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Chuck 3.14 )

10 Things I Hate About You was also adorable as always, but I have nothing really specific to say about it, other than you really should watch it, even if you think it couldn't possibly live up to the movie (which is totally what I thought before I checked the show out, but the show is really different from the movie and totally fun and wonderful in its own right). I think I might actually do a picspam of reasons why you should watch it for this month's [ profile] picspammy challenge once the semester is over, since I should have time.

I made significant progress on my paper yesterday! Finally. I'm 4 1/2 pages in (it's supposed to be 8-10), although including references, it's just about 6 pages. And she's not super strict on page length, so if it's good but 7 1/2 pages, she's not going to mark off for that extra 1/2 a page. I've even worked on it a little today (and plan to try to continue working on it until I have to go to class in 1 1/2 hours), which is ridiculous since I pretty much never get work done on Tuesdays before Mood and Anxiety (even though I have so much time in the morning to get stuff done). I also discovered that the paper is due next Wednesday, 05/05, rather than 05/04 like I originally thought, so I feel a little less stressed out about finishing it today. I mean, I think I still can, but I do have some stuff to do for German as well today, and I wanted to send my professor a draft no less than a week before it was due, so this way I feel less pressured to actually get it done today. I actually probably could have finished it yesterday if I had just worked with no breaks, but I procrastinated a lot, and it's kind of amazing I got as much done as I did.

I mentioned that I talked to my honorary psych adviser (that is what I am calling her from now on because I have no idea how else to refer to her) last week about many things, including starting to apply to grad school (specifically MSW programs) and how I was having trouble figuring out how to select programs and all, and she mentioned things I should look for and that I could give her a list of like 15 programs or so and she could help me narrow it down or point out programs I might have missed. So anyways, I've started doing that as a means to procrastinate from writing this paper as well, and at first it's a lot of fun looking into all this stuff that seems really interesting and exciting, and then it just makes me feel like crap because I feel myself falling in love with these different programs and then I get afraid that I'm going to get too invested and have my heart set on something and not get in. I mean, I suppose I did have my favorites for undergrad as well and I got waitlisted/rejected from several of those and it sucked for a little while and then I got over it, so I know it won't be a huge deal in the long run, but still.

I am sick. It sucks. It's like... just a very slight sore throat and some sneezing and my nose is a little stuffy, so it's all so like... idk, not severe that I feel like it shouldn't be a big deal, but it's still making me feel tired and worn out and like crap. I was in denial about it up until now (like, despite having a sore throat since Sunday, I kept telling myself that I was just dehydrated and thirsty and if I drank some more water, I'd feel fine), but then last night I fell asleep within 20 minutes while my roommate was still up and had her desk light on and was working until like 3 AM and that never happens for me. Seriously, no matter how tired I am, I've never fallen asleep while she's been up and had her desk light on. I'm almost considering not going to Mood and Anxiety this afternoon, especially since it's one of the few classes I can miss and I feel like it won't matter (since in other classes I'm always worried about missing important stuff for the test, but all we have for this class is this paper left, and the stuff we talk about in class isn't as relevant to my grade. I mean, it's super interesting, but the idea of leaving my apartment and bed right now is not so appealing).

Glee tonight! I am super excited. Hopefully I will be productive and get enough schoolwork done that I don't feel guilty for watching it (I would say hopefully I get enough done so I have time to watch it, but I know that I'm watching it no matter how much I get done because I tend to prioritize TV over schoolwork. Still, I'd feel better about watching it if I'm productive!).
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So right now I'm in Dunn Brothers because I have several rather big (for this point in the semester, anyways) assignments for tomorrow that I desperately need the internet for. Of course, I developed a sore throat some time last week, and now I have a pretty bad cold and I'm pretty sure I have a fever right now, but I had to walk out in the snow and go in public despite feeling like crap all because of stupid Comcast. At least I have tea now. Hopefully that'll help.

