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So I have to be at the Minnesota Undergraduate Psychology Conference in front of my poster in 2 1/2 hours. Nervous and not looking forward to it. Actually I should kind of be there now - it's strongly encouraged to come to the entire thing, but it started at 8 AM and there was no way that was happening. And right now the poster sessions are taking a break and the Keynote speaker is talking and then there's an hour break for lunch, so there doesn't seem to be any point to going until my session starts.

Yesterday instead of watching more season 4 of Doctor Who, I decided to watch all of Party Down.

Party Down )

Originally I had been planning on rewatching Children of Earth and maybe one or two of the DW specials from this past year, but now I'm not sure. I've hit kind of a block in my rewatch. I think it's a combination of, well... first, I was super excited and looking forward to Torchwood season 2 since I hadn't seen it in ages and season 1 mostly bored me and I remembered loving season 2 and I was really eager for all the Jack/Ianto stuff. And then I got past that, and now I'm back to DW and I already watched most of my favorite season 4 episodes 2 weeks ago, so there's less that I'm eager to get to. And the other major factor is that my obsession has moved on to basically anything involving Jonathan Groff (focusing of course on Glee and Spring Awakening).

I'm halfway through season 4, anyways, and I think I might take a short break from it. Or at least draw it out more. I'll probably just watch an episode or two a day rather than marathoning entire seasons in one day, as I was doing last week. And I should really be working on school stuff. I need to try to finish an 8-10 page paper by Tuesday or Wednesday so I can give my professor enough time to look it over, and I really, really need that to happen since it's for the only class that I'm not really sure how my grade will turn out.

Some TV stuff:
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