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So I couldn't find my adviser yesterday, so I ended up e-mailing him about getting my pin to register, and it turns out he was on a field trip which was why I wasn't able to ever find him. But he told me I can just e-mail him what I'm taking and he'll send me the pin. now I just need to figure out what I'm taking! I'm sure about 2-3 classes, but the last one or two I'm a little unsure about. Choosing classes is too much pressure! At least now that I only have one year left and I won't have another chance to take most of the classes being offered next semester (some will be offered in the spring, but I'll only have 4 slots open then, anyways).

I got a 100 on my social psych test (so I still have 100 in the class; this is honestly one of the easiest classes I've taken here), which is great, and an 88 on my Origins podcast group project, which is a little lame. I don't care very much after how I did on the last test, but still, I thought our podcast was better than that. Oh well.

As much as I'm tired of Chuck/Blair drama (and also non-drama; I mean, their storylines this season have just been very boring. They act like they're a 40-year old married couple who have been together for years. They don't act 18 years old.), I like seeing Chuck pursue Blair again.

I love that Eric has a storyline! Eric is one of my favorites on this show; he doesn't get enough screen time most of the time. I hope that his new potential boyfriend doesn't turn out to be an asshole and that he won't be dating Eric at the same time as that girl he came to the wedding with. (I also love that when Nate asked him and Jenny if Serena had breakfast with them, Eric said yes to cover for her. I enjoy their sibling relationship; there should be more scenes between Eric and Serena because sometimes I even forget they're siblings.)

Also, ok, what Chuck did is so much worse than what Blair did. Yeah, Blair went to Jack and would have slept with him, but it was only to help Chuck and because she believed Chuck would never ask her to do something like that. Chuck TRADED his girlfriend for a hotel. Like she was a piece of property that he could just manipulate and use. Blair's actions were for love; Chuck's were because he's still not over his Daddy issues and because his hotel was more important to him than Blair. I mean, yes, if Blair had done what she did and Chuck hadn't done what he did, then Chuck would be right in being upset with Blair, but when you compare the two, Blair comes out way ahead.

Also, I finished my rewatch of Torchwood season 1!
I'm kind of glad it worked out like this (for switching from season 2 of Doctor Who to Torchwood and then back to season 3 of Doctor Who), because... well, Doomsday is seriously one of the most emotionally affecting episodes of TV for me pretty much ever. And it worked well over the weekend when I was rewatching random episodes because I went from Doomsday to Partners in Crime, so it was like, yeah, Rose is gone, but hey look, there she is again! Everything's going to be fine! (Well, kind of.) But this time I'd be going straight to season 3 which of course involves the Doctor angsting over Rose to no end, and... I don't think I could handle that after Doomsday. But season 1 of Torchwood is nowhere near as emotional for me (I guess I might have teared up a little during Cyberwoman before, but this time I'm pretty sure I'm just going to be anxiously anticipating Jack and Ianto's first kiss. Well, ok, not really a kiss, as Jack is really bringing Ianto back to life, but close enough). So yeah, I think this ordering works out well for me.

Again, there are spoilers for all aired episodes of Torchwood and possibly also Doctor Who, so beware if you haven't seen some episodes yet. Especially Children of Earth (although if you're still unspoiled for that, you must have been living under a rock for the past like 9 months).

Everything Changes
Oh man, it's been ages since I've seen season 1 of Torchwood. I watched it... like in February after it first aired (well, I watched the first 4 episodes, got busy, and then stopped until the fall semester was over and I had a break), so that would have been very early 2007. Season 2 I haven't seen since it first aired... I guess in 2008? So yeah, it's been awhile.

Hello there Captain Jack! Also, all of his team actually at the site that opens the episode are now dead. Also Ianto, who wasn't at the site, but I'm assuming was hanging out at the base. It's so weird to see them all alive. Even Suzie!

;laksjfl;kajsfj "Still, at least I won't get pregnant. Never doing that again." LIES, JACK! Because in... what, The Long Game? The Face of Boe totally was reported as just having given birth. So there.

There is not enough Ianto in this episode. I think that's true of the first season in general, though, from what I remember.

IANTO! ;lkafsdkj I'm still not over him dying. He's my favorite. :( God I hope they bring him back somehow.

The right sort of Doctor! Oh Jack.

lol I have nothing really important at all to say about this episode. Some of the lines are kind of bad, and the show definitely gets much better as it goes on. Mostly I'm just anxious for the Jack/Ianto stuff, which is more in the next season anyways. And this was a good break from the tragedy of Doomsday.

