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I've been slowly making my way through this Life of Birds BBC documentary thing on the BBC and yesterday I got to the episode that deals with baby birds and parenthood and I was like "omg yay adorable baby birdies! This will be so much fun to watch!" And then like half of it was other birds stealing baby birds for food or crocodiles attacking or even the parents killing some of their babies because they do not have enough resources to care for them all. It was like March of the Penguins all over again.

I forgot that a new Sookie Stackhouse book comes out today! I kind of have the urge to reread them all (well, not the first one, since the show followed it so closely, and there's not enough Eric. But like, I mix up what happens in the second book and second season a lot, so it would be valuable to reread the book, right?), but... I don't know. Last year it took me like an entire week to get through them all, and that was with me staying at home and reading the books all day long and really not doing anything else. I don't know if I want to waste a week or two like that again, at least not right now. And I don't know that I'm patient enough to get through all the books before getting to the new one. So it's more likely that I'll just read the new one.

I got an A- on my group presentation I did several weeks ago in Mood and Anxiety, and from what I can tell (it's hard to figure out my grade in a class when I'm only given letter grades), this makes it really hard for me to get an A in the class. I think if I get an A on the final paper and get an A in participation (both of which I think are possible, but definitely not guaranteed), then I can get an A in the class, but I'm not sure. I'm going to try to expect an A-, and if I get an A, then I'll be pleasantly surprised.
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I'm through season 1 of my Doctor Who/Torchwood rewatch, so here are my random thoughts: Doctor Who Season 1 )

I managed to watch some other TV as well last night:
How I Met Your Mother - 5.19 )

The Big Bang Theory - 3.19 )

How is it that in 2 days we'll be halfway through April? The end of the semester is starting to go by really quickly. It's good because at this point in the semester I'm always so tired and ready for a break, but it's bad because oh crap I have a million things to do besides schoolwork even, like figuring out what I'm doing this summer and what I should be doing to prepare for applying to grad school in the fall and figuring out where I want to apply and if I'm sure about what I'm planning on doing and ugh. Too much for me to handle.

I got a 99 on my Origins exam (well, 97 plus 2 extra credit points she gave to the entire class because apparently a lot of people did really badly and only 3 people got As. But I actually did better on this test than the last one, which is weird). I was feeling a little nervous about this class, especially because of the podcast project thing, but now I think I should really be fine. So I'm nearly guaranteed an A in 3 of my classes, but who the hell knows about Mood and Anxiety. As of now, I have an A-, but that's only one assignment; I could easily bring it down or up with my group presentation (Thursday), the class facilitation I already did but don't know how well I did yet, and the final paper (I should really start that sometime. I was going to start researching this weekend, but then I watched Doctor Who instead. oops).

I have an exam on Wednesday, a group project on Thursday, and a short German essay on Friday, so I sadly won't be able to watch Doctor Who as non-stop for the next few days. I kind of want to get the full series rewatch done by like Sunday because after that, there are really other things I should focus on, but I doubt I'll get done by then. We'll see, though.
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I started watching Our Mutual Friend on Netflix Instant Watch and found out after getting through the first two parts that the original version is 360 minutes in all, while the Netflix version is 300 minutes. I wasn't sure if there was a point in continuing to watch since a full hour appears to be cut out, but by the time I figured it out, I was already hooked and wanted to see what happened. It's next on my list of books to read, though, once I finish North and South (I'm about halfway done now! It's slow-going since I'm pretty much only reading 5-10 chapters a day, which isn't a lot when there is something like 52 chapters, but I think I will be through by the end of the week).

Academy Awards today! I'm so excited. Even when they don't honor what I think the best film of the year is, I love it all the same. I mean, I think they're disappointing if you expect them to be the definitive... decision, I guess, as to what the absolute best performances/film/etc. of the year are. Which I guess they are supposed to be, but film taste is obviously subjective, so it would be absolutely impossible to please everyone. So I really love watching it every year, even if the stuff I love doesn't win (with the exception of Crash winning over Brokeback Mountain, which was a travesty and I am still not over it).

