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All right, I'm through season 2 on my Doctor Who rewatch!

All right, standard warnings again: possible spoilers for all aired episodes of both Doctor Who and Torchwood. Also, I am a Doctor/Rose shipper, and Ten and Rose are my favorite Doctor and companion, respectively, and while I love the other Doctors and companions loads, if you hate Rose or that ship, you might want to stay away from my reactions, as I definitely focus on the Doctor/Rose aspect of things. I try to warn for it and contain it to no more than one paragraph per episode, but it tends to seep out into the rest of it anyways. So just fair warning.

Time Crash
I haven't watched this since it first aired! Oh man, it's so sad that Rose isn't sure about him and he's just going on and she thinks he's an imposter but for the Doctor, how sad must that be at first, that Rose doesn't know him. And then she wants him to change back. And he cancels Barcelona. :( I forgot about that. No wonder at the end of The Christmas Invasion he's like "Well I wasn't sure if you wanted to come with me looking like this" and all.

And oh wow I forgot that apparently Rose actually does know that Jack survived. I had been thinking she thought he was dead, so no wonder she wasn't surprised that he was alive in the end of season 4. I remember that bothered me, that she acted like it was normal, but as it turns out, she knew he was still alive. Or I guess she wasn't around for him dying so even if she didn't remember what happened when she took in the Tardis, she would expect him to be alive.

The Christmas Invasion
lol ok I know I just talked about this on Sunday. I wasn't even sure that I was going to watch it again, as I did just watch it 2 days before, but it is a great episode, and anyways, I realized that I've never actually watched straight from The Parting of the Ways to The Christmas Invasion, and definitely not with Time Crash right in the middle. And this time I really watched them straight through; I managed to get to them when I had time to watch them in a row rather than watching one and having to go to class or a group project meeting or whatever. So that's why I watched it again.

Ok so I won't say much, anyways, since I did just post about it (although to be fair, I didn't really say very much when I talked about it last time), but one thing I really like about this is the Doctor having to prove to Rose that he is the Doctor and gain her trust again, just like he had to early in season 1. And I noticed that with Amy and Eleven in the premiere, that he kind of had to prove himself to her, and I think it's kind of good that it's not just the Companions that have to prove themselves to the Doctor, but vice versa as well. It makes the relationship much more equal.

It's also so weird seeing Rose doubt Ten and wanting Nine back since all of season 2 basically they're just really happy together, and when Ten is regenerating in the end of season 4, she doesn't want him to change. But it's understandable why she's so upset (she had no idea that this was a possibility, and she doesn't even remember everything that happened leading to him regenerating).

I love that all the Doctor needs to recover is a little tea.

I didn't remember it when I was watching the season 5 premiere, but I love that in that episode Eleven says the Earth is defended or protected or whatever, and it harkens back to Ten saying that in this episode.

New Earth
This is one of my favorite episodes of the season. I mean, obviously there's the shipper in me who likes seeing Ten and Rose kiss (even if it's not really Rose. I mean, sure, it's not Rose, but it is Ten, and he doesn't exactly push her away, just saying). But besides that, it's just a lot of fun. And the beginning is so pretty, with them sitting on the grass and looking at the city!

And ok, let me get all my shippiness out in one paragraph: Seriously, how coupley are they in this episode? Rose refers to the end of The End of the World as their first date! She tells him how much she loves traveling with him and he says him too and they're grinning and happy! They walk arm in arm! They lie in the grass and look at the sky and the city! The Doctor figures out Rose isn't herself because Rose doesn't care that people are dying! He tells Cassandra "Give her back to me"! Cassandra teases Rose that she knows Rose is attracted to the Doctor and likes how he looks! Him catching her when Cassandra leaves her and smiling and saying hello to each other! (I find it interesting too that when Ten is having his flashbacks to Rose in the Christmas episode with Donna that the bit where he catches Rose is one of the things that flashes. I don't know that I can even explain why I find that interesting or particularly shippy, but I do.)

Anyways. Boe! This is the first time I've seen this episode since learning Jack becomes Boe. I wonder if we'll ever find out how Jack became Boe and how Boe is dying when Jack is immortal (well, from what we've seen).

I think this might be one of the only (or possibly the only) episode where the villains are taken away by the police. I find that interesting for some reason.

Tooth and Claw
I feel like it's been forever since I've seen this episode. I don't know why it feels longer since I've seen this one than others in season 2, but it does.

Hee Ten's Scottish accent. And I like that Rose's sounds like she's Canadian.