Day One
I feel like this episode serves to just be like "Look, we're not a kids' show like Doctor Who! We're adult!" But the storyline is kind of blah. I don't understand why Jack is all "YOU'RE BRILLIANT" to Gwen. That was one of my major problems with Gwen in the first season, too, that she was supposed to be amazing and all, but she never really did anything that showed that she was. And that's why she was kind of awesome in COE; because she actually did stuff and wasn't just annoying and useless.

I do really enjoy when they're all eating Chinese food and Jack goes off to the bathroom and Owen and Tosh start asking Gwen questions about what she's found out about Jack and Ianto is like "I don't care" and them discussing if he's gay or not and all that. It's a nice scene, more like they're a team, and I like that Jack has kept everything about him secret.

Ok so for some reason I remembered Jack kissing Gwen to like... bring her back to life, but I think I was protecting myself from the annoyance of remembering that Gwen kisses Jack as a thank you. Like, come on, Gwen. That's unprofessional and also YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND. And I hate Jack's face after. No way that kiss compared to kissing Nine or Rose. I definitely started liking this show more when it started backing off from Jack/Gwen. Knowing that nothing comes of this build-up definitely helps, though.

Ghost Machine
Honestly these early episodes are a little boring for me. As I watch them, I'm pretty sure like "Gwen is being boring and annoying, blah blah blah, IANTO!!!!!!!!!!!!, ok back to being boring" and so on. I mean, I'm even eager for Gwen/Owen to happen, which even though I wouldn't say I like... ship them (I like Gwen/Rhys and Owen/Tosh better, even if Gwen doesn't deserve Rhys), I definitely like them better than Gwen/Jack, and they distract from that, and also I find their screwed up relationship more interesting than anything else that's been going on in these episodes (other than Ianto's existence, which is always very pleasing).

Seriously, I have like nothing to say about this episode. I just don't care about it.

Ah I've been anxiously awaiting this episode! Finally an episode with lots of Ianto, the start of Gwen/Owen, and kind of the start of Jack/Ianto (well, ignoring the fact he kisses Ianto to bring him back to life and then later tells him he'll never forgive him and wouldn't save him if he had the chance and such).

I like seeing them all (minus Ianto) getting drinks together. I think one of the things that I'm not as fond of with Torchwood (especially at the beginning of the series), is that most of the time, I don't really get the impression that any of them like each other very much. Like... Tosh is in love with Owen, but... that's kind of it. I don't get the sense that they're friends or really enjoy working with each other a lot. So I like the episodes where they're more... in sync, I guess. Maybe that's even why I like Gwen more in COE; it's just her, Ianto, and Jack, and they're all so much more of a team than they are at this point. Even with Ianto at this point of the series, he just gets the coffee and isn't really as involved with what Torchwood does, and the show becomes more enjoyable once he starts participating more and going off with them. So yeah, I think that's one of my major issues with the early episodes, and of course it gets better over time. Like, especially just... with the last episode, I found the plot pretty boring, and in the second episode, I find the plot pretty stupid, and there are plenty of stupid plots or plots that don't make sense in Doctor Who, but the Doctor and Rose or Martha or Donna or whoever is his companion enjoying being with one another, and so the plot isn't as... important or doesn't have as much influence on my enjoyment. I can sit really enjoy something like... Fear Her, even though the plot is kind of ridiculous at times, because Rose and Ten are just having so much fun together and genuinely like each other.

Seriously, ok, Lisa electrocutes Jack and 3 people are watching: Owen, Tosh, and Gwen. Gwen is the only one who knows that Jack can't die. And who is the one to start running to him to "help"? Gwen. This is why she is so freaking annoying to me in this season. YOU KNOW HE IS GOING TO SURVIVE, YOU KNOW YOU CAN'T DO ANYTHING, AND THE OTHERS WHO DO NOT KNOW HE WILL BE FINE KNOW NOTHING CAN BE DONE. AND YET YOU DO IT ANYWAYS SERIOUSLY WHAT THE HELL GWEN.

lakjfs how did I not notice before that after Jack revives Ianto, for a second they just kind of look at each other before Owen stabs Lisa and she screams and they both turn to look at that? Or actually, you see them looking at each other right after Owen stabs her, and they quickly both look over in that direction. It's seriously like a split second, but I rewinded it (this is how big of a dork I am) like 3 times to make sure I wasn't just seeing things, but they totally are just kind of looking at each other, and Jack is kind of cradling Ianto's head, and idk it's very shippy, though.

