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ugh ok, I need help deciding something. Neil Patrick Harris is directing a production of Rent that's being put on at the Hollywood Bowl in August, and tickets are on sale, and I could totally go, but I'm cheap and don't know if I should spend the money. I mean, I have seen Rent live before, but... it's NPH! And Aaron Tveit is playing Roger, and I love him so much! But I probably won't be able to get good seats anyways, and I would probably end up going alone which would be kind of lame. But but NPH and Aaron Tveit and Rent! ugh I don't know. I need to be more decisive.

Forgot to do this yesterday, but in April I read 0 books (there goes my plan of reading at least 1 book a month! But last month I read like 5, so I think that somewhat makes up for that. And as soon as finals are done with, I should hopefully start reading more), watched 5 movies (this is such a ridiculously huge contrast to the previous months this year, but there were months last year where I watched only 1 or 0, so this is still pretty good), and watched 196 episodes of TV (actually that number is probably slightly off, because I'm pretty sure I accidentally left a few things out, but it's close enough).

I totally did not get enough work done yesterday. Like, I felt like I was working continually all day, but... I guess the problem was I wasn't working efficiently. I was making flashcards from my social psych textbook while watching various stuff. I totally did not do my social psych assignment that I've been putting off. It's not even like... incredibly in-depth or difficult, and it only has to be 2-4 pages which is totally nothing, I can get that done in like 2 hours pretty easily, but I just don't want to, so... I haven't. I set my alarm for 8:30 AM to help make up for that, but then I ended up sleeping in until 9:30 anyways. Well, getting up that early is still pretty good for a Sunday morning. Once tomorrow is over, I'll be done with 3 out of the 5 remaining major things left in the semester, so I just need to get through the next 28 hours basically, and then I'll be more relaxed.

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Noooo Legend of the Seeker was canceled! It's not one of my absolute favorite shows by any means (I would choose renewing Chuck over it, in terms of shows that are on the bubble), but it's so enjoyable! And I wasn't paying attention to its ratings at all or how likely it was to come back, so I just kind of took it for granted that it would. And there are only a few episodes left in the season, so I'm assuming they didn't write the finale as a series finale, and I always hate it when that happens. boo.

So this weekend was a super fail in getting crap done that I should have. I wanted to be done with my 8-10 page Mood and Anxiety paper by the end of the weekend! Ok, that was never going to happen, but I was thinking at least halfway through! Instead, I did nothing on Saturday (wait, not true! I totally solved Einstein's Riddle without cheating at all. Although I think it's more a test of patience and organizational abilities than intelligence) and wasted many, many hours on Sunday before only getting research done.

On the plus side, I find my topic really fascinating, as I believe I've mentioned before. But that just means I find reading the research really interesting; writing the paper is still going to be a pain in the ass. Have I mentioned how much I hate writing papers? Because I do. Which would be why I procrastinated starting this all weekend when I really should have just gotten it done.

I totally got an A/A- (yes, the professor gives out half grades like that) on my class facilitation for Mood and Anxiety! Along with the grade, she supplied us with the comments we were given on peer evals, so on the one hand, I'm a little disappointed based on the A- part of the grade and the fact that despite the majority of the feedback I was given was very positive, the negative tends to outweigh the positive in my mind and I can't help but focus the criticisms I was given. But on the other (more important and not idiotic and overly self-critical) hand, I wouldn't have guessed that I would have done that well! I thought I'd have more negative feedback than I got, and I would've expected an A- to be the highest I would get. And that's higher than the midterm grade I got (an A-), so maybe if I totally rock this final paper (which I'm still having a hell of a time writing, ugh) and maybe if the grade on the group presentation was good (which obviously I can't change now, but I think we did decently?), I could still get an A in this class? Maybe? That would be pretty awesome. And I'm no longer worried about getting a B/B+ in this class, so that also helps.

um, what else. I don't know. My life is very boring right now. This is the last full week of classes, and then next week is finals (well, we have classes on Monday and Tuesday, but I have exams in 2 of my classes, a review session in another, and in the last one we're going to do course evaluations and discuss what we wrote our final papers on, so it doesn't really feel like normal days of class). And then I'll be done with this semester! Finally.
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Legend of the Seeker - 2.16 )