Anyways, my goal for my midterm paper yesterday was to be halfway through, and I'm about 2/3 of the way through (although the first third was much simpler than the last third will be). So I only have about 2 pages left to write, which isn't too bad. My goal is to finish by an hour before the Academy Awards start so I have time both to watch the awards and to watch the final part of Our Mutual Friend, which I decided to leave to watch as motivation to get through my paper.

I have super late thoughts on Chuck and TBBT from last week:

Chuck )

The Big Bang Theory )

Only 5 days until Spring Break now! I really can't wait.
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Oh man, I am so enjoying having internet again finally. I am also super enjoying my Netflix account. I've watched one DVD (Gone With the Wind, which I loved, but not as much as I was expecting? I don't know, I might post a review of it and other films I've been watching at some point soon) and 3 with Instant Watch (M, The Lady Eve, and Cool Hand Luke, all of which were very good; Cool Hand Luke was probably my favorite, but I am completely infatuated with Paul Newman, so that's to be expected. It was a great film besides him, as well, though), so I feel like I've been getting pretty good use out of the account considering that brings me to $2.25 a movie and it hasn't even been a full week yet. And I'll probably watch another one or two tonight.

I've pretty much decided not to watch the Olympics. Well, it's been mostly decided for me, as I don't have a TV and am coming off of several weeks without internet so I have loads of TV to catch up on plus I'm (obviously) very focused on watching movies right now plus the fact that I am a full-time college student and things are starting to get busier in the semester as we're close to the half-way point between the start of the semester and Spring Break.

The thing is, I adore the Summer Olympics, more than I can really explain considering I don't follow sports outside of the Olympics. But I adore them so much, and if this was the Summer Olympics, I would do everything in my power to watch as much as I could and ignore everything else. But this is the Winter Olympics, and while I remember enjoying them the last few times they were on, it's not like I can really remember anything that happened or have really fond memories of the 2002 or 2006 games (which is not true for the 2004 and 2008 Summer Games, which I have very fond memories of). Basically, I'm not really going to care about the Olympics in a few weeks, and I have other stuff that's more important to me going on, so I just don't have the time or energy to devote to watching them.

Anyways, I've caught up on some TV, so here are some random thoughts on what I've been watching:

Chuck 3.07 )

Greek 3.13 )

Fringe 2.15 )

How I Met Your Mother 5.15 )

The Big Bang Theory 3.15 )

Bones 5.14 )

I'm also caught up now on Castle, Psych, House, White Collar (I think I haven't mentioned it before, but last semester I said that I'd stop watching because I wasn't that interested/invested and had too much stuff going on, but I caught up on it at the very end of winter break and now all of a sudden I'm in love with it. It's so much fun, and Peter and Neal are excellent. Plus, the more Matthew Bomer on my TV, the better), Community and Lost. I haven't seen a single episode of Skins this season yet, and I'm like 4-5 episodes behind on both Friday Night Lights and Legend of the Seeker and 3-4 episodes behind on Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries. In addition to other shows that I haven't bothered to remember or check how far behind I am. I will slowly get back on track. I actually don't have much work this weekend (I have an exam in Origins on Friday which I'm a little nervous about, but I already made flashcards, and we're going to have more lecture and probably some review on Monday and Wednesday, so I feel like it makes more sense to start preparing on Wednesday), and I got done with most of the stuff I needed to get done. So I'm going to research possible project topics/ideas for Origins for a group project that we need to have an idea for by Wednesday and research the genetics of depression for Mood and Anxiety for a group discussion on Tuesday, neither of which should take me very long since there's nothing I actually need to turn in for either, and then maybe I'll get more caught up on TV and tonight I might watch another movie or two. I'm enjoying how much more relaxing this semester has been than last semester (up until now, at least; it may get worse in the next few weeks. Although I don't know that anything could be worse than the combination of my Capstone and Discrete Math, or even the semester before with Multivariate Stats and RIP II and Differential Equations, all of which were loads of work).
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Chuck 3.01-3.03 )