I really, really enjoy the cinematography in this episode. It's really pretty. Especially the outside scenes, but I do like it all, really. When they're all trapped in the room trying to figure out how to defeat the wolf, there are such pretty blues and like... dashes of gold/yellow/orange, and it's just so pretty!

This episode is also one of the more shippy in this season. (Although, actually, nearly every episode this season is pretty shippy, save for like... Girl in the Fireplace and maybe Love and Monsters and I forget what else, but it's mostly pretty shippy. So maybe it's just an average amount of shippiness for this season) I mean, their bet and Ten asking her if he's being rude and them kind of elbowing each other and lacking personal space and "I'll tell you what though: werewolf!" and hugging about that and everything. They're so happy at this point in the series, and it's sad knowing what comes.

Ok after being reminded now of what actually happens in this episode, I like it. Not one of the absolute best, but I enjoy it. And as I said, it's pretty.

School Reunion
Well hello there Giles/King Uther! I love that he's a guest star in this episode. He's so wonderfully creepy.

Sarah-Jane Smith! I enjoy her so much more here than in The Stolen Earth/Journey's End, simply because there's actually time to devote to her, where as in that storyline they had to spread things out over too many people and so no one really got enough attention. But I love that the Doctor gets to see that Sarah-Jane has continued looking into things and stuff.

This is where they start the foreshadowing for Rose leaving, I think. It's just so sad, because she and Ten are enjoying traveling together so much, but you know that at some point, it's going to end. Like Ten says, she can travel with him her whole life, even, but he's going to live on past her and there's nothing they can do to change that.

One of my issues with Girl in the Fireplace (I'm sure I'll get to the rest when I discuss that episode) is that I just don't believe that the Doctor would leave Rose all alone on a spaceship with no way of getting back. But then I guess he did leave Sarah-Jane all alone, and he did care about her a great deal as well. (I still don't fully believe that the Doctor would, though. I don't think he'd just drop everything like that for someone he knew for a few hours. But as I said, I'll get to that.) Maybe it's not quite as out of character as I initially thought.

But then Rose asks if he's just going to leave Rose alone and he immediately says "No, never you." And then he does in the next episode. ugh. (Although my shipper mind was going totally crazy during that scene with all sorts of theories about where each are coming from and all that. I mean, ok, at this point, clearly Rose is in love with the Doctor and realizes it. And the Doctor loves her, too, but he knows that it can never be, so he's trying to take what he can get with the situation. But I think also it was easier with Nine when maybe Rose wasn't so obviously in love with him and he thought she might be interested in Adam and then Jack, but now he has to deal with her actually openly and obviously returning his feelings. His look when she said "I thought you and me were...." was really interesting. By people who hate Ten/Rose, it was probably more "Oh god, not this, I don't want that," but as a crazy shipper, I totally interpret it as like... "Oh god, she can't start talking this way, because I know I can't offer her a real relationship but I want one anyways" and then that's where what he says about him not being able to spend his whole life with her comes in. But as I said, I could be crazy. And I should have warned for all my shipping craziness. Oh well. You should expect it by now from me.)

I don't really understand Rose's annoyance at Mickey wanting to come. Like... I mean, I can explain it and understand it, but I can't reconcile it with the next episode at all. I can believe that she doesn't want Mickey screwing up the dynamic between her and the Doctor and that she feels like Mickey is just... tagging along, and she doesn't feel for Mickey liked she used to, but then why is there absolutely no consequence of that? I think that's one of the major issues I have with Girl in the Fireplace, too, that it just doesn't fit at all with the rest of the season and what we've seen from the Doctor and Rose. It's like the writers were just not communicating at all. In one episode, Rose is upset about Mickey tagging along, and in the next, it's totally forgotten. In one episode, the Doctor says he'd never leave Rose alone, and in the very next one... he does. blah.

Girl in the Fireplace
Ok, here's the thing: this is one of my least favorite episodes of the series (as you may have gathered by what I was saying above). But I decided I'd try to watch it with a more open mind this time. Because some of my criticisms are valid, I think, but others are just the result of me being a crazy shipper. So let's see how it goes.

First positive things: this is a super pretty episode (I think the show got a lot prettier this season. I mean, season 1 has its moments of prettiness, but I feel like the production values are up in season 2 and the type of film they use is much better, and it's overall just much nicer looking), and Moffat is a really excellent storyteller, so I love how the episode starts. I also think the scary clock robot things are awesome. And the realization that the clock is broken but there's still a ticking of a clock. Moffat is really good at the creepy. I also think the idea of the spaceship and 18th century France being like... connected and then the ship being made out of the human crew was super cool.

