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So, the semester is almost done, and I need suggestions for TV shows I should watch this summer! I have a list of some in my mind that I'm interested in seeing, but the list is rather long and there's nothing that's really standing out for me at the moment, so are there any shows you think are super awesome that I should check out? They can be still airing or have ended. Genre doesn't really matter to me, either (I like sitcoms/comedies, dramas, sci-fi, procedurals, period stuff, and so on). An awesome ship to latch on to definitely helps me get interested and invested in a show, but there are definitely shows I love where I ship no one, so yeah, feel free to recommend whatever, basically. Most of the stuff I've seen are listed in my profile under "TV," but there are shows I've watched that I ended up not liking that aren't listed there. In any case, if trying to determine what I've already seen is too much effort, you can just recommend whatever and I'll let you know if I've already seen it.

My two exams today are done with, thankfully. The social psych one did not go that great, but I probably only need about a C on it, so I'm trying to not let it bother me too much. The Origins one went better, although maybe not as good as the last one. But probably about as good as the first one, and I got a 93.5 on that, and I only need a B on it, so I should be fine there, too. Anyways, now I just need to edit my paper for Mood and Anxiety (which isn't due until Wednesday at 11:59 PM, so I'm kind of considering just putting it off until tomorrow, since I will have almost all day tomorrow to devote to it) and study for the German final (which is Thursday). Oh, and I have to give like a... 3-4 minute informal presentation about what I did my Mood and Anxiety paper on in class tomorrow, but it's not graded, so I'm not really worried. I should probably just go through it to make sure what I have to say fits into 3-4 minutes and is organized and such so I don't make a fool out of myself.

I haven't talked about my Doctor Who rewatch much recently since I kind of took a break, but I'm actually only 3 episodes from the end of season 4. Considering I just watched these episodes a few weeks ago, I'm not sure if I'm going to end up watching them. Maybe if I run out of stuff to watch when I'm studying for my German final and get bored. I don't have any inclination to watch Children of Earth anymore, though, or the DW specials from the last year, so after I get through those 3 episodes (assuming I do), then I'll be done (and I do have a bunch of thoughts on season 4 that I've typed up, so I'll get to posting those either when I finish or when I decide that I'm not going to finish and want to close the window of TextEdit I've had open with those thoughts for 3 weeks now).

I was watching classic Doctor Who episodes actually yesterday when studying for my tests today, and one of the serials I watched was Spearhead from Space. I totally didn't realize that the Autons in Rose had already been introduced in the classic series. I feel like the Autons in that serial are much creepier than in Rose, since they look like humans who have melted and had their eyes plucked out compared to in Rose, where they just look like mannequins. Also, I've seen serials from the first four Doctors, and out of them, originally I thought Four was my favorite, but Three is giving him a run for his money. I don't know, I just really enjoy him. He has a cape! He's kind of awesome! I should watch more of his seasons.
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So I went through all the episodes of TV I need to see, and I'm like 44 episodes behind. That's 2 complete seasons of TV! I am going to actually try to catch up on a lot of this stuff this week (although there's no way I'm getting to all of it, especially since right now I'm pretty obsessed with watching as many movies as possible, and I'm half-way through The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins and I'm really liking it, so I'll want to spend some time reading that. Also, I probably should spend some time on schoolwork and stuff).

I finally watched the Psych finale, and lakjsf;lkj omg Hitchcock! They even included Frenzy, which while one of my least favorites of Hitchcock is one of his lesser known, so I liked that they didn't just stick to the major obvious ones. And Lifeboat! That's one of his I haven't seen (I've actually only seen half of all his films, but I have seen all his major ones and many of his minor ones). Spoilers for Psych 4.16 )

Chuck 3.11 )

How I Met Your Mother 5.18 )

Greek 3.18-19 )

I'm somehow already at 52 movies this year. This has never happened before for me. Even last year when I got super obsessed with watching movies in February, in March I only watched 3, so I barely got to 50 by the end of June. And of course I didn't even come close to getting 100 by the end of that year. At this rate, I'll be to 100 by the end of June, meaning that I will have reached my goal in half the time I expected. This is mostly due to getting Netflix, because before when I didn't feel like watching movies, I just wouldn't watch any for a month because it's not like it was costing me anything. But since I'm paying money every month for Netflix, I feel like I have to watch stuff (with instant watch, I'm at about 27 cents a movie, which I think is pretty good). Plus, they physically send me movies, so it's not like I have to go to any trouble to see something that I'm interested in. I'm still surprised I've managed to get so many in, though. In April and May it'll probably die down a little, though, since I have a lot of various projects and assignments this month, and in May I'll have finals and then I'll probably be driving from St. Paul to Orange County with my parents like we normally do which takes a week and a half and I'll have spotty internet connection and no permanent location to receive DVDs.