How I Met Your Mother )

The Big Bang Theory )

I'm almost done with Criminal Minds! I'm finally to the 5th season, so I will probably finish today. I'm behind on other TV, though, so tomorrow I'll probably be catching up on everything else. I have less than 2 weeks left here, which kind of sucks. I'm not ready to go back to school yet.
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I talked to my roommate about the whole "One of the four of us needs to move out next fall" thing, and she said that if I moved out she'd come with me. And that if I absolutely wanted to stay, she'd move out and live on-campus for next year. So I feel less stressed out about that. I think I'd rather both of us move out and get a 2-bedroom apartment instead. I really love all my roommates, as I've said, but it's definitely easier sharing an apartment between 2 people than with 5. But whatever, we don't need to figure this out until next semester anyways.

I have been slacking so hard these past few days. I was going to talk to my Directed Research adviser Monday morning, and then didn't. That afternoon/night I was going to work more on my paper for the class and my presentation that's Wednesday, and I didn't. This morning first I was going to go to the library and work a little after Discrete Math and then go to talk to her, and I didn't. I went back to my apartment, and I was like "I'll just hang around for an hour, I need to relax a little, and then I'll go talk to her," and, shockingly, I didn't. I should have known I wouldn't want to go outside again, though; I nearly froze to death going to and from Discrete Math. My goal now is to work on the presentation and be done with it by 3 or 4 and then e-mail her my poster and ask her what she thinks. I really should go in and talk to her about the discussion since she sent me an e-mail about how I would have to rewrite a lot of it based on my results (since I had to write the discussion draft before I analyzed my results, so I kind of sketched a rough outline of what it would be assuming I got results supporting my hypothesis, which of course I didn't), and I should probably check with her to make sure what I'm saying is reasonable and that I'm not missing anything. But whatever. I've run out of motivation and energy for this semester.

Also, I may have had my last Discrete Math class today! I mean, class is canceled on Thursday, and I'm planning right now on ditching next Tuesday since it's the last day of classes, it's the only class I have that day, the final is a take-home that he's posting on-line on Wednesday and he said he's not going to discuss it or give any help on it, and he handed back the drafts of Project 3 today. I just don't see a point in waking up at 7 AM to go to a class I hate when there's nothing I'll get out of it. So unless something happens to change my mind (like he requires attendance or we all fail the final or something, which I don't think is likely), I'm not going. It was so hard dragging myself out of bed today to go to that class, and the only thing really getting me going was knowing that it was the last one, so I really don't want to go next week.

ugh I have to go grocery shopping this afternoon, but I so don't want to. It's so cold, and I always end up having to wait for the bus for like 20 minutes, and I could barely stand 10 minutes walking from my apartment to class. And it's snowing. And I just want to stay in bed all day. Why can't I just be home already?

(Wow, this post is pretty much just me bitching and complaining. Sorry! I will be in much better spirits in 11 days, I promise!)
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Gossip Girl )

Ugh I really want to watch last night's episode of Being Erica. But I have so much crap to do today that I told myself I wouldn't watch it until I finished everything. I don't know when exactly I became more excited for Being Erica than for any other show, but... yeah, I'm really loving it. This is what happens when you introduce a ship in a show I can get behind. And I just love how they've been changing up the episodes this season. Plus, Greek is off until February, I've been bitter towards HIMYM since Barney/Robin broke up, I still am really liking TBBT but Leonard/Penny prevents me from being as eager to watch it as last year, and Chuck won't be on until January. And those were all the shows I was obsessive over last semester, so... Being Erica is my new show to obsess over. For like, what, 2 episodes, and then the season's over? Same for Dexter, which is my other favorite show right now. Boo.

