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So, yesterday was kind of exciting, unfortunately not in a good way. My mom fell down a few steps and broke her finger. What happened was that we went to see Milk and when we were coming out of the theater we were talking about the movie and my mom wasn't watching where she was going and she just fell like in a nosedive down the concrete steps in front of the theater. Luckily the steps were shallow and there were only like 4-5 of them, because it could have been way worse. I was in shock when it happened. I kind of just stood there and kept asking her "Are you ok? Are you all right? Are you sure?" I was afraid that she would have a concussion (she kind of hit her head on the ground) or that she'd broken her leg or ankle or something.

She actually got right back up immediately and we didn't think anything was wrong, but as we were walking back to the car, she realized that she couldn't straighten out the top joint in her left hand ring finger. I honestly thought there was no chance it was broken. I've never had any broken bones or seen any but I was just like "That doesn't look broken!" But we figured she should get it checked out just in case. We went to Woodbridge Walk-in clinic and it took like 1 1/2 hours for them to see her. By that time, her foot had swollen up and it was really hurting her which it hadn't before, so then we started to get worried that she had something wrong with her foot too. They looked at everything for like 2 seconds and then sent us across the building to get x-rays. Her foot was fine, just swollen and bruised, but apparently she fractured something in her finger and a ligament there had torn which was why she couldn't straighten her finger. (Or something. I know nothing about medicine or biology or anatomy so I didn't really understand what he was saying.) So she has to have her finger in a splint for a few weeks and get it checked on again in a week. She's actually pretty lucky, though, because it could have been way worse.

Anyway, Happy Inauguration Day! :D Ah I felt like this day would never come. I woke up at 8 to watch it and made pancakes with my mom for breakfast and have been watching it all day. I think I'll keep watching it for a little while.
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So I spent most of the past week watching all seven seasons (plus the two new episodes from last Tuesday) of Scrubs. It's a good show. In terms of comedies, I like it more than 30 Rock and The Big Bang Theory, but less than Arrested Development and Green Wing, and probably as much as The Office, maybe a little less. I actually don't like it so much for the comedic bits as I do for the more dramatic moments. Anyways, now I feel like watching Green Wing because it reminds me of that show, and I haven't watched it in ages.

After watching all those episodes, my list of TV watched this year so far is kind of ridiculous (I'm at 170 episodes so far). I'd say that's abnormal and only resulted from watching all that Scrubs, but then I remembered that I marathon shows I've never seen before all the time. Two summers ago I spent over a week watching all of The West Wing, and I watched Merlin in early December, The Big Bang Theory and True Love in November, and several shows in the summer. So the list probably is a fair representation of how much TV I typically watch. Anyways, I'm keeping track of that, how many movies I'm watching, and some other stuff at Listography now if anyone cares to check how I'm doing on that stuff. I'll still end up posting the lists here at the end of the year, anyways.

I'm turning 20 on Wednesday. It feels very weird. I feel like I'm not mentally old enough to be turning 20. I think I'm still around 17 in my head. I also feel like I don't look 20. I mean, ok, I'm a terrible judge of age, but still. At the movie theater over the summer where I worked, when people would ask me how old I was and I told them I was 19, they were all like "Really? I thought you were like 14." Also, I feel like I'm nearing the age where I have to actually decide what I want to do with my life or at least what I want to do after college. I'm just so indecisive. =/ Also this birthday sucks because I'm still at home, but all my friends from home will be back at school. I think I'm going to convince my mom to take me shopping and buy me clothes so my birthday doesn't totally suck.

Finally, this is a little old news, but I'm so happy that Franken is ahead after the recount! I know that Coleman is going to sue, but it actually looks good for Franken despite that! That makes me very happy. :D
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I just checked my rewards points on my credit card on a whim because I was bored and trying to waste time, and I actually had enough to get a $10 gift card to Barnes and Noble! Very cool! I wasn't expecting to be able to ever actually get anything through their rewards program.

Registration for classes is on Thursday. Originally I was planning on waiting until next semester to talk to someone in the math department about double majoring in psych and applied mathematics, but I think I need to talk to someone before I register. =/ Because if it turns out I can't take certain classes over the summer at UCI, I'm going to need to take at least one next semester. ugh. I went to my Multivariable Calc professor's office at 2:00 and there was someone in there talking to him and I had class at 3:00 and she was still in there talking to him at 2:50. So I decided to check after class, and he wasn't there anymore. And I don't even know that he can help me because applied math is a really new major (I think this is actually the first year it's an option) and he was retired and he just came back for this year. So he might just end up telling me to talk to someone else. But I'll camp out in front of his office right after Research in Psych and hopefully he'll have time before I have class at 2:20. It shouldn't take too long because I just have a few questions. Unfortunately if he can't answer them, I don't know that I'll have time to talk to anyone else. We'll see, I guess.

