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So I couldn't find my adviser yesterday, so I ended up e-mailing him about getting my pin to register, and it turns out he was on a field trip which was why I wasn't able to ever find him. But he told me I can just e-mail him what I'm taking and he'll send me the pin. now I just need to figure out what I'm taking! I'm sure about 2-3 classes, but the last one or two I'm a little unsure about. Choosing classes is too much pressure! At least now that I only have one year left and I won't have another chance to take most of the classes being offered next semester (some will be offered in the spring, but I'll only have 4 slots open then, anyways).

I got a 100 on my social psych test (so I still have 100 in the class; this is honestly one of the easiest classes I've taken here), which is great, and an 88 on my Origins podcast group project, which is a little lame. I don't care very much after how I did on the last test, but still, I thought our podcast was better than that. Oh well.

Gossip Girl )

Also, I finished my rewatch of Torchwood season 1! Torchwood Season 1 )

Anyways, now onto Doctor Who Season 3! Also, new Doctor Who today! I'm very excited. Unfortunately before I can get to both of those things, though, I have a bunch of schoolwork I don't want to do. The only major thing I have next week is this 5-10 research proposal for social psych. It's only worth 10 points and, as I said, I have 100 in the class, so it's really hard to put any effort in at all. Also, I put zero effort into the previous assignment we had that was pretty similar in terms of workload and really expected no better than a 7 or 8 out of 10, but I got a 10 on that, too, so... I don't know that it matters that I do a lot of work on it. I could probably not do it at all and still get an A in the class, but I don't think I could bring myself to not turn an assignment in. But since I have until Wednesday and I don't need to put a lot of effort in and I have nothing else this week, I'll probably just do a little work today (like, figure out what sort of research I'm going to propose) and be done. I also should start researching my topic for my final paper for Mood and Anxiety (which I meant to start doing last weekend, but then I got caught up on rewatching Doctor Who. This is why I try to avoid marathoning TV shows during the school year; even if I've already seen them before, I get caught up in them and start prioritizing them over school, which isn't a great idea, especially when there are only 2 1/2 weeks left of the semester.)
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Gossip Girl )

Ugh I really want to watch last night's episode of Being Erica. But I have so much crap to do today that I told myself I wouldn't watch it until I finished everything. I don't know when exactly I became more excited for Being Erica than for any other show, but... yeah, I'm really loving it. This is what happens when you introduce a ship in a show I can get behind. And I just love how they've been changing up the episodes this season. Plus, Greek is off until February, I've been bitter towards HIMYM since Barney/Robin broke up, I still am really liking TBBT but Leonard/Penny prevents me from being as eager to watch it as last year, and Chuck won't be on until January. And those were all the shows I was obsessive over last semester, so... Being Erica is my new show to obsess over. For like, what, 2 episodes, and then the season's over? Same for Dexter, which is my other favorite show right now. Boo.

The head of the math department sent out an e-mail for people who are interested in being a preceptor (like a T.A.) for Multivariable Calc next semester with my favorite math professor (who was my professor for Multivariable last fall), so I e-mailed her to say I was interested. Unfortunately they give priority to people on financial aid, and I'm not on financial aid, so I probably won't get it, but I figured I'd e-mail her just in case. I'd totally do it for free/no credit/etc.; I just think it would be fun. And will probably make my life way busier than it needs to be next semester, but whatever. As I said, I probably won't get it.

I'm feeling so overwhelmed right now. I just keep remembering stuff I have to do and it just feels like way too much. Unfortunately a lot of stuff I need to do I can't start until Thursday or this weekend, so I feel kind of stuck. On the one hand, I'm so happy that this week has been flying by and there are only 10 days of classes left and 17 total days until I leave for winter break, but on the other hand, I know I have so much stuff left to do and so little time to do it all in. So I'm kind of a mess right now. I'm hoping to get loads done this weekend (I will pretty much live in the library on Saturday and Sunday, I think) so next week isn't quite so overwhelming.
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How I Met Your Mother )

The Big Bang Theory )

Gossip Girl )