The head of the math department sent out an e-mail for people who are interested in being a preceptor (like a T.A.) for Multivariable Calc next semester with my favorite math professor (who was my professor for Multivariable last fall), so I e-mailed her to say I was interested. Unfortunately they give priority to people on financial aid, and I'm not on financial aid, so I probably won't get it, but I figured I'd e-mail her just in case. I'd totally do it for free/no credit/etc.; I just think it would be fun. And will probably make my life way busier than it needs to be next semester, but whatever. As I said, I probably won't get it.

I'm feeling so overwhelmed right now. I just keep remembering stuff I have to do and it just feels like way too much. Unfortunately a lot of stuff I need to do I can't start until Thursday or this weekend, so I feel kind of stuck. On the one hand, I'm so happy that this week has been flying by and there are only 10 days of classes left and 17 total days until I leave for winter break, but on the other hand, I know I have so much stuff left to do and so little time to do it all in. So I'm kind of a mess right now. I'm hoping to get loads done this weekend (I will pretty much live in the library on Saturday and Sunday, I think) so next week isn't quite so overwhelming.
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Oh man this morning sucked. My midterm in Discrete Math was at 8 AM, so I set my alarm clock for 7 AM, as I always do, because I like to have some time to have breakfast and check my flist and everything before going to class. This morning I woke up (on my own, without the alarm clock) and looked at the time and saw it was 7:45 AM, and my first reaction was "Ugh, I don't want to get up in 15 minutes." I think I was just focused on the 45 part and not the hour. But then I was like "...wait... IT'S PAST 7?" And, I mean, it takes 10 minutes to get from my apartment to class, so I like shot out of bed, took my retainer out, got dressed (and didn't have time to check the temperature outside, so I hoped that a long-sleeved t-shirt and sweatshirt was enough for whatever weather it was), and went to class. I did not enjoy that. I've never like... slept in late and had to rush off to class immediately. And I believe strongly in never skipping breakfast (well, I try never to skip any meal, but I hate lunch, so I tend to forget about it pretty often), so I hated having to go straight to the midterm without breakfast. ugh.

I have no idea how it happened, either! My alarm clock was set! There was no power outage or anything during the night! I need to check that, because... do not want that happening again. On the plus side, no 8 AM classes next semester! And there are only like 4 more classes this semester of Discrete Math, so only a couple more times I have to wake up that early.

The midterm was... not good. But I don't really care. I know I at least got a 50 on it, which I can raise up to a 75 with revision. And I calculated last night that I need an average on the remaining assignments/tests/projects/etc. of less than a 50 to get a C- in the class. So I'm not really worried about my grade. But... I feel bad/guilty kind of because I feel like I'm letting my professor down? If that makes sense? I know that logically he probably doesn't really care, but I've been doing so well and I think he likes me, so I'm sure he knows I could do better on the midterm if I put more effort into it, so clearly I just blew it off. I also really hope that we don't have to talk to him if we get less than an 80 on the test like people had to for the first midterm. I don't want to have to explain to him why I did so poorly (I'm assuming). There's pretty much nothing to say other than "I'm taking the class pass/fail so I didn't study."

TV time!

Dexter )

How I Met Your Mother )

The Big Bang Theory )

I was totally avoiding all the promotional stuff coming out for Chuck because I don't want to be spoiled in the slightest for the new season, but I ended up watching 3 really short promos for it and OMG I CAN'T WAIT HOLY CRAP THIS SEASON LOOK AMAAAAAAZING. And I desperately want to rewatch seasons 1 and 2 now to tide me over, but I so don't have time, so it'll have to wait until winter break, if I still feel like it. But seriously, if you've never watched Chuck before, you totally need to catch up and watch seasons 1 and 2 before season 3 premieres because it is such a great show. Ah I'm so excited!
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How I Met Your Mother )

The Big Bang Theory )

Gossip Girl )