It is very very sad seeing Ianto and Jack yell at each other and both of them basically hate each other right after that, though. :( Although I like the moment at the end, where Jack and Gwen are watching from above and Ianto looks all broken and hesitant and guilty and everything, and they kind of nod at each other. I don't think I put enough... importance on that moment first time around, because it always bugged me a little that Ianto went from "I WOULD LET YOU DIE" to falling in love with Jack in like no time. But I think him saying that was really a heat of moment thing. Like, I remember it being brought up in... what was it? 12 Angry Men, I think, where Henry Fonda's character was arguing that yeah, you can say "I'm going to kill you," but you probably won't actually mean it; it's just an expression. And then he proves it by later pissing off another juror and that juror saying something like "I COULD KILL YOU" and then Henry Fonda gives him a look and is like "Oh really?" So yeah, anyways, I think that was just him being so pissed off and his love for Lisa blinding him to the situation and I mean... if I want to go about it from a psychological POV (which as a psych major, I am wont to do), there may even be an aspect of cognitive dissonance there. Ianto has put the lives of all the team at stake, and Lisa has killed someone, but if he can fix her, if he can make her human again, then he was right and it was (arguably) worth it. But if he or the team kills Lisa, then it was all for nothing, the death of that man is fully on his shoulders, he'll never be able to forgive himself, the team will never be able to forgive him, and he'll have lost his girlfriend and his job and everything he has. So it's easier to delude himself into believing that he can save Lisa and then everything will be okay in the end. It makes perfect sense, really.

Small Worlds
I love that the episode starts with Ianto and Jack both being at work late at night! And Jack puts his hand on Ianto's shoulder and Ianto looks at it but doesn't say anything! I suppose this is where he and Jack start hooking up? Ianto doesn't want to go home anymore because he feels alone and probably still guilty and maybe even can't sleep, and Jack is always there, of course, and Jack is (at this point; obviously not when everything was going on) understanding of what Ianto went through and isn't like... holding a grudge against Ianto or being cold, but instead is comforting. So now that I look at their scenes much more closely, I think I'm understanding where there relationship comes from or how it arises (since, I mean, when I first watched Cyberwoman, I found myself shipping Jack/Ianto for the first time, but even in my episode reaction at the time, I said that I knew nothing was going to happen between them).

I always get super confused how Jack's timeline works. Like... when does what happens in 1909 happen? Is this after he is left behind by the Doctor and Rose? I feel like it has to be, but from there, I still don't know where everything fits in. It's very confusing. And I think there might be 3 Jacks alive at the same time at some point(s).

I unashamedly love this episode. This was the first episode, other than maybe Cyberwoman, that I really liked and drew me into the show.

For one thing, it's very pretty. I love all the shots outside of the hills and the story skies.

For another thing, I adore when they're all just sitting around and telling each other their last kiss. I mean, it starts to seem more like they're friends and not just stuck together, which I like. Plus, it's wonderfully awkward. Tosh last kissed Owen (but ages ago), Owen last kissed Gwen (who has a boyfriend), Gwen last kissed her boyfriend, Jack won't say (but it was totally Ianto when he brought him back to life), and Ianto last kissed his Cyberwoman girlfriend who Jack killed. (Ok, maybe them all talking about their last kiss is more awkward and depressing than fun, but I enjoy it nonetheless.) And then Gwen and Owen go into the woods and almost kiss and... it's a little hot, ok. Plus, Ianto finally gets to leave the base for once and join in on the fun! (And by fun, I apparently mean almost getting eaten by cannibals.)

Also, I like Owen's bitching about the countryside and Jack's line "No other species in the universe goes camping. Celebrate your own uniqueness!"

I don't know entirely what to make about Ianto bringing up Lisa or either his or Jack's looks afterwards. I had assumed Ianto and Jack hadn't gotten together until after this episode because of Ianto saying the last person he kissed was Lisa, but I kind of want to theorize wildly that they had started hooking up but either... it's very new and they haven't talked at all about it and don't want to address it and it's purely physical so Jack avoids the issue and then... either Ianto also wants to cover by bringing up Lisa or he wants to deny what's happening with Jack or he's annoyed with Jack for not admitting his last one was with Ianto. On the other hand, they haven't started hooking up yet, and... who knows what the look is. Going off my speculation in the previous episode that they're both around the base more when others aren't around and Jack's being kind of comforting about everything and Ianto's maybe opening up to him, maybe they're started developing feelings or an attraction (well, Jack probably doesn't need to develop an attraction because he's basically always attracted to everyone) and the same logic as above applies, that Ianto wants to deny his developing interest in Jack, and the look Jack gives him is a little hurt that Ianto's bringing up Lisa when he thought Ianto had been moving past it, and now he's maybe worried that Ianto hasn't forgiven him for shooting Lisa and maybe he even meant it when he said he wouldn't save Jack if he had the chance.

