Feb. 5th, 2010

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lkjasf I love Mood and Anxiety. I expected to when I first heard about the course because I love anything related to clinical and abnormal psych. But then I got to the class and it was like "You need to participate loads and the class is mostly student-run and I won't be lecturing and you will have to lead class at some point for 45 minutes and all you really have is that and a paper or two" and I was like ";kjasf OH CRAP." Especially since I typically don't participate much in class (although I tend to more than I did in high school, when I really only raised my hand maybe a few times a year, really), unless it's a requirement for the course (and even then I kind of struggle to come up with stuff. Although that English class I took freshman year wasn't too bad; I usually was able to participate well enough). But I'm literally having to stop myself from participating in class because we'll be like halfway through and I'll realize I've already contributed to the discussion like 7 times which is more than everyone else. idk, I just have all these opinions and find the articles so interesting and everything. I'm still nervous about future assignments, but so far it's going excellently. I wish I had the class more than twice a week.

On the other hand, I'm a little annoyed with Origins. Like, I love the professor most of the time, and the class is really interesting, but, well. We have these questions each week about something that was discussed in class, and the question goes up on Thursday morning at 9 online and you have to answer it by Friday at 5 PM. We have class from 2:20-3:20 on Friday, and this week the question said "This will be easiest to answer after the lecture on Friday!" So that means we have between 3:20 to 5 PM to answer it if we want to do as well as possible, basically. But there are people who have class from 3:30-4:30. By the time they get to the library/their dorm room/etc. to answer the question, how much time will they have? 15-20 minutes? If all goes well? And, I mean, I have a driving check thing so I can drive a van for my volunteer group at 4 PM, which was the only time I could schedule it. So I have between 3:20-4 to answer the question, not counting the time it takes to get to the library and find an open computer (5-10 min) or to get to the van place early because if you're a second late, they won't take you (5-10 minutes). So really, how much time do I have? How is that fair to people who have class or work or other commitments? I feel like if she's going to leave it open after class, especially if there's information she can give in class that will help us, she should leave it open until like Saturday at 5. Or if that's too long, how about midnight on Friday? Or even like 8 PM, so people actually have a chance to answer it. Otherwise it's just incredibly unfair and stupid, in my opinion. I don't know, I might talk to her after class about this, because I really don't want to have to rush after class to the library to answer really quickly and then rush to my van driving check thing.

Still no internet; sigh. Today is the like... latest that the router was supposed to arrive, and it hasn't yet. It's only 12:30, though, so I'll try not to give up hope entirely. Last night wasn't particularly fun since I had to attend a 2 hour Van Driver Safety meeting thing so I can drive my volunteer group because the driver from last semester is abroad this semester and I'm apparently the only one who has a license. And today is not particularly fun because I have this brief break for lunch and then I have 2 classes in a row, I have to quickly answer the aforementioned question for Origins in the library, and then do my driving check thing which is supposed to be an hour long. I don't like being out all afternoon. Well, really, I wouldn't mind if it was just one thing, but I hate having so many random things to do and not having any time to go back to my apartment and relax and breathe. Oh well. I'll be happy when it's 5 and I have no obligations and nothing to do all night.


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