Anyways, on my last day at home I watched 12 Angry Men and Stalag 17 with my mom on TCM (both of which were very good, although neither are going to vault into my favorite films of all time or anything), and now I'm desperately wishing I had cable TV here if only so I could watch TCM whenever I wanted. (Not that I didn't know how much awesome stuff TCM played before, but when I was checking to see what they had to watch, I looked past Saturday afternoon and saw a bunch of other stuff they were showing, and I wished I was staying at home longer just so I could watch them.) Having Netflix does help, of course, but there are a good number of films that look really good that I want to watch that aren't on Netflix. I already looked at the schedule for late May (when I'll be back home for sure) and I have a list of stuff I want to watch that's airing on TCM.

I want to rec some more movies, like I did with Memento, sometime this week, but I'm debating whether I should do mini-picspams of them. I want to, but I don't know that I have the time. I mean... I probably could fit it in, and I've mentioned I don't have a lot this week, but I have so much next week and the week after that I should start now (although I do have a 3-day weekend starting April 2nd, so that'll help), and it might be hard to find caps of some of the films I want to talk about. But we'll see.
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I think I'm going to try to start reccing awesome movies I've seen (and even try to write more reviews of all movies I see when I see them rather than posting them all together at the end of the year, but since I've been meaning to do that since January and haven't yet, I think that might be less likely). Anyways, the first one is going to be Memento. I watched with my mom last night, and it's not my first time seeing it (my third time, actually, and it was #3 on my favorite films of the decade picspam I posted last December), but every time I see it or just think about it, I have to rec it. It's just so freaking good. If you haven't seen it, you have to. It's directed by Christopher Nolan, who also did Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Prestige, which are all excellent films, but this is my favorite of his (that I've seen). Why you should watch Memento )

My dad totally randomly met Tiffany (the singer, who was in the HIMYM episode Sandcastles in the Sand, which is where I know her from) the other day. He told her that he really enjoyed seeing her on HIMYM. I find this all very amusing for some reason. It was just so random!

I've gotten so behind on TV, it's ridiculous. I'm caught up on a few of my favorite shows, but even others that I really love (like Lost), I'm behind on. I don't know why, I just got out of the habit of watching so much TV when I didn't have internet for a few weeks and then there wasn't much on because of the Olympics. I'm just so behind that I don't know where to start, so I haven't been watching anything. And I've been much more in the mood to read books and watch movies, which hasn't helped either. Eventually I'll get in the mood again and try to catch up, but I feel like that might not be for awhile.

Today is my last full day left here! I'm flying back tomorrow morning. I was dreading going back most of the week because of this group project I had due Wednesday which we hadn't started on because the last piece of this group project was due right before spring break, so we really had no time to do it because had to do the other part first, and since this is a project we have to do all together in person (meaning, we can't complete it separately and through e-mails and such), we only would really have had Monday and Tuesday to complete it, which is pretty ridiculous and was stressing me out a lot. But then my professor e-mailed all of us and said she was pushing it back a week, so now next week is so much nicer. I do have a super-short German essay due Wednesday and a German exam on Friday, but neither is going to be super intense or stressful (particularly since I have a 100 in German right now), so now I'm much more positive about going back. And there are really only like 6 1/2 weeks left of school once I get back. Not too bad. Although once school is out I need to find somewhere to volunteer so I can be productive with my summer, and ugh, I hate applying to places and all that. And then in the fall I have to start applying to grad schools, and that's even worse. So maybe I shouldn't be in such a rush for the semester to be over. =/
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Ok, so a few days late, but here are the movies and TV I watched and books I read in 2009! I have short reactions/reviews of the movies followed by a rating out of 10. I'm just going to link to the TV I watched here on my listography because it's way too long and I don't know that anyone actually wants to look through it. I watched a total of 69 movies, 1823 episodes of TV, and read 17 books.