Anyways! Enough wild speculation! (It's ridiculous how much I make out of something that is probably nothing or unintended.) Seriously, Owen and Gwen are kind of cute in this episode. This is probably the height of my shipping of them (which really isn't that high, but still, I find their screwed up relationship interesting). I mean, after Gwen gets shot, Owen's really sweet with her, and idk. I like them in this episode. It's weird how quickly their relationship gets dropped from the storyline and then is never really mentioned again and there are zero repercussions for Gwen cheating on her awesome boyfriend for weeks (months?). Seriously, I said it when I was first watching season 2, but it's like the writers remembered Gwen cheated on her boyfriend with someone in the first season but couldn't remember who and decided it was Jack and that they broke it off because Jack didn't want to be serious with her or wouldn't marry her or something (Seriously, Gwen's line in season 2 when Jack is talking to her about her getting married and she's like "Well, no one else will have me!" is pretty much the peak of my hate for her, because it's like WTF GWEN ARE YOU EVEN TALKING ABOUT AND WOW NOT A GOOD REASON TO MARRY SOMEONE AND ALSO YOU DO NOT DESERVE RHYS).

Ianto headbutting that guy is totally kickass.

Gwen wanting to question the guy because she needs to know why has always really just... bothered me and does not help me like her. It's like... seriously, what explanation are you expecting that's going to make it understandable why a village would have a tradition of being cannibals? Also, "All these things, they're changing me"? You don't get to blame the job on you cheating on your boyfriend. You have choices, and also, hey, you chose this job. You can go back to your old life, or you can choose to tell your boyfriend what you do, or you can choose to break up with him, or you can choose to not cheat on him, but you don't get to pretend that all these terrible things going on in your life are entirely out of your control. So yeah, shut up, Gwen.

Greeks Bearing Gifts
Yay for a Tosh episode! She's my second favorite (after Ianto, of course).

Ianto. :( omg Tosh hearing Ianto's thoughts is so sad. He's so miserable but he puts on such a brave front. Poor Ianto.

I also feel so bad for Tosh. I mean, it's bad enough that everyone at work pretty much ignores her and pities her, but then she finally meets someone who seems genuinely interested in her, but then it turns out she's just using Tosh.

I do like Gwen here, at the end, telling Tosh that she's not in a place to make judgements. Although her saying she's going to continue cheating on her boyfriend just makes me want to hit her.

They Keep Killing Suzie
This is one of my favorites of the season. From here on, the season is much better for the most part, too. (Plus, from here on is when Jack/Ianto starts on-screen, so there's that, too.)

Gwen blaming Suzie's actions on Jack is really freaking annoying. Jack's actions may not have helped, but he did not kill those people. She was fully in control of her actions and it was her choice to kill those people. Jack is not responsible, and it's stupid to start yelling at him.

l;kajsfd. Jack and Ianto! I love that. For some reason I always thought they had been hooking up for a little while before that scene, but now I'm not sure. I mean, maybe it is the first time? Jack is like "So?" when Ianto brings up the stopwatch, like he's not used to Ianto flirting with him or propositioning him. Really I'm not sure. I've thought about it probably too much, how Jack and Ianto start. It almost comes out of nowhere. And, I mean, in just the previous episode, Ianto is severely depressed and miserable (despite seeming fine on the outside). I figure he and Jack start hooking up because Jack sympathizes with him and Ianto needs distraction and comfort and feels alone, and it turns into more after that. I just have no idea when it starts. After Greeks Bearing Gifts? I would think Tosh might have picked up on it if they were sleeping together, and Ianto would probably think something about it, maybe feeling guilty because he's (presumably) still in love with Lisa (I mean, he clearly is still depressed and devastated about that) and being with Jack, but I don't know. Maybe Ianto is more preoccupied with being miserable that he doesn't think about Jack when Tosh listens in. But who knows how much time passes between the end of that episode and the beginning of They Keep Killing Suzie? It's possible it starts in between the episodes, and I would expect that it was very new (Jack being surprised could also play into the idea that he was always the one to pursue Ianto before, and Ianto never propositioned him before when they hooked up). Who knows.

