybe Ianto was involved in helping setting the place up or maybe it's like he was saying at the beginning of the season, that he knows everything about the base and everything that goes on. Who knows.

Nicki blaming Gwen for causing her to lose her hope is ridiculous. And I say this as someone who likes to yell at Gwen a lot. I don't know if Gwen necessarily did the right thing, but I understand why she did it, and she didn't know about Jonah's bad phases, anyways. And sure, now that she knows she might say she was happier not knowing, but if she still hadn't known and was given this as a possibility of happening, I think there's a good chance she would have chosen to know her son was alive and safe, even if he was in that state. It just seems ridiculous to blame Gwen when her intentions were good and Nicki said she wanted to know and wanted to see him.

I really love this episode.

So Jack sticks around Cardiff because he wants to find the Doctor and ends up being employed at Torchwood. ...except, he fights in WWI. (And also WWII when he's a Time Agent, but I guess not this time through?) Why the hell does he do that? Even if it was mandatory (I really have no idea about drafts in England during WWI), I doubt he'd be on any official registry or anything. And this is why Jack's timeline always confuses me. He's too many places at once! He's in WWII as a Time Agent and in WWI and Torchwood in the 20th and 21st centuries, and at some point he gets married and has a kid. I don't even know.

Also, did I see the Doctor's hand in the background on the base when Jack was supposed to be in 1999? Because... uh, continuity error much? The Doctor's hand didn't get chopped off until Christmas Eve 2005. It was too hard to see what was in the glass box thing. Maybe it wasn't supposed to be the hand. I suppose I should give them the benefit of the doubt.

I love Tosh's flashback.. She's just working late and seeming normal and then her boss leaves and she's like springing into action.

Oh but Ianto's flashback. One of my favorite things ever. He totally saves Jack from a weevil! (Well, ok, Jack can't die, so it wasn't that heroic. But Ianto didn't know that!)

(Also it's SO weird seeing Ianto in jeans and not a suit. And his belt is like studded! Weird.)

I love that they both were totally flirting with each other from the start. And Ianto brings Jack coffee! "So you're not going to help me catch this pterodactyl, then?" "So you'll let the pterodactyl and not me?" "I could be a butler!" lol I love Ianto so much. He is so freaking cute with the pterodactyl, too, feeding it chocolate and telling it it's good for its serotonin levels (if it has serotonin levels). And Jack lands on top of Ianto and they roll and then Ianto is on top of them and they're very very close together l;kajs;lfjk. Ianto was totally attracted to Jack from the start. I pretty much just grin throughout Ianto's flashback.

Owen's flashback is so tragic, but I actually think the most tragic bit is after his fiancee dies and everyone's basically making him think that he's crazy.

Exit Wounds
I remember finding the finale really disappointing last time I saw it. Part of it I think is because the season 1 finale is like my favorite of the season, whereas this season actually had some really great episodes, and the finale was just not quite as good as those. Also I had issues with Jack being buried forever. And I think I wanted more Jack/Ianto.

I said this when I watched the finale when it first aired, but Jack being buried for 1900 years and dying and being revived over and over is ridiculous. Especially since it appears to have had no effect on him. Which... he was essentially tortured for 1900 years. How did he not go mad? How did he basically act the same before and after being buried?

And then there's Tosh and Owen dying. Which sucks (although I'm more upset about Ianto in COE). Especially for Tosh, who seriously never, ever seemed to catch a break. Poor Tosh. I'm still not-so-secretly hoping that Ianto will somehow be brought back in season 4 (whenever that airs, although I do know that I read it was happening for sure), and I would also really love it if Tosh and/or Owen could return. Although I have less hope for that.

"Because you're breaking my heart!" Oh, Tosh. :( Seriously wtf they kill off BOTH Tosh and Owen, so they decide the very next storyline they do should involve kill off ANOTHER team member? ugh. Jack even says "There's been enough death" at the end! The writers should listen to themselves. (I don't know how I'm going to get through COE. But I told myself I would watch it, and I will. Mostly for the excellent Jack/Ianto stuff we get before, you know, he's killed off. And because Gwen is amazing in COE and seasons 1 and 2 have left me really bitter towards her.)