I have registration for classes tomorrow! I'm so excited. The classes I'm planning on taking next semester (provided they don't all fill up) I am looking forward to so much, especially compared to the stuff I'm taking this semester. Next semester is more about taking classes I actually want to take rather than just classes to fulfill requirements. So that'll be great. And there's this one class I desperately want to take that originally was a senior seminar that wouldn't be offered next year, and I was going to beg the professor to let me in and try to justify it by saying that technically I'll be a senior next semester in terms of credits (which I actually feel is a pretty reasonable point). But then they changed it to just a general advanced course, not seniors only, so I can take it without having to talk to anyone. So clearly I am meant to take this class! And the class is only 16 people and the best psych professor whom everyone loves is teaching it, so I was terrified that it would fill up before I could register. But registration started Monday for seniors, and so far only 3 people have signed up! And a huge portion of the junior class is studying abroad next semester. So basically, I think I should be able to get into the class! I'm so excited about this class and next semester, it's not even fun. I'll be so happy when this semester is done with.

I've also been researching grad schools again, and there is 1 program that I've totally fallen in love with, and now I'm mentally kicking myself because I'm going to be so disappointed if I don't get in. I don't want to get my heart set on it too much and then not be able to. I mean, luckily, unlike with undergrad, if I don't get in I can easily just apply the year after. But I want to get on with it already so I can finish school and start working and all that. Really I wish I could just apply already and go next year, but... obviously that is not possible. Oh well. Senior year will be here before I know it, I'm sure. And who knows, by next year maybe I'll have totally changed my mind again and have other plans for my future.

I totally did end up getting the complete series of Farscape. IT WAS SO ON SALE! I COULDN'T RESIST! Anyways, I haven't checked my school mail (where the DVDs are being sent) for like over a week, so I don't know if it's here yet, but they were supposed to go on sale today, so I'm assuming it'll arrive in the next few days. There's no hurry, seeing as I'll have no time to watch them anytime soon. But I'll probably watch them over winter break, which will be fun since I haven't seen any of the episodes since I first watched the series nearly 2 years ago, 2nd semester of freshman year.
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How I Met Your Mother )

Mad Men )

The Big Bang Theory )

Gossip Girl )

I feel like I really need to make icons. I always want to use an icon matching something I'm talking about, but I keep finding that I have none! Especially for shows like Greek which I'm totally in love with; I really should have at least one. Maybe if I get all my work done early today (yeah, like that'll happen) I'll make some tonight. More likely, it won't be until winter break. Oh well.
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I forgot to mention in my last post, but it's a new month, and in October I watched 249 episodes of TV, 2 movies, and read 2 books. Not bad considering recently I've been watching like no movies and reading no books. And I think the episodes of TV might be the highest I've watched in a month all year which is pretty ridiculous. I guess it's the combination of me watching loads of shows, all the shows being new pretty much all through October, and watching all of Fringe, The Big Bang Theory, and Greek.

Anyways, thank you so much to everyone who's helped out with my research project so far! I've been stressing out about getting enough participants for this project since... well, since I found out that I'd have to do a project like this and recruit a bunch of participants. Right now, I'm at 20 participants, which doesn't sound great, but it's actually better than I thought I've had at this point, and I've barely sent it out to anyone I know from school. So hopefully I'll be able to get close to 100. I'm trying not to obsess too much over it right now. Or refresh the page to see how many participants I have every other second. If you have no idea what I'm taking about, check out this post I made yesterday! I could still really use a lot of help!

I have a lot of various things coming up. blah. I have a German test on Friday I need to start studying for. I actually got nearly all my Discrete Math homework done last night, which is awesome. It always stresses me out way too much when I leave it all for Wednesday night. Cognitive Psych is quickly becoming my absolute favorite class. It's reminding me of how much I love psychology and how interested I am in it in general, even though Cognitive Psych isn't even my favorite area in psych. And it helps that I ended up with a 105 on the midterm.

I have very random thoughts on TV!

Gossip Girl 3.08 )

V 1.01 )
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How I Met Your Mother 5.05 )

Greek 3.08 )

Gossip Girl 3.06 )

I'm still going through my Greek rewatch. I just have the season 2 finale left, and then I have to decide if I feel like rewatching season 3, or if I shouldn't bother since I've seen all these episodes so recently. But I adore the show and am kind of obsessed with it right now, so there's a good chance I will. At the very least I want to rewatch last week's episode because it is still filling my heart with joy to think about.

