Mar. 31st, 2010

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Greek - 3.20 )

So I was catching up on Brothers and Sisters, and the guy who played Alec last season (he also showed up in 4.15, which is how I realized this), the guy who Kitty almost cheated on Robert with (or did? I don't remember. They kissed, right? Does anyone on my flist even watch this show anymore?) was totally one of the leads in this play I saw with my parents over spring break at South Coast Rep in Costa Mesa. In his bio thing in the program it said he had guested on Brothers and Sisters but I didn't realize it was him until I saw 4.15 and it was like "WAIT A SECOND I SAW HIM IN REAL LIFE A WEEK AND A HALF AGO!" (He was very good in the play, btw.) I love when people on shows I've seen are in plays there. It happens pretty frequently, actually, since Costa Mesa is pretty close to L.A.

Fringe is coming back tomorrow! I'm so excited. The last episode was amazing. During the time when I got super behind on TV and wasn't watching like anything but Chuck and Greek and HIMYM and TBBT and wasn't really looking forward to any new episodes, I was super anxious for Fringe to return because omg the last episode was AMAZING and obviously ended on... kind of a cliffhanger? Not like... really a cliffhanger, but it left me wanting to know what would happen next, I guess. Anyways, it's coming back! And Glee is also only a few weeks away, right? I've been missing it recently. I have the urge to do a rewatch, but I have plenty of schoolwork and still a lot of TV to catch up on and I'm still trying to watch a lot of movies and I haven't read anything for fun in over a week and I want to try to start reading more again, so... I don't really need more things to add to my list of things to do. I have definitely caught up a bunch on TV, though. I now only have like 15 episodes to catch up on (down from 40-something from last week). Of course, the stuff I have left I'm not as eager to watch. But I'll get to it at some point.

I don't think I mentioned last time this happened, but, well... Major and Minor stuff )


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