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This is a somewhat massive post.

Bones - 5.16 )

Lost - 6.11 )

btw, I was watching Lost on Hulu and during one of the breaks there was an ad for the new Doctor Who season on BBC America. I was so not expecting that to be advertised, but it was awesome (and made me even more excited for the next episode!).

I don't think my social psych professor understands the "mini" part of "mini-assignment," because we were just assigned a 5-10 page research proposal as a "mini"-assignment. At least it's only worth like 10 points (out of a total 250 or so for the entire semester). Still, wtf? The mini-assignments have been getting increasingly harder, which is annoying. The first one was deceptively easy (it was like... find any sort of study published within the last year having to do with social psychology and explain their hypothesis, methods, and what they found), and the second one wasn't bad either (it had to do with comparing a friend's ratings on a scale to what you perceive their personality to be and some other stuff I forget, but it wasn't difficult).

Last but not least, I'm finally posting pictures of my apartment that I'm living in right now, and I figured since I'm finally posting them, I might as well also finally post the pictures of my ridiculously small dorm room I was in from 2008-2009 (my sophomore year). There are also 2 bonus pictures of my pet birds from home just because I haven't posted any pictures of them in years.

Pictures of Apartment and Dorm Room! )
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Ah, I just managed to finish this in time! Here's a picspam of my top 30 TV shows of the decade! Top 30 TV Shows of the Decade )
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Ok, so I managed to finish one "End of the Decade" picspam. Here are my favorite movies of the decade! Best Movies of the 2000s )
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Ok, I'm finally posting images from my trip back in May and the one in August. Very image heavy!

Pictures )

I'll post pictures of my apartment either Sunday or next weekend, depending on how much time I have. I have a lot of work I need to do this weekend.
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For [ profile] picspammy's challenge #9: Favorite Barney/Robin scenes. (Spoilers up to the most recent episode.)

Top 10 Barney/Robin Scenes )
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Just barely making it in under the wire! I wanted to do more (especially with the TV stuff), both with pictures and extra sections, but I kind of waited until this morning to start, and it took me 6 hours to get this far, and I'm leaving in an hour or so to go to a New Year's Eve gathering, so I figured I'd leave it at that. Anyways, here are my top books, movies, and TV of 2008:

Best of 2008 Picspam )

Hope everyone has a Happy New Year!
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Finally! The photo meme! Image-heavy (obviously).

Photo Meme )
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So I meant to do this back around when the show actually ended, but I ended up getting too busy and forgetting about it. So, here it is, about a month late. I had a lot of issues narrowing down my favorite moments, so as a result, there are a lot of moments and it's very image-heavy. They're in chronological order because it was too difficult to put them in order of which moments I liked more and which I liked less.

Favorite Gilmore Girls Moments )
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In honor of The O.C. ending, I decided to do a picspam of my favorite moments. This was going to be 20, and then it was going to be 25, and after that I just kind of gave up trying to limit it. I was also going to limit this to only one moment per episode, but I just couldn't decide between some of them, so I gave up on that, too. What resulted was this ridiculously long picspam. Dial-up users, beware.

My Favorite O.C. Moments )
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Ah! My parents got a big screen TV for the family room! And it's essentially all mine, since I'm usually the only one to watch anything in the family room, because my mom will either watch TV while she's doing things in the kitchen or my parents will watch in their room since they have a big screen in there. My mom's been talking about getting one in there for like two years now, which, yeah, it's about time, considering the TV in there previously was from like 1985. Or maybe 1990. I don't know. But I can't remember ever having a different TV in there, and I was born in 1989, so there you go. The TV! )

Anyways, in honor of the new TV, a meme! Top 10 Favorite Television Shows )

Summer school is now officially over! I don't think it's quite sunk in yet. But yay, glad that's all done with.
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The final four Arrested Development )

Anyways. Just to say overall if you haven't seen the episodes yet and don't want to be spoiled by the brief stuff I had to say, I love this show. I love it as much as Veronica Mars (I can't even decide between them, since they're such different shows). I was able to find things to laugh at in every episode, the writing was excellent throughout, as was the acting, I find more and more jokes everytime I see each episode, it was just... amazing, and I'm so sorry that it didn't have the chance to find the audience it deserved. And I hope Mitch Hurwitz goes with Showtime's deal even though I find it unlikely. It was amazing while it lasted. I don't know what else to say. Such a brilliant show.

sigh. All right, done with the sad.

