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Nooooo now ABC Family has canceled 10 Things I Hate About You! Dammit, I'm still not over Legend of the Seeker being canceled yet! But this is even worse because Legend of the Seeker has had more time; 10 Things just gets 20 episodes total, each only like 22 minutes minus commercials. It's not enough! Not fair. This was one of the few shows I just felt unadultered glee about, nothing to criticize or think too deeply about. It was just fun! If Chuck ends up being canceled as well, I'm quitting life. (That's sure to change their minds!)

Bones )

Done with the last full week of classes! And now finals are upon me, and I'm totally procrastinating doing work, as usual. I just don't feel stressed out, so it's hard to motivate myself to do anything. All I have is 2 tests on Monday, a 2-page assignment due Monday, my final Mood and Anxiety paper due Wednesday (which I've finished, I just need to revise it, so no big deal there), and my German final on Thursday. I really don't have to do incredibly well on any of them (well, I need to do well on the paper, but my professor was already impressed with it as it was, and the revisions she suggested are minor and well within my capabilities, so I'm not too worried), and I feel less busy then I normally am around this time, so it's hard to get myself working.
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This is a somewhat massive post.

Bones - 5.16 )

Lost - 6.11 )

btw, I was watching Lost on Hulu and during one of the breaks there was an ad for the new Doctor Who season on BBC America. I was so not expecting that to be advertised, but it was awesome (and made me even more excited for the next episode!).

I don't think my social psych professor understands the "mini" part of "mini-assignment," because we were just assigned a 5-10 page research proposal as a "mini"-assignment. At least it's only worth like 10 points (out of a total 250 or so for the entire semester). Still, wtf? The mini-assignments have been getting increasingly harder, which is annoying. The first one was deceptively easy (it was like... find any sort of study published within the last year having to do with social psychology and explain their hypothesis, methods, and what they found), and the second one wasn't bad either (it had to do with comparing a friend's ratings on a scale to what you perceive their personality to be and some other stuff I forget, but it wasn't difficult).

Last but not least, I'm finally posting pictures of my apartment that I'm living in right now, and I figured since I'm finally posting them, I might as well also finally post the pictures of my ridiculously small dorm room I was in from 2008-2009 (my sophomore year). There are also 2 bonus pictures of my pet birds from home just because I haven't posted any pictures of them in years.

Pictures of Apartment and Dorm Room! )
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Oh man, I am so enjoying having internet again finally. I am also super enjoying my Netflix account. I've watched one DVD (Gone With the Wind, which I loved, but not as much as I was expecting? I don't know, I might post a review of it and other films I've been watching at some point soon) and 3 with Instant Watch (M, The Lady Eve, and Cool Hand Luke, all of which were very good; Cool Hand Luke was probably my favorite, but I am completely infatuated with Paul Newman, so that's to be expected. It was a great film besides him, as well, though), so I feel like I've been getting pretty good use out of the account considering that brings me to $2.25 a movie and it hasn't even been a full week yet. And I'll probably watch another one or two tonight.

I've pretty much decided not to watch the Olympics. Well, it's been mostly decided for me, as I don't have a TV and am coming off of several weeks without internet so I have loads of TV to catch up on plus I'm (obviously) very focused on watching movies right now plus the fact that I am a full-time college student and things are starting to get busier in the semester as we're close to the half-way point between the start of the semester and Spring Break.

The thing is, I adore the Summer Olympics, more than I can really explain considering I don't follow sports outside of the Olympics. But I adore them so much, and if this was the Summer Olympics, I would do everything in my power to watch as much as I could and ignore everything else. But this is the Winter Olympics, and while I remember enjoying them the last few times they were on, it's not like I can really remember anything that happened or have really fond memories of the 2002 or 2006 games (which is not true for the 2004 and 2008 Summer Games, which I have very fond memories of). Basically, I'm not really going to care about the Olympics in a few weeks, and I have other stuff that's more important to me going on, so I just don't have the time or energy to devote to watching them.