Books in 2009 )

Movies in 2009 )

And, if you're interested, here is my ranking of movies that came out in 2009:

2009 Movies in Order )

A couple weeks ago I was thinking of actually posting a review for every movie I see when I actually see it here and then linking to all the reviews at the end of the year, but now that it's actually the new year and I've seen 2 movies already, I'm feeling lazy. I don't know, I don't need to decide this second. I can always try it out and change my mind. I mean, whatever, I'm probably thinking too hard about this.
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Ah, I just managed to finish this in time! Here's a picspam of my top 30 TV shows of the decade! Top 30 TV Shows of the Decade )
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I don't have much to say about Glee, but I must say a few things:

Glee 1.08 )

TV meme I've seen a bunch of places: TV Meme )

I'm really annoyed by Discrete Math (well, that's been true all semester, but moreso than usual right now). We had a homework assignment due on Tuesday. I did it on Saturday because this week is so busy. I spent 5 hours on one problem that was so ridiculously hard, and I wasn't even positive I got it right after that, but at that point I just had to stop working on it. Then, on Monday afternoon, the professor e-mails us and is like "Oops, I misstated question #3 and made it too difficult. It should really say this..." which of course was the problem I spent HOURS on. And Monday's I'm really busy, so I didn't even know if I'd have time to fix it. But I did, and the revised problem took me 5 minutes. No exaggeration. So I wasted 5 hours on Saturday which could have been spent working on my Capstone or studying for my Cognitive Psych midterm. Great. Stupid class.
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Oh hey, it's totally October. In September, I watched 1 movie, read 5 books, and watched 101 episodes of TV. Not too bad considering the first week of September I spent moving into my apartment and the rest I was busy with school.

Yesterday was such a nice end to the week. I mean, most of this past week was just horrible and stressful, but something I was worried about for Directed Research went just fine, and when I got back to my apartment after German, I found an e-mail from my Cog Psych professor saying that he wasn't feeling well, so class in the afternoon was canceled. So I got the rest of the afternoon free, which was awesome. I got to catch up on all the TV I had missed over the week. And then I decided it would be a good idea to add to the ridiculous amount of work I already have for next week by watching all of season 1 and 2 of Fringe. I'm smart. I enjoyed the pilot more this time solely because there's German at the beginning! When I first watched the pilot, I hadn't taken any German classes, but now I've had over a year, so I actually could understand what they were saying! The most amusing thing about it was that in my listening comprehension homework in German this past week, there was a dialogue between a man and a woman who were on a flight and it was the woman's first flight, and the man mentioned a plane accident in Hamburg! And on the show, the woman was like "This is my first flight" (in German) and the flight was from Hamburg to somewhere (or maybe to Hamburg? I don't remember) and they were in an accident! Really random coincidence.

Anyways, I'm through episode 4 of the show, and last time I think I watched up through the first scene of episode 4 and then I was like "I'm bored, I really don't care about this show, I'm not going to watch anymore." It's better when marathoned (and when you're bored and want something to entertain yourself with). I'm still not in love with it, but I'm interested in The Pattern and where this is all leading to. And whatever, I can suffer through the more boring stuff for Joshua Jackson. It's a good think I'm not too hooked, though, because I do have a lot to do this week. I have to revise my Discrete Math HW #1, I have a Discrete Math exam on Tuesday, I need to revise my Introduction for my research project, write up a draft of my Methods section, and fill out my IRB form so I can get my research approved. So mostly the work is just in Directed Research, and my other major stuff is in Discrete Math, and since I'm now taking that class pass/fail, I really don't need to focus too much on it. And my parents are coming for Family Weekend next Thursday! That'll be fun. Although it means I need to get the Directed Research stuff due Friday (the IRB form and Methods section draft) done with much sooner. Oh well. I should be able to get it all done.

My volunteering got moved from Saturday to Sunday, so I got to sleep in this morning! It's been awhile since that's happened. But now I don't want to get up and actually get anything done. blah.
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omg school is getting ridiculous. Here is what I have in just the next week: Cut because it's long )

I had my first volunteer thing today. Basically what I'm doing is going over to Family Place, which is a day-shelter for families (the criteria for staying there are that you are either a parent or a legal guardian of a child). The leader of the group plans an art project for the kids, and then the other volunteers help the kids with the project and afterwards eat lunch with the families. It was pretty good, although there were more volunteers than kids, so there were several periods of time where I was just kind of sitting there watching everyone. But I think it'll be good. Unfortunately I need to fill out an application now, and I need to figure out 2 personal references. It only says no family members, nothing about friends, so I could just have two friends act as personal references, but I'm afraid that won't look very... professional, I guess? I don't know. I'm not even sure how closely he's going to look at the application, since I already volunteered there today, and it's more a... formality? Since we're all helping with this other girl's art projects. Whatever. I'm going to try not to stress about it too much, since I always get stressed out over pointless stuff, and this really isn't that big of a deal in the long run.