I have registration for classes tomorrow! I'm so excited. The classes I'm planning on taking next semester (provided they don't all fill up) I am looking forward to so much, especially compared to the stuff I'm taking this semester. Next semester is more about taking classes I actually want to take rather than just classes to fulfill requirements. So that'll be great. And there's this one class I desperately want to take that originally was a senior seminar that wouldn't be offered next year, and I was going to beg the professor to let me in and try to justify it by saying that technically I'll be a senior next semester in terms of credits (which I actually feel is a pretty reasonable point). But then they changed it to just a general advanced course, not seniors only, so I can take it without having to talk to anyone. So clearly I am meant to take this class! And the class is only 16 people and the best psych professor whom everyone loves is teaching it, so I was terrified that it would fill up before I could register. But registration started Monday for seniors, and so far only 3 people have signed up! And a huge portion of the junior class is studying abroad next semester. So basically, I think I should be able to get into the class! I'm so excited about this class and next semester, it's not even fun. I'll be so happy when this semester is done with.

I've also been researching grad schools again, and there is 1 program that I've totally fallen in love with, and now I'm mentally kicking myself because I'm going to be so disappointed if I don't get in. I don't want to get my heart set on it too much and then not be able to. I mean, luckily, unlike with undergrad, if I don't get in I can easily just apply the year after. But I want to get on with it already so I can finish school and start working and all that. Really I wish I could just apply already and go next year, but... obviously that is not possible. Oh well. Senior year will be here before I know it, I'm sure. And who knows, by next year maybe I'll have totally changed my mind again and have other plans for my future.

I totally did end up getting the complete series of Farscape. IT WAS SO ON SALE! I COULDN'T RESIST! Anyways, I haven't checked my school mail (where the DVDs are being sent) for like over a week, so I don't know if it's here yet, but they were supposed to go on sale today, so I'm assuming it'll arrive in the next few days. There's no hurry, seeing as I'll have no time to watch them anytime soon. But I'll probably watch them over winter break, which will be fun since I haven't seen any of the episodes since I first watched the series nearly 2 years ago, 2nd semester of freshman year.
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How I Met Your Mother )

Mad Men )

The Big Bang Theory )

Gossip Girl )

I feel like I really need to make icons. I always want to use an icon matching something I'm talking about, but I keep finding that I have none! Especially for shows like Greek which I'm totally in love with; I really should have at least one. Maybe if I get all my work done early today (yeah, like that'll happen) I'll make some tonight. More likely, it won't be until winter break. Oh well.
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I'm finally caught up on TV! It only took forever. This isn't thoughts on everything I've watched, but just the stuff I had stuff to talk about.

Being Erica 2.03 )

Merlin 2.04 )

The Office 6.04 )

The Vampire Diaries 1.05 )

The Big Bang Theory 3.04 )

Greek 3.07 )

Gossip Girl 3.05 )

I luckily don't have too much work to do this week, at least in comparison to last week and the week before. The most major thing I have is a test in German on Friday, but I'm not too worried about it based on how I did on the first one and how I'm doing in the class. Discrete Math is still being a pain, but at least I don't have to stress out too much about my grade. It does really suck having to get up at 7 AM for a class I don't remotely enjoy, though. I should not have taken another 8 AM class after last semester. Last semester I was like "Never again!" and then I went ahead and signed up for another 8 AM class. Oh well. We're nearly to the halfway point in the semester, at least. I'll be very happy when this semester is over.
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Ok, so I talked to my mom about my dad changing law firms. Apparently this new place has been after him for a year now. He's not really happy where he is; he's worked there for 30 years, but the people who hired him have all retired yet, as have all his friends who worked there except for like 1, and he feels marginalized. Like they don't appreciate him enough. Whereas this other place REALLY wants him and would appreciate him. This new place is much smaller, and it's actually just the floor below where he works now, so it's not like the commute (which is 15 minutes from our house) changes or anything. And he would have to retire at the place he is at now in 5 years, and then he'd be stuck figuring out what to do next anyways, so he might as well switch now and be happier and not have to retire in 5 years. And apparently he asked my mom and a bunch of other people what they thought, and not a single one of them thought he shouldn't do it. He just made the decision a few days ago which is why I hadn't heard about it before and why it was so sudden that he couldn't come. So that all makes a lot more sense now that it's been explained. It still was a huge shock when he first told me, though, because it's not like I discuss my dad's work with him pretty much ever, so I wasn't aware of all these factors.

