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I've been slowly making my way through this Life of Birds BBC documentary thing on the BBC and yesterday I got to the episode that deals with baby birds and parenthood and I was like "omg yay adorable baby birdies! This will be so much fun to watch!" And then like half of it was other birds stealing baby birds for food or crocodiles attacking or even the parents killing some of their babies because they do not have enough resources to care for them all. It was like March of the Penguins all over again.

I forgot that a new Sookie Stackhouse book comes out today! I kind of have the urge to reread them all (well, not the first one, since the show followed it so closely, and there's not enough Eric. But like, I mix up what happens in the second book and second season a lot, so it would be valuable to reread the book, right?), but... I don't know. Last year it took me like an entire week to get through them all, and that was with me staying at home and reading the books all day long and really not doing anything else. I don't know if I want to waste a week or two like that again, at least not right now. And I don't know that I'm patient enough to get through all the books before getting to the new one. So it's more likely that I'll just read the new one.

I got an A- on my group presentation I did several weeks ago in Mood and Anxiety, and from what I can tell (it's hard to figure out my grade in a class when I'm only given letter grades), this makes it really hard for me to get an A in the class. I think if I get an A on the final paper and get an A in participation (both of which I think are possible, but definitely not guaranteed), then I can get an A in the class, but I'm not sure. I'm going to try to expect an A-, and if I get an A, then I'll be pleasantly surprised.
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So, the semester is almost done, and I need suggestions for TV shows I should watch this summer! I have a list of some in my mind that I'm interested in seeing, but the list is rather long and there's nothing that's really standing out for me at the moment, so are there any shows you think are super awesome that I should check out? They can be still airing or have ended. Genre doesn't really matter to me, either (I like sitcoms/comedies, dramas, sci-fi, procedurals, period stuff, and so on). An awesome ship to latch on to definitely helps me get interested and invested in a show, but there are definitely shows I love where I ship no one, so yeah, feel free to recommend whatever, basically. Most of the stuff I've seen are listed in my profile under "TV," but there are shows I've watched that I ended up not liking that aren't listed there. In any case, if trying to determine what I've already seen is too much effort, you can just recommend whatever and I'll let you know if I've already seen it.

My two exams today are done with, thankfully. The social psych one did not go that great, but I probably only need about a C on it, so I'm trying to not let it bother me too much. The Origins one went better, although maybe not as good as the last one. But probably about as good as the first one, and I got a 93.5 on that, and I only need a B on it, so I should be fine there, too. Anyways, now I just need to edit my paper for Mood and Anxiety (which isn't due until Wednesday at 11:59 PM, so I'm kind of considering just putting it off until tomorrow, since I will have almost all day tomorrow to devote to it) and study for the German final (which is Thursday). Oh, and I have to give like a... 3-4 minute informal presentation about what I did my Mood and Anxiety paper on in class tomorrow, but it's not graded, so I'm not really worried. I should probably just go through it to make sure what I have to say fits into 3-4 minutes and is organized and such so I don't make a fool out of myself.

I haven't talked about my Doctor Who rewatch much recently since I kind of took a break, but I'm actually only 3 episodes from the end of season 4. Considering I just watched these episodes a few weeks ago, I'm not sure if I'm going to end up watching them. Maybe if I run out of stuff to watch when I'm studying for my German final and get bored. I don't have any inclination to watch Children of Earth anymore, though, or the DW specials from the last year, so after I get through those 3 episodes (assuming I do), then I'll be done (and I do have a bunch of thoughts on season 4 that I've typed up, so I'll get to posting those either when I finish or when I decide that I'm not going to finish and want to close the window of TextEdit I've had open with those thoughts for 3 weeks now).

I was watching classic Doctor Who episodes actually yesterday when studying for my tests today, and one of the serials I watched was Spearhead from Space. I totally didn't realize that the Autons in Rose had already been introduced in the classic series. I feel like the Autons in that serial are much creepier than in Rose, since they look like humans who have melted and had their eyes plucked out compared to in Rose, where they just look like mannequins. Also, I've seen serials from the first four Doctors, and out of them, originally I thought Four was my favorite, but Three is giving him a run for his money. I don't know, I just really enjoy him. He has a cape! He's kind of awesome! I should watch more of his seasons.
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ugh ok, I need help deciding something. Neil Patrick Harris is directing a production of Rent that's being put on at the Hollywood Bowl in August, and tickets are on sale, and I could totally go, but I'm cheap and don't know if I should spend the money. I mean, I have seen Rent live before, but... it's NPH! And Aaron Tveit is playing Roger, and I love him so much! But I probably won't be able to get good seats anyways, and I would probably end up going alone which would be kind of lame. But but NPH and Aaron Tveit and Rent! ugh I don't know. I need to be more decisive.

Forgot to do this yesterday, but in April I read 0 books (there goes my plan of reading at least 1 book a month! But last month I read like 5, so I think that somewhat makes up for that. And as soon as finals are done with, I should hopefully start reading more), watched 5 movies (this is such a ridiculously huge contrast to the previous months this year, but there were months last year where I watched only 1 or 0, so this is still pretty good), and watched 196 episodes of TV (actually that number is probably slightly off, because I'm pretty sure I accidentally left a few things out, but it's close enough).

