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So yesterday was the first day in over a week where I didn't actually watch any episodes of Doctor Who or Torchwood! But not because I was actually being productive or focusing on schoolwork (like I should have been); instead, I used the time to catch up on the stuff I got behind on in the past week from watching all this Doctor Who and Torchwood. I only have thoughts on one thing I watched last night, though:

The Mayor is Ted's stepfather! I find this so amusing.

I kind of love Ted in this episode. "I went to my favorite real estate property website - come on, we all have one." AND HE BOUGHT A HOUSE. I love how ridiculous Ted is sometimes. I also totally knew he would end up keeping the house and it would turn out to be the house he's telling this story to his kids in.

Still nothing between Barney and Robin. And I was hoping Barney crying at the wedding would be because he missed Robin or something, I don't even know, but then it was just because he's into Ted's mom (which is hilarious and makes sense, but I was hoping for more than the usual we get). I'm finding myself missing last season so much. I loved the development of Barney's character so much through season 3 and 4, and I hate that it's all just seemed to disappear, other than that very VERY little we saw in the episode where they actually addressed Robin being upset about the break-up. sigh. And I don't know if my bitterness about how Barney/Robin is being handled is tarnishing my view of the rest of the show, or if the show just hasn't been as interesting and funny this season. I'm thinking it's the latter, really. I enjoy the episodes as I watch them, but then they're over and I forget about them. I have really no urge to watch any episode from this season other than maybe the premiere and another early episode from before Barney and Robin's break-up. They were already trending away from longer arcs to standalone episodes last season, and I hate that it's even worse this season. I miss loving this show like I used to.

Outside of TV-watching, here are some random things going on in my life right now:

I've mentioned a couple times this 5-10 page social psych research proposal due Friday, and I keep putting it off because I'm like "Whatever, it's 5 pages, no big deal, I can do this easily." Except now I'm actually trying to start it, and I just can't. ugh. It's only 10 points! I have a 100% in this class! As long as I turn in something that remotely fits the guidelines, I should get at least a 6-8 on it, right? So I really should just bite the bullet and get it done.

Have I mentioned that the Minnesota Undergraduate Psychology Conference is on Saturday and I'm getting super nervous about it? I don't have to present or anything, but I do have to stand by my poster about my research project from last semester for like an hour and talk about it and answer questions. And besides the fact that I haven't really thought about the project at all since early December, one thing I do remember is that I found nothing in my results. My poster looks super, super boring, though, and the subject isn't like... incredibly fascinating or attention-grabbing, so I'm hoping no one really comes by and I don't have to talk too much. ugh it's going to be awful. And I have too much stuff I should do this weekend to also have this to think about.

I have this bus pass thing with stored money on it, which I got last semester, and it has $44 on it and I only paid $22 and I use it whenever I go grocery shopping, which is every Tuesday. But today I was waiting for the bus and was looking for it in my wallet, and I couldn't find it anywhere. I'm pretty sure I left it in the pocket of my jeans last week when I went, and then when I did laundry on Friday, it got destroyed. ugh. I'm totally kicking myself for that. At least I only had like $9 left on it. But still, I was hoping to be able to get through the rest of the semester on what I had left, and now I have to get a new one. blah.

I can't believe how little time there is left in the semester. I have this week, next week, 2 days of classes, 1 day off, and then 1 final. And then I'm done with the semester. And then I'm a senior. Weird. Also, how is it April 20th? Like, I swear 5 seconds ago I was surprised because it was April 15th and it felt more like April 4th, but now it's not even April 15th anymore! What is happening here?! April is just flying by.
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