In happier news, Thanksgiving is only 2 1/2 weeks away! I'm going to be flying back home two weeks from tomorrow. How crazy. It doesn't really feel that long since I last was home. And then there's only a week and then finals and then I'm home again. I need to figure out when I'm flying back, though, for winter break. I'm not entirely sure which classes I have finals in and when they are. I think I'll be done so I can fly home Wednesday, but there's a chance that I might be able to leave Monday, which would be awesome.

Anyways, have a TV meme: meme )

I think I'm going to picspam my favorite season finales ever for the [ profile] picspammy challenge this month. (I'm actually way less busy this month than last month, which is really weird. I have nothing due for the rest of this week, and I only have a German test a week from Friday, and German tests are easy and don't take much time to study for.) I'm just mentioning it because saying it will make me feel like I have to do it so then I'll actually do it. And maybe I'll get around to organizing my room tonight. My posters keep falling off the walls. I need to put them back up and rearrange them. And then maybe I'll FINALLY post pictures of my room, because I said I was going to do that back in August. Ok, now that I've said all this, hopefully I'll do it!

(The margin Coleman's ahead of Franken is now down to 206! God I really hope Franken wins!)
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Yesterday was kind of awesome.

First, I had been stressing over those two tests I had last Wednesday since I didn't feel like I prepared enough for either of them. I got both back yesterday, and on one I got a 97 and the other 100. The 100 is especially ridiculous because that's better than I did on the first test, and I definitely didn't study more for it. This is why my study habits are terrible! The less I study, the better I do! There's something wrong with my brain, I think.

Second, President-Elect (!) Obama had his first press-conference since being elected and seriously, it ridiculous how excited and giddy that made me. It's not like I typically (meaning, ever) watch the press conferences George Bush gives or that Clinton gave (then again, I was 11 when Clinton left office, and even if I was interested, there wasn't youtube or anything like that, obviously). Part of it is just because it makes it more real that he's actually going to be the president. It still hasn't sunk in. But also, it's nice listening to a president who can string words into coherent sentences and sounds thoughtful and intelligent and can pronounce words correctly. And I'm still all politics-obsessed (if you hadn't noticed. If you don't care at all about politics or hate Obama or whatever, don't worry, I'll get over this soon enough and start obsessing over something else) so anything that feeds my political obsession is good news. And I totally loved him seriously discussing the type of dog they were planning on getting and him referring to shelter dogs being mutts like him, and asking about how that woman hurt her arm and all that.

Anyways. Other things that made yesterday awesome: I turned in my major plan to the registrar! I'm officially a psych major!

Also awesome was working on a math project with my group. I really like my group, for one. But also, I managed to figure out a problem entirely by myself while both of them had no idea and it just felt really great figuring it out on my own and being able to explain it. And honestly, I just really enjoy doing math.

And this has led to an important decision. Ok, originally I was going to major in psychology and minor in math. But... I think now I'm going to try to double major in psychology and applied mathematics. Babbling about school. )

The MN senate race is still ridiculous. Thursday I mentioned the gap had narrowed from 700 something to 342. Where is it at now? 221. How is it even possible that a race with this many votes is this close? I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much, but it's SO CLOSE, and I think the recount is supposed to favor Franken (if only for two reasons: one, the machines used in the Twin Cities and possibly Duluth are the same ones as these ones in Michigan that were found to be making errors reading the ballots, and these areas favored Franken, and two, when doing a recount, they can count ballots where the person did a checkmark for the person or circled the oval or something else that the machine wouldn't pick up as intention to vote for the person, but an election official can decide counts to whoever, and theoretically people more likely to make these mistakes are immigrants and first-time voters, which should also favor the Democrats). And there was a governor race in... Oregon? Maybe? Or Washington? I think Oregon. And it was super close like this and the Dem was behind before the recount and after they were up by a very tiny amount of votes. So who knows. Here's to hoping!

Also, I'm thinking I'm going to buy one of Franken's books due to how obsessed I've become with this race. Also I'm pretty sure Emma loves Al Franken and told me like last year that I should totally read one of his books. So, anyone have an idea which one I should get? I believe he has like three out.
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I got my major plan signed by the chair of the psych department! So now I've almost declared my major! I just need to turn it in by Nov. 10 (if I want to be able to register next week, that is), and it'll be official! Kind of scary that I'm far enough into my college career to have my major declared and all that, but I'm glad I'm nearly done with it.