I totally did not get enough work done yesterday. Like, I felt like I was working continually all day, but... I guess the problem was I wasn't working efficiently. I was making flashcards from my social psych textbook while watching various stuff. I totally did not do my social psych assignment that I've been putting off. It's not even like... incredibly in-depth or difficult, and it only has to be 2-4 pages which is totally nothing, I can get that done in like 2 hours pretty easily, but I just don't want to, so... I haven't. I set my alarm for 8:30 AM to help make up for that, but then I ended up sleeping in until 9:30 anyways. Well, getting up that early is still pretty good for a Sunday morning. Once tomorrow is over, I'll be done with 3 out of the 5 remaining major things left in the semester, so I just need to get through the next 28 hours basically, and then I'll be more relaxed.

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Nooooo now ABC Family has canceled 10 Things I Hate About You! Dammit, I'm still not over Legend of the Seeker being canceled yet! But this is even worse because Legend of the Seeker has had more time; 10 Things just gets 20 episodes total, each only like 22 minutes minus commercials. It's not enough! Not fair. This was one of the few shows I just felt unadultered glee about, nothing to criticize or think too deeply about. It was just fun! If Chuck ends up being canceled as well, I'm quitting life. (That's sure to change their minds!)

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Done with the last full week of classes! And now finals are upon me, and I'm totally procrastinating doing work, as usual. I just don't feel stressed out, so it's hard to motivate myself to do anything. All I have is 2 tests on Monday, a 2-page assignment due Monday, my final Mood and Anxiety paper due Wednesday (which I've finished, I just need to revise it, so no big deal there), and my German final on Thursday. I really don't have to do incredibly well on any of them (well, I need to do well on the paper, but my professor was already impressed with it as it was, and the revisions she suggested are minor and well within my capabilities, so I'm not too worried), and I feel less busy then I normally am around this time, so it's hard to get myself working.
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I finished my paper (finally!) and sent a draft to my professor! I was super nervous about what she'd have to say, because even though I felt like it was one of the best papers I've written, I'm still very self-critical and unsure and who knows what she'd think. But she said "Wow! This is in excellent shape!" She has a few minor comments, but I have an entire week to make those changes and there aren't many and alksfj yay! I'm so happy now. This is a huge relief.

My parents are kind of ridiculous. I e-mail them to stay in touch with them while I'm at school, and we've been discussing when they should arrive, and they hadn't responded directly to anything I said in my last 2 e-mails, even though I included questions in there and there was stuff I thought they'd respond to. So I e-mailed them again 2 days ago and had some specific questions, and that night, my dad texted me a picture of one of my pet birds and it was like "Here's Jason saying hi!" Then the next day, my mom sent me an e-mail that was entitled "Here's something to brighten your day!" and it was a picture of that bird and me when I was like 9 and he was 6 months old. So I was kind of like "?????? How are these exactly responses to my questions?" But I was e-mailing them from a Hotmail account which is old and I hate hotmail and one time it got hacked, so I was like "Maybe they're not getting my e-mails!" So to test this theory, I e-mailed myself from that account to my school gmail account which I know works perfectly well, and after 3 hours, I still hadn't gotten the message, so I was like "Aha! That e-mail is not sending out messages!" and I sent my parents an e-mail saying that I didn't know if they were getting my e-mails but I hadn't received an e-mail from myself, so I thought that account wasn't working. Anyways, today I wake up to find that I received the e-mail I sent myself (although, to be fair, it took 8 hours to receive it, which is pretty ridiculous. Bad Hotmail!) and an e-mail from my mom saying "We've gotten every e-mail from you in the past few days, we just still don't know what to do yet!" So why exactly was your reaction to me asking specific questions about your opinions to send me a picture of my bird and me from 12 years ago and not actually telling me that you weren't sure about the answers to my questions? Oh, parents.

Today was my last day of German lab! I kind can't believe the semester is ending already. I suppose part of it is the fact that I'm not actually leaving here until the end of May, so I don't have the additional excitement of seeing my parents in just a week and all. Instead, in a week I'll be (hopefully) starting to put together a resume and calling places in CA about volunteer opportunities for when I'm hope and (much more likely) watching a bunch of TV and movies and reading and basically relaxing.

Anyways, I'm feeling pretty good and relaxed and on top of things overall, which is kind of awesome, considering I do have just a week left in the semester with a bunch of things to do. But getting that paper already done with (other than some minor editing) a week before it's due definitely helps, and my grades are awesome in my other classes so I'm not really worried about the other tests and assignments I have for next week.
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ugh I think one of my wisdom teeth is coming in. The two on the bottom came in sometime in high school but it was fine because I had 2 adult teeth pulled there before they came in so there was room for them once they did come through. But I was holding out the hope that my top ones would just never come down. sigh. This plus me still being sick and feeling like crap makes me feel like my body is rebelling against me today.