It's fiiiinally cooling off here, which I'm happy about. For one thing, I'm running out of short-sleeved shirts (I need to do laundry, but I don't want to), so it's nice to be able to wear my long-sleeved stuff. And besides that, it was just too warm. It's fine if you're just sitting outside, but I kept getting really sweaty walking all the way from my apartment to class. It also finally rained yesterday, which turned out not to be so good since I forgot that I still haven't bought an umbrella (last year mine broke). I need to get on that. I still enjoy rain, though, in any case.

I have random thoughts about Glee! Mostly about the show so far, but some specific 1.04 stuff. Glee! )

I'm having urges to catch up on Fringe. This is soooo not a good idea, especially with this week coming up. And the week after that. And pretty much the entire semester. Can anyone who watches tell me if it's worth it? I quit watching around the... 4th or 5th episode last season, I think, because I found it pretty boring and had zero emotional connection to the lead character/actress. But I heard it got better as the season went on, and that it's better when marathoned? So, should I start watching the show again? I probably don't need to add yet another show to my lineup. I'm watching enough as it is. Which reminds me, here's my Fall 2009 TV Lineup (this totally isn't ridiculously late or anything). )

Ok, maybe I should get a start on the ridiculous amount of homework I have.
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I forgot to mention it in my last post, but in August I watched 120 episodes of TV, 1 movie, and read 8 books (which seems like a lot of books, but they were all the Sookie Stackhouse books, so for some reason it feels like it shouldn't count). I'm going to end up getting so behind on watching movies. I don't think I'm even going to make 100 this year. Oh well.

More details from the trip: I went to the Grand Canyon for the first time. I have some nice shots of it. More importantly, there was the most adorable squirrel there who just came right up to us and started eating a berry or a nut or something and I got a lot of awesome pictures of it. Also, in the afternoon, it started raining (it rained nearly every day of the vacation. It stopped once we got to Missouri and Iowa) and as it moved through the canyon, the sun was shining, and there was a double (almost triple!) rainbow that arched into the bottom of the canyon. It was ridiculously amazing. I sadly didn't have my camera with me, but my parents got some nice shots, so I'm going to beg them to send me them.

Also, we visited my mom's uncle for the first time in 20 years. My mom's cousin, who I had never met, and she hadn't seen since she was 4, who lives in the area also came by, so I met him as well. It turns out I have a lot of random family I didn't know about. My great uncle gave my mom a bunch of pictures of her mom, his sister, who died when she was 12, and of her grandmother. There were also two letters, one from 1920 from my great uncle's uncle (I have no idea what that makes him to me) which described being in the Civil War and his living situation as a kid and stuff about my great grandfather (I guess that would make his brother my great great uncle? I have no idea), and another from 1840 or something from... someone I forget but some relative as he arrived in California, describing what it was like at the time. I found that stuff pretty cool. My uncle was very nice, although I always feel awkward in those situations. It was fine, though. He's 87, but he's super energetic. He and his wife are pretty hilarious together, too. She smokes, which he hates, and she was like "Well, I don't want to live to be 103 anyways," and he was like "Well, you better, because otherwise I'll be really lonely when I'm 113" (he's 10 years older than her).

I'm ridiculously excited for Glee. When I saw the Glee pilot back in May for the first time, I liked it, but I didn't get quite why everyone was going crazy over it. I think part of it was I saw the 10 minute (or 5 minute, whatever. I can't remember how long it was) preview and the show didn't really show me much that the preview didn't. And the show wasn't quite what I expected. I mean, I was still looking forward to it, but I just wasn't quite as crazy over it as everyone else. But I randomly decided to rewatch the pilot today and I think I'm loving it a lot more. Matthew Morrison in that last scene is just amazing. He looks like he's totally about to break down at the beginning, seeing them singing together, and then there's this moment where he's like "Yeah, ok, I'm going to do this" and then he walks forward, and ugh. He was one of the few things I totally adored the first time I watched it (in addition to Emma and him with Emma), and I somehow loved him even more this time around. I also didn't really care for Rachel/Finn for most of either time I watched it, but during Don't Stop Believing, the way Finn looks at her (not that I think there are even any feelings on his end. I can't really explain it. He's just so into the song and the performance!) kind of makes me ship them. I'm ridiculously excited for the new episode on Wednesday. It's going to make getting through the first day of classes so much easier knowing I have a new episode to look forward to.
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Well, February's over, and I've manage to watch 17 movies (I have no idea how I managed to watch more than in January. I didn't feel like I was watching that many movies, either), 91 episodes of TV (not nearly as many as January, but still kind of impressive to me considering a lot of stuff hasn't had new episodes, or at least not all month, and I didn't go out of my way to watch anything like 7 seasons of Scrubs like I did in January), and 0 books (oh man am I failing at reading more. I managed to get 2 1/2 chapters of one book in! ...but I haven't finished anything. Or read anything else. ugh. Maybe I'll start reading more when I get over my movie-watching phase).

