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So I have to be at the Minnesota Undergraduate Psychology Conference in front of my poster in 2 1/2 hours. Nervous and not looking forward to it. Actually I should kind of be there now - it's strongly encouraged to come to the entire thing, but it started at 8 AM and there was no way that was happening. And right now the poster sessions are taking a break and the Keynote speaker is talking and then there's an hour break for lunch, so there doesn't seem to be any point to going until my session starts.

Yesterday instead of watching more season 4 of Doctor Who, I decided to watch all of Party Down.

Party Down )

Originally I had been planning on rewatching Children of Earth and maybe one or two of the DW specials from this past year, but now I'm not sure. I've hit kind of a block in my rewatch. I think it's a combination of, well... first, I was super excited and looking forward to Torchwood season 2 since I hadn't seen it in ages and season 1 mostly bored me and I remembered loving season 2 and I was really eager for all the Jack/Ianto stuff. And then I got past that, and now I'm back to DW and I already watched most of my favorite season 4 episodes 2 weeks ago, so there's less that I'm eager to get to. And the other major factor is that my obsession has moved on to basically anything involving Jonathan Groff (focusing of course on Glee and Spring Awakening).

I'm halfway through season 4, anyways, and I think I might take a short break from it. Or at least draw it out more. I'll probably just watch an episode or two a day rather than marathoning entire seasons in one day, as I was doing last week. And I should really be working on school stuff. I need to try to finish an 8-10 page paper by Tuesday or Wednesday so I can give my professor enough time to look it over, and I really, really need that to happen since it's for the only class that I'm not really sure how my grade will turn out.

Some TV stuff:
Fringe )

The Vampire Diaries )
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ugh I was boarding the bus to return to my apartment from grocery shopping and I had 3 fairly heavy bags and as I was going to sit down, the bus started and I got flung into the seat and bashed the side of my arm against... I don't know, the seat or a pole or something, but in any case, it hurt like crazy. Seriously, I had to stop myself from cussing and crying on the bus it was hurting so much (although, to be fair, I am a huge wimp when it comes to pain). I'm sure I'm going to develop a huge bruise there. ugh stupid bus. I need a car. Except not really, because the only place I'd ever go would be grocery shopping. Although maybe if I had a car I would visit downtown St. Paul and Minneapolis more since it would be much faster than the bus.

This week things have started getting busier. I am so lazy right now, too, which is not a good combination. Tomorrow I have an essay for German due, and it's only 350 words, so it's really not that bad, but I just don't want to do it so much. Especially since it's on a poem, and I hate writing about poetry. I barely like most poetry (although English my junior year in high school did expose me to some poems I found really cool. But they are few and far between for me). It's also hard to motivate myself because the essay is worth 3 points, and I mean... I've been doing really well in German so far. I think I mentioned I randomly got extra credit on two writing assignment so far, and we got our first exams back as well this week and I got 102/100, which... I actually did get some points off for various things, but then he randomly gave me more extra credit points, which bumped me up to 102. I've had German 101 with him before and he didn't randomly give out extra credit, so I don't know why he's doing it now (not that I'm complaining!), but the fact that I've gotten about 3 extra credit points in total up to this point and that's how much this entire assignment is worth makes me really not want to even do the essay. Except I'm way too... perfectionist about schoolwork, so there's no way I'm just going to not do it. And I'll spend way too much time on it trying to get it perfect, and it will all turn out fine, but right now I just don't want to bother. sigh.

I also have my first exam in Origins, my evolution class, tomorrow. I haven't started studying very much (I'm going to after I do the German essay, which I will hopefully have finished within the next hour. That's my goal, anyways. I'm a quarter done with it, and starting it is always the hardest part, so hopefully I'll be able to finish in that time), but a lot of what we've discussed so far is stuff I've already learned and just need to brush up on. We have group projects for the class that we need to start working on, and I'm... half-excited and half-dreading mine. My group's topic is this really bizarre bird currently living who has claws on its wings when its a baby, but as an adult it loses the claws, and biologists have zero idea how to classify it and what it is related to and where it came from, basically, and it is just kind of bizarre and cool. So I'm excited about the subject (I love birds and I love evolution, so this is very cool to me), but the project is making a podcast that's 4 minutes long kind of like This American Life or other similar shows. A lot of people in my class find this cool, but ugh, I hate doing stuff like this. Especially since the project is so reliant on using technology to make the podcast that I haven't used before and I'm sure I'll encounter loads of difficulties along the way. Oh well.