In better news, I'm almost entirely done with my paper! Yes! (Now you all won't have to read about me going on and on over how much more I have left and how much I hate writing papers! Well, except for once more right now.) I have nearly everything written, I just need an intro and conclusion (which I always leave for last anyways, which I think goes back to freshman year when I was writing a bunch of papers in a row and I was starting and finishing them the day before they were do and I'd finish everything except the intro and conclusion, which I'd leave until the next morning before class, and now it just feels wrong to write an intro or conclusion on the same day that I write the rest of a paper. I know, I'm super weird.) and... well, I have a thesis like... in my head, but I don't actually have it written out, so I should do that. And I'm barely at the bottom of page 7 without my intro and conclusion, so I might add another paragraph that kind of... pads the paper a bit, but it shouldn't take too long to write. I'll probably do that last after I see if I need to add it.

I got up at 9 AM this morning and it was kind of difficult to get myself out of bed but I wanted some time before I had to go to my morning class. Then I checked my e-mail and my morning class was canceled. blah. Oh well. I could've used the time productively to get my paper done, but instead I looked up more MSW programs I might want to apply to. I have absolutely nothing to do tonight other than finish this paper, so it shouldn't be a problem, anyways.
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10 Things I Hate About You was also adorable as always, but I have nothing really specific to say about it, other than you really should watch it, even if you think it couldn't possibly live up to the movie (which is totally what I thought before I checked the show out, but the show is really different from the movie and totally fun and wonderful in its own right). I think I might actually do a picspam of reasons why you should watch it for this month's [ profile] picspammy challenge once the semester is over, since I should have time.

I made significant progress on my paper yesterday! Finally. I'm 4 1/2 pages in (it's supposed to be 8-10), although including references, it's just about 6 pages. And she's not super strict on page length, so if it's good but 7 1/2 pages, she's not going to mark off for that extra 1/2 a page. I've even worked on it a little today (and plan to try to continue working on it until I have to go to class in 1 1/2 hours), which is ridiculous since I pretty much never get work done on Tuesdays before Mood and Anxiety (even though I have so much time in the morning to get stuff done). I also discovered that the paper is due next Wednesday, 05/05, rather than 05/04 like I originally thought, so I feel a little less stressed out about finishing it today. I mean, I think I still can, but I do have some stuff to do for German as well today, and I wanted to send my professor a draft no less than a week before it was due, so this way I feel less pressured to actually get it done today. I actually probably could have finished it yesterday if I had just worked with no breaks, but I procrastinated a lot, and it's kind of amazing I got as much done as I did.

I mentioned that I talked to my honorary psych adviser (that is what I am calling her from now on because I have no idea how else to refer to her) last week about many things, including starting to apply to grad school (specifically MSW programs) and how I was having trouble figuring out how to select programs and all, and she mentioned things I should look for and that I could give her a list of like 15 programs or so and she could help me narrow it down or point out programs I might have missed. So anyways, I've started doing that as a means to procrastinate from writing this paper as well, and at first it's a lot of fun looking into all this stuff that seems really interesting and exciting, and then it just makes me feel like crap because I feel myself falling in love with these different programs and then I get afraid that I'm going to get too invested and have my heart set on something and not get in. I mean, I suppose I did have my favorites for undergrad as well and I got waitlisted/rejected from several of those and it sucked for a little while and then I got over it, so I know it won't be a huge deal in the long run, but still.

I am sick. It sucks. It's like... just a very slight sore throat and some sneezing and my nose is a little stuffy, so it's all so like... idk, not severe that I feel like it shouldn't be a big deal, but it's still making me feel tired and worn out and like crap. I was in denial about it up until now (like, despite having a sore throat since Sunday, I kept telling myself that I was just dehydrated and thirsty and if I drank some more water, I'd feel fine), but then last night I fell asleep within 20 minutes while my roommate was still up and had her desk light on and was working until like 3 AM and that never happens for me. Seriously, no matter how tired I am, I've never fallen asleep while she's been up and had her desk light on. I'm almost considering not going to Mood and Anxiety this afternoon, especially since it's one of the few classes I can miss and I feel like it won't matter (since in other classes I'm always worried about missing important stuff for the test, but all we have for this class is this paper left, and the stuff we talk about in class isn't as relevant to my grade. I mean, it's super interesting, but the idea of leaving my apartment and bed right now is not so appealing).

Glee tonight! I am super excited. Hopefully I will be productive and get enough schoolwork done that I don't feel guilty for watching it (I would say hopefully I get enough done so I have time to watch it, but I know that I'm watching it no matter how much I get done because I tend to prioritize TV over schoolwork. Still, I'd feel better about watching it if I'm productive!).
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Noooo Legend of the Seeker was canceled! It's not one of my absolute favorite shows by any means (I would choose renewing Chuck over it, in terms of shows that are on the bubble), but it's so enjoyable! And I wasn't paying attention to its ratings at all or how likely it was to come back, so I just kind of took it for granted that it would. And there are only a few episodes left in the season, so I'm assuming they didn't write the finale as a series finale, and I always hate it when that happens. boo.

So this weekend was a super fail in getting crap done that I should have. I wanted to be done with my 8-10 page Mood and Anxiety paper by the end of the weekend! Ok, that was never going to happen, but I was thinking at least halfway through! Instead, I did nothing on Saturday (wait, not true! I totally solved Einstein's Riddle without cheating at all. Although I think it's more a test of patience and organizational abilities than intelligence) and wasted many, many hours on Sunday before only getting research done.