Is it weird that I'm ridiculously excited to find out who's going to be in Obama's cabinent and such? I mean, I'm not THAT familiar with most people in politics, and it's really unlikely that I'll know most of the people anyways, but I'm still excited about it. I think it's mostly just because once people start getting named, it becomes real that he's president. Can he just be inaugurated already?

Also, I'm starting to have a little hope for the MN senate race. What with absentee and provisional ballots being counted, Franken has now narrowed Coleman's lead from around 700 to 342, and there are still provisional ballots to be counted, I believe, and they seem to favor Franken. I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much, but I'd really love it if Franken won. Also, there's word that Obama is likely to pick up Nebraska's 2nd district, and even though if he does win it, it obviously makes no difference in the outcome, I think it would just be ridiculously cool for Nebraska to split its electoral votes (it'll be the first time in history that a state has ever done that!) and it'd be the first time a Democrat gets an electoral vote from Nebraska since LBJ.
(Edit: Ok I'm reading more about the MN senate race and I don't know and now what I'm reading is contradicting what I was reading before because apparently MN doesn't have provisional ballots because of same-day registration, so... I don't know where the extra votes are coming from, because they also aren't absentee ballots. But whatever, the closer the margin, the better. And there will be a mandatory recount. Unfortunately the result probably won't be official until, like, December. ugh.)

I have a German test to study for and I need to clean my room because it's a mess and I said I'd help someone with math stuff tonight and I have to tutor at 4, so I should start doing something productive.
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Everytime I just stop to think about the fact that Obama has been elected, I just break out into a grin.

Unfortunately the victory is a little bittersweet today for several reasons. First, that Prop 8 passed. I'm sadly not surprised, but it still sucks. The only thing that gives me hope is that according to exit polls, the youth were massively against it, so someday this will get changed. Also sucky is Franken being down by like 700 votes to Coleman in Minnesota. This is so ridiculously close! There'll be a recount, but I doubt the result will change. Also, wtf is wrong with Alaska? Seriously, Alaska wins as my least favorite state this year. I mean, first you have Palin being from Alaska and having huge approval ratings from there. But then you have Senator Ted Stevens who has been charged with several FELONIES still managing to win! ALASKA, YOU SUCK.

I'm watching The Daily Show/Colbert Report election special from last night, and oh man, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert being on the same show brings me such happiness. Also, STEPHEN HAS A COCKATOO ON HIS SHOULDER. I have 3 cockatiels, and cockatoos are pretty much like big cockatiels, so I find this especially awesome.
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Seriously, I'm crying right now in happiness. I knew after Ohio was called for Obama that he would win, and I did think he would win so it's not like it's a huge surprise, but I'm pessimistic, and even though McCain had no chance after Ohio was called, once Obama officially got over 270, I just instantly started getting teary. It just became so real. I'm so happy that I'm alive at this moment, that this was the first election I got to vote in. People in my dorm are going absolutely crazy, there's loads of screaming and cheering going outside. It's just amazing. And my flist has absolutely burst with happiness, it seems.

I'm just so ecstatic. This is amazing.
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Apparently being really nervous and anxious over the election is really good for my study habits. I've already figured out the answer to a Mutivariable Calc problem I didn't think I could solve, finished all my German homework up until Wednesday, and have made flashcards for my German test that's on Friday (usually I do the flashcards the morning/early afternoon before the test). I just keep trying to distract myself from worrying about the election, and I find myself actually doing work. It should be election day everyday! (Not really. I don't think I would be able to handle the stress.) I might even clean up my room which I've been meaning to do for weeks now!

Anyways, I wish that I could have voted today instead of doing it early, but obviously that wasn't an option if I wanted to vote in CA (which I did, mostly just so I could vote no on Prop 8. Otherwise I would have voted here since Obama won't win MN by as much as he wins CA, although I'm 100% sure he will win MN, and so I could vote for Al Franken). If you can vote, then VOTE. I remember wanting to vote when I was 11 and finding it unfair that I couldn't, and it seemed so weird to me that people who were able to vote chose not to. I mean, it's not like it hurts you to vote, even if you think your vote doesn't make a difference. Your vote definitely will not count if you don't vote. I'm not telling you who to vote for, just VOTE (unless you live in CA, in which case, VOTE NO ON PROP 8 or I really can't be friends with you. This is just one issue where I cannot see the other side. Allowing same-sex marriage absolutely does NOT affect straight people's marriages or lives in any way, but banning it does hurt MILLIONS of people and takes away their rights. Not that I really think anyone on my flist is against same-sex marriage, but still. Just want to be clear on this).