Anyways, I've caught up on some TV, so here are some random thoughts on what I've been watching:

Chuck 3.07 )

Greek 3.13 )

Fringe 2.15 )

How I Met Your Mother 5.15 )

The Big Bang Theory 3.15 )

Bones 5.14 )

I'm also caught up now on Castle, Psych, House, White Collar (I think I haven't mentioned it before, but last semester I said that I'd stop watching because I wasn't that interested/invested and had too much stuff going on, but I caught up on it at the very end of winter break and now all of a sudden I'm in love with it. It's so much fun, and Peter and Neal are excellent. Plus, the more Matthew Bomer on my TV, the better), Community and Lost. I haven't seen a single episode of Skins this season yet, and I'm like 4-5 episodes behind on both Friday Night Lights and Legend of the Seeker and 3-4 episodes behind on Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries. In addition to other shows that I haven't bothered to remember or check how far behind I am. I will slowly get back on track. I actually don't have much work this weekend (I have an exam in Origins on Friday which I'm a little nervous about, but I already made flashcards, and we're going to have more lecture and probably some review on Monday and Wednesday, so I feel like it makes more sense to start preparing on Wednesday), and I got done with most of the stuff I needed to get done. So I'm going to research possible project topics/ideas for Origins for a group project that we need to have an idea for by Wednesday and research the genetics of depression for Mood and Anxiety for a group discussion on Tuesday, neither of which should take me very long since there's nothing I actually need to turn in for either, and then maybe I'll get more caught up on TV and tonight I might watch another movie or two. I'm enjoying how much more relaxing this semester has been than last semester (up until now, at least; it may get worse in the next few weeks. Although I don't know that anything could be worse than the combination of my Capstone and Discrete Math, or even the semester before with Multivariate Stats and RIP II and Differential Equations, all of which were loads of work).
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I totally have the urge to do a huge picspam with a bunch of "Best of the Decade" lists at the end of the year. Like best movies of the decade, best TV shows, characters, episodes, etc. I don't know if I'll have time, though. My finals go all the way until December 19th this year, and then there'll be a bunch of stuff going on with Christmas and New Year's and all that. But we'll see. Maybe by me mentioning it, I'll actually do it.

Bones )

Ugly Betty )

Am I the only one who still watches Ugly Betty? I'm guessing so. Not that I blame anyone. Most of the time I wonder why I'm still watching it (although it has been better this season so far, IMO). Seriously, the reasons I still watch Ugly Betty are basically: Marc, Amanda, Justin, Marc/Justin friendship, and Daniel occasionally. That's pretty much it. If the show could just be about them and not Betty and her stupid drama, then I would be all for that.

The complete series of Farscape is coming out on DVD next Tuesday and it's on sale for only like $75! Oh man, I am so tempted to buy it! $75 for 4 seasons is a ridiculously amazing deal! That's less than $20 a season! If I saw like season 2 by itself randomly listed as $20, I would get it immediately, no questions asked! But... $75 is a lot to spend in one go when I don't have the job and have no intention of getting a job anytime soon. On the other hand, I haven't bought a DVD set with my own money (meaning, not given to me as a gift or bought with gift cards for Barnes and Noble or Amazon) since... high school? I've been super cheap since I graduated from high school, and even during high school I was pretty cheap and wouldn't buy DVD sets that often. And I did have a job the summer before last and made about $1200 in all, and I don't need that money to pay for food/housing/etc.; I've just been saving it for the most part. Well, some of it has gone for gas (although not a whole lot since I don't have a car here; I only use my car at home, and I'm at home for less than half the year, and I don't go out that often). But for the most part, I haven't spent any of that money. So maybe I should splurge for once and buy it? IT'S OVER 50% OFF THE LISTED PRICE! LESS THAN $20 A SEASON! THERE'S FREE SHIPPING! As cheap as I am, I really cannot resist a sale. And I do adore the show, so I'd definitely want to get the seasons on DVD at some point in my life.