I finally got a bus pass today so I can stop wasting my quarters on the bus and can save them for the laundry machines. And it was such a good deal! They have discount student bus passes at the Campus Center, and I paid $22 for a pass with $44 on it, and it doesn't expire (it lasts until you go through the money), so it was totally worth it. I don't use the bus that often, but I do to get groceries since even though the grocery store isn't too far, it's pretty far when it's raining/snowing/freezing and you're carrying heavy bags. So I'm happy about that.

I talked to the guy I'm working on my group project for Discrete Math with after class, and of course he totally couldn't work on the project at all today. So we'll be working on it Wednesday night. Whatever. I think I'll just agree to whatever he wants to do to revise the project and not stress out about it too much. I got full credit on my revisions to the first exam so overall my grade on it is a 92.5, and on the homework so far I've gotten a 16/16, 23/24, and... something else where I only missed 1 point. And I've done all the reading reflections and gotten 100% on those, so I'm figuring I have an A- at the very least in the class. And I only need a C- to pass, so if we do terribly on the project, whatever. But I probably should start preparing for my Cognitive Psych midterm today so I don't have to rely on having a lot of time to study for it tomorrow or Thursday.
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I'm finally caught up on TV! It only took forever. This isn't thoughts on everything I've watched, but just the stuff I had stuff to talk about.

Being Erica 2.03 )

Merlin 2.04 )

The Office 6.04 )

The Vampire Diaries 1.05 )

The Big Bang Theory 3.04 )

Greek 3.07 )

Gossip Girl 3.05 )

I luckily don't have too much work to do this week, at least in comparison to last week and the week before. The most major thing I have is a test in German on Friday, but I'm not too worried about it based on how I did on the first one and how I'm doing in the class. Discrete Math is still being a pain, but at least I don't have to stress out too much about my grade. It does really suck having to get up at 7 AM for a class I don't remotely enjoy, though. I should not have taken another 8 AM class after last semester. Last semester I was like "Never again!" and then I went ahead and signed up for another 8 AM class. Oh well. We're nearly to the halfway point in the semester, at least. I'll be very happy when this semester is over.
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Short random TV reactions (not of everything I've watched in the past few days, but the things I actually have stuff to say about:

How I Met Your Mother 5.02 )

The Big Bang Theory 3.02 )

Greek 3.05 )

I was going to write something about Mad Men, but then I realized my reaction was going to be exactly the same as my reactions for the last 2 weeks, so... if you want to know what I thought, then check those. I'm nothing if not predictable! I liked House (I'm liking that they didn't totally rush into him coming back) and Gossip Girl was fine (like, I can't think of anything I disliked and I enjoyed watching it, but I also don't really care about anything that happens? I don't know. I'm not considering giving it up or anything, I'm just not as into it as I used to be).

The professor I was going to talk to today about post-college stuff wasn't there when I checked her office, and I don't have any more classes today and don't really feel like going on campus again on the off-chance that she'll be there, so I think I'll wait until tomorrow or Thursday afternoon. I mean, it's not like I have to have this all figured out today, but I know I'm going to keep worrying and thinking about it until I talk to someone about it who actually knows the field and can give me advice, so I'd like to do it sooner rather than later. Plus, she's the chair of the psych department and I have a question about a class that was going to be offered this year but isn't anymore which I really need for both the psych major and general ed requirements, so I need to ask her about that. So I might as well talk to her now rather than wait until next semester or even next month or whatever.

My parents are arriving a week from Thursday for parents' weekend. I can't believe that's already here. It feels like they just left and the semester just started. It'll be nice to see them, anyways. I'm looking forward to them coming.

First exam of the semester tomorrow in German. I'm nervous. I hope it goes all right.
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Oh Monday night TV, I have missed you so much. The only way you could be better if Chuck was starting now and had a full season and was not being left until after the Winter Olympics. (SERIOUSLY COME ON, MARCH IS SO FAR AWAY!)

How I Met Your Mother 5.01 )

The Big Bang Theory 3.01 )

House 6.01 )

Gossip Girl 3.02 )

All I have to say about the last episode of Mad Men is Mad Men 3.06 )

Also, FULL SEASON ORDER FOR GLEE! YAY! I wasn't too worried because it's actually doing ridiculously well in the ratings (I have no idea how that's happening, because it seems like it's totally the type of show that would be amazing and be critically loved, but no one would actually watch. Like Wonderfalls or Pushing Daisies or like the million other shows I've watched that have been canceled).
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ah my Research in Psych professor just sent me an e-mail letting me know I passed the SPSS (computer program) proficiency final with a perfect score! yay! So I don't have to worry about retaking that. Of course now I wish the score actually counted towards my grade so it'd make up for potentially doing poorly on the conceptual final.