The girl I'm tutoring wants to meet at 6:30 PM tonight, and I really don't want to because results will start to come in then, and I don't want to miss that. Hopefully she'll only want to meet for half an hour. And I think I'll bring my computer and leave it open to the page at the Daily Kos that refreshes with live results as they come in, so I can pay attention to her but glance at the page when she's working on a problem, because there does tend to be some downtime during tutoring.

All right, I'm going to try to kill half an hour and then go to my German lab and then try to kill more time before the results start coming in.
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Ok, best costumes I saw on Halloween:

  • Grapes (she had a bunch of purple balloons attached to her, and it was totally impractical because she couldn't fit into a desk in class and had a ridiculously hard time taking notes, but it was still awesome)
  • Banana
  • Space
  • Flamingo (the guy had on this foam flamingo head attached to his head and wore a pink bathroom and I thought it was pretty awesome)
  • Violin (this one was super cool. She had a dress that was brown-ish and the front looked exactly like a violin, it was like... embroidered and such, and there were strings along the front, and then she had the top part of a violin broken off and attached to her head. It was awesome)
  • Unicorn (this was a guy, and for some reason it was necessary for him to wear a women's negligee as part of the costume. I have no idea. But it was awesome.)
  • Kaylee from Firefly
  • Quail Man from Doug (Doug! That show was so awesome)
  • Waldo from Where's Waldo

    (There were a ridiculously large amount of people who dressed up for Halloween. I mean, I shouldn't really be surprised because college kids tend to love anything that means free food and parties, but still. It's kind of funny how, for the most part, it seems like trick-or-treating and dressing up and all that is way more common in college than in high school.)

    Anyways. Last week with the two tests on one day was rather crappy, but I have basically nothing major the next two weeks, which is awesome. I just have a German test this Friday (which, whatever, I've gotten As on every single test so far, this shouldn't be any different). I should write a reaction paper tonight (we have to do 3 total this semester, and I've done 1 so far, and there are only like 4 more articles to write about) and I have a little Research in Psych homework to finish up, but that shouldn't take too long. I might go to an Al Franken rally later to see Al Franken speak, but I'm not sure. It depends on how much I get done and if I feel as lazy as I do now.

    I totally actually cleaned my room a little on Saturday! I've only been meaning to forever! Well, I finally finished unpacking my suitcase (from TWO WEEKS ago. ugh. I fail), but my desk is still a mess, I need to empty my trashcan, and I have papers scattered everywhere on the floor. But it's progress! I also still haven't put up the Moulin Rouge and Amelie posters I bought at that poster sale in September. That'll be my goal this weekend, I guess! Or maybe even this week, since I should have more time this week than I have the past few weeks. I also have filled out my major plan, although I still need to talk it over with someone in the psych department and get the necessary parts signed and all that. And I still haven't switched advisers, but I might just wait until after registration. Or until next semester. I haven't really decided yet. Registration is less than two weeks away! ugh. I mostly know what I'm going to do, but I have no idea what I want for my fourth class. Like, I really should do something that either fulfills the Multiculturalism or Internationalism requirements because those are my last two general ed requirements and I need to get them done. But for some reason my school chooses not to post which classes actually fulfill these requirements until the start of the next semester which really doesn't help me when I'm trying to figure out what counts for the requirements NOW. And I have some idea of some classes that should fulfill the requirements because they did last year and all, but there's pretty much only one or two classes I'm remotely interested in that fulfill either requirement, and they conflict with classes I'm already planning on taking. sigh. Registration was so much less stressful last year when I could just take pretty much whatever I wanted.

    I can't believe the election is in only two days. I mostly think Obama is going to win (which is saying something because I'm a total pessimist), but I'm still really nervous. I'm looking forward to the election being over.
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    Apparently my school decided to make up for me not being able to see Michelle Obama this afternoon by having Martin Sheen come on Tuesday afternoon. He's coming at 2:15 and I do have a midterm at 4:30 (ugh I don't even normally have the class the midterm is in on Tuesdays, but he wanted everyone to be able to have as much time as possible) but I'm thinking it won't take that long. I mean, I'm basing it on the Kal Penn thing which was only a little over an hour, and even if this thing is 2 hours long, I should be able to still make it. The weird thing is... like, I would expect him to come for Obama, but the flyer I read said that he's coming to support Al Franken (the Democrat running for Senate in MN). But whatever, it'll be cool to see him. And I support Al Franken (even though I'm not voting in MN, I'm voting in CA). So hopefully I'll get to do that.