Ok, I think I've convinced myself to buy it. If there's ever a point in my life where I'm totally out of money and wish I had $75 left to pay rent or buy food or something, remind me of this moment.
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Ok, Discrete Math is ridiculous. The homework is essentially all proofs, and there are like 20+ of them. We aren't given any instruction or hints how to do them in class or examples or anything. The assignments for each class aren't due, but he chooses people randomly to put them up on the board, so if you don't know how to do it, you're humiliated in front of the class. The homework takes FOREVER. The homework I had due today, I worked on for 3 hours on Tuesday and then from 5 PM to 12:30 AM and even after that I STILL had 3 problems totally unanswered (and several I was unsure of). Luckily, he called on me on Tuesday, so I wasn't too worried about being called up in class. He's actually a good professor and he can explain things well, but he doesn't do it until after we've already done the assignment. And it's just so time-consuming. I think we complained to him enough about it that he's going to lighten the homework load, at least for Thursdays since we only have 2 days to do the homework rather than the 5 days for Tuesday. But ugh, this is so much more work than I expected! I was like "I need to take a class to fulfill a math minor requirement... hm, how about Discrete Math? That's a 100-level course! That should be no problem after Multivariate Stats and Differential Equations (which are 200- and 300-level courses, respectively). Luckily one of my friends is probably going to switch into this class, and he said he's good at proofs, so hopefully he can help, because wth I am totally dying in this class and it's only been a week and I really need to focus more on Directed Research.

Glee is definitely making me happy to make up for the ridiculous workload, though. I didn't have time to watch it on Wednesday night due to all my homework, but it definitely helped pick me up after class. And then I watched Bones which actually helped a lot, too. Bones 5.01 )

On Wednesday we had a group meeting with our Directed Research adviser and we each described what we're planning on doing and the other members in the group (there are 5 of us total) asked questions and tried to find ways to strengthen our ideas and plans and all that. I was a little nervous, but it actually turned out pretty well from me. I was second, and the first person everyone kind of... ripped to shreds? I mean, it wasn't like... cruel or anything, but there were a lot of potential criticisms that needed to be addressed. But after I said mine, everyone kind of just sat there and were like "...huh. That's an interesting idea." And then after I added a few more things and discussed something I was unsure of, they had more input, but it was good. And that's good for me since I am so sensitive and always take constructive criticism personally even though I'm aware it's supposed to help me. There are still a lot of kinks I need to work out for my project, though. I'm really going to have like no time to relax this semester. ugh.
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I just saw that Chuck is not scheduled to come back until after the Winter Olympics next year. That's next March! I mean, some Chuck is better than no Chuck, but I don't know if I can wait 10 months for the follow-up to that finale! Also, why has Scrubs been renewed? Don't get me wrong, I love that show, but it's been going on for 8 seasons now, and the finale was the absolute perfect series finale for the show. How do they follow that up? Is Zach Braff not coming back next season? What about the other regulars? If it's just the interns, I don't know that I'll be very interested in it.

I spent Wednesday and Thursday catching up on TV I was behind on and I'm STILL not done. To be fair, I did spend all afternoon yesterday hanging out with friends, but still. I had time at night to catch up on stuff. The problem now is that I got through the stuff I really wanted to watch first, and now I'm left with stuff I don't care as much about. Of course, if it's this much of a pain to watch the shows, I probably should just stop watching them entirely, but I have trouble letting go of shows, especially if I've been watching them for awhile. Anyway, here are some random thoughts on some of the stuff I've been watching.

The Big Bang Theory 2.23 - The Monopolar Expedition )

Bones 4.26 - The End in the Beginning )

The Office 5.26 - Company Picnic )

I have many pictures of my trip and of bobcat kittens that are living in my backyard, so I'll post those at some point in the next few days! And I suppose I need to start looking for a job or something to do this summer, because my mom will keep bugging me if all I do is sit around the house.
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I finished Bones! Bones Thoughts )

Anyways, overall, I'm just kind of sad that I didn't keep watching the show past the first 3 episodes back when I was originally watching it. It's much better than I gave it credit for, and I really enjoy it. Yay for new shows!

I caught up on most TV stuff this weekend. I just have last week's Lost to watch, which I'll do sometime today. I really, really have the urge to watch the HIMYM DVDs that arrived last week, though. I keep telling myself that it's a bad idea because I know exactly what will happen if I start: first I'll just watch the episodes when I have time or when I can do it while doing something else, like making flashcards, but then I'll start just wanting to watch the episodes and pretty soon I'll be like "Let me just finished these next 5 episodes and then I'll write my paper that's due tomorrow!" and it's just not a good idea. We'll see if I can resist. Last week wasn't too bad with Bones (because that's what happened with Bones, as well) since I didn't have TOO much to do, and I was able to multi-task pretty well, but this week it won't be as easy.

