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All right, I'm through season 2 on my Doctor Who rewatch! Doctor Who Season 2 Thoughts )

For some reason I had this idea that I would be able to get through 4 seasons of Doctor Who and 2 seasons of Torchwood in one week while also attending school and doing adequate amounts of school work and having a life and such. This was a very, very silly thought. I hope to get it done by the end of next week, though, as after next week there's only 1 full week of school, 2 days, and then finals, and I maybe don't want to leave things like my 10-page final Mood and Anxiety paper to the weekend before I have 2 exams and 1 final. Just a thought. Anyways, I'm jumping to Torchwood now, and then back to Doctor Who season 3 after I'm done with Torchwood season 1, and so on. I'm excited; it's been ages since I've watched these episodes of Torchwood, longer than most DW episodes.

Some TV reactions from this week:

Glee )

Ugly Betty Series Finale )
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Ugly Betty - 4.19 )

How is there only one more episode of this show left? I can't believe how into it I am right now. It's seriously one of the shows I look most forward to right now. Seasons 2 and 3 were pretty terrible, and even the first half of this season wasn't amazing, but seriously, the second half of this season has gotten so much better, it's ridiculous. I think it's even better than parts, or most, of season 1. I kind of just want to watch this episode over and over again. And I also kind of want to buy the DVDs of this season when it comes, which I never thought I would want to do for this show. Oh man. I'm actually going to be really upset when it's over.

Also, speaking of my reactions back when I was watching season 1, I was reading them over for the nostalgia factor, and in one of them I was like "This is totally my new favorite show of the season!" which is so weird because, well, I guess seasons 2 and 3 really colored my view of the show as a whole, despite the fact that season 1, especially the first half, was a lot of fun. But I did really adore the show back then. It's nice that it's come back to be really awesome for the end. (It's actually kind of funny that in one of the posts I was reading with an old Ugly Betty reaction, I was also talking about The O.C. and how I was still not over how The O.C. was actually good (this was season 4) and back to season 1 levels, and I just kind of find it funny that the same thing is happening for me with Ugly Betty. And then I just got weirded out because season 1 of Ugly Betty seems really long ago, but that was just senior year in high school, and omg in just 4 1/2 weeks I'll be a senior in college and how is that even possible and that's so weird. Was high school really that long ago? Anyways, tangent! But in any case, that's totally why I stick with shows even once they start sucking and it starts feeling like a chore to watch them: because sometimes, if I'm lucky, they'll start getting good again. Of course, it's typically right before they're canceled, but... it's better than nothing, I guess? I'd rather have this excellent season 4 than 5 more seasons like seasons 2-3).

I have my class facilitation thing in Mood and Anxiety in like 30 minutes. I'm... feeling okay about it. I've gone over what I'm going to say about a million times, but I'm sure I'll get nervous and mess up a little anyways since I suck at public speaking. I'll be really happy to have it over with, anyways. And then I get to come back to my apartment and spend several hours working on my part of a group project before we meet tonight. ugh. But at least it's almost Friday! And then I can finally relax!

Also, there are so many TV things I'm super excited for in the next week: new Doctor Who Saturday (I'm so excited to see more of Eleven and Amy!), Glee returns Tuesday, and the series finale of Ugly Betty on Wednesday. Plus there's the normal great TV: I've been really loving Castle recently, HIMYM and TBBT are new on Monday (they haven't had a new episode in a little while, right? I don't know, it feels like it's been awhile), new Lost (I haven't watched this week's yet, actually, but I should have time this afternoon or Friday afternoon, and I've heard it's awesome), new Criminal Minds (this week was kind of eh since they were setting up the spin-off, which I don't really care about, but I still adore the show (speaking of, the picture Matthew Gray Gubler tweeted of a freaking puppy biting his nose was one of the most adorable things I've ever seen. How is he real?)), and other new stuff as well that I'm too lazy to get into now. But still, very excited for TV next week.
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Ugly Betty 4.16-17 )

I'm slowly catching up on TV! I still have a good ways to go, though. Luckily one of my two major things for next week got pushed back 2 weeks, so now all I have to focus on right now is my German test tomorrow and for next week my group project for my evolution class. Unfortunately my group still wants to meet tonight for the group project that got pushed back two weeks, which, I mean... I understand the point of pushing it back was not so we could put it off for 2 more weeks, but at the same time, my German test that is tomorrow has to come before a project that is 3 weeks away. And we were supposed to meet at 8 tonight, but then someone in the group wanted to attend some event or something, so we're meeting at 9:30. I hate meeting so late. =/ I mean, no it's not incredibly late, but at that point, I want to be entirely focused on studying for my exam. But the other people in the group agreed and I didn't want to be the lone person causing problems, so I just went along with it. blah.