    Also, Wind Ensemble today was canceled, so today is a little less crappy then I thought it would be initially. Not that I don't like Wind Ensemble, but having an hour or so more to get stuff done today is very desirable.
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    So, I hate tomorrow.

    Primarily because MICHELLE OBAMA IS COMING TO MY SCHOOL RIGHT OF THE MIDDLE OF WHEN I HAVE A MIDTERM. So, you know. That's really awesome. gah.

    Then there's the fact that Monday's already my busiest day plus the fact that I'm tutoring that girl at 7 and then working with my math group on our group project at 10 PM. gah. I want to be watching How I Met Your Mother and Gossip Girl and all that, not doing math!

    Tuesday is nice because my lab that's usually in the afternoon was canceled. But I have to write a 5 page paper on a book I haven't started yet for Developmental Psych that is due the Monday after Fall Break (which is this weekend), and unless I really want to write the paper at home while I'm supposed to be relaxing, I have to get started on that on Tuesday and Wednesday. I hate professors who assign things due after breaks! It's just cruel.

    So yeah, that's my life right now. I'm so excited to go home, though. I'm going to vote! And I'm going to see my birds for the first time since August! The only thing that sucks is that my flight is Thursday at 9, so I have to get up at the crack of dawn to get there in time. (Ok, not really the crack of dawn, but it will feel like it!) And the stupid thing is that I totally could have flown on Wednesday since Multivariable Calc and Wind Ensemble are canceled, and in Developmental Psych all we're doing is another group's presentation. So I could have easily missed that. Oh well. I suppose that gives me more time to do my paper and other homework due Monday after Fall Break and maybe even get started on declaring my major, because yeah, I still haven't done anything in regards to that yet and I'm still freaking out over that.
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    So I have to declare my major in the next three weeks instead of at the end of May, like I previously thought. I'm kind of panicking. I mean, ok, here's the thing. I've known since like early high school I was going to be a psych major, and after being in college for a little over a year, that hasn't changed. But I thought I had until the end of next semester. This whole semester I've just been "I am going to get through this semester and hopefully do decently and then I'll worry about declaring a major and all that fun stuff." I just didn't want to deal with it now. But apparently by AP credits put me as a second semester sophomore right now, which means next semester I'm going to be a junior. And you have to have your major declared before you register for your junior year classes (and registration is the first week of November).

    I'm also kind of freaked out by this because even though I knew I had advanced standing, I didn't realize this meant that I would have to declare early, and now I'm assuming this also means that I'm going to graduate fall semester of 2010. I've been thinking I'm going to graduate in May of 2011, but apparently, I'm going to graduate in December of 2010. And even though I'm kind of tired of school, I'm also freaked out about having to enter the real world and get a job and all that sooner (especially with how crappy the economy is. Hopefully Obama will be elected and he'll get the economy back on track and it'll be ok). ugh.

    But yeah, like, just declaring a major isn't so bad because I know I want to be a psych major. But it also means that I have to deal with switching advisers because my adviser is a Geology professor and I really like him but he can't help me at all with psych stuff. And that means I have to ask someone in the psych department to be my adviser, and I know who I want to ask, but I'm afraid they'll be like "Oh I have too many advisees right now" or whatever and then I'll have to find someone else. And I'm shy, okay? I don't want to have to do this. Plus, declaring your major means you have to fill out a sheet with every class you're planning to take, and I don't want to have to fill that out now. I mean, my feelings about what I want to take change with every semester, you know? Plus, now it turns out I have one less semester of classes I can take, so I feel like I can't take as many fun, random classes. And I REALLY feel like I should have taken Cognitive Psych instead of Developmental Psych this semester because Developmental Psych doesn't help me for my major, but Cognitive Psych would, and then I could take this other class going towards the psych major next semester. And both Cognitive Psych and this class next semester are taught my my Research in Psych professor, and he's really awesome, so that would have worked out. I mean I like Developmental Psych, but it only helps me if I want to be an education minor, and I don't really see the point of that anymore, especially since I have 4 less classes I can take. And I did kind of want to be a math minor, but I don't know if that can happen either.

    Also, I got several new pairs of cute socks (I never have enough socks) last week, and I've worn this one pair only twice and there's already a hole in the heel of one of them. This always happens to me! This is why I always need new socks! ugh. I feel like I must have razors in my heel or something that keep tearing through the socks.