Anyways, today was kind of horrible. I had my test in Multivariate Stats, and it was terrible. It wasn't just me, though, thankfully. We were supposed to be done by 3:20, but at 3:40 nearly all the class was still working on it. And then we had to turn them in, and I didn't even have an answer for the last part of the last question, and for the rest of the questions my answers were just like half-answers. And I realized I screwed up for pretty much the entire last 3 questions, but I had no time to fix them, so I just wrote a note explaining what I would have done if I had more time. =/ And the problem is that the first part I'm not even sure about, either. I spent too much time on it, but I wasn't totally sure of my answers, so I just put down some stuff and was like "Well, I'll come back to it later." Except, of course, I couldn't. The professor said she'd grade on a curve, but I'm just afraid that one or two people will have done really well. I don't know, I feel like I would have done really well if it was a take-home test, but I make too many mistakes when I'm just going through that stuff the first time, and I really need more time to think about everything. ugh.

Afterwards Li and I met with the professor to go over our data set for the research project, and apparently the data we have won't work. I seriously felt like crying when she started explaining to us that we'd have to find another data set. I have enough this week as it is; I really don't have time to add finding another data set to it. And I feel like there aren't going to be any data sets that will work that deal with out topic. And what kind of irritates me the most is that I was concerned with the data set originally, so I went to talk to her, and she told me how I had it set up would work. I don't know why she didn't bring up these issues then. But I feel like we're going to look for a data set and find nothing and have to change our topic, which means doing another research proposal, and finding more articles (and it took forever to find what we did), and I really don't have time to do that this week. The data set is due Friday. I was planning on finishing my research paper for RIP by tomorrow night, going over it with the professor Wednesday morning/afternoon, revising the paper Wednesday night while studying for my Differential Equations quiz (because I really need to get perfect scores on basically every quiz we have from now on), turn the paper in Thursday, and then study for my German test Thursday night. There really isn't any time to add finding a new data set and reworking our entire research project in the next few days.

Ugh, I was stressed out enough as it was before all this, but now it's just made everything worse. I really can't wait until Spring Break. Actually, I can't wait until this semester is over. I like the subjects for the most part, but all the classwork is insanely stressful and time-consuming.
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So I spent most of the past week watching all seven seasons (plus the two new episodes from last Tuesday) of Scrubs. It's a good show. In terms of comedies, I like it more than 30 Rock and The Big Bang Theory, but less than Arrested Development and Green Wing, and probably as much as The Office, maybe a little less. I actually don't like it so much for the comedic bits as I do for the more dramatic moments. Anyways, now I feel like watching Green Wing because it reminds me of that show, and I haven't watched it in ages.

After watching all those episodes, my list of TV watched this year so far is kind of ridiculous (I'm at 170 episodes so far). I'd say that's abnormal and only resulted from watching all that Scrubs, but then I remembered that I marathon shows I've never seen before all the time. Two summers ago I spent over a week watching all of The West Wing, and I watched Merlin in early December, The Big Bang Theory and True Love in November, and several shows in the summer. So the list probably is a fair representation of how much TV I typically watch. Anyways, I'm keeping track of that, how many movies I'm watching, and some other stuff at Listography now if anyone cares to check how I'm doing on that stuff. I'll still end up posting the lists here at the end of the year, anyways.

I'm turning 20 on Wednesday. It feels very weird. I feel like I'm not mentally old enough to be turning 20. I think I'm still around 17 in my head. I also feel like I don't look 20. I mean, ok, I'm a terrible judge of age, but still. At the movie theater over the summer where I worked, when people would ask me how old I was and I told them I was 19, they were all like "Really? I thought you were like 14." Also, I feel like I'm nearing the age where I have to actually decide what I want to do with my life or at least what I want to do after college. I'm just so indecisive. =/ Also this birthday sucks because I'm still at home, but all my friends from home will be back at school. I think I'm going to convince my mom to take me shopping and buy me clothes so my birthday doesn't totally suck.