Anyways, my mom was here this weekend, which was great. I got to eat out and go shopping and stuff! It was fun. And we started watching my The Big Bang Theory Season 1 DVDs. Her reactino to TBBT S1 )

I got my IRB comments back. My research is approved pending I address some comments they have (which is what happens to everyone, basically; no one just passes outright). I feel like I should feel really great about this, and part of me does, but another part of me just feels kind of... weird? And I keep obsessively going over the comments? I don't know. I think part of it was before this research was just me discussing it with my adviser and the other 5 members of my group, and it's just been so supportive, so even the criticism is easy to take, you know? Because it's like we're all encouraging of each other and know where each other is and all that. But this is an entirely different group of people who aren't familiar with what I'm doing, and it's just not the same kind of feel. I don't know. I'm overly sensitive. The professor who e-mailed me the comments did begin with the fact that they found my proposal overall very impressive, and everything they had issues with I fully understand why they did. I need to stop being so negative and just be thrilled I'm this much closer to getting my research done.
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Short random TV reactions (not of everything I've watched in the past few days, but the things I actually have stuff to say about:

How I Met Your Mother 5.02 )

The Big Bang Theory 3.02 )

Greek 3.05 )

I was going to write something about Mad Men, but then I realized my reaction was going to be exactly the same as my reactions for the last 2 weeks, so... if you want to know what I thought, then check those. I'm nothing if not predictable! I liked House (I'm liking that they didn't totally rush into him coming back) and Gossip Girl was fine (like, I can't think of anything I disliked and I enjoyed watching it, but I also don't really care about anything that happens? I don't know. I'm not considering giving it up or anything, I'm just not as into it as I used to be).

The professor I was going to talk to today about post-college stuff wasn't there when I checked her office, and I don't have any more classes today and don't really feel like going on campus again on the off-chance that she'll be there, so I think I'll wait until tomorrow or Thursday afternoon. I mean, it's not like I have to have this all figured out today, but I know I'm going to keep worrying and thinking about it until I talk to someone about it who actually knows the field and can give me advice, so I'd like to do it sooner rather than later. Plus, she's the chair of the psych department and I have a question about a class that was going to be offered this year but isn't anymore which I really need for both the psych major and general ed requirements, so I need to ask her about that. So I might as well talk to her now rather than wait until next semester or even next month or whatever.

My parents are arriving a week from Thursday for parents' weekend. I can't believe that's already here. It feels like they just left and the semester just started. It'll be nice to see them, anyways. I'm looking forward to them coming.

First exam of the semester tomorrow in German. I'm nervous. I hope it goes all right.
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Oh Monday night TV, I have missed you so much. The only way you could be better if Chuck was starting now and had a full season and was not being left until after the Winter Olympics. (SERIOUSLY COME ON, MARCH IS SO FAR AWAY!)

How I Met Your Mother 5.01 )

The Big Bang Theory 3.01 )

House 6.01 )

Gossip Girl 3.02 )

All I have to say about the last episode of Mad Men is Mad Men 3.06 )

Also, FULL SEASON ORDER FOR GLEE! YAY! I wasn't too worried because it's actually doing ridiculously well in the ratings (I have no idea how that's happening, because it seems like it's totally the type of show that would be amazing and be critically loved, but no one would actually watch. Like Wonderfalls or Pushing Daisies or like the million other shows I've watched that have been canceled).
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My parents and I finally got to the Wesley episodes of season 3 of Buffy! We had left off at The Zeppo and then my mom was in Minnesota the weekend after that and then we were finishing up Dexter the weekend after that, but now we're finally back to Buffy. I mean, I don't love Wesley on Buffy at all (although he's pretty amusing, especially when Giles is sniping at him), but he's my absolute favorite character on Angel, so it's exciting to see him. I think he might have the most drastic development of any character on either series. And there's Faith! I mean, she was in the earlier episodes of the season as well, but still. I've rediscovered my Faith love this summer, and this is basically the start of it all going downhill for her.