    Also, I'm finding it really amusing when crazy right-wingers try to insult Obama and scare people from voting for him by saying that he's a socialist and a fascist in the same sentence. Just... no. I do not think those words mean what you think they mean. So I'm mostly amused by that, but then I just get sad that people actually believe that and furthermore aren't educated enough to know that those two things are not the same.

    Ok I have a three-page paper that is half done that I need to finish in the next two hours, so I'm going to do that now.
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    So I've kind of been failing at life this week.

    I had a German test Wednesday that I spent the first half of the week studying for, and I think that went really well. But then I had a Developmental Psych test on Friday and I really only studied for it for like half of Thursday, and I didn't feel fully prepared going in. And... I don't know how the test went. It could go either way, depending on how much partial credit she gives and if she's really... strict with her grading or more lenient. So... yeah. Then I had that take-home quiz in Multivariable Calc which... I think I got one of the questions wrong on, and then I know I definitely got one question wrong on the in-class quiz. I mean, we can drop our 3 lowest quiz grades and I've gotten full credit on all of the quizzes so far, so if both quizzes are terrible I can drop the scores, but... I'd rather wait longer before having to drop quiz scores, you know? Because the semester should just get busier as it goes on. And we got an 84 on the project, so that's bringing my grade down already. =/

    I also ended up getting only like 5-6 hours of sleep each night because I was up late either doing nothing or studying/doing work, and I skipped lunch like every day this week because I was trying to get more studying in (although then I ended up wasting that time anyways, so it was pointless). So on Friday when I was taking my quiz at 4 I felt exhausted and really hungry and basically I just don't think I took very good care of myself this week. I felt 1000 times better after eating dinner last night. I just couldn't think properly during the test or quiz yesterday, which... probably is not going to help anything. Oh well.

    Anyways, I have this huge project due in Developmental Psych next Friday that I was going to finish this weekend, but then I stupidly realized that I'll have time Tuesday to do it all, so... of course I'm procrastinating. sigh. Oh the plus side, my parents are visiting in less than a week, and Fall Break is less than three weeks away, and then the semester's half over and the second half of the semester actually might be less busy for me than the first half, bizarrely enough.

    I watched the debate last night, and honestly, it was pretty boring. And I'm ridiculously into politics, so I feel like people not into politics probably tuned out after the first half hour. Can I just say, though, that the psych major/possible clinical psychologist in the future in me loves Obama just a little bit more everytime he brings up PTSD in taking care of veterans and the soldiers in Iraq and all that? Because that's not something you ever hear the Republicans talk about (at least, I haven't. Then again, I try not to listen to the Republicans that often for the sake of my sanity), and obviously taking care of wounded soldiers is important, but the psychological impact of the war reaches far wider than the physical impact. But anyways. I'm really looking foward to the VP debate, although I'm afraid that the bar for Palin has been set so low that as long as she's able to string sentences together, everyone will declare that she's won.

    I may or may not post about TV stuff in more detail later, but I did want to say that The Office totally killed me. And last year their one-hours kind of... I don't know. They weren't very well-paced, but I thought this one was much better paced. I'm really looking forward to this season. Also, I continue to absolutely adore Secret Diary of a Call Girl. I heart Callum Blue ridiculous amounts.
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    So I did end up going to the Kal Penn thing for Obama on Saturday (even though it wasn't in the location they said it would be - this is probably why I wasn't able to see him last time he was here). I got a picture but it's pretty blurry, so I may or may not post it later. It was pretty much just him talking about how he's an Independent and he was really cynical about politics and other backstory stuff until hearing Obama speak at the 2004 convention and finding that he really believed in him and he looked up information about him and all this stuff. It was interesting too, that because of the writers' strike last year, he didn't have a job for a few months, so he ended up going to Iowa and volunteering for the Obama campaign by making calls and all that. He actually has met Obama (I'm not sure how many times) and has asked him about his policies and stuff. It was really interesting. It was less a "Vote for Obama!" event and more a "Be sure to vote and be sure to get all your friends to vote because the youth vote can really make a difference!" event. So yeah. Before the event, the mayor of Minneapolis went around and met every single person in the room (ok, there were only like 200 of us, so not quite as impressive as it sounds) and asked us where we were from and then told us whether Obama needed our vote more in our home state or in Minnesota, which was pretty smart because I think a lot of people wouldn't really think about that stuff. I would totally vote in Minnesota (since obviously Minnesota needs my vote more than California), but I really want to be able to vote no on the proposition to ban gay marriage since Minnesota is relatively safely Obama's.