One of my favorite lines on the show ever is "What's a horse doing on a spaceship?" / "Mickey, what's pre-revlutionary France doing on a spaceship? Get a little perspective." Also, "You're not keeping the horse!" / "I let you keep Mickey!"

I think Rose is kind of awesome in this episode.

Ok, so let me get to the negatives. I can buy that Ten might be a little... interested in her or intrigued by her. I don't buy that he's instantly in love with her, or that he would abandon Rose and Mickey on a spaceship with no way of getting home to be with someone he's known a few hours. Also, as I mentioned before, the tension between Rose and Mickey at the end of the previous episode is nonexistent here, which I know is because Moffat hadn't read the end of School Reunion when he wrote this, but I mean... I don't really accept that as an excuse, you know? I'd like more continuity between my episodes. Also, even ignoring Rose being annoyed with Mickey at the end of the last episode, she seems way too coupley with Mickey on the spaceship in comparison to like... every other interaction they've had since the first episode of season 1. Also, I'm probably just being naive and blind at all, but I know there's discussion about Reinette's line about the Doctor having to learn to dance meaning... more than dancing, and especially since it comes up both in this episode and in the Moffat 2-parter in season 1 and in season 1 it seemed more was implied with dancing. But idk, the way that Reinette said it didn't seem to be like... as suggestive as it was being said in season 1, and it seemed like it's possible she could actually just mean dancing. But I could be crazy.

Also, crazy shipper theories ahead: to make myself feel better about this episode, I've decided that Ten is just afraid of what's developing between him and Rose and that Rose is more openly showing her feelings (like I was talking about with School Reunion) and so to like... distance himself and distract himself from Rose (especially now that her boyfriend is traveling along with them), he focuses on Reinette, because she's not going to start traveling with him, and she's a safe distraction because he's only going to be interacting with her for hours, maybe a day at most. And maybe he leaves Rose behind because he knows at some point they won't be able to travel together anymore, and this way it's on his terms and him not dealing with his feelings and it's not her leaving him, like he knows has to happen someday.

I have to say, I have nothing against Reinette; I definitely don't hate her or anything. She's pretty awesome. She even figures out how to send the Doctor back! And I totally buy everything on her end. I just don't the Doctor falling for her (well, to be fair, it's not like he ever says he's in love with her, so maybe I'm just making it more than it is. I suppose there really isn't any indication on his end definitively that it's romantic. I can buy him wanting to save the day and sacrifice himself not being able to get back if it didn't involve leaving Rose and Mickey stranded).

Rose looking at the bricked up window or mirror or whatever that the Doctor has gone through, not saying anything, is just so heartbreaking. But I do love their hug and Rose waiting for him because she trusts that he'll find his way back (despite it actually not even being him figuring it out).

Rise of the Cybermen/Age of Steel
I wasn't sure if I was going to rewatch this as it isn't one of my favorites (like The Christmas Invasion, which I did decide to rewatch) and I just saw it 3 days before, but I decided I wanted to see it again in the context of the season, and idk. I mean, it's not like... bad or painful to watch or anything. Plus, it was good to watch while studying since I didn't have the urge to pay as close attention as usual since I had just seen it.

Anyways, seeing this right after The Girl in the Fire, I appreciate seeing Rose and Ten all happy and laughing together at the beginning much more (even if it serves just to make Mickey jealous and feel out of place). Still, if he's this upbeat and happy now I feel like he couldn't have been in love with Reinette.

Also, "That's the Doctor. In the Tardis. With Rose Tyler." is kind of a ridiculous line. It sounds like he's playing Clue! I don't think it was intended to, but who knows. Also also, I know I said this when I was talking about this episode last time, but seriously, seriously, how are Jake and Mickey not like an official couple? geez the last 2 scenes especially are just so shippy. I'm a little bitter that he and Martha ended up together. Martha/her doctor fiance and Mickey/Jake would have been better. :(

The Idiot's Lantern
I like this episode all right, although it's nothing special. Mostly it's just more Rose/Ten fun and flirting and happiness, which I definitely enjoy and appreciate.

aklsjf when the Doctor sees the faceless Rose, oh man. He's so angry and it's so sad. "Because now, Detective Inspector Bishop, there is no power on this Earth that can stop me!" Oh, Doctor.