I should have started studying for calc last night, but I didn't. So of course this morning, instead of studying, I've been catching up on last night's TV. But omg Gossip Girl and Chuck were so amazing last night. Actually I thought HIMYM had one of its better episodes of this year, too (I laughed way more during it than I have in most episodes this year, and, I mean, I have liked most of the episodes this year, so that's in no way a slam on the show, or anything), but I watched that last night, and it wasn't as emotional obviously as either Chuck or GG (especially GG). And now I'm going to watch Prison Break, and after that I might start packing. And then after THAT I might start studying.

Oh and reminder to self: I need to not forget to hand in my RIP computational final because my grade in the class would probably take a hit if I forgot to turn that in.
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So, remember that math group quiz I mentioned yesterday? Well I did get my group a 20/20 on it (...I feel kind of egotistical/conceited/whatever saying that, but... I really did do all the problems, and then they just checked what I did to make sure I didn't make any stupid math errors. I mean, I explained how to get the answers and stuff to them when they didn't get it, I didn't just take the quiz and do it, but yeah), and not only that, but we were the only group to get a perfect score. And actually most people failed it (I think most people were saying they got around a 9-11 on it).

So then, our professor had to go take a conference call for the first half of class because he's on this national math board of something or other and he's the chair and it was supposed to be at 4:30 but the time zones got confused and it ended up being at 3:30, at the start of class. So he was like to me "You go to the board and explain how you got the answers to every problem because you were in the only group who got a perfect score and you've gotten perfect scores on all the other quizzes this semester so far." So I spent the first half hour of class explaining the quiz problems to my class. Which... was weird. I'm shy, ok? And I don't really know anyone in that class. Actually I do kind of know a couple of people now so it wasn't as awkward as it could've been, but it also wasn't like I was just explaining stuff to a bunch of friends, you know? So yeah. I don't know, it just felt awkward. I'm actually really surprised everyone did so poorly. I mean, I had no idea what was going on in class most of the week, but then I did the homework and read the sections in the book and... it was laid out pretty clearly. At least, I thought so. It's not like I studied any, other than doing the homework. But whatever, now I feel better if I cost my group points on the project since I helped them on the quiz. And the professor was like "Well, you all pretty much sucked, so we're going to take an additional quiz this week with all the same questions (except with different numbers), and it'll be a take home quiz, and that means you can drop one more quiz score from this semester, and most of you will probably want to drop this one." So that works out well for me, since I know what I'm doing and I get to both keep this score and presumably do well on the take-home quiz, too.

Anyways. Enough about school for a little bit! I'm actually going to talk about TV for the first time in forever! I watched the season premiere of Chuck yesterday (it's up on even though it doesn't premiere until next week) and oh man I forgot how much I love this show. I think this season is looking even better than last season, though. Minor spoilage )


Gossip Girl )

How I Met Your Mother )

Heroes )

I still haven't watched Prison Break, but whatever. It's sucking a fair amount this season, not that that should be surprising. I wouldn't watch if it weren't for Michael/Sara.

Ok now I need to study for my German test tomorrow and write a 5 page reaction paper and not forget to go to my German lab at 3 this time (sldkfj I still can't believe I did that). I probably won't have anytime to watch anything tonight since I spent most of this morning catching up on last night's TV. Oh well.
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The German listening comprehension exercises are so weird. I was listening to this dialogue, and these two people were discussing what courses they take in school, and the girl asked the guy about his psych professor he's like (no lie) "My psychology professor? She's very intelligent. And nice. And sexy..." and he kind of trails off kind of... dreamy-like? And then it just ends there. It's so weird.