Finally, this is a little old news, but I'm so happy that Franken is ahead after the recount! I know that Coleman is going to sue, but it actually looks good for Franken despite that! That makes me very happy. :D
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Just barely making it in under the wire! I wanted to do more (especially with the TV stuff), both with pictures and extra sections, but I kind of waited until this morning to start, and it took me 6 hours to get this far, and I'm leaving in an hour or so to go to a New Year's Eve gathering, so I figured I'd leave it at that. Anyways, here are my top books, movies, and TV of 2008:

Best of 2008 Picspam )

Hope everyone has a Happy New Year!
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Finished The Big Bang Theory yesterday afternoon! Random thoughts on The Big Bang Theory )

I'm sad that Pushing Daisies is basically canceled, but not devastated like with other shows (like even with other Bryan Fuller shows; I'm pretty sure I'm still not over Wonderfalls being canceled). Twenty-two episodes (I believe that's the total number of episodes from last season and this season, including those that haven't aired yet but will) is more than a lot of shows get. It definitely deserves more, though. It also sucks that the last episode is going to be a cliffhanger of some sort, but I'm glad that Bryan Fuller is already saying that he's planning on wrapping up the story in comic books and has the proposal for a movie written up.

But geez, I need something to watch on Wednesday nights now! I have 6 shows on Monday nights (two are half-hours, though, so I guess only 5 hours of shows), 3 on Tuesdays (not counting Greek. Not sure when that's coming back, though. Please tell me it's going to be earlier than June, though. I don't think I can wait that long), and 4 on Thursdays. I even have 3 on Sundays now! (Although this week is the finale of True Blood, so it'll go back to 2. But still!) Where's the quality Wednesday night TV?

I have been an epic fail at being a good student this week, what with getting obsessed with True Blood and then getting addicted to The Big Bang Theory. I'm going to try to actually accomplish things this weekend (although I say that every week, and I never actually do). I think I need to go to the library because I actually get work done when I'm there. When I stay in my room, nothing ever gets accomplished. But if I don't want to be studying for two tests and writing two reports and two reaction papers during Thanksgiving break, I really need to get at least some stuff done this weekend.
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I just checked my rewards points on my credit card on a whim because I was bored and trying to waste time, and I actually had enough to get a $10 gift card to Barnes and Noble! Very cool! I wasn't expecting to be able to ever actually get anything through their rewards program.

Registration for classes is on Thursday. Originally I was planning on waiting until next semester to talk to someone in the math department about double majoring in psych and applied mathematics, but I think I need to talk to someone before I register. =/ Because if it turns out I can't take certain classes over the summer at UCI, I'm going to need to take at least one next semester. ugh. I went to my Multivariable Calc professor's office at 2:00 and there was someone in there talking to him and I had class at 3:00 and she was still in there talking to him at 2:50. So I decided to check after class, and he wasn't there anymore. And I don't even know that he can help me because applied math is a really new major (I think this is actually the first year it's an option) and he was retired and he just came back for this year. So he might just end up telling me to talk to someone else. But I'll camp out in front of his office right after Research in Psych and hopefully he'll have time before I have class at 2:20. It shouldn't take too long because I just have a few questions. Unfortunately if he can't answer them, I don't know that I'll have time to talk to anyone else. We'll see, I guess.

In happier news, Thanksgiving is only 2 1/2 weeks away! I'm going to be flying back home two weeks from tomorrow. How crazy. It doesn't really feel that long since I last was home. And then there's only a week and then finals and then I'm home again. I need to figure out when I'm flying back, though, for winter break. I'm not entirely sure which classes I have finals in and when they are. I think I'll be done so I can fly home Wednesday, but there's a chance that I might be able to leave Monday, which would be awesome.

Anyways, have a TV meme: meme )

I think I'm going to picspam my favorite season finales ever for the [ profile] picspammy challenge this month. (I'm actually way less busy this month than last month, which is really weird. I have nothing due for the rest of this week, and I only have a German test a week from Friday, and German tests are easy and don't take much time to study for.) I'm just mentioning it because saying it will make me feel like I have to do it so then I'll actually do it. And maybe I'll get around to organizing my room tonight. My posters keep falling off the walls. I need to put them back up and rearrange them. And then maybe I'll FINALLY post pictures of my room, because I said I was going to do that back in August. Ok, now that I've said all this, hopefully I'll do it!

(The margin Coleman's ahead of Franken is now down to 206! God I really hope Franken wins!)
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Oh god I'm so tired. This week has been so long.

So I went back home last Thursday and came back on Sunday. It was nice being home. I wish I could have been there for longer. I voted! That was fun. And I saw W. with my parents, which... I have absolutely no idea how I feel about. Like, it's not nearly as terrible as I thought it would be, but it's just too real and now to really judge as a movie, you know? I still think the same thing that I did when I first heard this movie was coming out: it would have made a lot more sense to wait a few years to make this movie. At least until the end of his second term. There was some really great casting. Josh Brolin was absolutely excellent, and so were the people who played Dick Cheney and George H.W. Bush. On the other hand, the woman who played Condoleeza Rice was kind of awful.