I'm so tired. For some reason I've had a terrible time falling asleep this week. Don't really know what to do about it, though. The thing is, the more nights that this happens, the more anxious I feel about it, and I feel like that just makes it even harder to fall asleep the next night. I definitely haven't had a nice, full night of sleep since being home, which sucks. I'm not even having as much caffeine as I normally do! Hopefully tonight my various group meetings and the culmination of several nights of not being able to sleep will tire me out enough so that I can actually get a full night of sleep.
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Very, very random TV thoughts:

Dollhouse )

Ugly Betty )

Legend of the Seeker )

I was incredibly productive Friday afternoon/night (I finished all my Discrete Math work for the week! The week is suddenly looking a bit better knowing that I don't have DM on Thursday and can sleep in and don't have to do anything else for the class until next weekend.) and I actually got a good amount done Saturday as well. It turns out I have less to do this weekend than I originally thought, which is good. Today I need to finish revising my introduction and results for my research project so I can go over it and my presentation with my adviser tomorrow, prepare for the presentation, prepare for my cognitive psych group presentation (which is on Thursday, but we're meeting Tuesday to work on it, so I should have stuff prepared by then), and... I don't know. Start making flashcards for my German/Cognitive Psych finals? As I said, I actually don't have a lot left. Which is why I'll probably do nothing before dinner, and then after dinner I'll start feeling stressed out that I've done nothing all day and go to the library for a few hours and get everything done. Which should be fine. I mean, really, none of the stuff I'm planning on doing today is actually due tomorrow or Tuesday even, so it's not entirely necessary I get it done now. It's just so I don't go crazy this week or next.

I analyzed my results for my research project Friday and got zero significant results. Well, for one of the scales, the result was marginally significant, but in the exact opposite way I predicted, and... I don't know what to say about that. I can talk about no result, but I can't talk about the opposite result. It makes zero sense. I mean, the result is basically that in students without siblings, social self-esteem is higher for freshmen/sophomores than for juniors/seniors, which doesn't fit AT ALL with the literature that shows very clearly that social skills are gained throughout time in college. But it's not significant, so I don't really have to explain it too much. It's a little disappointing not to have any significant results and to not have my hypothesis supported, but I can think of several reasons why this might be, and most directed research students don't end up with significant results. In my group, of the 2 other people who have finished data analysis, one had zero significant results, and the other had significant results, but, like me, had a bunch of results she totally didn't expect and can't explain. Data analysis in general is kind of really cool, though. It's real world data! Rather than random made up data sets so you can learn how to use SPSS! I don't know. I enjoyed it. I would totally enjoy like being a statistics/data analysis consultant for... someone, or something. I don't know. I'm a dork.

There are only 13 days until my last final and then I'm flying home! I can't wait. I can so do with a break right now. And in 8 days, my research project is due, and that's causing me more stress than anything else right now, probably, so I'll be so thankful to have that out of the way. This past week went by super fast, so I'm hoping this week will as well. Especially since I have 2 presentations this week, and I hate presentations. I'm so bad at public speaking. blah.
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I totally have the urge to do a huge picspam with a bunch of "Best of the Decade" lists at the end of the year. Like best movies of the decade, best TV shows, characters, episodes, etc. I don't know if I'll have time, though. My finals go all the way until December 19th this year, and then there'll be a bunch of stuff going on with Christmas and New Year's and all that. But we'll see. Maybe by me mentioning it, I'll actually do it.

Bones )

Ugly Betty )

Am I the only one who still watches Ugly Betty? I'm guessing so. Not that I blame anyone. Most of the time I wonder why I'm still watching it (although it has been better this season so far, IMO). Seriously, the reasons I still watch Ugly Betty are basically: Marc, Amanda, Justin, Marc/Justin friendship, and Daniel occasionally. That's pretty much it. If the show could just be about them and not Betty and her stupid drama, then I would be all for that.