On the plus side, I find my topic really fascinating, as I believe I've mentioned before. But that just means I find reading the research really interesting; writing the paper is still going to be a pain in the ass. Have I mentioned how much I hate writing papers? Because I do. Which would be why I procrastinated starting this all weekend when I really should have just gotten it done.

I totally got an A/A- (yes, the professor gives out half grades like that) on my class facilitation for Mood and Anxiety! Along with the grade, she supplied us with the comments we were given on peer evals, so on the one hand, I'm a little disappointed based on the A- part of the grade and the fact that despite the majority of the feedback I was given was very positive, the negative tends to outweigh the positive in my mind and I can't help but focus the criticisms I was given. But on the other (more important and not idiotic and overly self-critical) hand, I wouldn't have guessed that I would have done that well! I thought I'd have more negative feedback than I got, and I would've expected an A- to be the highest I would get. And that's higher than the midterm grade I got (an A-), so maybe if I totally rock this final paper (which I'm still having a hell of a time writing, ugh) and maybe if the grade on the group presentation was good (which obviously I can't change now, but I think we did decently?), I could still get an A in this class? Maybe? That would be pretty awesome. And I'm no longer worried about getting a B/B+ in this class, so that also helps.

um, what else. I don't know. My life is very boring right now. This is the last full week of classes, and then next week is finals (well, we have classes on Monday and Tuesday, but I have exams in 2 of my classes, a review session in another, and in the last one we're going to do course evaluations and discuss what we wrote our final papers on, so it doesn't really feel like normal days of class). And then I'll be done with this semester! Finally.
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Ok, so I was way more worried and nervous about MUPC than I had to be (but then, I tend to worry unreasonable amounts about absolutely everything, so that's not surprising). It was totally fine. I actually didn't end up being very nervous when I was there in front of my poster answering questions. The people who came by were all very nice and interested in my topic, and they said it was an interesting question and all that, so it made me feel more... validated, I guess, because sometimes when I think about that project I just think it was kind of pointless or not as developed or interesting as a lot of other people's.

Also, one girl stopped by who was on my floor freshman year and became like best friends with my roommate and she was friendly to me for a few weeks and then she just kind of ignored me for the rest of the year and I kind of thought she hated me or at least didn't like me. But she was super friendly and asking questions and stuff, not just about my project but about what I was doing and stuff, and it was really weird. Like, good, but... I'm so self-conscious and critical that I couldn't help thinking "Why are you talking to me? What do you want? Is this some elaborate scheme to make fun of me? Are you pitying me? What is going on?" even though the worst thing she ever did to me was ignore me, and that's probably more to blame on my lack of social skills than on her. And I found out she's taking Understand/Confront Racism next semester like me, which should be interesting. I had another class with her sophomore year and she continued to ignore my existence, so I'm curious to see if that happens again or if she talks to me this time.

This morning, on the other hand, was kind of awful. Ok, it wasn't that bad. But, well, normally I volunteer with a couple of people at a homeless shelter with children on Saturday mornings, but we didn't do it Saturday this week because I had MUPC going on. And this is our last chance to volunteer this semester all together so we went today instead and then went out to lunch afterwards. Except I'm not used to waking up this early on a Sunday, and I stupidly stayed up really late Saturday night, so even though my alarm woke me up at 8 AM, I decided to lie in bed for just a few more minutes, and then of course I fell asleep again and didn't wake up until 8:40. Which meant I had to rush to get dressed and ready and all, and I basically had like 5 minutes to each breakfast, but everything I had would have taken too much time to make and eat. However, one of my roommates made cupcakes yesterday, so I remembered that and was like "ugh I need something to eat" so for breakfast I had a cupcake. Which might sound awesome, except it's really not enough to get you energized or moving or coherent or anything. So I pretty much just felt awful the entire time I was volunteering. I have coffee now, though, and it's awesome.

There have been some recent reports about a 4th season of Chuck not being totally hopeless and the writers/producers/creators/whoever feeling good about coming back, and I kind of wish there weren't this news only because I feel like it's making me too optimistic about it coming back. I had started accepting that this would be end and coming to terms with that and all, but now my hopes are starting to go up again, and I'm afraid there'll be this build-up and then NBC will cancel it (because NBC fails at life. They're probably freaking renew Heroes over Chuck even though Chuck does better critically and in the ratings and Heroes sucks) and it'll suck so much worse than if I had just accepted it being canceled now. blah. (Although maybe NBC will surprise me? No no, still trying not to get my hopes up.) Anyways, on a more positive Chuck-related note, Chuck comes back for the final 6 episodes on Monday! I'm so excited. We finally get to see Chuck and Sarah try to be spies while being in a relationship! Chuck's dad is coming back! Anna is coming back!!! It's going to be awesome.

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Anyways, yesterday I had plans for doing a bunch or research for my final Mood and Anxiety paper and having it outlined and a thesis and everything so I'd be ready to write as much of it as possible today. And then I did nothing. Well done, self. So instead I'm going to do a bunch of research today and hopefully get... idk, 4 pages done? That might be feasible. If I actually start working and don't just procrastinate all day, which is much more likely.
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So I have to be at the Minnesota Undergraduate Psychology Conference in front of my poster in 2 1/2 hours. Nervous and not looking forward to it. Actually I should kind of be there now - it's strongly encouraged to come to the entire thing, but it started at 8 AM and there was no way that was happening. And right now the poster sessions are taking a break and the Keynote speaker is talking and then there's an hour break for lunch, so there doesn't seem to be any point to going until my session starts.

