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So, the semester is almost done, and I need suggestions for TV shows I should watch this summer! I have a list of some in my mind that I'm interested in seeing, but the list is rather long and there's nothing that's really standing out for me at the moment, so are there any shows you think are super awesome that I should check out? They can be still airing or have ended. Genre doesn't really matter to me, either (I like sitcoms/comedies, dramas, sci-fi, procedurals, period stuff, and so on). An awesome ship to latch on to definitely helps me get interested and invested in a show, but there are definitely shows I love where I ship no one, so yeah, feel free to recommend whatever, basically. Most of the stuff I've seen are listed in my profile under "TV," but there are shows I've watched that I ended up not liking that aren't listed there. In any case, if trying to determine what I've already seen is too much effort, you can just recommend whatever and I'll let you know if I've already seen it.

My two exams today are done with, thankfully. The social psych one did not go that great, but I probably only need about a C on it, so I'm trying to not let it bother me too much. The Origins one went better, although maybe not as good as the last one. But probably about as good as the first one, and I got a 93.5 on that, and I only need a B on it, so I should be fine there, too. Anyways, now I just need to edit my paper for Mood and Anxiety (which isn't due until Wednesday at 11:59 PM, so I'm kind of considering just putting it off until tomorrow, since I will have almost all day tomorrow to devote to it) and study for the German final (which is Thursday). Oh, and I have to give like a... 3-4 minute informal presentation about what I did my Mood and Anxiety paper on in class tomorrow, but it's not graded, so I'm not really worried. I should probably just go through it to make sure what I have to say fits into 3-4 minutes and is organized and such so I don't make a fool out of myself.

I haven't talked about my Doctor Who rewatch much recently since I kind of took a break, but I'm actually only 3 episodes from the end of season 4. Considering I just watched these episodes a few weeks ago, I'm not sure if I'm going to end up watching them. Maybe if I run out of stuff to watch when I'm studying for my German final and get bored. I don't have any inclination to watch Children of Earth anymore, though, or the DW specials from the last year, so after I get through those 3 episodes (assuming I do), then I'll be done (and I do have a bunch of thoughts on season 4 that I've typed up, so I'll get to posting those either when I finish or when I decide that I'm not going to finish and want to close the window of TextEdit I've had open with those thoughts for 3 weeks now).

I was watching classic Doctor Who episodes actually yesterday when studying for my tests today, and one of the serials I watched was Spearhead from Space. I totally didn't realize that the Autons in Rose had already been introduced in the classic series. I feel like the Autons in that serial are much creepier than in Rose, since they look like humans who have melted and had their eyes plucked out compared to in Rose, where they just look like mannequins. Also, I've seen serials from the first four Doctors, and out of them, originally I thought Four was my favorite, but Three is giving him a run for his money. I don't know, I just really enjoy him. He has a cape! He's kind of awesome! I should watch more of his seasons.
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