The complete series of Farscape is coming out on DVD next Tuesday and it's on sale for only like $75! Oh man, I am so tempted to buy it! $75 for 4 seasons is a ridiculously amazing deal! That's less than $20 a season! If I saw like season 2 by itself randomly listed as $20, I would get it immediately, no questions asked! But... $75 is a lot to spend in one go when I don't have the job and have no intention of getting a job anytime soon. On the other hand, I haven't bought a DVD set with my own money (meaning, not given to me as a gift or bought with gift cards for Barnes and Noble or Amazon) since... high school? I've been super cheap since I graduated from high school, and even during high school I was pretty cheap and wouldn't buy DVD sets that often. And I did have a job the summer before last and made about $1200 in all, and I don't need that money to pay for food/housing/etc.; I've just been saving it for the most part. Well, some of it has gone for gas (although not a whole lot since I don't have a car here; I only use my car at home, and I'm at home for less than half the year, and I don't go out that often). But for the most part, I haven't spent any of that money. So maybe I should splurge for once and buy it? IT'S OVER 50% OFF THE LISTED PRICE! LESS THAN $20 A SEASON! THERE'S FREE SHIPPING! As cheap as I am, I really cannot resist a sale. And I do adore the show, so I'd definitely want to get the seasons on DVD at some point in my life.

Ok, I think I've convinced myself to buy it. If there's ever a point in my life where I'm totally out of money and wish I had $75 left to pay rent or buy food or something, remind me of this moment.
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Anyways, The Cab's Whisper War is out today! I totally forgot about that until... last night, pretty much. I actually wasn't expecting to like it very much just because... they're kind of too pop-y for my tastes. I know that FOB and related bands can be rather pop-y at times, but... The Cab reminds me of NSYNC way more often and more... blatantly, I guess. And I enjoy listening to old NSYNC every once and awhile, but a lot of that is the nostalgia factor and not so much that it's actually good. But I liked this! It is still pretty pop-y, but it sounds less boy-bandish overall. And I was disappointed looking at the track list before hearing the songs that Singing Myself to Sleep isn't on there because the acoustic version from that radio show that has circled around is my favorite The Cab song, but then it turned out it was, it just had a different name and sounded different. And I like the acoustic more, but I'm happy it was included. Ah new music makes me happy. ...ugh but now I'm considering seeing them at the House of Blues Anaheim in May. Are there still tickets to that? I kind of hope there aren't just because I really can't spend any more money before I know I'll definitely have a job for the summer (even though HOB Anaheim tickets are cheap; I think I saw they were selling for $10? Of course that doesn't include the millions of dollars Ticketmaster charges for convenience fees and all).

Random stuff on last week's Ugly Betty that I meant to mention at some point and forgot about: Ugly Betty 2.14 Twenty-four Candles )

Anyways, I got no work done yesterday! Shocking! Totally not fitting to my personality and everything you've seen of how good I am at totally not procrastinating and not writing an 8-page paper the night before it's due! sigh. But I was talking to other people in the class before class started today, and like... no one has actually started writing it. Like, one person has a few pages done, but that's it. There are people who haven't even seen the film we're supposed to analyze yet. So, that makes me feel slightly better about where I am in relation to it being done. In any case, it'll be over with very soon.

Speaking of papers, remember how at the beginning of the semester I was so happy about not having any research papers because it takes me so long to research and I wouldn't have to do that in English and for the Film paper. ...yeah, not so happy about it anymore. It's true that I don't have to spend a day in the library researching, but instead I have to read through an entire book again to find relevant bits of evidence for my English papers or watch a 15-minute movie 10 times and make screencaps of frames and it ends up just taking as long. So, as it turns out, I'd much prefer a research paper. It requires less thinking, and I actually enjoy the research part. Oh well. Not like I can fix that now.
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A few things about Ugly Betty this season. )

I'm still loving Pushing Daisies an insane amount. New favorite show. Everything about that show is just awesome. Digby in the ghost costume was probably the best thing ever.

Outside of TV... nothing much is going on. I hate that it's November because I feel like I should be getting started on the various papers I have due the beginning of December. I mean, I have 5 weeks, but I know I'm not going to do anything for them this weekend, and probably not next weekend, and then the weekend after that is Thanksgiving, and then... all of a sudden they're due only 2 weeks away. So if I don't want to be beating myself up in a few weeks, I should get started on them soonish. And by get started on them, I mean at least determine what the hell I'm writing about.