I enjoy that Rose figures out what's going on with the TV before the Doctor. It's nice when the Doctor isn't always the first one to figure everything out.

I adore so much when Rose gets her face back and the Doctor sees her. He practically starts running to her, and they're both smiling so much, and that hug is epic. He spins her around!

The ending with Rose telling the boy to follow his father or what has always bugged me. I feel like that comes up a lot in TV shows and movies and stuff, where one character has a crappy parent but another person lost a parent or someone, and so they're like "WELL YOU'RE LUCKY YOU EVEN HAVE A FATHER/MOTHER/ETC." (I mean, I'm assuming that's part of where Rose's instructions come from, especially after being confronted with her father again in just the last episode.) Some people just have shitty parents.

The Impossible Plant/The Satan Pit
This is one of my favorite two-parters of the series. There's the introduction of the Ood and excellent Rose/Ten shippiness and it has a good and interesting plot.

I love the beginning, with the Ood coming up and saying "We must feed" and then it's like "[shakes communication thingy] We must feed you if you are hungry!" And I love that they're pretty much immediately shoved into the action. This is also another really pretty episode, I must say.

I don't know why I never thought about it before, but the Ood are totally like House-elves.

Ten's joy at the fact that they had gone to look at it just because it was there and saying "Human beings - you are amazing" was so hilarious in comparison to how Nine was babbling on about humans being apes and stupid and all that.

The scene where they open the thing to see the black hole the second time when the Scarlet System is going into it and the Doctor wants it to be left open is one of my favorites of the season, possibly of the show. I mean, it's nothing remarkable, but it's just so gorgeous visually and thematically and the conversation between Rose and Ten is really nice, too. Ten talking about settling down is amusing. "You'd have to get a mortgage!" (And the scene is so shippy! Sharing a mortgage! She gets kind of flustered! Rose is willing to be stuck away from home as long as she's with Ten! I love the look he gives her when he's like "Yeah?" and she says "Yeah." Sad, too, though, because you know if she had to choose between being stuck at home without the Doctor forever or being stuck elsewhere with the Doctor forever, she would choose the Doctor every time.)

"I'll see you later." / "Not if I see you first." And then she kisses his helmet! One of my absolute favorite Rose/Ten moments. It was just so sweet.

I enjoy Rose kind of taking charge of everything when they're all "There's nothing we can do!"

"If you talk to Rose, just tell her... tell her... oh, she knows." Oh Doctor. And then Rose a split second later, just missing him. And Rose not wanting to go because she has faith in the Doctor, she believes in him. "And even if he's not, how could I leave him all on his own down there." And she has to be forcibly placed on the ship because she won't leave the Doctor, even though there's no way that he could be alive. lakfd I forgot about all this and how affecting it was.

"If I believe in one thing, just one thing, I believe in her." alskdjflkj I did not remember that line, and omfg. It's like with her, her refusal to leave the planet even though the Doctor had to be dead, but she believed in him, and she loved him, but she had to stay.

And their joy at seeing each other again! Their smiles and Rose running to him and him picking her up. Oh, that hug. Their hugs are so epic. And, "It said I was going to die in battle." / "It lied." Awwww. I love how he said that. And the captain honors the Ood at the end! I did not remember that, but excellent.

I remembered really liking this episode, but I found myself absolutely loving it this time around. It's a really excellent episode (well, episodes, as I mean both of them), in my opinion. Definitely one of my favorites of the entire series.

Love and Monsters
This, on the other hand, is one of my least favorites of the series. It's one of the few episodes that I've only watched once, and have had zero urge to ever rewatch. The lack of Doctor and Rose definitely doesn't help, but Blink is one of my absolute favorites, and Torchwood did a similar episode (although there was more of the cast, from what I remember) in the 1st season that turned out well, so it's not just that. It's just not a very interesting plot, and the resolution is a little... weird.

Ok, so it's not terrible. There are probably episodes with much worse plots. But those episodes I at least have the Doctor or one of his companions to care about, whereas here I'm just kind of emotionally disconnected. I don't know. I really have nothing to say about it, which just kind of reflects how I feel about it, I guess.

Fear Her
This is another episode I enjoy just because of Ten/Rose happiness and fun. Also, the Olympics! I love the Olympics, so it's just kind of fun that it's a part of the story. (Also, it's really weird that right now we're closer to 2012 than we are to when this episode first aired. I feel old. Ok, not really, but time seems to pass a lot faster the older I get.)