I wrote up a bunch of thoughts while watching Angel a few weeks ago, but then I was kind of overwhelmed by the end of season 5 (even though I was spoiled and knew what was going to happen; in fact, I had seen quite a few of the episodes from the end of the season) so I wanted to distance myself from the show for a little. And now I've moved on to other obsessions (namely True Blood), so I forgot about it. But here are the random thoughts I had while watching the show: Angel Series Thoughts )

Anyways, I randomly feel like rewatching both seasons of The Big Bang Theory and then picspamming the show. I don't know why. Well, I'm feeling like randomly picspamming everything since I haven't done a picspam in ages and I'm leaving to go back to school on the 23rd and won't have much time during the semester to picspam anything. But there's no real reason for me to want to rewatch TBBT in particular. I haven't had a great urge to rewatch Chuck even though I was planning a rewatch for the second last semester ended and I got home. I don't know. I'm feeling kind of out of sorts having so little time left at home. I feel like I need to get all this different stuff in that I know I won't have time for once I leave.

At some point in the next week, I really need to start going through all my stuff and figuring out what I want to take with me. And I need to search for socks, because I've somehow managed to lose track of like half my socks since I've been home. And I feel like I need to review German ridiculous amounts. I feel like I've forgotten 90% of what I learned of German in the past year. I was trying to remember just the basic pronouns and it took me way longer than it should have. I'm not really sure that I'm going to be able to fit all the stuff I need to do in with all the stuff I'm having random urges to do.
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I just saw that Chuck is not scheduled to come back until after the Winter Olympics next year. That's next March! I mean, some Chuck is better than no Chuck, but I don't know if I can wait 10 months for the follow-up to that finale! Also, why has Scrubs been renewed? Don't get me wrong, I love that show, but it's been going on for 8 seasons now, and the finale was the absolute perfect series finale for the show. How do they follow that up? Is Zach Braff not coming back next season? What about the other regulars? If it's just the interns, I don't know that I'll be very interested in it.

I spent Wednesday and Thursday catching up on TV I was behind on and I'm STILL not done. To be fair, I did spend all afternoon yesterday hanging out with friends, but still. I had time at night to catch up on stuff. The problem now is that I got through the stuff I really wanted to watch first, and now I'm left with stuff I don't care as much about. Of course, if it's this much of a pain to watch the shows, I probably should just stop watching them entirely, but I have trouble letting go of shows, especially if I've been watching them for awhile. Anyway, here are some random thoughts on some of the stuff I've been watching.

The Big Bang Theory 2.23 - The Monopolar Expedition )

Bones 4.26 - The End in the Beginning )

The Office 5.26 - Company Picnic )

I have many pictures of my trip and of bobcat kittens that are living in my backyard, so I'll post those at some point in the next few days! And I suppose I need to start looking for a job or something to do this summer, because my mom will keep bugging me if all I do is sit around the house.
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How I Met Your Mother )

The Big Bang Theory )