Room draw for living on campus is Tuesday and I have no idea what I'm going to do. I requested a number just in case, and I got 291 out of like 500. ugh. Not a good number at all. So now I don't know what to do. There aren't very many singles, and after the singles run out, then you're forced to live with other people in the remaining suites and stuff, and there aren't many of those, and then you get put on the waiting list. So there's a chance I won't even get a room with my number anyway, and I feel like I shouldn't bother showing up. But getting an apartment by myself is so stressful, and everything right now is available in April or May, and I don't want to move in until late August/early September anyway. =/ Ugh, I'm so bad at making decisions. I really don't want to live on campus anymore, though.

Ok, time to work on my lab and watch Lost and do whatever other homework I'm forgetting.
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I had a surprise midterm on Thursday in Differential Equations. Ok, not really surprise, but before Spring Break the professor was like "We'll have a midterm after the break, but you don't have to worry about it now" and then in class on Tuesday he was like "We're going to have the midterm on Thursday!" and all of us expected it to be the next week and not just two days later. But I think it went all right. I knew everything on it, I was just a little unsure about a few things. But I think I should do fine on it.

We finally got that test I had in Multivariate Stats nearly a month ago back and I really, really expected to get a B at best. And I actually did get an 85/100 for the raw score, but then she curved it to a 75 or something, and so I ended up with a 113%. And I then found out that that was the highest grade in the class on the test. I have no idea how that happened. I swear, most of the time, I feel like I have absolutely no idea what's going on in the class, and I really don't think I understand it any better than most other people. She came up to me when we were supposed to be working on our labs and she told me that she thought I did really well on the test and that she loves my writing and to keep up the good work and all that. This class has been causing me a lot of stress, and earlier this week I was totally like "Whatever, I'm going to get a B in this class, and I'm fine with that" and right now, with this test, I'm probably doing better in this class than any other.

Other School Stuff )

I've been doing pretty much nothing (other than studying/schoolwork) this week except for watching Bones. I'm halfway through season 4 right now, so I should be done by this weekend. Which is good, since I've been neglecting both schoolwork some and a lot of TV. I still have stuff from last week to catch up on. Which I will do eventually. I really want to catch out Kings, too, which I'll probably get to right after I finish Bones. Anyway, I'll write up a longer post on my reactions once I've finished season 4.
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Well, I've been on Spring Break for the past week. I got home Friday night and then my parents and I went skiing in Mammoth from Sunday to Thursday. It was a lot of fun, and it sucks to be back now because I only have two days before I have to go back to school, which I'm not looking forward to. I didn't check my flist at all when I was in Mammoth and there's absolutely no way I can get through everything I missed, so let me know if anything huge happened while I was gone.

I watched season 1 of Buffy with my parents while we were in Mammoth, and they really loved it (they had never seen any of it before). It was so bizarre, though, because they had absolutely no idea about anything about the show. After the first episode, my mom asked me if Angel was really an angel, and I was so confused for a second because I thought it was just common knowledge that he was a vampire. And when we got through the episode Angel, both my parents were absolutely shocked when it was revealed. I have no idea what my reaction was. I saw the episodes out of order and it was so long ago that I just feel like I've always known that.

I've also been watching Bones. I like it more than I did the first time I watched the first few episodes. I'm up to around episode 17 of the first season. It's too bad I don't have time to finish it before going back. I guess I'll just try to watch episodes when I can (and hopefully not be idiotic enough to put watching TV before doing homework and studying and all that). But after watching season 1 of Buffy and Bones, I've gotten the urge to watch all of Angel. I own the first two seasons and have watched all those episodes, and I'm pretty sure I've watched all of season 3, but I've only seen a few episodes from seasons 4 and 5. I think I'll try to watch the entire series once the semester is over (only like 7 more weeks!) if I still have the urge.
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Today started... weird? I don't know. While I was sleeping, I shifted my leg just slightly or bent it or something, I don't really know what I did but it wasn't much, but anyways, that somehow sent a shooting pain through the back of my knee which woke me up at around 5 AM. I have absolutely no idea what happened, but it hurt like hell. When I actually got up, it felt slightly sore, but it wasn't too bad. I limped around a little for like an hour, but now it's fine. It was bizarre. And I've also felt kind of nauseous since yesterday morning, which is excellent. I really don't need to be feel nauseous when I'm flying home tomorrow because I already get sick enough on airplanes as it is. =/