Also, I'm kind of annoyed with my new roommate because she never unloads the dishwasher. Like, I'll do the dishes, and then come back to just find the dishwasher open. It's like... wtf, why wouldn't you just put all the dishes away? I just don't understand. She also never actually does her dishes (she just leaves them dirty in the sink) so maybe that's the problem. It's like... how do you think these dishes get clean so you can use them? And yes, I should talk to her about this rather than passive-agressively complaining here, but the problem is that she's NEVER HERE. At least not when I am. She's obviously here at some point because she uses dishes and opens the dishwasher to get clean ones but doesn't close it or put anything else away. ugh. If we have a house meeting at any time, I'll bring it up, or I'll mention it to another roommate so she can tell her. But for now I can't really do anything about it except get angry that I'm always the one who has to unload the dishes. It's not even like it takes that long or is a huge hassle, I don't mind doing it that much even, but I don't like the feeling that I'm waiting on other people, you know? If we all chip in, then that works, but I'm not a maid.

For some reason every year when February hits, I all of a sudden want to see as many movies as possible. I think part of it is the Academy Awards, which I adore, but even so, the movies I want to see aren't ones that are nominated. The only year in the past 4 in which I didn't suddenly watch a bunch of films in February was freshman year, and I think that was because I was taking a film class and participating in a film group thing for my abnormal psych class, so I think my desire to watch loads of movies was being fulfilled. Anyways, I still don't have internet (;lkjsf WTF COMCAST), and that's especially annoying because there are loads of movies on Netflix Instant Watch that I desperately want to see and would be free and easy for me to watch if only I had internet. sigh. And by the time I get internet back, I'll have moved on to focusing on something else, like TV or books or picspamming or something.

This is kind of a negative post. blah. I will be more positive once we have internet and I'm not feeling sick anymore and such.
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Still sick. I don't know if I'm worse or better. I think I had a fever on Sunday night/on and off Monday. Sunday night right as I was going to bed, I just felt super cold, and I was wearing a sweatshirt, socks, and had 2 blankets. Normally it's warm enough in my room that I am fine in a t-shirt, 1 blanket, no socks. Then I woke up (well... I don't feel like I ever really fell asleep. I was drifting in and out of sleep all night. When I get sick, I either fall asleep super fast at like 10 PM and sleep until 10 AM, or I can't sleep at all. Unfortunately, this sickness is a can't sleep at all type.) sometime in the middle of the night and was just like... burning hot. So I took all the extra crap off and was still too warm, but managed to go back to sleep. That seems like having a fever/the chills to me, but I don't actually have a thermometer, so I have no idea what my temperature was. The same went for most of Monday. I did go to all my classes (I actually felt mentally better than on Saturday for the most part, and I'm always so paranoid about missing something that I didn't want to not go. But then it turned out Directed Research lasted like 20 minutes and there was nothing important, in German we did nothing that it would have killed me to miss, and in Cognitive Psych we watched a video about repressed memories). I did skip Wind Ensemble, though, which is crazy since I've never missed a class (including Wind Ensemble) in college on account of being sick. was partially because I had a ridiculous load of Discrete Math work to do, though, and I didn't see me finishing it without skipping. But mostly because playing tenor with a horrible cough and sore throat and possible fever is probably not the best idea, anyways.

I've had so much random stuff to post about that I keep forgetting. So here's some really random stuff:

Being Erica )

Greek Rewatch Thoughts )

All my random series rewatch thoughts I wrote down before I saw last night's episode: Greek 3.09 )

I don't have a whole lot to say about it, but I must mention that OMG DOLLHOUSE ON FRIDAY WAS AMAZING. Best episode of the show, by far, and I've actually been really enjoying the show up to this point. I adore Sierra and Victor so much. And those actors are amazing. Oh man. When I first heard Dollhouse was renewed I was kind of like "Eh, that's cool" since even though I liked it, I had expected it would be canceled (I was surprised Fox even aired the entire first season), and I wasn't THAT invested in it. But I am so glad it was renewed. I'd love it to get a 3rd season, even though there's even less of a chance of that happening, but still!