Doctor Who - 5.02 )

I've been in such a Doctor Who mood recently, and yesterday I was getting strong urges to rewatch older episodes. And, I mean, seasons 1-4 were all put up on Netflix Instant Watch, so they were all there waiting to be watched! At first I was thinking about rewatching an entire season, but then I decided I was only in the mood for certain episodes. And then I was going to do my favorites from each season, but I thought that might take too long, and I felt like if I watched anything of season 1, I would get too hooked on the season arc and want to watch everything. So instead I decided to watch some episodes from season 2 and season 4. Last night I watched The Christmas Invasion, The Rise of the Cyberman/Age of Steel 2-parter, and the Army of Ghosts/Doomsday 2-parter. This afternoon I'll probably watch Partners in Crime, maybe Midnight, and then Turn Left and The Stolen Earth/Journey's End finale (clearly I'm in the mood for Ten/Rose stuff). But first I have some random thoughts about the season 2 episodes I watched:

Doctor Who Season 2 )

So as I mentioned, I was planning on watching some season 4 episodes today, but now I kind of want to just rewatch the whole series. And then rewatch seasons 1-2 of Torchwood. I so don't have time for this. I mean, I have more time this week than last, but still. It's not the best idea I've ever had. We'll see.

I kind of took yesterday off. I don't know if that was a good idea or not. idk, I just felt like I was working non-stop for the past week. I was doing schoolwork and studying and doing research and everything from the Thursday night before the 3-day weekend until this past Thursday night. So I felt like I needed a break, and I don't have a lot to do this week (although I have plenty of things a little further on that I could be preparing for, like the Minnesota Undergraduate Psychology Conference and my final Mood and Anxiety paper, and my social psych research proposal, and so many other things). Hopefully I won't become too rushed/busy the next few weeks. (Rewatching Doctor Who and Torchwood this week probably would not help anything, but I still have the desire to do it. ugh.)
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This past weekend was so nice! The only major thing I have this week is a German exam, and all I had to do ovecr the weekend was make flashcards and finish my German homework (neither of which was a lot of work or took a lot of time). So I spent much of Saturday and Sunday catching up on TV and watching movies. I marathoned episodes 7-14 of this season of Legend of the Seeker on Sunday, which was fun. For some reason I think I like that show more when I marathon it. And I'm finding myself really loving Cara more and more. I'm so glad that she was added this season.

On Sunday I also watched North and South for the first time, and omg I loved it so much. I mean, I love Pride and Prejudice, and this is very similar in a lot of the themes and even plot points. Not in a bad way, like it was too similar, or anything. Now I want to watch other miniseries/films like that, so does anyone have any suggestions? I'm already planning on starting Little Dorrit, and I've seen practically every version of Pride and Prejudice and I've seen the Sense and Sensibility film with Emma Thompson and Kate Winslet, but does anyone have any other suggestions? I'd really, really appreciate it!

Oh, hey, it's March! I feel like the past few weeks have sped by. Spring Break is only 2 weeks away, now! Anyways, in February I read 1 book (fewer than I would have liked, but I'm achieving my goal of at least 1 book a month, because last year despite reading 17 books, there were still way too many months where I had read 0 books), watched 23 movies (! That's almost one a day! It probably would have been more, too, if I had internet the first week or so of the month. I think that might be my record for most movies watched in one month, actually!), and 83 episodes of TV (not a lot, but I am still behind on several shows, and as I've mentioned like twice already in this paragraph alone, no internet for a week or two makes it hard to watch a lot of shows when you also don't have a TV).
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Very, very random TV thoughts:

Dollhouse )

Ugly Betty )

Legend of the Seeker )