Yesterday instead of watching more season 4 of Doctor Who, I decided to watch all of Party Down.

Party Down )

Originally I had been planning on rewatching Children of Earth and maybe one or two of the DW specials from this past year, but now I'm not sure. I've hit kind of a block in my rewatch. I think it's a combination of, well... first, I was super excited and looking forward to Torchwood season 2 since I hadn't seen it in ages and season 1 mostly bored me and I remembered loving season 2 and I was really eager for all the Jack/Ianto stuff. And then I got past that, and now I'm back to DW and I already watched most of my favorite season 4 episodes 2 weeks ago, so there's less that I'm eager to get to. And the other major factor is that my obsession has moved on to basically anything involving Jonathan Groff (focusing of course on Glee and Spring Awakening).

I'm halfway through season 4, anyways, and I think I might take a short break from it. Or at least draw it out more. I'll probably just watch an episode or two a day rather than marathoning entire seasons in one day, as I was doing last week. And I should really be working on school stuff. I need to try to finish an 8-10 page paper by Tuesday or Wednesday so I can give my professor enough time to look it over, and I really, really need that to happen since it's for the only class that I'm not really sure how my grade will turn out.

Some TV stuff:
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Right now I pretty much just want to listen to Jonathan Groff singing "Burning Up," Jon and Lea singing "Hello," and the few lines of solo he has in "Like a Prayer" over and over again. I have also been listening to Spring Awakening repeatedly. I might have a problem.

(The rest of this is just a school/real life update, which is probably not very exciting, but there was no new TV for me to watch last night! Fail, Wednesday night TV. Plus, I had schoolwork crap to prioritize over my Doctor Who rewatch.)

I talked to my favorite psych professor (I have no idea how to refer to her, as she's not my adviser, but I basically always go to her when I have questions about fulfilling major requirements and post-undergrad stuff. Maybe I can call her my honorary adviser?) today about a bunch of stuff, but most importantly about applying to grad schools, and she made me feel so much better. I've been kind of freaking out, but she was like "You're so ahead and organized!" And she was talking about when to line up recommendations, and in the middle she like... kind of raised her hand and was like "Me! I would love to have the chance to rave about you," and I was just like ";klajs;lkfj thank you." So now I have two professor in the psych department who have actually told me (without me mentioning anything) that they'd love to write recommendations for me. Which is pretty awesome, considering when I was applying to undergrad, getting recommenders was so nerve-wracking and I wasn't sure anyone would really write me a great rec because I never spoke up in class or anything. So anyways, that's comforting. idk, she just always makes me feel better about everything when I talk to her.

Also, another thing I talked to her about was my idea for my final research paper for Mood and Anxiety (as I am currently taking that class from her), and she said my idea sounded great and she'd be happy to look over a draft next week, which is excellent. And I'm actually kind of really excited about my topic (it's basically about hoarding and the controversy over whether it should primarily be considered a symptom of OCD or if it's its own separate disorder and doesn't need OCD to occur. Which is something I find incredibly interesting, although I recognize that it maybe doesn't sound quite as exciting to people who are not into clinical psychology).

I finished my social psych research proposal last night! I didn't really expect that I would, mostly because I thought I might do a little and then be like "Whatever, I'll have so much time Thursday to finish it, I don't need to do it now!" and I always tend to procrastinate. And for a little while on Wednesday I was considering just not doing anything, even the Method section, and finishing it Thursday. But then I decided I might as well just try to finish it, so I did, and it's done! Just barely over the minimum page count, and parts of it are probably incoherent (...I didn't actually read it completely over. Which I probably should have. But I just wanted to be done with it and honestly I hate reading over work I've written, which I know is kind of a problem because anything I write can definitely be improved by editing. Oh well. It's only 10 points, and I haven't missed a single point in the class so far, so whatever). But it's done, and it's one more thing I can cross off my list of everything I have left to do the rest of the semester, which is down to like... 8 things now! (MUPC this weekend, revised German essay and German oral presentation next week, and then my final Origins and social psych exams, German final, final Mood and Anxiety 8-10 page paper, and short social psych 2-4 page paper.) I hopefully will make it out of these next 2 weeks all right. I will be officially done with this semester 2 weeks from today, which is bizarre but also mostly very good. (Although then I will be a senior and graduating in just a year and that's too weird to think about.)
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I managed to finally get started on my social psych research proposal, and I actually got exactly 2 1/2 pages done, and it only has to be 5, and I didn't do barely any of the Method section which is super easy because I'm using the same design as another study that's kind of a basis for what I'm proposing so it won't take a lot of effort to get another page out of that. Then I just have an intro paragraph for the intro section (which I have outline, I was just too lazy to start. I was about to! ...but then I decided I'd rather watch Glee. Which I think was a very good choice as Glee was excellent) and the Results/Discussion which is basically just like "How would you interpret expected and unexpected results? What implications would this have?" and that's kind of where I like... started the proposal when I was thinking about it, so basically it should be fine.