Also, I watched the pilot of White Collar, and OMG LOVE. Matthew Bomber is a total GQMF. And I was severely lacking Bryce Larkin on my TV. But even besides him, the whole show was just so much fun! I loved that the FBI guy actually enjoyed his job and has a pretty good relationship with his wife and his wife doesn't get supremely pissed off that he has to work so often! It's just kind of... refreshing! I was sad that Psych had to go on hiatus so soon (I mean, this is how it always is, but it always seems so short! Only 8-9 episodes and then off the air for months is not cool!), but I'm much more okay with it with this being the replacement.

I am going home tomorrow! I am so excited. I'll finally have a Wednesday night where I'm not killing myself trying to finish my Discrete Math homework! I will have homework I'll probably have to do over the weekend, but not too much, which means I can spread it out a bit and I'll still have a pretty relaxing break.
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ugh I'm sick. I was absolutely fine on Friday, and then I woke up at 8 AM on Saturday for volunteering, and I had a horrible cough and a sore throat. And I probably should have just stayed in bed and skipped volunteering, but I was already awake, so I went anyways. And then I spent the rest of the day with a headache and was pretty much totally out of it mentally until about 9-10 PM. When I'm sick, I always suddenly feel better around that time, and then that makes me want to stay up late since I finally feel all right for the first time all day, which is not a great idea when you're sick. But I did end up staying up until like 1 AM. Mostly, though, because I started reading The Hunger Games, which was totally addicting. (I totally ship Katniss/Peeta, btw. Although I haven't read the second book yet.) And now I finally have the urge to read again, which I haven't had in ages. But this is why I totally can't read during the schoolyear. It's not that I can't find any time at all to read, but that once I get into a book, I ignore everything else so that I can finish it (as I did with THG, where I knew that I should go to sleep early so I could get better, but I was too addicted to stop reading). I'm like that with TV, too, but TV episodes are only ~22 or ~42 minutes and I can do work while I'm watching them, unlike with reading. Oh well. I'll have time to read on the plane on Wednesday and Sunday, at least.

This morning I actually feel a lot better mentally then I did yesterday, even though I think my cough and sore throat are a little worse. ugh, I so don't want to be sick right now. I always manage to get sick right before I go on break. And because I felt so crappy most of yesterday, I got zero schoolwork done, even though I have a good amount to do this week. I have so much Discrete Math stuff, it's ridiculous: draft of Project 2, homework #5, and an assignment. And, ok, that doesn't sound like much, but when the assignments tend to take 5+ hours alone, all of that is a lot of work. At least I don't actually have any midterms or papers or anything; I had a midterm on Friday in Cognitive Psych (which I actually think went really well), and that's pretty much it.
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Ugh, my internet has been down since yesterday afternoon. No idea when it'll be working again. I can get internet in the library, but I've been having issues with it, and the library is on-campus and definitely more inconvenient than being able to use the internet in my room, and I feel weird watching TV shows on Hulu (which is where I watch most of my TV) in the library. Plus, as I said, I have issues with the library internet, so I don't know if I'd even be able to watch an entire show in there. I really hope it's not out for too long.

Anyways, I finished Fringe yesterday! I... really didn't do much of any work yesterday. But when I woke up I was tired and I was just going to watch an episode or two before starting studying for my Discrete Math test, and then in the early afternoon, I started feeling sick so I kept lying in bed, watching TV, and then I was done by 6 PM and I STILL felt tired and weak and kind of nauseous. It just got worse as the day went on. So I half-heartedly studied for an hour or two and then I actually went to bed (and managed to fall asleep!) by 10:30 PM. Which... it takes me forever to fall alseep no matter how tired I am normally, and I haven't gone to bed that early since high school (and even then, that was only because I was sick). The fact that I fell asleep that early that quickly means that I was probably pretty sick. And then I slept in this morning and somehow slept through my alarm. Or turned it off in my sleep or something, I don't know. But in any case, I'm feeling better now, I think. A little tired, but not nauseous anymore. But since I finished Fringe yesterday, I have random thoughts:

Fringe )
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Ugh I still suck at updating. I'll probably continue to suck at it until something interesting starts going on in my life (which... probably won't be for awhile).