The good, however, is that I'm going home tomorrow! Of course it's absolutely freezing here (back down to below 0 temperatures at certain points), and it'll be up to 51 once I've left. It might actually be warmer here than in Mammoth! Well, ok, maybe not. I don't really know how warm it's supposed to be in Mammoth. But I wish I could have enjoyed the warm weather this week and the crappy weather could have waited a week.

I randomly bought all three seasons of How I Met Your Mother on DVD this morning. I've had this urge since like November, and I've been in a super HIMYM mood recently. I started watching a bunch of random clips from the show and then I realized that I just really wanted to rewatch everything. And I had gift certificates to Amazon and buying all three at once in like a package saved loads of money (only $24ish per set rather than the list price of like $40!), so yeah. This is probably bad timing because I'll just want to watch them all when they arrive, but whatever. At least it's the kind of show that I can have on in the background while I do homework/study/whatever.

I've also maybe decided to start watching Bones for various reasons. Partially because I randomly feel like watching a detective/murder mystery-type show. I don't know, I'm in a weird mood, and I'm getting all these random urges (like buying all 3 seasons of HIMYM)! I watched the first 5-8ish episodes when it first aired. I'm just going to watch episodes 13-18 now because those are up on Hulu and it's convenient to watch them there, and then at some point in the future (provided I like those episodes), I'll catch up on the rest. Either when I have time on weekends or I'll wait until summer. But yeah, I think it'll be easier for me to get into it this way than when I was first watching from week-to-week (assuming it gets better after the first few episodes that I watched). I mean, I didn't like HIMYM after the first like 9 episodes when it first aired, and now I adore it.

Ok, so off to watch a few random episodes of Bones.
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I finished reading Watchmen over the weekend. I definitely liked it more than I did when I was starting it in January. I feel like I need to read it again, though, before I can fully appreciate it. And I know I missed loads of little details. Not sure when I'll see the movie, but hopefully soon.

Some of the choices for the Fandom Steel Cage Match are making me cry a little inside. Booth is beating Dexter right now? Really? I mean, granted, I haven't been following Bones, but I did watch the first 5 or so episodes, and based on the first five episodes of Bones versus the first five episodes of Dexter, Dexter wins in a landslide. But beyond that, Dexter is one of my favorite characters EVER. There are few characters I would vote over him. Also, House beating Chuck? I can find that one slightly more understandable, at least. I was also happy for awhile because Ned was beating Dean, but Dean's now back in the lead. It's not that I don't like Dean, but... I don't know. I don't love him nearly as much as everyone else seems to, and I definitely like Ned more.

Actually, I think I have a problem with all the current results except for Barney beating Liz and Ten beating Mal. Besides what I already mentioned, I would really, really love Lorelai to beat Spike, but I don't see that happening seeing as pretty much everyone in Buffy fandom adores Spike. blah. Ok, I probably shouldn't care so much about this. But it still feels kind of frustrating.

Anyway, this week is thankfully not too busy compared to the last few weeks. I got my German test from Friday back that I didn't think I did very well on, and I got an A/A-. She must have curved it because there's no way I did better on this test than the first one. I'm still stressing out over the Multivariate Stats test from last week that she hasn't returned yet. I really just can't wait until Friday. Only 4 days left!
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Ah, home early today. I had an orthodontist appointment so I got out from 5th period 10 minutes early, and then I asked my mom if I could just stay home after it because I wouldn't be getting any lunch (the appointment would take all through lunch to the beginning of 6th period), my teeth would be hurting after the appointment and it wouldn't be fun to start playing tenor sax immediately after that, and I was still slightly sick and it was probably better for me not to go to marching band practice. Awesome. More time to do homework, and this may leave me some time to make some icons. I finally started making some icons I was satisfied last night, but then it was like 11:30 and I needed to go to sleep or else I'd be dead today.