So now I'm on to season 4 of Doctor Who. I might watch an episode or two today, but I will not be finishing this season quite as quickly as the previous ones. I probably won't finish season 4 until maybe Wednesday at the earliest. Although, who knows. I say this assuming I'm actually going to be productive and do work over the next 2 days, but I also planned to be productive and do work over the weekend, and look how that turned out.

Registration today! Registration is less fun as a rising senior, since I have to be all concerned about requirements and if the timing of a class I really want to take doesn't work out, I don't have another chance to take it, but one thing that is awesome is that I get to register on the first day of registration so I really don't have to be worried about classes filling up. So here's what I'm taking next semester:
ECON 119 Principles of Economics MWF 9:40-10:40
MATH 354 Probability MWF 2:20-3:20
GERM 305 German Through the Media MWF 3:30-4:30
GERM 305-L2 German Through the Media Lab R 10:10-11:10
PSYC 370 Understand/Confront Racism TR 3:00-4:30

German Through the Media: Obviously I'm taking this class as a continuation of my German education and all. It might be my last semester, as I'm not sure if I'll take it in the spring. Probably, but I'm not 100%. I'll see what other classes are being offered in the spring and make my choice then. This class also fulfills the internationalism requirement I have yet to fulfill, so that's awesome. And it involves reading books and watching movies in German, which is pretty awesome. Hopefully more interesting than the random themes we discuss in my current German class, and hopefully we'll stop relearning grammar and vocab we've already learned a million times before. The same professor that taught German 203 last semester is teaching this, and she's great. So hopefully it'll be a good class.

Understand/Confront Racism: I'm not like... super excited or interested in this class, but it fulfills 3 of my remaining 5 requirements (multiculturalism and two of my psych major requirements: an advanced course and a Culture and Context course), so I couldn't pass it up. Also, it's being taught by the same professor I had for Research in Psych II, and he's a pretty good professor, and (a little more importantly) he seemed to really like my work in that class, so I'm hoping I can do well in this class.

Principles of Economics: Ok, so here's the thing. I knew I wanted to take the two above classes because they fulfilled 4/5 requirements I have left and they just made sense. Plus, I've been taking a combination of German and pysch classes every semester since fall of sophomore year. But I had zero idea what the other two classes I wanted to take would be. I really desperately want to take Dinosaurs, but it conflicts with both of the German lab times, and while German labs almost always shift at the start of the semester, I still wouldn't be able to register for a class that conflicts with the lab, and even so, there's still one class I would have to figure out anyways. So I was asking my roommate about math classes I found a little interesting since even though I'm not majoring/minoring in math anymore, I still like it, and she's a math/econ major, and she suggested I take this. My experience with economics is not great. If you were back around here in 2006, you may remember (probably not; it was 4 years ago, and I do not expect anyone to remember that much of my life) that I took econ in summer school before my senior year of high school. It was one of the most boring classes I've ever taken. I did not find it that interesting, but the professor was pretty horrible and boring, and the class was not honors or AP, so it wasn't very challenging, which also made it more boring.

So yeah, I was a little hesitant about selecting it, but my roommate said that it was an excellent class and it would make me wish I had majored in econ (I'm not that optimistic, but that is pretty high praise, at least). And she said it wasn't terribly difficult, and as she has taken it, I can at least ask her for help if I have trouble. And the thing is, I never understand what is being talked about in the news and stuff when it involves economics. I do think it's a good idea for me to at least have a basic understanding of economics. And my roommate said that the professor teaching it is more math focused than most economics professors, which is definitely up my alley. So that's why I decided on this class. I hope it's not a mistake, but there's nothing else I want to take more (everything I'm vaguely interested in is at the same time as the 2 classes I have to take), so I might as well.

Probability: I might not actually take this class. I want to take Dinosaurs, but it conflicts, as I said, so I'm hoping to switch into it in the fall when (hopefully) the German lab switches times. But if not, then I'm taking this. This was another class my roommate suggested I take. She said it's helpful for understanding statistics better, which is actually helpful for psychology. And I do like math, and it fits better into my schedule than anything else I was considering, so I'll probably be taking it.

I was so right not to do a lot of work on the research proposal for social psych today, as he pushed the due date back to Friday. I can easily write a 5 page research proposal by Friday, especially as it doesn't have to be too in depth. I think I chose correctly in my activities this weekend.
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