Random Shoes
Eugene just reminds me of... the guy in Love and Monsters, and this episode just feels too much like that one. And I don't like that one. I just find it boring. I just don't care about this character at all. Moffat made it work in Blink, but the story was very interesting, and I mean, Carey Mulligan is pretty amazing, so that definitely helped. But I just find myself totally zoning out when he starts going on about his life story. Also, more people in love with Gwen for no reason is really, really boring.

IANTO IS OUT IN THE FIELD. So maybe the scene between him and Jack at the end of the previous episode is the start of their physical relationship, and after that Jack feels bad about just making him bring them drinks and whatever, so he's like "Ok, you can come out with us!" I forgot that there appears to almost be a direct... cause effect relationship with the reveal of Jack/Ianto's burgeoning relationship and Ianto leaving the base. Well, ignoring Countrycide, but I don't know how much that counts, as they were rather far from the base and it wouldn't make sense for Ianto to stay there because there would be nothing he could do for them from there.

Seriously Gwen? I know he saved your life and all, but do you really need to be kissing more people who aren't your boyfriend?

Out of Time
This is another one of my favorite episodes of this season. (Although as I'm rewatching this season, I'm realizing how much better season 2 and COE, despite Ianto's death, really are.)

Based on everything we've seen from Owen up to this point, I just cannot buy him falling in love with Diane, especially so quickly. But whatever, I don't really care. Also, when do he and Gwen stop sleeping together? Obviously they are in Greeks Bearing Gifts, but after that I don't think it's clear. Suzie asks Gwen if she slept with Owen, but Gwen doesn't like... mention if she's still sleeping with Owen or not. I suppose that could definitely get her to stop sleeping with him. It's weird how they just entirely drop it. Like, did they decide, "Wait! We want to obsess over Jack/Gwen next season! We should probably limit the number of men involved with Gwen, then, so let's stop Gwen/Owen." I have no idea.

Emma's my favorite of the people from 1953, and I find her the most interesting. Although I do like the friendship Jack forms with John. But then John is an ass to Emma, so that makes me like him less.

I feel so terrible for Rhys when he's yelling at Gwen about Emma and saying it worries him how easy it seems for her to lie to him, and it's like, Rhys, you have no idea. And not even just about her job, but about the fact that she's attracted to her boss and has some sort of feelings for him that are more than just friendly (as evidenced by season 2) and she cheated on you for weeks/months with one of her coworkers. Poor Rhys.

Ianto and Jack working together! (A very, very little, but still. I am easily excited when it comes to my ships, ok?)

WAIT WAIT WAIT HOW DID I FORGET THAT GWEN DOES TELL RHYS ABOUT OWEN? SERIOUSLY, I HAVE ZERO MEMORY OF THIS. I feel like I've gone on about before how I hate that Rhys never finds out, but, uh... oops? I guess he does? (In my defense, it has been like 3 years since I saw this season, and I saw the first... 7 episodes twice, but the last 6 only once.) My complaint that there are zero consequences for her cheating on him, though, is still valid, at least. I guess that's why I didn't remember; I assumed if Rhys found out, they would break up.

OH WAIT SO SHE DRUGGED HIM. GODDAMMIT WHY DO I HAVE ZERO MEMORY OF THIS HAPPENING? (Like, I remember now that I've seen it, but I had no memory of it before that.) Also, wow, Gwen is absolutely horrid. I had forgotten a lot of the reasons I hated her at this point in the show, but now I remember. She freaking cheats on her boyfriend and then tells him but DRUGS HIM first so he won't remember and only does it so he can forgive her so she'll feel better about herself, not because he, I don't know, DESERVES TO KNOW SOMETHING LIKE THAT. SERIOUSLY, WTF GWEN. I have no idea what the writers wanted to do with Gwen this season. They keep shoving her down our throats, trying to show us how amazing and wonderful she is, and I think we're supposed to identify with her, as she's new to this world and has to learn all about it and the people she works with. Except then they do all this crap, and it's like... am I seriously supposed to like her? Because she just pisses me off.

Anyways, yay, more Jack/Ianto interaction! And Ianto going with Jack off the base to do investigating!

So... wait. Is the conversation in the car with Gwen and Owen them ending things? Like... when she's like "Why are we still doing this?" So maybe they didn't just drop Gwen/Owen entirely. Apparently I've blocked out everything that happened in the last 6 episodes of this show, other than the Jack/Ianto stuff.