I'm STILL sick, which is driving me crazy. I started getting a sore throat on Memorial Day and it lasted a week but then finally this past Monday it felt fine and I didn't feel like coughing every 5 seconds like I had over the weekend. So I was like "Good, I'm finally over being sick!" And then I got back from hanging out with friends on Monday and I realized suddenly that I felt kind of woozy and headache-y and then I started sneezing, and by Tuesday I had a full-on cold. ugh. I'm still a little stuffy now, but it's loads better. Stupid being sick during summer.

I guess now that I'm not sick anymore, I should look for something to do over the summer. It just feels so stressful, and when I get incredibly stressed out about something, I basically just try to block it from my mind and distract myself online. It's not really the best technique, especially during school because then it takes forever to get anything done, but I guess it's worked for me so far. My mom is totally not helping, though, because I was talking to her about how I was going to start looking soon but I just needed to stop stressing and realize it's not the end of the world if I don't figure out something to do this summer, and she was like "But it would be the end of the world. You can't just spend all summer sitting around the house." I was like MISSING THE POINT. I looked around for stuff yesterday kind of. There are some tutoring volunteer things, but I'm going to try first for any sort of volunteer thing that involves mental health so it'll be something I can actually put on a resume for psych internships/grad school. They all want personal references, though, and it's so difficult being here rather than at school. I would just ask professors, but most of my professors are on vacation or don't check their school e-mails over the summer, and, I don't know, I just feel kind of weird asking over e-mail? I feel like that's something I should ask in person, for some reason? But I'm weird. And at this point, it's weird to ask old high school teachers. My professors probably know, remember, and like me better anyway. blah. I'll figure something out, I guess.

Anyways, now that May is over, I watched 158 TV episodes, 3 movies, and 0 books. I seriously need to start reading more! I mean, I read a couple of chapters of a book, but still haven't finished anything. Maybe this month. And at least I watched a few more movies. It'll probably be even more this month.
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My bad mood from Tuesday or Wednesday or whatever continued for a few days and I was going to make a post about things I was feeling bitchy about, but today was actually really great and it kind of bodes well for the rest of the semester, so now I'm going to make a post about things I'm feeling bitchy about and things that are making me happy:

Things I'm Feeling Bitchy About )

Things Making Me Happy )

I randomly feel like watching old Supernatural episodes. Mostly season 2, which is the only season I have on DVD and I haven't even watched it yet (I got it for Christmas). I also feel like watching season 1, though. And season 3, kind of. Ok, so I guess I just want to marathon it all! We'll see, though. I'm going to spend this afternoon cleaning my room (it is so ridiculously messy. It was a mess when I left and it's just gotten worse since I've been back) and then I don't know what.
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ugh. I really like what I wrote for my English paper yesterday (I got about 3 pages done out of 6), but everything I've written today has been crap. And I'm a page short. blah. I have an idea for another paragraph, but I don't know how well it fits with everything else I've said. Or maybe I'll just try to pad the paragraphs I already have. I really can't wait until it's Tuesday and this is turned in and no matter how crappy it is, I can't change it, so I might as well not worry about it.

Anyways. It rained today! I can't remember the last time it's rained when I've been here. I was excited about this at first (finally, temperatures above freezing!) but then I found out how much it sucks when it's rained and there's water on the ground and the temperature dips back below freezing and then there's this thin layer of ice on the ground that you can't see, but is definitely there, and it makes it really difficult to walk anywhere because you keep slipping and sliding on the ice. I nearly fell down like 5 times. bah.

I have absolutely nothing of interest to say. I'm sick again (this time I have a cold. At least the sore throat is gone) and it's messing with my ability to think coherently, and, more importantly, think of anything of remote interest to say. blah. I think I'm going to leave my paper until tomorrow and lie down instead. I will try to be more interesting tomorrow (although I promise nothing).
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I am miraculously feeling a thousand times better from yesterday. I still have a slight sore throat, but it's barely noticeable. I had a pounding headache last night and this morning, but it's pretty much gone now. Hopefully I'm done with being sick. It sucks enough that I have to write a paper this weekend; I really don't need anything else making me feel worse.