I am so exhausted. It was not a good idea to go to bed past midnight (and then be unable to fall asleep for an hour) when I had to wake up at 7 for class and when I have a final at 4:30. blah. Going to class was pretty pointless, too, which sucks. I did find out that I have a 97 in Differential Equations right now, though, so I don't need to worry very much about the final. Which is good, so I can concentrate on studying for my German final instead. But first I need to get through my Research in Psych final. Ugh, can this week be over already?
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Ugh, I'm so exhausted. This is what I get for staying up past midnight when I have to wake up at 7 AM for class after already getting too little sleep the night before. Why am I taking another 8 AM class next semester? Clearly I am crazy. In any case, I don't have much left to do this week, which is nice. I have a project for Differential Equations on Thursday, but I'm not too worried about that right now (although maybe I should be). And after Thursday morning, I can relax a little (until Saturday when I start having to freak out about everything I have to do for next week).
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Hearing about how Zachary Levi brought around 600 fans from a con he was doing in England to Subway and made them sandwiches (Subway is one of the major sponsors of Chuck and there's a huge "Buy a Subway sandwich" campaign going on today for the finale tonight, if you hadn't heard) totally made my day. That is just awesome. I've been hearing random rumors and reports that things look good and that Chuck looks good to get at least a 13-episode pick-up for next season, but they're still just rumors and the decision hasn't officially been made, so I'm still really nervous about it and will be until next Monday. At least for today I can still be excited about the finale! (It better not end in a cliffhanger.)

Can I just say how much I enjoy that in every single interview I've watched in the past few weeks involving Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco, or one of the writers of The Big Bang Theory, the interviewer has asked a question about Sheldon/Penny? And like none of them have even mentioned it in comparison to Leonard/Penny or brought them up at all; it's all about S/P. It's pretty awesome. Less awesome is how all their responses are basically shock and "Wow, that'd be weird," but still! (Although, seriously, I've watched at least 5 interviews where it's been asked, and EVERY SINGLE TIME they're like "OMG I'M SHOCKED" but it's like... SERIOUSLY? YOU'VE BEEN ASKED THIS LIKE 5 TIMES NOW.) The more they're asked about it, the more they'll think about it and see it's a possibility down the road, though, right? More Talk About Sheldon/Penny )

Anyways, I got up this morning early and went to the library and miraculously got my paper for Research in Psych done! It was kind of amazing. This also has been one of the few times an assignment has actually taken much less time than I expected this semester. I still need to talk to the professor about it and edit it some, but that won't take too long. I was hoping to get it done by 8 so I could watch Chuck, TBBT, HIMYM, and Greek without having to do the paper at the same time, so this is pretty awesome.
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Hope everyone who celebrates it had a happy Easter! My Easter consisted of getting a plastic egg filled with M&Ms from my RA and then having a ridiculously busy afternoon. It's actually kind of a miracle I got everything done. I probably wouldn't have if it weren't for a friend from German texting me about studying, so we studied together for an hour, and then after that a friend from stats coming over and working on the lab. If he hadn't shown up, actually, I would probably still have been doing the lab all morning since he showed me how to do a bunch of them and also caught a bunch of mistakes I was making. But thankfully those things did happen and my stuff got done before class. The fact that there's new HIMYM and TBBT definitely helped me get through yesterday and this morning, anyways. (So excited for the episodes! Not too much longer to go!)

I'm really tempted to do another picspam now for favorite Sheldon/Penny scenes. This is probably not a good idea as this weekend is going to be very busy. Really, all the remaining weeks of school (only 4 left! 3, not including finals!) are going to be super busy. But it didn't take too incredibly long to do the Barney/Robin one, so maybe I'll try. Or I'll just do random single scenes that I love separately instead of doing a huge top 10 type thing.

Registration for classes for next semester is in a week and a half, and I don't really have much idea of what I'm taking yet. I keep meaning to look at the classes, and then... I get distracted or have schoolwork or whatever. I know I want to take Cognitive Psych and Intermediate German (although there are two different sections for Intermediate German and I need to decide between those), but other than that, I'm not sure. I'm thinking about Directed Research in Psych which is the capstone for the major where you conduct your own study and write up a huge paper and present it, but I'm not sure if I'm up for that yet. I mean, I have to take it at some point, but I don't know if I want to do it immediately or if I should put it off a semester or two. My absolute favorite professor is going to be teaching it, though, which is making me lean towards taking it. And I still have one space to fill even if I do take that. blah.


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