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ugh ok, I need help deciding something. Neil Patrick Harris is directing a production of Rent that's being put on at the Hollywood Bowl in August, and tickets are on sale, and I could totally go, but I'm cheap and don't know if I should spend the money. I mean, I have seen Rent live before, but... it's NPH! And Aaron Tveit is playing Roger, and I love him so much! But I probably won't be able to get good seats anyways, and I would probably end up going alone which would be kind of lame. But but NPH and Aaron Tveit and Rent! ugh I don't know. I need to be more decisive.

Forgot to do this yesterday, but in April I read 0 books (there goes my plan of reading at least 1 book a month! But last month I read like 5, so I think that somewhat makes up for that. And as soon as finals are done with, I should hopefully start reading more), watched 5 movies (this is such a ridiculously huge contrast to the previous months this year, but there were months last year where I watched only 1 or 0, so this is still pretty good), and watched 196 episodes of TV (actually that number is probably slightly off, because I'm pretty sure I accidentally left a few things out, but it's close enough).

I totally did not get enough work done yesterday. Like, I felt like I was working continually all day, but... I guess the problem was I wasn't working efficiently. I was making flashcards from my social psych textbook while watching various stuff. I totally did not do my social psych assignment that I've been putting off. It's not even like... incredibly in-depth or difficult, and it only has to be 2-4 pages which is totally nothing, I can get that done in like 2 hours pretty easily, but I just don't want to, so... I haven't. I set my alarm for 8:30 AM to help make up for that, but then I ended up sleeping in until 9:30 anyways. Well, getting up that early is still pretty good for a Sunday morning. Once tomorrow is over, I'll be done with 3 out of the 5 remaining major things left in the semester, so I just need to get through the next 28 hours basically, and then I'll be more relaxed.

Legend of the Seeker
Is the voice of the Keeper the same as the voice of the dragon on Merlin? Because I would find that ridiculously amusing for some reason.

lkajdf Cara admitting she loves Richard and cares for Kahlan and Zed! Oh man I love Cara. I think she's what I'm going to miss the most from this show once it's over. She's such a kick-ass character. (And I still kind of ship her and Richard. I at least wanted to see just a little of them having something, even though it's clear that Richard and Kahlan are in love and perfect and all that.)

Doctor Who
I like River more here, since it's not all focused on "Look how mysterious and amazing River Song is! She's even better than the Doctor at everything ever!" I like her more in the background and actually being helpful.

FOREHEAD TOUCHING! AND FOREHEAD KISSING! (Oh I love Amy and Eleven so much.)

kljafs seeing the Angels realize Amy couldn't see and actually moving was so freaky omg.

!!!!!!!!!!! AMY KISSING THE DOCTOR OMG. (I'm sure everyone's going to hate it and, probably, Amy for kissing him, but I unashamedly love and ship Amy/Eleven, so I found it awesome.)

Also, now I really, really don't want Amy and Rory to get married. Not just because I ship them, but because you should not be kissing other men the night before your wedding if you still plan on going through with it all. And I was waiting to see if they showed us any reason why Amy wanted to marry Rory, but all we've seen is her running off with another man the night of her wedding and realizing she wants the Doctor and kissing him and if she realizes suddenly in the next episode after seeing Rory again that she wants to marry him, I'm not going to buy it.

Also, I really did not understand the plot of most of this episode, but it was creepy and fun and River was less annoying (mostly because she was more in the background) and Amy and Eleven were adorable, and that's all I really want. I like that the crack in time thing was brought up now rather than waiting all season to address it because it had become so obvious, and they even addressed the whole no ducks in the duck pond thing kind of which I didn't get at all in the premiere, so I'm really interested to see where this season goes.
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