I don't know that I really have anything specific to say about this episode. I just like how the Doctor and the Rose interact and everything relating to them in this episode (the like... monster of the week is kind of... not exceptionally great). I like that Rose figures things out first and their hug after the scribble attacks Rose and how they're together for basically the entire episode and them pretending to be cops and Rose trying to point to something but the Doctor holding her hand. And awwww when the Doctor comes back from the picture. Their hug! "You know what, they keep on trying to keep us apart, but they never ever will." / "Don't say never ever." / "Nah, we'll always be okay, you and me." Awwwww. It's so sad because you know it's not true. It's so bittersweet, because they're wonderful and happy there, but you know it won't last. sigh. (I don't know if I'm emotionally ready to watch the finale again!)

Army of Ghosts/Doomsday
I was really not sure I wanted to watch this again, just because it's so emotionally draining, and I alrweady went through that once watching this finale a few days ago. I mean, seriously, the first time I watched it, I couldn't even make icons of it for months without crying looking at the screencaps. And I watched it after that once with my mom, when it aired on SciFi or BBC America or whatever, when she was watching season 2, and that's it. But I'm a little OCD and skipping the finale of the season when I had watched every other episode just seemed wrong. And the entire season had been building to this finale, and all that momentum would be lost, and I don't know, it just seemed weird not to watch it. Really what tipped me over was the epic Dalek/Cyberman fights. I mentioned it in my previous post about this episode, but the Dalek/Cyberman arguments are one of the hilarious things this show has ever done. So I watched them again.

I don't know that I have much to say since I did just talk about this episode a few days ago. But I will say that omg Bad Wolf Bay looks so pretty, especially at the beginning when Rose is narrating and looking out at the sea and all. And I love the intro before the credits. And I'm sure I mentioned it last time, but ;lakjsf "How long are you going to stay with me?" / "Forever." and they smile at each other and it's so sweet. And I love when Ten and Rose arrive at Rose's place and Jackie kisses Ten a bunch to his protests. It's adorable.

They totally use the Torchwood music when they're investigating the ghosts and stuff at the beginning. It feels so weird. I mean, it makes sense, but it feels so weird because I associate that music with Torchwood, obviously, and not Doctor Who.

I enjoy the reveal of Mickey being at Torchwood already. He's kind of written as being very pathetic for most of the series, but I like that he decides to leave and he becomes kind of kick-ass on his own.

I find the Doctor playing matchmaker between parallel universe Pete and the Doctor's universe Jackie really amusing. Along the other same line of random things I find amusing, I really enjoy when the Daleks are like "Alert, alert, you are the Doctor!" I have no idea why, but I just find it hilarious. Oh, Daleks. I think I'm warming to you coming back in 5.03.

ugh the Doctor's freaking face when he puts the teleport thing over Rose's neck. He just wants to keep her safe, like he promise her mom, but of course he doesn't want Rose to be shut off from him forever. I also like right before that when he's outlined the plan and Rose is like "...uh, excuse me, you're saying you're going to shut me off in the parallel world forever and I'll never see you again?" and he's like "Yup" and is just really... flippant and unemotional and focusing on everything that's going on, because if he thinks about it too much or lets himself be emotional, then he won't be able to do it. l;akjsfd and the Doctor's face when she's pulling the lever and he's so terrified and he's reaching out for her but he can't do anything and Rose is slipping and he's screaming and then she's gone forever. And at this point I just become an incoherent mess.

I think one of the most devastating things about the end, too, is that the Doctor calls Rose, and you know she has such faith in him that I'm sure there's part of her, possibly a large part, that believes that he's found some way to get her back to the real universe. And then she has to find out that he's only come to say goodbye, and that he's not even really there, and she can't even touch him one last time. Which is also just so awful, because, I mean, they're so touchy-feely! They hug at every opportunity and hold hands everywhere and they can't even touch each other when they're saying goodbye. And the Doctor knew that Rose would have to leave him at some point, he told her that he couldn't spend his whole life with her, but he expected to have more time. And he knows she would be with him if she could, but she can't. He can't even visit her. ugh it's so devastating.

For some reason I had this idea that I would be able to get through 4 seasons of Doctor Who and 2 seasons of Torchwood in one week while also attending school and doing adequate amounts of school work and having a life and such. This was a very, very silly thought. I hope to get it done by the end of next week, though, as after next week there's only 1 full week of school, 2 days, and then finals, and I maybe don't want to leave things like my 10-page final Mood and Anxiety paper to the weekend before I have 2 exams and 1 final. Just a thought. Anyways, I'm jumping to Torchwood now, and then back to Doctor Who season 3 after I'm done with Torchwood season 1, and so on. I'm excited; it's been ages since I've watched these episodes of Torchwood, longer than most DW episodes.