After jazz band, Emma, Galaxy, Justin, Soan, Andrew, and Elizabeth came over to my house and we hung out for awhile before going back to school to watch the school musical, Urinetown. I was kind of regretting getting a ticket because it was from 7:30-9:40ish and I wanted to be home to watch Arrested Development and I've been in a kind of... I don't want to say bad mood, because that's not what I mean, but I was just... feeling not happy, I guess, the past few days, and I don't know. But then I went, and man, I'm so glad I did. It was really great. I don't even just mean the story (which I did enjoy), but all the people in it. I mean, man. They were good. Really good actors, and some really amazing singers. The guys who played the three main men in the story, Officer Lockstock, Bobby Strong, and Caldwell B. Cladwell, were particularly amazing. So yeah, anyways, glad I went. It was great. I think I just really love musicals in general.

Anyways. List of Lust Meme )
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So I ended up watching the extras on my Arrested Development Season 2 DVDs since I never got around to seeing them, and ugh. So good. And the cast is all just so happy to be working together! They're all such good friends and alkdfj makes me so upset that they have to split up once it's cancelled. I really hope ABC/Showtime picks it up. I love this show so freaking much.

Blah. Bored, so Lyrics Meme )

And, while I'm at it, another meme to kill time. I apologize, but I'm really bored. 10 Favorite Actors/Actresses )
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!! My car is back and fixed and all lovely again! I am happy. :D Of course, since this car is now fixed, my mom's car started going insane. I mean, it was already in this week to be fixed but today an anti-theft alarm came on while I was driving randomly and then later all the brake failure lights came on at two different instances. We're not having much luck with cars lately.

Anyways. A few Christmas and other random pictures )

I finished all my Dead Like Me DVDs. I actually found myself liking Daisy a lot more this time (though I still wish Betty had stayed on the show). The end of the season 2 finale is so freaking awesome and man, I really wish this show had gotten a third season. It was awesome.

Brokeback Mountain tomorrow! I can't wait. :D
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Went to Spectrum yesterday and got a Flogging Molly CD for my mom for Christmas and the Rent soundtrack for myself. Didn't do any of the schoolwork I planned to do, though. Oh well.

Top 20 Ships Ever Meme )
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Picspam! I've been taking random pictures the past few weeks and need to get them off my camera so I can delete them finally. Bunch of different stuff: beach party, football game, my birds, and bobcats. The bobcat pictures are the most adorable things ever. The mother had another litter late, late into the summer, so now she has two little kittens with her, and guh. So fucking adorable.
Dial-up users, beware. )

Edit: Also (totally random), I realized why I've always pronounced meme as "mehm" rather than how it's supposed to be pronounced, "meem" (at least, I think that's it): because in french, there's a word mĂȘme, which means "same", and that is supposed to be pronounced "mehm". So, whenever I see meme, I correlate it with that pronunciation. ...yeah. No one probably cared about that, but I had to express my discovery.
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Oh my god. They played "Everything is Alright" by Motion City Soundtrack on KROQ today as the Catch of the Day. I'm really torn about this. On one hand it's good because they're a great band and they deserve all the exposure they can get. On the other hand... I don't want them to become this huge band that everyone knows about and become overexposed and so on. But being all possessive of them is ridiculous because just because I heard about them first doesn't mean I deserve to be a fan more than anyone else does. I'm still unsure about this, though.

Anyways. So, [ profile] beaute__exquise asked for people to give music recs. I went totally overboard and uploaded a bunch of songs and I figured I'd post them all here since there were so many (and it was kind of a waste to upload all those for only one person) to give everyone else an oppurtunity to download the songs.

Song downloads )

Also, got the SAT diagnostic scores from last night back. Babbling about the scores )

Lastly, a meme. 20 Happiest TV Moments )
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20 Emotional TV Moments Meme )

Ok, now I'm off to watch Skateboard Big Air. After that is the supermoto thing which I really couldn't care less about (I'd rather watch Moto X Step Up), which means that by 1 or 1:30ish, X Games will be over for me. sigh. It's so fun to get as excited as I do over the X Games, but that means that once the end comes, I'm in for a major crash. And if that wasn't enough, the series finale of Queer as Folk is on tonight as well. sigh. Tomorrow will not be fun.


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