Anyways, today was much better than yesterday. Not for any particular reason, just because it wasn't yesterday anymore. I was really looking forward to Wind Ensemble, for some reason. I was considering not doing it this year for a little bit, but I think I'm glad I'm continuing with it. So that's good. I'm having major issues figuring out when to meet with these two groups for group projects. One of the projects is due Monday and two days ago when we got assigned into groups, I was like "Ok, I'll e-mail you both my schedule and you can e-mail yours and we can figure out what works best." That should have been easy, right? Well, one of the people e-mailed me back that night with his schedule, but he only sent it to me (I think he clicked reply instead of reply all). Then the third person didn't e-mail me her schedule until today (in class today she was like "Oh, sorry, I didn't check my e-mail until today!" It's like... what? But you KNEW that I was going to e-mail you! Why wouldn't you check your e-mail sooner?) and she only sent it to me and the time she wants isn't the same time he wants, so of course I have to e-mail them both and figure this out. And we're trying to meet tomorrow to work on this, and ugh. It's just so complicated. And I'm so bad at planning things, but I'm apparently the only one who has any sense of motivation to get this done. gah. Have I mentioned how much I hate group projects? Because I really, really do.

I started on that top 10 OTP meme that was going around like a month or more ago a few weeks ago. I've only gotten through the honorable honorable (yes, I did mean to put that twice) mentions. I'm hoping posting about it will make me actually finish it. I haven't done a picspam in awhile, and I like doing them. Plus, I need to get more use out of PSP. I hardly ever use it because it means I have to reload into Windows (I have a Mac with Boot Camp, and PSP only works with Windows). But yeah, expect that... eventually.

I haven't been posting about TV at all recently, but I'll try to do that more. Of the new shows so far, I'm watching Privileged, 90210, and Fringe. I haven't seen this week's Fringe yet and I posted about the pilot awhile back, but in terms of the other shows, 90210 is pretty awful but I'm probably going to keep watching because I kind of really like Ethan (I don't know why, I just do!) and whatever, I enjoy shallow teen shows. I have a lot of stuff to watch Tuesdays so when the semester gets busier, if it still pretty much sucks, I'll probably drop it. Oh, and I'm totally loving Privileged. Well, I only have seen the pilot so far (I'm going to watch the second episode in an hour or so), but it's just so cute and fun! I love both the love interests for the main character so far, and I don't know. I just enjoy it. Also, in terms of returning shows, Gossip Girl and Greek totally kick ass this season, Prison Break still kind of sucks, but whatever, there's Sara, and House had an excellent opener, but I can never really get myself excited about it.
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When I woke up this morning, I could hear people protesting about the Republican National Convention. I really don't understand that at all. I mean, I'm 100% a Democrat, but it just doesn't make sense. When it was first announced the RNC would be in the Twin Cities, people at my school were like "OMG BUT THE TWIN CITIES ARE SO LIBERAL AND PROGRESSIVE AND EVERYTHING THE RNC DOESN'T STAND FOR MUST PROTEST." But they have to have the convention SOMEWHERE, and most urban areas tend to be more liberal. And it's not like Minnesota as a whole is known as being a super-liberal state (like California for example. Like, holding the convention in San Francisco would be bizarre. Holding it in the Twin Cities is much more reasonable). But whatever. I think the people at my school just like protesting things, even if it makes no sense and does absolutely nothing.

Anyways, all this news about Sarah Palin has me half cracking up and half terrified. I mostly find it hilarious, but then I think about what if McCain actually wins the election... and there's the terrified part. One of the really scary things was reading my friends' friends page and seeing a couple people actually saying that made them more likely to go McCain and they were now really excited to vote for her. Just... what? She is incredibly inexperienced (way moreso than Obama), no foreign policy experience at all (the fact that Alaska is close to Russia is NOT FOREIGN POLICY EXPERIENCE, no matter what the Republicans/FOX News says), she's against abortion even in the case of rape or incest, and, I mean, McCain is 72 and has a history of cancer and it's not out of the realm of possibility (not that I'm hoping for it or anything, just being realistic) that she could have to step up and become president. gah. I really hope it doesn't come to that.

Anyways, enough about politics. Tonight is super-exciting-new-TV night! Two-hour Prison Break premiere (I feel like I should be ashamed for looking forward to it, but whatever. SARA'S BACK!), Gossip Girl premiere, Middleman finale (I really hope this isn't the last episode ever), and I still have last night's Mad Men to watch. I am very excited for it all even though I'll probably only watch Prison Break tonight. The other stuff will have to wait for tomorrow (but since I don't have class until 1:20 tomorrow and it's only an hour long, that should be fine).
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Stolen from [ profile] overthemoo! Write 10 things that made you happy recently & tag 10 people do the same.