    Today and tomorrow is the poster sale at school. I'm glad I bought some posters during the sale since these posters were more expensive than the ones there. I got 2 posters for $22 rather than 6 for $33 like I did at Then again, at least I didn't have to pay ridiculous shipping costs. I got one of Moulin Rouge and one of Amelie (two of my favorite movies of all time). The guy said he'd be there again tomorrow with some more posters, so I might check it out again. I really want to get more movie posters, especially older movie posters, but they only had a few today. My room is in such disarray right now, though. I don't remember if I mentioned this, but I put up a lot of stuff on my walls so it does look nicer, but I'd rather have these posters up there, so I'm probably going to have to take some stuff down and rearrange things. sigh. I also (VERY STUPIDLY) decided to take my mattress from where it's lofted above my desk and put it on the ground because I really wanted to have a bed on the groud this year rather than lofted. Of course, I did this and then had no time to tidy anything else up and so now it's just impossible to get anywhere in my room. sigh. And putting the mattress back up is a lot harder than taking it down. Oh well. I'll probably leave everything how it is now and then mess with it more this weekend.

    Anyways, Wind Ensemble starts today. I think I am going to end up being glad that my German lab isn't on Monday nights anymore since today already feels like it's going to be really long just with Wind Ensemble. Plus, I would have had to find time to do my lab homework sometime today which wouldn't have been fun.
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    So you know how Kal Penn supposedly came to my school back in February and then (I don't think I mentioned it in a post but in a comment to someone) I never actually saw him anywhere? Well, apparently he's coming to my school again today, and this time I actually know where and when and why he's supposed to be here. I guess he's coming to tell everyone why they should vote for Obama? Which... kind of makes no sense because my school is one of the most liberal in the country and it's also very political and I wouldn't really think that anyone here would need urging to vote for Obama. But whatever. I'll go check it out and take pictures and listen to what he has to say. It'd still be pretty cool to meet him. And I've been very politically focused the past week or so, if you couldn't tell by my recent posts.

    Anyways, this week has been pretty good. I had my first Research in Psych lab which was good. My lab partner is this guy who I had classes with both semesters last year who I've talked to before who is really nice. For the first lab, we had all filled out survey sheets and then we were inputting the class's data, and one of the questions was TV hours through the week, and mine really stuck out. I had like 15 hours and the second most was 7, and then everything else was 5 or lower. I was kind of embarrassed (even though it's anonymous), but then the guy I was working with was like "Oh man, I want to find out who the person who watches 15 hours of TV a week is and be friends with them." So I was like "...yeah, that was me" and then we bonded over the fact that Macalester kids don't seem to watch TV very much and that a lot of people seem to think that TV is bad for you or whatever, but the people who think that clearly just haven't seen any really good TV. And whatever, the lowest grade I've gotten after a year of college is one A-, so I'm pretty sure I'm doing just fine, even with watching lots of TV.

    Ok, I'm going to try to finish decorating and organizing my room. I'm having issues figuring out where to put all my posters, and I don't think I'm going to have as much wall space covered as I would want. Hopefully I can get more posters for cheap when the school has its poster sale (which I hope is soon).
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    Is it weird that the thing I probably hate Palin for most right now is that she threatened to fire a librarian because the librarian wouldn't agree to ban books that Palin said some of her supporters felt there were "innappropriate words" or something in? But, I mean, I can see where people disagree about abortion (even if I don't agree with it) and other issues, but... who supports banning books in this day and age? That's just flat-out wrong. I wish that would get more attention in the media.

    It kind of scares me that it felt really cold today since the temperatures went down to the low to mid 60s for most of the day. That should not be cold. In April that would have been like boiling. I don't want to have to get acclimated to the weather again.

    I had my first German lab yesterday, and I think it might be my favorite class this semester. I mean, I already like German. But then there's also the fact that the lab is only me and this one other girl who's a first year who I had already talked to a bit last week and she's very nice, so that's nice. But the main (100% shallow) reason is that the guy who runs the lab is this 20-something year old (I think he's in grad school) who was born in Germany and has a slight German and slight British accent and he's very tall and very attractive and... yeah. I'm incredibly shallow, ok? And I kind of have a thing for accents. But whatever, it's fun anyways. Especially since there are no tests or anything in the lab, and we do have homework for it, but it's not graded and basically we just talk and answer questions and he helps with pronunciation and everything. It helps to make up for the fact that I wanted to have the lab on Monday and I got forced into taking the Tuesday afternoon lab.