I was incredibly productive Friday afternoon/night (I finished all my Discrete Math work for the week! The week is suddenly looking a bit better knowing that I don't have DM on Thursday and can sleep in and don't have to do anything else for the class until next weekend.) and I actually got a good amount done Saturday as well. It turns out I have less to do this weekend than I originally thought, which is good. Today I need to finish revising my introduction and results for my research project so I can go over it and my presentation with my adviser tomorrow, prepare for the presentation, prepare for my cognitive psych group presentation (which is on Thursday, but we're meeting Tuesday to work on it, so I should have stuff prepared by then), and... I don't know. Start making flashcards for my German/Cognitive Psych finals? As I said, I actually don't have a lot left. Which is why I'll probably do nothing before dinner, and then after dinner I'll start feeling stressed out that I've done nothing all day and go to the library for a few hours and get everything done. Which should be fine. I mean, really, none of the stuff I'm planning on doing today is actually due tomorrow or Tuesday even, so it's not entirely necessary I get it done now. It's just so I don't go crazy this week or next.

I analyzed my results for my research project Friday and got zero significant results. Well, for one of the scales, the result was marginally significant, but in the exact opposite way I predicted, and... I don't know what to say about that. I can talk about no result, but I can't talk about the opposite result. It makes zero sense. I mean, the result is basically that in students without siblings, social self-esteem is higher for freshmen/sophomores than for juniors/seniors, which doesn't fit AT ALL with the literature that shows very clearly that social skills are gained throughout time in college. But it's not significant, so I don't really have to explain it too much. It's a little disappointing not to have any significant results and to not have my hypothesis supported, but I can think of several reasons why this might be, and most directed research students don't end up with significant results. In my group, of the 2 other people who have finished data analysis, one had zero significant results, and the other had significant results, but, like me, had a bunch of results she totally didn't expect and can't explain. Data analysis in general is kind of really cool, though. It's real world data! Rather than random made up data sets so you can learn how to use SPSS! I don't know. I enjoyed it. I would totally enjoy like being a statistics/data analysis consultant for... someone, or something. I don't know. I'm a dork.

There are only 13 days until my last final and then I'm flying home! I can't wait. I can so do with a break right now. And in 8 days, my research project is due, and that's causing me more stress than anything else right now, probably, so I'll be so thankful to have that out of the way. This past week went by super fast, so I'm hoping this week will as well. Especially since I have 2 presentations this week, and I hate presentations. I'm so bad at public speaking. blah.
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I'm in such a good mood right now! I was feeling really crappy on Thursday and Friday because I stalled out on participants for my research project at 25, and my goal had been 100. And I could see other people posting their surveys, and they were getting tons of participants and far surpassing the number I had even though I had posted it earlier. And I had already sent it to most of the people I was planning to, so I was freaking out. But one of my roommates was asking me about the project (she had already taken the survey and sent it to a few of her close friends) and I was telling her how freaked out I was, and she was like "Ok, I'll make a Facebook event and invite every single one of my Facebook friends who are undergrad students even if I don't know them very well!" and within a few hours, my participant number had shot up from 25 to 44. And right now I'm at 83. I sent it to about 4 more people total over the weekend and asked them to send it around, and I know for sure at least 2 of my friends said they were really busy during the week and they'd be able to take it and send it out over the weekend, so I know some of those participants are due to that, but I'm pretty sure the vast majority of the additional participants I got were due to her doing that. So I'm like totally indebted to her right now because she really, really helped me out there.

Unfortunately I have a problem now. Despite the number of participants, based on the groups of people I'm looking at specifically, I can't really say anything. I don't have nearly enough freshmen, unfortunately. And I can send the survey out to about 20 people on Facebook that I haven't already sent it to and most of whom are freshmen or sophomores (I'm considering grouping freshmen and sophomores into 1 group, so I'd need 50 total; right now I have 35, so sending it to those people should take care of that difference). However, there are... issues with that? Because one of the scales I'm using I had to pay $100 for 100 permissions (meaning 100 people can take it) and the school's psych department is willing to pay up to about $100 for things like that. But I don't know what happens if I go over 100. And it's not like I can control exactly how many people take the survey; I mean, I can send it to exactly 17 people, but they might not all take it, and there might be some people left who have been too busy or don't check their e-mail often and end up taking it later, which would push me over. I'm going to talk to my advisor tomorrow about it because it's kind of a pretty big problem. Hopefully it'll work out.