Why I hate Andrew Truong )

Also got our pre-calc tests from last Friday back, and I got a 94. Awesome! I was in a really bad mood all through 1st to 3rd period, so I was expecting the worse (even though after taking the test I felt I had done well; I figured there were just a lot of stupid mistakes I made), but then it turned out to be a 94. So yeah, happy about that.

The orthodontist was way better than usual, mostly because the thing they've been trying to fix in my mouth for 2 years now is finally getting fixed because of the swallowing therapy stuff I did in August and September. WHY DIDN'T THEY SEND ME THERE SOONER?! ugh. But hopefully this means I'll be able to get my braces off by the end of junior year! Maybe sooner than that, but I don't want to be too optimistic.

Watched Charmed last night, but I have nothing to say about it. It pretty much sucked. I really miss the first 3 seasons of Charmed. Even the 4th season wasn't that bad, and the 6th I liked because of Chris/Drew Fuller. bah. I really hope this is the last season.

I also decided randomly to drop Bones. I pretty much knew it was coming, and I didn't know why I chose last night, as I think it's on hiatus till after baseball anyways, but I was just thinking about it and thinking about how much I really don't care what happens. I mean, I care more what happens in Charmed this year than Bones, and that's saying something. So, yeah. No more Bones for me.
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Bones )

My Name is Earl )

Lost )

Veronica Mars ) it Wednesday yet? WAIT, DUH, IT ALREADY IS WEDNESDAY. Well, ok, next Wednesday?

So, I saw that I got this envelope in the mail from Reed College, and it was from the admissions office, and I figured that it was just them trying to pimp themselves out to me (which it was). But then in the letter it said "By now from your more filled mailbox, you can probably tell that colleges are trying to get your attention" and then I was all "...BUT I HAVEN'T GOTTEN ANYTHING FROM ANY OTHER COLLEGES WANTING ME TO APPLY." And then I felt unloved. :(, not really. It just kind of amused me.

Chair test tomorrow, and I lugged my tenor all the way into the car and everything and then it turns out that I forgot my book with the exercises we're being tested on at school. I am clearly very wise. Meh, whatever. If I were to be chaired with anyone, it'd be Emma, on bassoon, and Sado, on bari sax, and yeah. I'm on tenor sax. It's not like it matters if I'm third chair. In any case, I don't think they do the chairing between us until 1st semester and 2nd semester, when they post the lists. So, yeah. Not too terrible.
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Lost )

Bones )

Happy birthday [ profile] mistressdm8! Hope you had a great day. :)

Tomorrow I get to sleep in an extra hour! I love Thursday block. Even if it means school gets out later. Actually, when marching band's in, we end up getting out earlier than we do on regular days, which is awesome.
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I got my hair cut and restraightened this morning. I'm so happy with the length, I've been going insane over how long my hair's gotten for, like, a month. It was looking like he wasn't going to cut my hair too short, but after it was all done, it actually came out just right. Unfortunately in 2-3 months, it'll be way too long again, but oh well. I'll just get it cut, I suppose. Ahhh, it feels so short, even though... I mean, it's still 3-4 inches below my shoulders. But I took like... 5 inches off, so it just feels like so much less. Also, I love my hairdressers. They're these two guys in their like... mid-sixties who've been in a relationship now for like... I don't know, 10 years? And they're really adorable together. Seriously. It feels bizarre calling two men who are in their 60's adorable, but they really, really are.

SAT class once again. It was good, though, because I got all the questions on the vocab quiz right and all the questions on this one grammar section of an SAT practice test right. ...unfortunately, this is not nearly as cool as getting 100% on a vocab quiz in school right, seeing as we do not get grades in SAT prep class, unlike normal English at school. So I was kind of unneedlessly stressing about it. Oh well.

Downloaded the pilot of Bones last night. )

Edit: I just got the most bizarre e-mail. )


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