After classes this week, I've been taking walks up and down the street my dorm is on. It's a really nice street. If you go all the way down one way, only about a mile I think, you get to the Mississippi River. It's less than two miles away (maybe around 1.5 miles?) and it's really nice. Today I went the opposite way from the river and found this used books store about half a mile from my dorms. I got a collection of 4 of Shakespeare's plays (Taming of the Shrew, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Twelfth Night, and The Tempest) for $2.50 and One Hundred Years of Solitude for 99 cents. Pretty good deal. It's really nice just spending an hour or so walking around after class, but this week was really light in workload and next week is going to be a lot worse, so I don't think I'll be able to do it as much anymore. Especially with the temperature starting to drop. blah.
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So I wrote this up like a month ago and was just waiting for the Doctor Who finale to post, but then it came and I totally forgot about it. But anyways, since I did a short review of all the shows I watched last year, I figured I'd do the same for this year. There are spoilers, so if you haven't seen all of a TV show that aired this year then you might not want to read it (the shows under the cut are Battlestar Galactica, The Black Donnellys, Doctor Who, Gilmore Girls, Heroes, House, Lost, My Name is Earl, The O.C., The Office, Prison Break, Studio 60, Supernatural, Torchwood, Ugly Betty, and Veronica Mars). 2006-2007 Television Season )

I totally caught my mom watching a rerun of Ugly Betty last night. I'm so awesome at getting her to watch the TV shows I like.
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Yesterday night I saw Michael Urie (Marc on Ugly Betty) in Hamlet! It was a really good production, and he was awesome in it. There were actually a lot of people from TV shows, some I recognized and some I didn't. Henri Lubatti (Taylor's French ex-husband on The O.C.) played Rosencrantz. Dakin Mathews (who's been in like 200 different TV shows, but most notably to me as Headmaster Charleston on Gilmore Girls and the Angel of Destiny on Charmed) played Polonius (he was very, very excellent). Then there was also Robert Foxworth as Claudius and apparently he was on Six Feet Under for a few years which I haven't seen but my parents have. And there was Linda Gehringer who was Pennilyn Lott on Gilmore Girls and someone on The West Wing in an episode I haven't gotten to yet. Hamish Linklater played Hamlet and he's on The New Adventures of Old Christine which I haven't seen but he was also really great. I think that was about all anyone would recognize. Anyways, as I said, it was really awesome (although it was a bit surreal to see all these people I recognized from TV right in front of me). I wish I could go again.

So Wednesday was graduation, and it ended up being a lot more fun than I thought it would be. Not that I thought it would be awful, I just wasn't very interested in it. But it was nice. Afterwards I ate dinner with my parents and my aunt and then Jackie, Soan, and Jane slept over at my house and played Mario Party and Karaoke and such. Then Thursday was the last beach party ever and it was just kind of eh. I think most of us were just exhausted. I ended up not being able to sleep like at all the night before and I got about a 2 hour nap in before going so I was just kind of not able to think clearly or concentrate on anything. So it ended up being pretty dull. Oh well. It wasn't awful, and it had its moments.

Anyways, I guess summer has started now. I have absolutely nothing planned except going to Warped Tour next Friday (whee excited!). I think I'm going to spend my summer watching seasons 5-7 of The West Wing (I've had them since like February but school started getting crazy so I never got around to finishing the series, but I will now), watching season 1 of Friday Night Lights (everyone on my flist seems to love it and I've been planning it for awhile, I just wanted to wait until I'd have time to watch it and go crazy about it if I love it), reading a lot of books (right now Maurice by E. M. Forster and then I think I want to read the two Jane Austen books I haven't read yet, some more stuff by the Brontes since I love Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre, maybe some Shakespeare, and I don't know what else. Maybe some of the books I've had in my bookshelf forever and haven't gotten to yet, like Middlemarch), and watching a lot of movies. It should be a good summer. (Last summer I ever get to truly relax, probably.)
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Michael Urie (who plays Marc on Ugly Betty) is in a production of Hamlet as Horatio at South Coast Rep in Costa Mesa and I'm going to see it on June 22nd! :D I'm so ridiculously excited, you have no idea. It's only three weeks away!

Today is prom but I'm not going because I didn't have a date and I didn't like how the group was working out and I don't enjoy those sorts of things and the only reason I ever was inclined to go was because all my friends were going and I wanted to hang out with them. But now instead I'm going with Jackie and Jessica and a bunch of other people to see Pirates and get dinner and such, and I think I'm going to have a much better time doing that than going to prom. I'm also not going to Grad Nite for basically the same reason and so I guess Jackie, Soan, and I might do something? But it's not really settled yet. In any case, senior finals are two weeks from yesterday and then there are a few days and then it's graduation, and wow I can't believe it's almost over. It felt like I was waiting forever to graduate, and now all of a sudden it's here, and it's kind of crazy. I'm excited, though. I'm really sick of all this school stuff I have left to do.
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Thursday night TV is the death of me. I don't even know what to freak out about first.

The Office 3.24: The Job )

Ugly Betty 1.23: East Side Story )

Supernatural 2.22: All Hell Breaks Loose Pt. 2 )

I ordered four books online at Dover Publications because they're ridiculously cheap there and they sent me a book of John Wayne cut-out dolls in the place of Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen. Somehow I feel this is not a fair trade.
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Thursday night TV kicks every other night of TV's asses.