Captain Jack Harkness
This is my second favorite episode of the season (my favorite being the finale). I like Jack/Jack a lot, but I can't help be all ";kajsf WHAT ABOUT IANTO." I have my OTP, ok. Still, it's a really nice episode.

Vote Saxon poster! I did not notice that the first time around, presumably because season 3 hadn't aired yet so that meant nothing to me at that point.

Tosh is pretty awesome in this episode. She's always rather awesome, but she's also often left in the background. In this episode she actually gets to really be in the forefront and help fix everything. I mean, she writes the beginning of the equation in her own blood so Ianto, Gwen, and Owen can get them back.

(Also, did Gwen really say "I'm not going to give up on Jack now"? I zoned out for a second, but I think that's what I heard, and if so, HELLO GWEN, REMEMBER TOSH? YEAH, SHE'S ALSO STUCK BACK IN 1941, AND IT'D BE FAR WORSE FOR HER TO NOT BE BROUGHT BACK THAN JACK, CONSIDERING JACK WILL LIVE FOREVER AND HAS NO FAMILY IN 2007 AND ALL THAT. SERIOUSLY WTF.)

End of Days
Yay, now to my favorite episode of this season!

I like that there are actual repercussions to what Owen did. Although while I feel like I'm mostly on Ianto and Jack's side and was on Ianto's side in the last episode, what else were they supposed to do to bring Jack and Ianto back? But still, I like that they then have to deal with everything.

I remember the first time I saw this I thought for sure Rhys was dead for good, and I was really upset. I'm glad he lived. Even if Gwen doesn't deserve him.

Why does opening the rift undo Rhys's death? I mean, it's not a time rewind. I thought all the stuff related to the rift got sucked back, but Rhys's death had nothing to do with the rift. I suppose I don't know why I expect internal logic from this show, though.

(I love how much after Jack comes back to life, Ianto helps him stand up and walk and stuff, and when Abadon comes about, they're totally just like... holding onto each other even though I don't see how they were holding each other would help Jack stand at all.)

OH WHAT A SHOCK THE CREEPY OLD GUY WHO SENT TOSH AND JACK BACK TO 1941 IS EVIL. Seriously, Torchwood team, how are you surprised by all this?

Aw poor Ianto when Jack is dead (both times, but particularly the second). I wonder if this is when he realizes what he feels for Jack is more than just a casual physical relationship. Although maybe he realizes that earlier; he does get pissed off when Owen says that he's just a part-time shag for Jack.

(I hate that Gwen kissing Jack is what wakes him up.)

I adore all their reactions to seeing Jack again. They're all perfect. Tosh runs to him. Ianto's unsure and kind of tries to shake his hand, but then Jack hugs him tight and kisses (!!!!) him. And Jack forgives Owen and hugs him as well. Awwwww. That's one of the things that makes me like the show; I like their relationships and bonds and friendships. I don't like when the show doesn't focus on them at all.

l;kj;lkjalkjf THE TARDIS. AND "The right kind of Doctor" WOULD HAVE TEMPTED JACK TO OPEN THE RIFT. I always forget how much I adore the Doctor/Jack until it's brought up. (Jack/Ianto and Rose/Doctor are still my OTPs, though.)

Anyways, now onto Doctor Who Season 3! Also, new Doctor Who today! I'm very excited. Unfortunately before I can get to both of those things, though, I have a bunch of schoolwork I don't want to do. The only major thing I have next week is this 5-10 research proposal for social psych. It's only worth 10 points and, as I said, I have 100 in the class, so it's really hard to put any effort in at all. Also, I put zero effort into the previous assignment we had that was pretty similar in terms of workload and really expected no better than a 7 or 8 out of 10, but I got a 10 on that, too, so... I don't know that it matters that I do a lot of work on it. I could probably not do it at all and still get an A in the class, but I don't think I could bring myself to not turn an assignment in. But since I have until Wednesday and I don't need to put a lot of effort in and I have nothing else this week, I'll probably just do a little work today (like, figure out what sort of research I'm going to propose) and be done. I also should start researching my topic for my final paper for Mood and Anxiety (which I meant to start doing last weekend, but then I got caught up on rewatching Doctor Who. This is why I try to avoid marathoning TV shows during the school year; even if I've already seen them before, I get caught up in them and start prioritizing them over school, which isn't a great idea, especially when there are only 2 1/2 weeks left of the semester.)


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