Yay that Mad Men is returning July 25th! I think this is earlier than last year. Although July 25th is still way too far away. I think I'm going to rewatch Mad Men this summer before the new season. Then again, I feel like I have plans to rewatch or start a million shows, so more likely than not, I won't get around to it. I definitely want to do a full series rewatch of Lost after the finale, and that's already going to take up a huge amount of time, and I'm not going to spend the entire summer watching TV. (More like 95%, probably.)
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So yesterday was the first day in over a week where I didn't actually watch any episodes of Doctor Who or Torchwood! But not because I was actually being productive or focusing on schoolwork (like I should have been); instead, I used the time to catch up on the stuff I got behind on in the past week from watching all this Doctor Who and Torchwood. I only have thoughts on one thing I watched last night, though:

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Outside of TV-watching, here are some random things going on in my life right now:

I've mentioned a couple times this 5-10 page social psych research proposal due Friday, and I keep putting it off because I'm like "Whatever, it's 5 pages, no big deal, I can do this easily." Except now I'm actually trying to start it, and I just can't. ugh. It's only 10 points! I have a 100% in this class! As long as I turn in something that remotely fits the guidelines, I should get at least a 6-8 on it, right? So I really should just bite the bullet and get it done.

Have I mentioned that the Minnesota Undergraduate Psychology Conference is on Saturday and I'm getting super nervous about it? I don't have to present or anything, but I do have to stand by my poster about my research project from last semester for like an hour and talk about it and answer questions. And besides the fact that I haven't really thought about the project at all since early December, one thing I do remember is that I found nothing in my results. My poster looks super, super boring, though, and the subject isn't like... incredibly fascinating or attention-grabbing, so I'm hoping no one really comes by and I don't have to talk too much. ugh it's going to be awful. And I have too much stuff I should do this weekend to also have this to think about.

I have this bus pass thing with stored money on it, which I got last semester, and it has $44 on it and I only paid $22 and I use it whenever I go grocery shopping, which is every Tuesday. But today I was waiting for the bus and was looking for it in my wallet, and I couldn't find it anywhere. I'm pretty sure I left it in the pocket of my jeans last week when I went, and then when I did laundry on Friday, it got destroyed. ugh. I'm totally kicking myself for that. At least I only had like $9 left on it. But still, I was hoping to be able to get through the rest of the semester on what I had left, and now I have to get a new one. blah.

I can't believe how little time there is left in the semester. I have this week, next week, 2 days of classes, 1 day off, and then 1 final. And then I'm done with the semester. And then I'm a senior. Weird. Also, how is it April 20th? Like, I swear 5 seconds ago I was surprised because it was April 15th and it felt more like April 4th, but now it's not even April 15th anymore! What is happening here?! April is just flying by.
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I'm nearing the end of my Doctor Who/Torchwood rewatch! I always do this, where I like... get really into a rewatch/watching a show for the first time and all I want to do is watch the show and I race through the episodes and then all of a sudden I'm at the end and I'm disappointed that there's nothing left. Although, as season 5 of Doctor Who just started, at least I do have more of that to look forward to, so it's not like I have to wait very long for more. And it'll probably be much better for the sake of my schoolwork and finals and all that if I'm not preoccupied with watching TV. Anyways, I finished Torchwood season 2 yesterday (and yes, that's essentially all I did yesterday), so here are my thoughts: Torchwood Season 2 )

So now I'm on to season 4 of Doctor Who. I might watch an episode or two today, but I will not be finishing this season quite as quickly as the previous ones. I probably won't finish season 4 until maybe Wednesday at the earliest. Although, who knows. I say this assuming I'm actually going to be productive and do work over the next 2 days, but I also planned to be productive and do work over the weekend, and look how that turned out.

Registration today! Registration is less fun as a rising senior, since I have to be all concerned about requirements and if the timing of a class I really want to take doesn't work out, I don't have another chance to take it, but one thing that is awesome is that I get to register on the first day of registration so I really don't have to be worried about classes filling up. So here's what I'm taking next semester: Fall 2010 Registration )

I was so right not to do a lot of work on the research proposal for social psych today, as he pushed the due date back to Friday. I can easily write a 5 page research proposal by Friday, especially as it doesn't have to be too in depth. I think I chose correctly in my activities this weekend.
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So I couldn't find my adviser yesterday, so I ended up e-mailing him about getting my pin to register, and it turns out he was on a field trip which was why I wasn't able to ever find him. But he told me I can just e-mail him what I'm taking and he'll send me the pin. now I just need to figure out what I'm taking! I'm sure about 2-3 classes, but the last one or two I'm a little unsure about. Choosing classes is too much pressure! At least now that I only have one year left and I won't have another chance to take most of the classes being offered next semester (some will be offered in the spring, but I'll only have 4 slots open then, anyways).

I got a 100 on my social psych test (so I still have 100 in the class; this is honestly one of the easiest classes I've taken here), which is great, and an 88 on my Origins podcast group project, which is a little lame. I don't care very much after how I did on the last test, but still, I thought our podcast was better than that. Oh well.