Anyways, the sucky part of the weekend was that I had to write a 5-page paper while I was there. I was supposed to get it done Wednesday afternoon, before I left, but my Research in Psych homework took all afternoon (and even then, I hadn't finished it). When I came back on Sunday, I found out that the part of the homework that had taken me forever and that I had been agonizing about wasn't due this week because we hadn't learned far enough in the book yet and I had totally forgotten he had said that. ugh. So I could have done the paper on Wednesday. Instead, I ended up writing half of it on the plane on the way back to school and the other half Sunday night/today before class.

Also, I woke up about an hour after I fell asleep last night and felt like throwing up and could not fall asleep for a ridiculously long time. I kept debating whether I should get up and go to the bathroom in case I did throw up or if I should just wait a little longer, and I ended up falling asleep in the middle of debating over that. But now I'm ridiculously tired and have a huge headache and am just generally discontent.

On the plus side, I don't have anything major until Friday (a German test, which will be easy, and the write-up for my child observation project which isn't too bad because it's not a paper, it's just answering questions, and I have so much trouble actually starting papers but just answering questions is easy, so hopefully it won't take forever for me to finish that), so I can sleep in tomorrow and catch up on TV. I am woefully behind on TV, ok. I still haven't watched last week's Heroes (which I'm going to do in a little bit). I am about 5 episodes behind on Mad Men (did it have its season finale last night?), but I think I decided I'm going to save that either for a day when I'm really bored and just want to watch TV, or for winter break. I still have last week's House, Friday Night Lights, Secret Diary of a Call Girl, and last night's Brothers and Sisters and Dexter. So I'll probably catch up on all that tonight and tomorrow (plus tonight's How I Met Your Mother, Heroes, and Gossip Girl. And Prison Break? Was that on last week? Or this week? Because I think I'm also behind on that).
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So you know how Kal Penn supposedly came to my school back in February and then (I don't think I mentioned it in a post but in a comment to someone) I never actually saw him anywhere? Well, apparently he's coming to my school again today, and this time I actually know where and when and why he's supposed to be here. I guess he's coming to tell everyone why they should vote for Obama? Which... kind of makes no sense because my school is one of the most liberal in the country and it's also very political and I wouldn't really think that anyone here would need urging to vote for Obama. But whatever. I'll go check it out and take pictures and listen to what he has to say. It'd still be pretty cool to meet him. And I've been very politically focused the past week or so, if you couldn't tell by my recent posts.

Anyways, this week has been pretty good. I had my first Research in Psych lab which was good. My lab partner is this guy who I had classes with both semesters last year who I've talked to before who is really nice. For the first lab, we had all filled out survey sheets and then we were inputting the class's data, and one of the questions was TV hours through the week, and mine really stuck out. I had like 15 hours and the second most was 7, and then everything else was 5 or lower. I was kind of embarrassed (even though it's anonymous), but then the guy I was working with was like "Oh man, I want to find out who the person who watches 15 hours of TV a week is and be friends with them." So I was like "...yeah, that was me" and then we bonded over the fact that Macalester kids don't seem to watch TV very much and that a lot of people seem to think that TV is bad for you or whatever, but the people who think that clearly just haven't seen any really good TV. And whatever, the lowest grade I've gotten after a year of college is one A-, so I'm pretty sure I'm doing just fine, even with watching lots of TV.

Ok, I'm going to try to finish decorating and organizing my room. I'm having issues figuring out where to put all my posters, and I don't think I'm going to have as much wall space covered as I would want. Hopefully I can get more posters for cheap when the school has its poster sale (which I hope is soon).
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I stayed away from my computer yesterday since I was studying pretty much non-stop for the test I had today, which was not fun. I pretty much lived in the library yesterday (and, I mean, I like the library, but it's obviously more fun to be in my room on my computer than studying for hours in the library). But it's over with now, and it's one less major thing I have left to do this semester. Now that Monday and Tuesday are done with, I'm feeling much more relaxed. This will probably last until Friday, when I have to study for my Film Analysis vocab test (there are 10 words on the test we have to define out of a hundred possible terms from the glossary of our book. And I know none of them. ugh. Like, it won't be hard to do well on the test, it's just incredibly time-consuming, which sucks), Drugs and Society test (this one isn't as bad since a quarter of the test is on psychotherapeutic drugs and... I'm in abnormal psych right now so I know what drugs are used to treat depression and schizophrenia and the side effects of the drugs and what neurotransmitters they act on and all that), and English paper (8 pages, due a week from tomorrow, don't have a topic yet. Awesome).