The Office )

Ugly Betty )

The O.C. )

Supernatural was also kickass, but I don't really have anything to say about it other than that.

Anyways, yesterday I came home after Jazz Band before going to Andrew's house to hang out with some people, and when I got there I asked my mom if I could go and she was just like "What? Of course. You don't really have to ask. You're 18 now." And I was just like "...wha?" Because, yeah, I'm 18, but I thought my mom would be the type of mom who's like "As long as you're living under my roof, you're not an adult." So after a couple minutes of staring at her and wondering when exactly she had been abducted by aliens, I left and went to Andrews. Around 10 I called her to see what time she wanted me home, because usually she wants me home by midnight and she had been all... you can do whatever you want earlier, but I wasn't sure if that was just temporary insanity or she was actually serious. So I called and she was like "Eh, don't stay out too late" and I was like "" and she was like "I'm going to bed at midnight. I guess try not to stay out much past 12:15ish?" Which is just... not at all her. And before it's not like she was ever... you're only 17, you have to be back by 12, it was more that she would worry about me and wouldn't be able to fall asleep if she knew I was out. But I guess now that I'm 18 she's no longer worried? It almost worked like reverse psychology, because I ended up getting home by 11:20 (well, that and I was giving Soan a ride and she wanted to go home. And I was tired). I mean, I'm very happy about this, trust me, but it's just kind of confusing me.
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Caught up on TV today, since all I watched this week was Prison Break, Heroes, Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars, and The Office. Some thoughts on a few of the shows I watched:

Ugly Betty )

The O.C. )

Studio 60 )

Veronica Mars )

Had an interview Thursday at Claremont McKenna. I think it was my best one yet. I mean, it wasn't amazing, but it was definitely better than the other two ones. I think I'm starting to get the hang of this. I have another up in Santa Monica tomorrow for Lewis and Clark College. I'm not too worried about it, though, because it's a safety school, so as long as I don't offend the interviewer in some way, I'm pretty sure I'll get in.

Yesterday was great fun. After school we got cake because it was Mrs. Daley's last day officially. Then after jazz band, I went to Comedy Sports at school with Emma, Galaxy, Richard, and Andrew. After that, all of us except for Galaxy went to Emma's house and played this game called The New Yorker which is kind of like Words of Wiz-dumb, except you make up captions for pictures instead of filling words into sentences.

I think now I should probably get some homework done since I have a lot to do and tomorrow is the interview and then afterwards I'm going to try to go to Emma's Youth Symphony Orchestra concert at Chapman.
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Thursday night TV is love.

The Office )

Ugly Betty )

The O.C. )

My Name is Earl was amusing as always, Supernatural will come on Saturday, probably.
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Caught up on Thursday night TV today (since we had a football game Thursday night so I couldn't watch):

My Name is Earl )

The Office )

Ugly Betty )

Supernatural )

Thursday night TV makes me happy. :D

This week was another crazy week, so I haven't been around. I probably won't be able to catch up on all my friendslist unfortunately, but I'll try.

Other than TV, nothing really important has been going on, just been very busy. Had our first marching competition last Saturday. We got 5th out of 5 for both colorguard and drumline, and 4th for band (half a point away from 3rd, though!). Not very surprising, because we've never been like... well-known for being a great marching band, and that show was definitely not our best. To place as well as we did for band is actually really encouraging. We performed really well at the football game so hopefully we can do that again tomorrow, since we have another comp tomorrow afternoon.

Ok, time for Doctor Who and Battlestar Galactica in 15 minutes!
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Something I wanted to say about The Christmas Invasion (and New Earth, I guess, too). Contains spoilers for season 2 finale of Doctor Who )

All the millions of Battlestar Galactica previews during Doctor Who made me ridiculously giddy for the premiere next Friday. I kind of wasn't thinking about it much, but now that I've realized it's premiering in just a week, I'm super excited. Too bad we have a football game next Friday, so I won't be able to see the episode until Saturday morning/early afternoon.

I also ended up watching the premiere of Ugly Betty. A few comments. )

Ugly Betty's on the same time I think as My Name is Earl and The Office, but I don't think I'm watching anything else at the same time, so I can record it. I wasn't sure I'd keep watching it, but yeah, I ended up liking it a lot, so I'll keep watching. I was hesitant of adding a new show to all the other ones I'm watching, but I did like it a lot, and I should have time Fridays before Doctor Who/BSG to watch the episodes I record.


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