Mar. 6th, 2010

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This upcoming week is the last before Spring Break, so it's basically midterms week. I only have two major assignments, but they're both really difficult and time-consuming and not fun. One is a take-home midterm which is really a 5-7 page paper for Mood and Anxiety that she just assigned this week. It's not due until Friday, but we have to get someone else in the class to peer review it, so I really need to have it done by this weekend. The topic is actually interesting, and I do love the class, but I really detest writing papers, and it's so hard to motivate myself. But 5 pages really isn't that bad, and she's not the sort of professor who's going to be really hard on you if you write less than 5. Still, I get such a mental block when I'm writing papers, and I'd really just prefer to take exams. On the plus side, I pretty much have figured out what I'm going to do and have it all outlined in my head; I just need to put it to paper now (which of course is the hard part. And coming up with a thesis, which I haven't done yet either). I'm hoping to at least have the paper half-done by dinner (so, I want to get about 2-3 pages written in 4 hours, which is certainly doable, provided I stop procrastinating here and get to writing), but of course finishing it all would be ideal.

My other assignment is a little more complicated to explain. We have this group project for my evolution class which is to make a podcast about a topic related to evolution, which is annoying enough as it is (I had creative projects like this, especially ones that require technology I've never used before. And I hate group projects as well). But for next week, we're supposed to individually come up with a 60-second promo for our podcast. Which I find completely pointless. For one thing, 60 seconds is really long for a promo, IMO, especially when the podcast only needs to be 3-5 minutes. For another, it's not like we're going to go over any information in the promo that won't be covered in the podcast. idk, it just seems so incredibly worthless and a waste of time. It's not due until Thursday, and I don't even want to start thinking about it yet. I'm focusing on the paper first, which I'll hopefully have completely finished in time to watch the Academy Awards tomorrow night.

Since my last post, I've now also watched Bleak House and Wives and Daughters, both of which were really good (although I didn't like either as much as North and South or Little Dorrit). There are a few more miniseries I want to check out, but more than that, I've now like... rediscovered by love for 19th century British literature, and all I want to do right now is read. I'm reading North and South right now, and I really want to finish it and read other books right now, but I don't have the time to read more than like... 50 pages a day (and the book is 700 pages). I got super into British lit from this time period during my junior year of high school (English that year was entirely British lit, and omg it was awesome. There wasn't a single thing we read that I didn't enjoy that year). The past year or so I have been more in the mood to read modern/contemporary books and I have several classic books sitting in my bookshelf at home that I haven't read yet because I haven't been in the mood for years, but now I am and of course they're at home and I have no time to read them anyways. But I'll be home in just a week, and I can't wait to start reading them. I have no idea what it is about books from that period that I love, but I really do.

Anyways, on to starting actually writing my paper, and then maybe I'll have time to actually read some stuff tonight.


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