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omg Sue's voiceover at the beginning of this episode is freaking excellent.

(;lkajsf Jonathan Groff and Lea Michele making out is super hot.)

"Sorry to interrupt your little sorority-" ... For some reason I found that line really... condescending and a little sexist, which is weird because Will was trying to address the fact that the girls were feeling like they had no power. This might be residual irritation towards Will from last week, but at the same time, just looking at that line alone, it still makes me annoyed. n use of "little" as a modifier really bothers me, because it does just seem so condescending. Like... can't they just be a group of friends discussing an issue? Why do you even have to put it like that?

lol at Will lecturing the guys on being sexist and such considering how terribly he treated Emma last week. And by "lol," I believe I mean "RAGE."

"When I pulled my hamstring, I went to a foot misogynist." a;lksjf Brittany is so freaking hilarious.

KURT AND MERCEDES GOING TO HELP SUE! Awwwwww. (And yay for more Kurt in this episode! He was lacking in the previous one.) Kurt was so freaking fierce during the Vogue video.


I loved loved loved Jesse saying "Rachel, come out of there so we can talk. Or we could sing about it!"

I'm sure Jesse switching schools is an elaborate scam, but I still love him and love him and Rachel together. I'm still hoping that he falls in love with her despite intending to use her to bring them down.

l;kjs;dfljk KURT AND MERCEDE'S DUET WAS SO EXCELLENT OMG. (Seriously, though, Kurt needs to sing more!) Also, I loved that brief shot of Quinn during the performance and how she was like grinning and clearly very impressed and into it. It was just kind of... sweet, I guess? Anyways, OMG MERCEDES AND KURT ARE CHEERIOS. AWESOME.

I adored Tina going off on Artie. That was excellent.

SING-OFF. THE PARKING LOT. FIVE O'CLOCK. BE THERE. (Dammit at Finn not agreeing, though! I had seen that bit in the previews and I was looking forward to it, and then IT DOESN'T EVEN HAPPEN.) Oh but Finn mentioning the fact that Jesse can take a lot of the responsibility off of him for carrying the lead male vocals somehow had not occurred to me, but now ;lkajs;flkj OMG YES. I don't hate Finn's voice as much as most people do, but I definitely vastly prefer Jesse singing, and I had already been thinking I desperately wanted him to sing more. Is he going to be around for the rest of the season, or is his arc limited to just a few select episodes? I'm already sad that he's a senior and therefore more likely than not won't be around after this season, but he better at least be in the rest of the episodes this season because omg I love Jonathan Groff. (Speaking of how much I love Jonathan Groff singing, right now I'm listening to a like... idk, bonus track, I guess, of him singing Burning Up which he didn't actually sing in the episode but... well, as I said, bonus, and OMG I LOVE IT SO MUCH IT IS SO EXCELLENT OMG. Seriously, I want him to be around forever! I love his voice so much, and he has such great charisma that even though I know Jesse is bad news, I still adore him and want him and Rachel to work out somehow.)

Oh man the beginning of Like a Prayer was so freaking gorgeous. The whole number was really nice. And Jesse and Rachel spinning around at the end! So cute! (Also also I'm listening to the full version of Like a Prayer and HOW DID THEY CUT OUT JON GROFF'S BITS FROM THE AIRED VERSION OMG. HE SOUNDS SO GOOD AND I LOVE THE FULL SONG SO MUCH.)

So yeah, I think this episode was way better than last week's. Last week wasn't bad, but was kind of meh. This week was much more fun. Also, I'm not even a fan of Madonna (I don't hate her, but her music is... a little before my time? And it's just not the type of music I'm super into.) but I loved so many of the songs this week, more than usual, I think. (btw, I was reading an old post of mine, and when Jonathan Groff was first announced as guest starring, I was like "OMG YES", but what I found more amusing than that was after that I was like, "Ok, but now Neil Patrick Harris, Raul Esparza, Idina Menzel, Michael Arden, and Aaron Tveit need to guest star" and Idina Menzel actually has now and NPH will be on sometime soon! I feel like there's no chance of Michael Arden actually guest starring, but I think there might be a slightly better chance of Aaron Tveit or Raul Esparza, as they actually have guest starred on stuff. Although the 2 shows I watch that Aaron Tveit showed up on film in New York, so I don't know if he would guest on Glee. But I will hold out hope anyways!)

I'm still desperately hoping Sawyer meets Juliet in the alternate reality and they at least get together there. I'm even more desperately hoping that Sawyer and Kate do not get together in any reality.


Ok that well that Locke shoved Desmond down is much shallower than it originally seemed. And I am pleased that Desmond is not dead like I thought was possible after the last episode.

Awwww Kate getting Claire to come on the boat was really sweet. One of the few instances of me liking Kate. (Not that I normally hate her, I'm just like... indifferent to her. I just don't care about her.)

;lkjsf awww Jin holding Sun's hand in the alternate reality. I'm still anxiously awaiting them reuniting in the "real" reality (can I just call it the island reality instead? I think I'm going to do that). Although at this point I feel like it's not going to happen until the series finale. sigh.

I'm loving how the alternate universe scenes are including like a bunch of the characters and connecting them all and not just focusing on one. It's a lot of fun.

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JIN AND SUN OMG OMG OMG. (lol at me saying above I didn't think they'd be reunited until the finale. Thank you for proving me wrong, show.) l;kajslfjk Sun can speak English again! (Oh shit is one of them going to die? Because Jin just said "We'll never be apart again, I promise you" and I feel like he's freaking tempting fate here.) But seriously, I've been waiting for them to find each other again for what feels like FOREVER.

WAIT WHAT HOW IS THE EPISODE OVER ALREADY? Also, how are there only like, what, 4 episodes left for the entire series? Not okay. I need more!

I managed to finally get started on my social psych research proposal, and I actually got exactly 2 1/2 pages done, and it only has to be 5, and I didn't do barely any of the Method section which is super easy because I'm using the same design as another study that's kind of a basis for what I'm proposing so it won't take a lot of effort to get another page out of that. Then I just have an intro paragraph for the intro section (which I have outline, I was just too lazy to start. I was about to! ...but then I decided I'd rather watch Glee. Which I think was a very good choice as Glee was excellent) and the Results/Discussion which is basically just like "How would you interpret expected and unexpected results? What implications would this have?" and that's kind of where I like... started the proposal when I was thinking about it, so basically it should be fine.

Yay that Mad Men is returning July 25th! I think this is earlier than last year. Although July 25th is still way too far away. I think I'm going to rewatch Mad Men this summer before the new season. Then again, I feel like I have plans to rewatch or start a million shows, so more likely than not, I won't get around to it. I definitely want to do a full series rewatch of Lost after the finale, and that's already going to take up a huge amount of time, and I'm not going to spend the entire summer watching TV. (More like 95%, probably.)
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