I've been watching a few awesome movies (one of which was On the Waterfront, which I really loved, and made me decide I want to become a pigeon raiser for a living, which I'm sure pays handsomely these days. Also, I realize the pigeons were not the main point of the movie, but whatever, as I said, I love birds.) this week, and I caught up on some TV. I only really have some random thoughts on The Vampire Diaries, which I'm all caught up on now: The Vampire Diaries 1.11-1.14 )

Ok, back to my stupid German essay and studying for my Origins exam.
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I'm finally caught up on TV! It only took forever. This isn't thoughts on everything I've watched, but just the stuff I had stuff to talk about.

Being Erica 2.03 )

Merlin 2.04 )

The Office 6.04 )

The Vampire Diaries 1.05 )

The Big Bang Theory 3.04 )

Greek 3.07 )

Gossip Girl 3.05 )

I luckily don't have too much work to do this week, at least in comparison to last week and the week before. The most major thing I have is a test in German on Friday, but I'm not too worried about it based on how I did on the first one and how I'm doing in the class. Discrete Math is still being a pain, but at least I don't have to stress out too much about my grade. It does really suck having to get up at 7 AM for a class I don't remotely enjoy, though. I should not have taken another 8 AM class after last semester. Last semester I was like "Never again!" and then I went ahead and signed up for another 8 AM class. Oh well. We're nearly to the halfway point in the semester, at least. I'll be very happy when this semester is over.
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I totally failed to mention that last weekend I read all of the Vampire Diaries books, and so now I have random thoughts about the show versus the books and about last night's episode. The Vampire Diaries )

I also watched the premiere of The Beautiful Life. The Beautiful Life 1.01 )

Even with the amount of complaining I did in my last post about the workload, I've decided to make it even worse. I'm probably going to be volunteering on Saturdays and maybe also Sundays from 9 AM to noon at this homeless shelter in St. Paul. I'd be reading, tutoring, and talking with kids, mostly. I enjoy tutoring and reading aloud and stuff like that, so I think it would be good. It's with the psych department here, so I will probably be able to go in a van with people, so transportation isn't an issue. And I should've volunteered or done something last summer, so this is to kind of make up for that so I can maybe get some sort of internship next semester or over the summer. I mean, it's not for sure yet since I've only just e-mailed the guy to express interest in it and he's e-mailed me back to give info. If I do start going, it'll probably be as soon as next week. I'm hoping since it's on Saturday and Sunday mornings that it won't cut into schoolwork time too much since I'd probably just be sleeping through most of that time anyways.

I haven't talked much about my living situation since school started, but things are going very well. I'm getting along with everyone, which is good, and I'm getting to know one of the girls who I hadn't met before moving in a lot better. Her workload is even more ridiculous than mine, though. She had a 6-page paper due last Monday plus a bunch of other smaller papers, and we haven't even been in school a week yet. Remind me not to double major in Chemistry and Biology. I think I might finally post pictures of the apartment this weekend, in addition to maybe finally posting pictures of my dorm room last year (for comparison to how much more amazing where I'm living this year is) and from my trip back home in May and back to Minnesota in August.
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Yesterday I had my fourth class, Discrete Math. It was fine. We have to write proofs, though, which I haven't done since I was a freshman in high school, so I'm not sure how that's going to work out. And like 85% of the class are freshmen, which is weird. It makes me feel old! Today we got divided into groups between the professors for Directed Research, and I didn't get who I wanted, who's my absolute favorite professor in the school. Oh well. The professor I did get seems nice, and I know the other girls in my group, so hopefully it'll turn out all right. I found out that after we finish our projects, we also have to present our research at the Minnesota Undergraduate Psychology Conference (which I think is in the spring), so I'm already freaking out about that. I do not do well with public speaking. Oh well. One thing at a time.

I've been watching a lot of TV! I caught up on 90210, watched all of 10 Things I Hate About You, and the Vampire Diaries premiere. I also saw the Modern Family pilot, the 2nd episode of Glee, and the Supernatural premiere, but I don't have anything to say about those.

10 Things I Hate About You )

The Vampire Diaries - 1.01 )

90210 - 1.17-2.01 )


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