I am totally loving FOB's cover of Beat It. Which is kind of weird, since, well. There's this jukebox in the Campus Center at school, and even though it has tons of selections, all it EVER plays is Michael Jackson. And like, only three of his songs: Beat It, Thriller, and another one I don't know the name of. And I don't like Michael Jackson as it is, so listening to him every single time I go to have dinner has started to drive me crazy. (Sidenote: it started playing a few days ago, and these people at another table started loudly shouting "WHAT THE FUCK. NOT MICHAEL JACKSON AGAIN," and all. And the song stopped, and they were happy, and then like 30 seconds later it picked up right where it stopped, and it did that like 5 times. It was actually kind of hilarious, because everytime they got happy it was finally done with, it started again.) But whatever, Patrick Stump's voice is awesome, so I can't stop listening to it.

Also really, really loving That Green Gentleman. The other two new ones are good, but I don't totally love them like I'm loving That Green Gentleman. And I really need the music video for this because it's driving me crazy who's singing what, especially at the end. I keep trying to pick out Jon's voice (just because I've heard Brendon's and Ryan's voices, but not his) and I think I can, but I don't know, because I don't know what his voice sounds like, and the quality is too bad for me to really tell. I really need this album. Less than a month!

Also (wow, this is way more of a bandom-related post than I normally make), there are these two guys at my school who totally remind me of Ryan Ross and Jon Walker. Well, not totally. But one guy has the same exact expression on his face as Ryan and kind of talks like him, and the other guy looks nothing like Jon Walker, but his name is Jon, he's really laid-back and probably smokes a lot of pot and he wears flip-flops in Minnesota in December. He actually doesn't look much like Jon Walker except that he's a white male with brown hair and is on the shorter side, but everytime I see him, I'm like "JON WALKER."

Ugh, why isn't it June yet? I really want to see Panic now. I'm moving out of my movie obsession phase (wow that didn't last long. I didn't even get to see any movies except for the ones for psych and film) and into Panic/FOB obsession again. I'm sure it'll change soon enough.
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Ugh. I was going to mention in my last post that just about the entire school has come down with the flu and I was afraid I was going to get sick, especially since my roommate has been sick for like a week, and of course, today, I get sick. Well, I just have a really bad sore throat, which isn't what everyone else has, so hopefully this will be done with soon and I can still go to class and all that. I hate being sick.

Somehow Spring Break is two weeks from tomorrow. I'm not sure how that happened. It feels like the semester just started. I'm fine with this semester being over soon, though. There's only one class I'm taking that I love absolutely, and all the others keep causing me stress for various reasons. I am trying to be more positive towards schoolwork and all, but I still am not loving those classes. Anyways, I've made good progress on my English paper so far (I haven't actually started it, but I've been rereading the book it's on and finding evidence and developing ideas and all, and I think I have a good handle of what I'm going to write about), so at least there's that.

This post is totally lame and boring, but I feel kind of out of it (slkfdj I really better not be getting sick. I need to write a paper this weekend! My brain needs to be in full form!) so I'm going to lie down for an hour and a half before I have to go to my abnormal psych discussion group. (I really love that group, but I really hate the times we have to meet. Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:30 to late does not work for me.)
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I watched some of the special features on the Doctor Who S3 DVDs last night, including the set tour with Freema Agyeman, and came to the conclusion that Freema is ridiculously adorable and I love her so much. I also saw that she does the commentary for The Last of the Time Lords with John Barrowman, which I am ridiculously looking forward to. I've only gotten through the commentary for Runaway Bride, the deleted scenes, the gag real, and the set tour, so it'll be a little bit before I get to that. Still, very excited.