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Also, I finished my rewatch of Torchwood season 1! Torchwood Season 1 )

Anyways, now onto Doctor Who Season 3! Also, new Doctor Who today! I'm very excited. Unfortunately before I can get to both of those things, though, I have a bunch of schoolwork I don't want to do. The only major thing I have next week is this 5-10 research proposal for social psych. It's only worth 10 points and, as I said, I have 100 in the class, so it's really hard to put any effort in at all. Also, I put zero effort into the previous assignment we had that was pretty similar in terms of workload and really expected no better than a 7 or 8 out of 10, but I got a 10 on that, too, so... I don't know that it matters that I do a lot of work on it. I could probably not do it at all and still get an A in the class, but I don't think I could bring myself to not turn an assignment in. But since I have until Wednesday and I don't need to put a lot of effort in and I have nothing else this week, I'll probably just do a little work today (like, figure out what sort of research I'm going to propose) and be done. I also should start researching my topic for my final paper for Mood and Anxiety (which I meant to start doing last weekend, but then I got caught up on rewatching Doctor Who. This is why I try to avoid marathoning TV shows during the school year; even if I've already seen them before, I get caught up in them and start prioritizing them over school, which isn't a great idea, especially when there are only 2 1/2 weeks left of the semester.)
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It turns out I have to register for classes on Monday rather than Tuesday, like I originally thought. Doesn't make a huge difference, other than it means I have to talk to my adviser today about what I'm going to take so I can get my pin to register rather than also having Monday. I like my adviser a lot, but I hate that I never am able to find him. My classes always conflict with when he's in his office, and he's in class when I have time, and it seems whenever I go to see him, he's never there. Here's to hoping I can find him after Origins today. (I'm tempted to ask my Origins professor, who happens to be his wife, if she has any idea if he's going to be in his office this afternoon or when he might be around on Monday. But then I just feel stupid, so I'll probably just e-mail him if I can't find him today. He's pretty relaxed, so he'd probably just let me tell him my plans over e-mail and then e-mail me by pin.)

TV reactions:

Lost )

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I'm about halfway through my Torchwood rewatch, should be through it by tomorrow. Speaking of tomorrow, it's the Doctor Who Season 5 premiere on BBC America! My mom watches Doctor Who as it airs on BBC America, so I'm kind of excited to know what she thinks and discuss it with her.
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I'm through season 1 of my Doctor Who/Torchwood rewatch, so here are my random thoughts: Doctor Who Season 1 )

I managed to watch some other TV as well last night:
How I Met Your Mother - 5.19 )

The Big Bang Theory - 3.19 )

How is it that in 2 days we'll be halfway through April? The end of the semester is starting to go by really quickly. It's good because at this point in the semester I'm always so tired and ready for a break, but it's bad because oh crap I have a million things to do besides schoolwork even, like figuring out what I'm doing this summer and what I should be doing to prepare for applying to grad school in the fall and figuring out where I want to apply and if I'm sure about what I'm planning on doing and ugh. Too much for me to handle.

I got a 99 on my Origins exam (well, 97 plus 2 extra credit points she gave to the entire class because apparently a lot of people did really badly and only 3 people got As. But I actually did better on this test than the last one, which is weird). I was feeling a little nervous about this class, especially because of the podcast project thing, but now I think I should really be fine. So I'm nearly guaranteed an A in 3 of my classes, but who the hell knows about Mood and Anxiety. As of now, I have an A-, but that's only one assignment; I could easily bring it down or up with my group presentation (Thursday), the class facilitation I already did but don't know how well I did yet, and the final paper (I should really start that sometime. I was going to start researching this weekend, but then I watched Doctor Who instead. oops).

I have an exam on Wednesday, a group project on Thursday, and a short German essay on Friday, so I sadly won't be able to watch Doctor Who as non-stop for the next few days. I kind of want to get the full series rewatch done by like Sunday because after that, there are really other things I should focus on, but I doubt I'll get done by then. We'll see, though.
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So I was stuck between having the urge to rewatch all of Doctor Who and Torchwood and the fact that I really really wanted to watch a couple season 4 episodes immediately and not have to wait to get through the rest of the show to see them (and plus, I was aware that I really should not be starting giant rewatches when I have schoolwork and crap to attend to). So to compromise, I decided to watch a few season 4 episodes and then do a rewatch of the entire series, including interspersing Torchwood's seasons (like, watching season 1 of Torchwood after season 2 of Doctor Who rather than all of Doctor Who and then all of Torchwood). Yes, I am totally crazy for doing this when there are only a few weeks left in the school year and I know I really should be working on other things. I also haven't decided whether or not to watch Children of Earth. On the one hand, most of it is really, really awesome (i.e. the first 3 parts) and it makes me actually like Gwen (which will help after watching 2 seasons of her annoying the crap out of me). On the other hand, well, there's the obvious. I'd rather keep the relative happiness of the season 2 finale in mind than what happens in COE. But back on the first hand, I am kind of in the mood to just get emotionally wrecked (as evidenced by the decision to rewatch Doomsday out of all the episodes in season 2 I could have chosen. Seriously, as much as I love it, the only times I've watched it were when I first aired, and then when it aired on SciFi network and I was watching all of season 2 with my mom. But for months after it first aired, I couldn't think about it or even like... make icons of it or anything without starting to cry. It definitely destroyed me. Much as COE did!). But we'll see. I know for sure that I'm going to skip the Christmas special of Doctor Who preceding season 4 because for one thing, it's not on Netflix Instant Watch (as the rest of Doctor Who, including The Christmas Invasion, so I'm not exactly sure why this other special isn't up, but whatever, and as Torchwood is also up on Instant Watch, including COE), and for another, I just really don't like it and have zero urge to rewatch it. The same goes for all the specials from last year except for The Waters of Mars and possibly Ten's final episode, as I only watched it once (the first part I watched twice) and because I want to see Ten saying goodbye to everyone again. So anyways, that's the plan for this week! As I said, I am crazy. But first, random thoughts on the 4 seasons 4 episodes I watched yesterday:

Random Doctor Who Season 4 Thoughts )

Anyways, after I watched those episodes, I started the whole rewatch, and I got through The Doctor Dances and have random thoughts on all the episodes I watched, but I think I'll wait to post them when I'm done with season 1.

On a different note, has anyone ever watched Wire in the Blood? I remember seeing it mentioned once or twice by someone or a few people and I think the reviews were positive? idk, I found it on Netflix Instant Watch and the plot summary seems interesting, but I don't usually just jump into shows blindly; I typically have a good idea of at least some of the things that will happen. I don't know if anyone's watched it or not. Also, Spooks (or MI-5? Whatever it's called wherever you are)? I remember hearing more about it being good, and it has freaking Matthew McFaddyen, so I'll probably get to it much sooner, but any info on that? I have this urge to check out shows I haven't seen before, and once the school year is over (which is only 3 1/2 weeks away!) I'm going to be pretty bored and will need entertainment. Any other show recommendations would also be appreciated (you can see pretty much everything I've ever watched in my profile).

Time for class, and then more Doctor Who this afternoon/evening! And I have to work on a group project for an hour or so, but whatever, I'm focusing on the positive.
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Legend of the Seeker - 2.16 )

Doctor Who - 5.02 )

I've been in such a Doctor Who mood recently, and yesterday I was getting strong urges to rewatch older episodes. And, I mean, seasons 1-4 were all put up on Netflix Instant Watch, so they were all there waiting to be watched! At first I was thinking about rewatching an entire season, but then I decided I was only in the mood for certain episodes. And then I was going to do my favorites from each season, but I thought that might take too long, and I felt like if I watched anything of season 1, I would get too hooked on the season arc and want to watch everything. So instead I decided to watch some episodes from season 2 and season 4. Last night I watched The Christmas Invasion, The Rise of the Cyberman/Age of Steel 2-parter, and the Army of Ghosts/Doomsday 2-parter. This afternoon I'll probably watch Partners in Crime, maybe Midnight, and then Turn Left and The Stolen Earth/Journey's End finale (clearly I'm in the mood for Ten/Rose stuff). But first I have some random thoughts about the season 2 episodes I watched:

Doctor Who Season 2 )

So as I mentioned, I was planning on watching some season 4 episodes today, but now I kind of want to just rewatch the whole series. And then rewatch seasons 1-2 of Torchwood. I so don't have time for this. I mean, I have more time this week than last, but still. It's not the best idea I've ever had. We'll see.

I kind of took yesterday off. I don't know if that was a good idea or not. idk, I just felt like I was working non-stop for the past week. I was doing schoolwork and studying and doing research and everything from the Thursday night before the 3-day weekend until this past Thursday night. So I felt like I needed a break, and I don't have a lot to do this week (although I have plenty of things a little further on that I could be preparing for, like the Minnesota Undergraduate Psychology Conference and my final Mood and Anxiety paper, and my social psych research proposal, and so many other things). Hopefully I won't become too rushed/busy the next few weeks. (Rewatching Doctor Who and Torchwood this week probably would not help anything, but I still have the desire to do it. ugh.)
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This is a somewhat massive post.

Bones - 5.16 )

Lost - 6.11 )

btw, I was watching Lost on Hulu and during one of the breaks there was an ad for the new Doctor Who season on BBC America. I was so not expecting that to be advertised, but it was awesome (and made me even more excited for the next episode!).

I don't think my social psych professor understands the "mini" part of "mini-assignment," because we were just assigned a 5-10 page research proposal as a "mini"-assignment. At least it's only worth like 10 points (out of a total 250 or so for the entire semester). Still, wtf? The mini-assignments have been getting increasingly harder, which is annoying. The first one was deceptively easy (it was like... find any sort of study published within the last year having to do with social psychology and explain their hypothesis, methods, and what they found), and the second one wasn't bad either (it had to do with comparing a friend's ratings on a scale to what you perceive their personality to be and some other stuff I forget, but it wasn't difficult).

Last but not least, I'm finally posting pictures of my apartment that I'm living in right now, and I figured since I'm finally posting them, I might as well also finally post the pictures of my ridiculously small dorm room I was in from 2008-2009 (my sophomore year). There are also 2 bonus pictures of my pet birds from home just because I haven't posted any pictures of them in years.

Pictures of Apartment and Dorm Room! )


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