This week is both the last week of Wind Ensemble and my psych discussion group. It sucks because, as I've repeatedly mentioned, I love my psych discussion group, and I like Wind Ensemble a good amount (I mean, obviously, or else I wouldn't be doing it). But that'll free up 6-7 hours each week, which will be especially necessary next week when I have a million things to do. And both of those being over for the semester means that the semester is very close to being over, which is awesome.

I haven't watched the Skins finale yet. I have no idea when that's going to happen. blah. The same goes for whatever other TV shows are new this week and the next few weeks. I'll definitely be watching Battlestar Galactica, just because... what else am I going to be doing from midnight to 1 AM on Friday night/Saturday morning? And Doctor Who, since I don't have the willpower to work all day long on a Saturday. I never did schoolwork on Saturdays in high school (except maybe the weekend before finals), so I still have a hard time adjusting to having to do work on Saturdays so I don't want to kill myself Sunday/during the week when I have a lot of work to do. But I'm not sure about the rest. We'll see.

Today is the first day since October I've worn short sleeves outside in Minnesota. I'm trying not to get too excited about it since it was sleeting and awful last week, and the weather keeps teasing me. Still, it's nice for today.

Lastly, handwriting meme. I've been meaning to do it for awhile, so... there it is! Exciting.
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Shipper Meme! )

Listening to the Pretty. Odd. leak, and it's awesome. I can't wait to actually own the album.
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Why is it that every show that is coming back post-strike that I watch with only one exception is coming back on Thursdays? Seriously! Lost, Ugly Betty, The Office, My Name Is Earl, 30 Rock, and Supernatural! The only one coming back not on Thursdays is Gossip Girl. How is that even possible? I feel like things should be spread out more. Oh, and I was also planning on watching Miss-Guided when it premieres. Guess what day of the week it airs? (hint: THURSDAY.) At least they're not all coming back on the same day. That might actually cause me to go insane.

So far I've done absolutely nothing interesting with my spring break. But whatever, it's so nice to just be able to relax and not feel guilty that I'm not doing the millions of things I need to do.

I have no real plans for the rest of the week, so I imagine I'll spend the rest of the week the same way, just kind of doing nothing. I think I'm going to see Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day and In Bruges with my mom, which should be fun.

I am planning on posting the photos from the photo meme and responding to the "Tell me what to blog" meme, but... my brain is kind of taking a break. So I'm just kind of posting to keep up my posting every day thing, and I'll have more to say hopefully other days this week.
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I'm going home in two weeks! I have Fall Break from Oct. 25-28 and originally I was going to try to go to Chicago with Emma and visit Annie, but... I am awful at planning things and there were too many issues to work through, so instead, I'm going home. I would've really liked to go to Chicago, but I'm also really excited to go home. I haven't seen my birds, especially Jason, in like... 6-7 weeks. And it'll be nice to see my parents again, and I'm probably going to visit my high school either the Thursday or Friday and see my friends who still go there, like Jessica and Jane and Daniel. And even if I did nothing but stay at home, it would be nice because... it's just going to be familiar. Plus, it won't be 45 degrees there. And I can do a bunch of laundry without spending any money, without having to wait for a free washing machine or dryer, and if I'm not sure of what I'm doing, I can ask my mom for help. It's less than two weeks now! I'm so excited. :D

This next week, however, is going to suck. Mostly just because of the 10 page midterm paper and the geology test. I do have it planned out how I'm going to write the paper (or when, I mean. I have no idea how I'm going to write a 10 page paper when I've never done so before), but I don't know about geology yet. sigh. It sucks that we have 6 tests in psychology (and can drop the lowest score) and that's the class I find easiest and understand the best, and in geology, the class I understand the least, we only have 2 tests. I wish it were the opposite. (Except maybe not, because I wouldn't like to have to study that often for geology.)

I haven't been talking about any of the TV shows I've been watching recently, so here's just a summary:
Shows I'm loving: The Office, Gossip Girl (it should be bad, but somehow it's ridiculously enjoyable), Chuck, Dexter, Pushing Daisies, Friday Night Lights
Shows I'm liking: Heroes, House, Reaper, Ugly Betty, My Name Is Earl, 30 Rock, Supernatural
Shows I don't know what the hell to do about: Prison Break


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