With visual aides! )

Please request photos for my photo meme! Three people have requested photos now (two there and one on Facebook), but I'd still like more! I am going to post reminders about this and badger more people into requesting photos probably every day for the next week, just to warn you. I'd really like to take loads of photos.
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So, last night, the power went out on all of the campus. There's this construction site where they're building a new athletics building and apparently something fell onto it and caused a fire and knocked out something that caused the power to go out. There were emergency lights in the halls, but then they suddenly went off about an hour and a half into the power outage, so we had to be evacuated (I... don't really understand why) and go to the Campus Center (which had a back-up generator or something so there was light) and then about 5 minutes after staying in the Campus Center, the power came back on. Really bizarre experience. It sucked, too, because I have a laptop, so I could use my computer even with the power out, but the internet wasn't working, so... there wasn't really much I could do with my laptop. And I didn't know how long it would last, so I didn't want to waste the batteries.

Supernatural and Gossip Girl confirmed coming back next season is a very good thing. Supernatural doesn't surprise me (its ratings aren't amazing, but they're way better than most of the shows on The CW, I think), but Gossip Girl's ratings were pretty crappy. But yeah, very happy that they're both coming back.

My paper is done with! Spring Break starts a week from Friday! Life is good. (Until Wednesday, when I have to start studying for my Drugs and Society test.)
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I'm so happy that this week is about over. I finished that ten-page midterm paper over the weekend (and then on Monday she told us she changed her mind and it only had to be 5 pages. sigh. But at least I'm done), and then spent the rest of the week studying like crazy for my geology test. The test was rather hard, so I'm hoping for a B on it. I'm worried about the grade, but I'm still more relaxed/relieved than before the test, because at least now it's out of my hands.

I haven't been talking basically... at all about the TV shows I've been watching. I think it's a combination of the fact that I'm still not sure of my routine here and I'm watching the shows at like... 10 or 11 rather than 8 or 9 like last year. But anyways, Pushing Daisies and Gossip Girl last night were ridiculously fun to watch. I love Pushing Daisies so much, it's unique and wonderful and happy and fun. And there was Raul Esparza! He better come back for the musical episode. Oh god if he comes back and sings, I might die of happiness. And Gossip Girl is pretty shallow and not the best written show ever, but it's just a lot of fun and reminds me of high school and I don't know. It's just an hour where I don't really have to think very hard and I don't really care what happens, I can just enjoy it. And it reminds me a lot of The O.C. (which makes sense, since Josh Schwartz, and there are a bunch of shallow, pretty teens with drama) so it's filling that void in my TV schedule.

Anyways, I guess I'll relax for another hour or so (I feel like I haven't really had a chance to do that in weeks, what with the crazy business of parents' weekend, then my second psych test, then the paper, then the geology test), look through my paper once more to make sure there aren't any stupid typos I didn't catch already, and... uh. I don't know. Relax some more? It's so nice not to have any looming deadlines in the horizon. And I'm going to be home in a week! Ah I can't wait. :D
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Had my first test today in psychology. It went pretty well, I think. I knew everything that was on the test, like there wasn't anything that I was like "Oh shit what it is that? I don't remember that at all," but I'm a little concerned about the essay question, since it's 30 out of 100 total points and half of it is designing your own original way to research a personality trait and I don't think I did a good job answering that. But I totally freak out about the smallest things and they turn out all right, so I'm trying to be optimistic. I think it went well.

I also got my first E-Post thing for my Technologies of Gender class back and graded and got a 95, which made me really happy because I did it really quickly and thought I missed the entire point of the article, but apparently I didn't. Also I was concerned since our grades are basically these posts and one student presentation. She's mentioned a midterm paper and maybe a final paper? But it's nowhere in our syllabus of part of our grade or when they're due, so I have no idea about that. I really wish she were more organized. It sucks since all my other classes are so awesome, so it just emphasizes how much worse this class is.

I watched the premiere of Gossip Girl, and after about 10 minutes I decided I wouldn't be watching any more episodes, but I watched till the end and I really liked Dan and Jenny a lot (and Serena some. But I really hate Chuck and dislike Nate. Blair I'm unsure of right now) so I think I'll watch for a little longer. It's fun to have a show where I don't really have to think and can just enjoy the prettiness and shallowness of the characters.


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