Random TV thoughts:

Being Erica )

Legend of the Seeker )

I've watched other TV, but can't remember any pressing thoughts I had about them. I have a fair amount of work to do this week, although I've been pretty productive this weekend so far. Mostly. Most of the work is in Discrete Math, which sucks. I really, really do not enjoy that class, and I hate how when we have major projects or assignments due, we still have the normal homework/assignments due, so then there's just a huge pile-up of work that takes hours and hours. Particularly since the basic assignments for every class take hours and hours to get through, and even then I don't finish them and there are questions I've answered wrong. Oh well. I need to remember that I'm taking this class pass/fail and I have an A in it right now, so it's not like I need to worry too much about it. Anyways, I've been taking like an hour break, so I should do a little more work before dinner. Only 2 1/2 weeks until Thanksgiving break! I can't wait to be home again and get to relax for a little while.
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Yesterday during breakfast I burned my pinky finger when I accidentally ladled maple syrup onto it. wtf. I had no idea they kept it that hot. Stupid cafeteria. I feel like I'm very accident-prone. I mean, I don't get into loads of accidents, but I feel like all the accidents I get into are absolutely ridiculous. Like burning my finger on maple syrup. sigh.

Anyways, I was not very productive this weekend. My room is entirely cleaned, though! Well, except for my desk (I was just kind of lazy, but I'll do that soon. It's not like my whole desk - the top is entirely clean and organized - but the inside drawer where I keep all my pens/pencils/etc) and my bookshelf (I figured I'd wait until my mom sent my books because I'd just have to redo it anyways).

I spent the weekend (besides cleaning my room) reading a bunch of original fic and starting to watch the Legend of the Seeker. I think I like it so far (I've gotten through episode 8), but most importantly, omg prettiest show ever! Seriously, it is absolutely gorgeous. I saw caps of it and I thought it was just pretty because someone prettied up the caps, but now, it's an absolutely gorgeous show. I keep getting confused by the fact that everyone has American accents, and I feel like that's one of the reasons I'm not totally in love with it, which is kind of ridiculous. I mean, logically English wasn't even a language at the time it was set (or at least not in its current form), so it wouldn't make any more sense if they had English accents, but I seriously keep expecting everyone to have English accents. Even Australian would make more sense to me for some reason. My brain is weird. (Although I just checked and I know the show films in New Zealand and the only one of them who ISN'T from Australia or New Zealand is the actress who plays Kahlen, so I feel like they should just use their natural accents. Kind of like how Farscape was filmed in Australia and loads of the characters had Australian accents. Especially since a lot of the guest stars don't have the best American accents, so it just comes through as Australian anyways. And even the actor who plays Richard slips a fair amount). This also is making me really want to watch Merlin. Why is it so long until there are new episodes of Merlin? Not fair.

It's only the second week back and I already have a test on Friday. gah. At least it's just in German. But still, annoying. Especially since my books/DVDs should arrive this week and there's a lot of new TV this week. Seriously, I think there are more new episodes airing tonight (House, HIMYM, The Big Bang Theory, Heroes, Chuck, Gossip Girl) than all last week.

I can't believe that it's already February. This year just started! Anyways, to wrap-up January, I watched 16 movies (...I don't know how that's possible. I wasn't even TRYING to see that many movies. Last year I was trying for 150 for the whole year and I remember struggling to get to 12 in January so I'd be on track.), 234 episodes of TV (oh god, I knew I watched a lot of TV, but that's more than I expected. I think it's primarily due to mainlining 7 seasons of Scrubs in less than a week. Also, I'm pretty sure I'm missing some episodes in there. It's hard to keep track of everything.), and 1 book (ugh I'm failing at reading more! I'm almost surprised I got to 1 book. Over half the book I read in December, too. sigh). Anyway, I'm going to finish watching an episode of Legend of the Seeker, and then I have class.


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