    I watched the first half of 90210 last night and thought it was pretty awful. I'm going to watch the second half later, I just stopped because I wanted to watch Greek and I realized that I could wait to find out if Ethan hated Annie forever for telling her brother that he was cheating on his girlfriend. Or whatever. At this point I don't think I'll keep watching once the other shows start coming back (my Tuesdays are actually the second-most packed night of TV of the week, I think, which is surprising. I would've thought it would be Thursdays. Although I probably will drop 1-2 other shows from Tuesdays in addition to this, so that might help), but we'll see. I also wasn't going to keep watching Gossip Girl and almost didn't finish the first episode, but now I'm totally in love with it.

    I got the posters I ordered today so I'm going to put them up and maybe rearrange my furniture and finish organizing things and once that's all done I'll post some pictures of my room.
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    When I woke up this morning, I could hear people protesting about the Republican National Convention. I really don't understand that at all. I mean, I'm 100% a Democrat, but it just doesn't make sense. When it was first announced the RNC would be in the Twin Cities, people at my school were like "OMG BUT THE TWIN CITIES ARE SO LIBERAL AND PROGRESSIVE AND EVERYTHING THE RNC DOESN'T STAND FOR MUST PROTEST." But they have to have the convention SOMEWHERE, and most urban areas tend to be more liberal. And it's not like Minnesota as a whole is known as being a super-liberal state (like California for example. Like, holding the convention in San Francisco would be bizarre. Holding it in the Twin Cities is much more reasonable). But whatever. I think the people at my school just like protesting things, even if it makes no sense and does absolutely nothing.

    Anyways, all this news about Sarah Palin has me half cracking up and half terrified. I mostly find it hilarious, but then I think about what if McCain actually wins the election... and there's the terrified part. One of the really scary things was reading my friends' friends page and seeing a couple people actually saying that made them more likely to go McCain and they were now really excited to vote for her. Just... what? She is incredibly inexperienced (way moreso than Obama), no foreign policy experience at all (the fact that Alaska is close to Russia is NOT FOREIGN POLICY EXPERIENCE, no matter what the Republicans/FOX News says), she's against abortion even in the case of rape or incest, and, I mean, McCain is 72 and has a history of cancer and it's not out of the realm of possibility (not that I'm hoping for it or anything, just being realistic) that she could have to step up and become president. gah. I really hope it doesn't come to that.

    Anyways, enough about politics. Tonight is super-exciting-new-TV night! Two-hour Prison Break premiere (I feel like I should be ashamed for looking forward to it, but whatever. SARA'S BACK!), Gossip Girl premiere, Middleman finale (I really hope this isn't the last episode ever), and I still have last night's Mad Men to watch. I am very excited for it all even though I'll probably only watch Prison Break tonight. The other stuff will have to wait for tomorrow (but since I don't have class until 1:20 tomorrow and it's only an hour long, that should be fine).
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    Ok, so I have to rant about politics related stuff again. Politics Rambling )

    I totally know nothing about politics outside of what I've learned just from watching the news and from taking political science in high school, so keep in mind that this is all just based on my opinions and my reactions. And I'm totally biased to Obama, I'm admitting that, so if you're a Clinton supporter... don't hate me? (I don't think anything I said would cause you to hate me, but I feel like I needs to be said anyways.)

    Anyways. Essay test tomorrow, other test Friday, need to study. Have I mentioned how much I want it to be Friday? Because I really want it to be Friday.
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    I haven't posted about politics yet even though I've been following all the primaries very closely, but I figure now's a good time to ramble about what's going on. Random Election Stuff )
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    The past two days have made me happy:

    1) Democrats take the House, and quite possibly the Senate!

    2) Tuesday my English teacher told me that my grade (an 85) is a lot lower than it should be based on how good a writer I am and that I just need to boost my multiple choice tests and rock the next essay, and today she told me again today I'm one of the better writers in the class. I was feeling super unconfident about my writing, so that makes me feel much better. I'm going to reread Woman Warrior this weekend and really pay close attention and annotate it and crap and know it inside and out and do awesome on the essay Monday. Hopefully.

    3) I enjoyed Veronica Mars last night (not one of my favorites, but I still thought it was pretty good, and next week looks awesome), and I have episodes of Studio 60 and House waiting to be watched.

    4) I got my first A on a chem quiz in like a month today. This new unit makes me happy. Let's just hope my test next Friday goes the same way.

    5) The girl I was going to tutor in FST realized she didn't need tutoring in FST because it's super easy, but she's struggling in honors chem because she has Mr. Tran, so I'm going to be tutoring her every week in that instead.

    6) This isn't really about the last two days, but there's no school Friday and we're marching in a parade at Disneyland that day, so I'm looking forward to that.

    And, lastly, 7) Rumsfeld steps down!

    Good couple of days. :D


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