I watched last night's Brothers & Sisters. Brothers & Sisters 2.12 )

I think I'm getting sick. I've felt like vomiting since last night, and I feel kind of dizzy. But I don't have a fever, and I haven't actually thrown up, so I don't know. I'm debating whether or not to go to Wind Ensemble tonight. Normally, I probably would just blow it off, but we have a concert on Friday and I'm in a smaller ensemble and have a couple solos, and we've only had the music since school started up again, so... this would be the fourth week, and we only have two rehearsals a week, and... yeah. It just seems like it's not the week to miss rehearsal. blah. I don't know.
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ugh. I think I'm getting sick. This is really awful timing. I feel light-headed and kind of dizzy and nauseous. I really hope I'm not getting the flu. I already have enough trouble with airsickness when flying anyways, I don't need the flu on top of that. Maybe I'll be better by Wednesday afternoon. And I really need to study for my pscyhology test on Wednesday, but I can't focus and I just feel like lying down, but I don't have time to lie down. Plus I'm getting stressed out about all the Southern CA fires, and there's one in Irvine, and this isn't helping me feel any better.

So yeah, I'm feeling very stressed out right now. On the plus side, I got my geology midterm back that I took last week that I studied my ass off for and it was a hard test and I thought I had done badly, but I got a 94, so I'm kind of ridiculously happy about that right now. And luckily the only major thing for tomorrow is the psychology test, and we can drop our lowest score, and I did well on the first two tests, so if I do poorly on this one, it won't be the end of the world. Although I am hoping to do well enough on the first five tests so that I can drop the last test, which is on the last day of classes, right before finals, since I'll probably be studying like crazy for geology and astronomy.

Ok, I think I'll lie down for an hour and then study.
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ugh. I'm sick. I hate being sick. I guess I should just be thankful I didn't get sick the day before finals like I did last year.

I spent Saturday and Sunday watching The West Wing Season 1 DVDs that Jackie and Andrew gave me. The West Wing )

I'm buying season 2 on iTunes since I have that $150 gift certificate from my dad for iTunes and it's cheaper and faster than Amazon. Now I just need to figure out what to do about the other 5 seasons.

Prison Break, Heroes, and Studio 60 on tonight! I love Monday night TV. I really loved last week's episode of Heroes (I'm so glad I decided to stick with this show, because it got so much better after the first episode, and it just keeps improving), and last week's Prison Break, so I'm especially looking forward to those. Studio 60... eh. I absolutely hate the way they characterized Danny last week (way to make something totally sweet and adorable get incredibly creepy and stalkerish within like 5 minutes). But I love Matt and Jack and Wilson White and Tom and Lucy so I'm still looking forward to the show.
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I'm seeing Wicked in a few hours in Costa Mesa! ee, I can't wait! It seemed back when I got the tickets that August 18 would never come, but all of a sudden it's here, and ah, I'm so excited.

I have to say, I admire Grinnell's determination that I apply to their school. It's pretty crazy. And I like how their first letter to me was like "Well, we know you didn't request any information from our school and have shown no interest in us whatsoever, but we figure that this is probably a mistake, so here's a bunch of information anyways!" And now I get something in the mail from them like every other week. It's rather amusing.

Uh, yeah. I don't know what else to say. I'm pretty much just trying to find ways to pass the time until Galaxy and Emma get here. I've spent pretty much all afternoon reading Office fic that I somehow hadn't read already but I think I've run out now. Also, I'm pretty sure I'm getting a fever. blah. Perfect timing. And here I was thinking I was actually getting better.
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I'm sick. :( Not terribly so, but I have a really bad sore throat and have for about two days now, and I think it's only going to get worse. My mom was sick for like a week and even had a fever Tuesday. I hope it doesn't get that bad. blah.

Yesterday was loads of fun though. I met Galaxy and Jackie at the Woodbridge center and Justin came too and then we went to pick up Soan and went bowling for about an hour. I actually was doing pretty well for awhile, and I'm usually absolutely terrible. But then I started sucking again. Oh well. Emma showed up about halfway through the hour we had paid to bowl and Richard came when we were just about to leave and we all went to Emma's house and did pretty much nothing there for several hours. Andrew showed up briefly, too. So yeah, it was cool seeing everyone since some of them I haven't seen since the band beach party, and even like Galaxy and Richard I hadn't seen since before I went to New York.

I want my DVD player to work. :( I mean, it works, but it's not hooked up correctly. Luckily, the guy who installed the TV in the first place is here now looking at it, so hopefully he can fix it, because I really want to watch The Office (UK) DVDs I got in Minnesota.

