Feb. 23rd, 2010

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lkajdf ugh. So all my major assignments for Wednesday had been pushed back to Friday so I was able to spend all of today just focusing on the exam I have for Wednesday, which was awesome. Except now the professor said he changed his mind and is going to move the exam back until Friday. I mean, I understand the reasoning, considering we were supposed to have class Friday until the original professor went into labor, and we were supposed to have review on Monday despite that, but some people thought we didn't have class, and it's all just been very confused. But now everything is on Friday, and that sucks. Especially since, I mean, I can still prepare for the exam, but I'm obviously going to do better and have the best memory for the material if I study right before the exam (and by right before I mean the afternoon/night before and not 5 minutes before the exam). And one of the major assignments I have for Friday I can't do until Wednesday because it involves discussing part of a film we're going to be watching on Wednesday. The other I guess I can do, but I really don't want to. I guess instead I'll continue to review for the exam as I was planning and then tomorrow focus on the assignments and then on Thursday do last-minute kind of... brush-up? Is that the right phrase? idk. But yeah, ugh. Sometimes it's nice when professors move stuff back, but stuff like this always ultimately happens, and it makes life so much easier if everything just stays on its original date. At least now I can watch American Idol and the Olympics and not have to focus as much on school (of course, the opposite will be true on Thursday, so it's not much of a benefit).

I finally got around to listening to the new Motion City Soundtrack CD that came out last month, and they totally mention Veronica Mars in one of their songs! I was not expecting that when I was listening to it, so my reaction was pretty much "OMG DID YOU SERIOUSLY JUST SAY THAT?!" Speaking of new music, the new The Rocket Summer CD just came out today (which, I wasn't even aware that he was coming out with a new CD, let alone today, until today), and I'm loving it so much. Ah, new music. So much fun.

It's getting super close to Spring Break! On the one hand, yay! On the other hand, oh man I have so many midterms/projects right before Spring Break, and a fair amount of major stuff right after as well. Plus, the closer the summer is, the sooner I have to find somewhere to volunteer/intern for the summer break. I think whatever I'll be doing I'll enjoying it (the actual... volunteering/interning isn't the issue), but the search for somewhere is so stressful and annoying, which is why I failed to even attempt to volunteer anywhere last summer. blah.
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So with my test getting pushed back, I actually had time to pay attention to American Idol, and I don't know if anyone on my flist is even watching AI this season, but I have thoughts about all the contestants. American Idol - Top 12 Girls )

Now I am going to watch more figure skating (I was pretty much switching to it anytime there was downtime on Idol, which was frequent) and review a little for the exam so I have less work to do Thursday.


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