Some TV reactions from this week:

lol forever at Kurt's expression at Finn's song.

JONATHAN GROFF. YES. SPRING AWAKENING REUNION! I think I ship Jesse and Rachel already and possibly more than Rachel/Finn (well they were never my OTP or anything. I do like them together, though). The duet they sang together was so pretty, too! And of course he's playing her. :( I would love if he ended up falling for her, but I don't think that this is that kind of show. But they were so cute when they were kissing before it showed him glance at the director in the background.

IDINA MENZEL!!!!!!!! I knew she was guest starring, but I didn't realize she was going to be in this episode! (BUT WHY DIDN'T SHE SING. She better be back and sing!) Will is a douche. Seriously? Seriously? Making out with the director of another Glee club when you are dating Emma who has been in love with you forever and she just told you she's a virgin and you told her it was totally fine (which you shouldn't have to even say because it should be self-explanatory). I've totally defended Will in the past, but I don't know if I can be okay with this. Especially with him totally getting away with it without Emma finding out and there being zero consequences of it.

Brittany might be one of my favorite characters right now. She just has all the best lines. I'm still cracking up over "Dolphins are just gay sharks." And I enjoy whatever sort of relationship she has with Santana.

I liked this episode (other than them basically destroying the character of WIll and Will/Emma for me), but it needed more Kurt! And Mercedes and Artie and Tina and everyone, but Kurt's my favorite. Also, did either Quinn or Puck have like any lines? Because I would have liked to see more of them, too.


"This is on the internet, Betty." lol omg that cracked me up. Yes, the internet is a totally fully reliable source of information.

omg Marc standing up to Wilhemina! Amazing scene, and well overdue.

"And he has a weak chin!" I loved Marc not wanting to show that he wanted to hear Betty's drama but then hearing it anyways and trying to help supply what she was trying to say. I love how they've developed this friendship, and I adored their goodbye during Betty's going away party, especially with Amanda joining in. They're awesome.

Awww when Daniel looks at Betty and says "You're leaving, aren't you?" and asks for the paper, he sounds so sad and broken! Poor Daniel.

AW YAY ANOTHER MARC AND JUSTIN SCENE! I was afraid there would be nothing more with them. And Justin giving Marc advice! lkajsd;lfkj so excellent! Aw and Marc gets a boyfriend! Yes! That was one of my desires for the finale.

(Ok seriously I watched this immediately after watching Doomsday in my season 2 rewatch and I am so not like... emotionally stable enough right now to be watching this. :( I don't want this show to be over! It's gotten so good again!)

kljasdf DANIEL'S STEPPING DOWN. (My ideal ending for this episode would be Betty going to London and Daniel following her there either to do something with Mode in London or get a new job or something, and lkajdf it might be happening omg.)

I kind of super love that they're actually letting Wilhemina get what she wants and aren't like... punishing her for always scheming and being a little evil. She gets her boyfriend back and full control over Mode!

lkja;skdjf;lkajsdflkjal;js. I was thinking Daniel would tell Betty how he felt and go with her, but I really love that she actually went to London on her own. I like that she took that risk, whereas if they had done the Daniel thing first, then it wouldn't be as much of a risk for her. But then he doesn't tell her how he feels (because whatever he's so in love with her) and they don't kiss. :( But... it definitely leaves it open or like... headed for that possibility. Especially with him asking her to dinner, which could be interpreted as a date. And, I mean, there's no way he was going to London if not for her. But I am a little disappointed that they didn't go all the way. I mean, they fast-forwarded it a little so she was like settled into her job and everything anyways, it's not like they couldn't have shown that too, you know? eh. I mean I really did love how it ended overall, but... I'm a shipper at heart, ok? Although I didn't realize how much I was shipping them until these past few episodes. I wish that they had gotten another season, though, and could have developed the relationship between them over a longer amount of time so they could have actually gotten them together at the end it wouldn't feel too soon.

Still, my ideal scenario for the finale was that Justin would be dating Austin still, Marc would get a boyfriend, Betty would go to London, and Daniel would follow her. Of course, I wanted the following her to come with starting a relationship, but I'll take what they gave me. ;lkajsf I can't believe it's over! I might actually buy season 4 on DVD, I liked it so much, and I usually only do that with very few shows.


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