I guess that's it. Band camp starts next week, which I'm not looking very forward to, and that means that school is only three weeks away. sigh. This summer has been too short.
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wtf I've been worrying for like a month now over how I did on my final essays in Euro because I thought they were crap and he finally posts the final grades and I got a 92 on the DBQ and a 97 on the FRQ. Are you kidding me? I mean, not that I'm complaining or anything, but the FRQ was such crap, and the DBQ was no better. Ridiculous. But whatever, that brings my final grade to a 94 in Euro, so I'm pleased.

One final down, two to go. The pre-calc final today wasn't too bad. I was pretty exhausted though, since my mom accidentally woke me up at 5 and I couldn't fall asleep after that, so I'm worried I made really small mistakes I didn't catch. Oh well. Now onto studying for chem and English! Joy.

Anyways, why is it that I always get sick for finals? Seriously. It's like clockwork. Last semester the Monday before finals I started with a sore throat and then started feeling worse and worse until I couldn't study anymore because my brain had stopped functioning. And now, the same thing! Well, not as bad thankfully, but yesterday, the Monday before finals, I started getting a sore throat, and it's just been getting worse. bleh. I hope I don't get as sick as I did last semester, because that was pretty bad.
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Ugh. I made it through to 5th period, and then after my presentation with Emma was done (which I don't think went that well. =/ Oh well. At least the part of the math test I took today was super easy) I asked Mrs. Moore if I could go to the nurse's office. Unfortunately there they took my temperature and found out I had a fever of 101.3, and now I can't go to school tomorrow, because they have this policy that you have to be fever free for at least 24 hours before you can come back to school. I wouldn't care, except I have the second part of the math test tomorrow, and I was just going to go tomorrow for 1st through 3rd period and then go home, but now I can't do that.

Being sick is no fun. :(
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Oh, crap. I thought I was getting better, but now I'm getting a lot worse, and I have a fever of 101.6. And I totally can't miss tomorrow because I have a math test and those are really hard to make up, and I have a presentation in English with Emma and I don't know what'll happen if I don't show up, if Emma would have to do it by herself or if my English teacher would let us do it when I come back to school.

Yeah, so anyways, that's why I've been kind of non-existant the past few days. I'll reply to comments and update more and check my friendslist and all that stuff once I'm feeling better.
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Happy birthday to Jackie today! I will get you something at some point probably before your next birthday. :)

So, Gavin proved God exists in Chemistry today. It was pretty good. We're doing a unit on liquids and solids and we were discussing why ice floats in water (because of the lower density, but more specifically we were discussing the intermolecular forces and such) and he was all "So that's not common, right? Most solids would sink in their liquid form" and Mrs. Bunch was all "Right" and he was all "So that means that God does exist!" And so then the rest of the class just stared at him. I like also how he just came up with that and offered no explanation at all, as if that should just be self-explanatory and we should've all come to the same conclusion. It was rather amusing.

blah. My mom got pretty suck last week for a few days, and now she's gotten me sick. I feel all tired and weak and I was feeling queasy earlier and I keep feeling like I have to cough. It's very irritating. At least tomorrow and Wednesday we don't start school until 10:20 because all the sophomores have to take their California High School Exit Exams in the morning.

Prison Break tonight! Excellent. It's been way too long.
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Yesterday morning I went up to Claremont and visited Pomona and Claremont McKenna. And then on the way home, I threw up twice. bleh. But I still ended up going to school today, and I feel better, but still kind of weak. I may take a nap soon, like Galaxy is currently doing in my family room.

Anyways, Pomona was ok, but I really loved Claremont McKenna. I'm pretty sure I want to apply there, but we'll see. I may change my mind in a few months.

My parents are going to see Social Distortion tonight at the Anaheim House of Blues. Not fair at all. Of course, my mom wouldn't let me go anyways because of being sick (or actually, because of having Symphony tonight, which I would be going to if I were not sick), but still. Not fair.

Anyways. Tired. Going to finish schoolwork for tomorrow and then sleep, I gues.


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