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(I will try not to spend the entire post freaking out over every time Jonathan Groff is on screen. That being said, ;lkjasf awwww when Jesse and Rachel are leaving the group at the beginning and you see him with his arm around her very very briefly. Yes I am totally ridiculous.)

Anyways, yay! A Kurt episode! I love Kurt! I also love his crush on Finn and totally ship them (especially now that I'm shipping Rachel and Finn less because Rachel being with Jesse means more Jonathan Groff, which is something I am fully behind. If you hadn't noticed. I'm pretty subtle and quiet about my Jonathan Groff love, after all).

"Sometimes I add a teaspoon of sand."

Seriously, this show has both Kristen Chenowith and Idina Menzel as guest stars around the same time and they don't put them in the same episode? Or have them in a scene together? OR HAVE THEM SING TOGETHER? COME ON. HUGE MISSED OPPORTUNITY THERE, GLEE.

"You both have dead spouses! Maybe you should talk!" Oh, Kurt. I love you.

Poor Kurt when he's singing A House Is Not a Home and looking at Finn. I can't wait until he gets a boyfriend (although I think that's not until next season?). Santana and Brittany were also really really adorable when he was singing.

It always kind of confuses me how many people are like "UGH NOT AGAIN THEY'RE SINGING IN THE HALLS/ROOMS/OUT OF THE CONTEXT OF THE GLEE CLUB." It really doesn't bother me in the slightest. I don't care if people don't actually break out into song in those contexts usually. It gives us more music, and whatever, I love musicals, so I guess I'm used to that? And most of the time it's pretty clear that it's like... being imagined and not what's actually happening, so what's the big deal? I don't know, I don't get it.

uh where the hell is Emma in this? Seriously, Will, you just freaking almost took Emma's virginity (and totally would have if she hadn't backed down) last week. How do you think she would feel knowing that you were lying in bed with another woman? Then again, I suppose he's did much worse with Idina Menzel.

awwwwwwwww at Kurt when they were all at dinner and his dad was trying to get to know Finn and all, and Kurt organized this all just so he could share a room with Finn, but then he's getting along better with his dad than Kurt does and he's jealous and oh Kurt. He's just trying to make the situation better because Finn is clearly upset about the arrangement! Not that I don't understand Kurt being upset because I totally, totally do. I mean, it makes sense on both sides. I actually think their disagreement was really well done and you could see both their points. And I kind of like that it wasn't actually resolved in this episode, which I'm assuming means it will come up again in a future episode.

(I'm really enjoying seeing Rachel and Jesse in like the background of all these shots with his arm around her and them holding hands and him holding her when they're all singing at the end and looking really into each other. I mean, I miss Jonathan Groff singing and talking and being really hot when making out with Lea Michele, and ok there wasn't really any point of him being in this episode as he had zero lines, but at the same time, it's nice seeing them looking happy and not seeing Jesse be kind of creepy and worrying about him using her. Even though it will come. But at least not yet.)

;lja;lskdjfl;jk Quinn! I've been missing her, and I absolutely love her talking to Mercedes.

omg Finn's mom totally made me cry when she was telling Finn that she talks to his dad's urn every night omg it's so sad. And then Kurt's dad talking to Finn about how much he loves his mom omg. These parents are wreaking havoc on my emotions here!

I thought this episode anyways was really excellent overall. I was afraid that last week's episode might have been a fluke and the first episode back was more how things would be, but these past 2 episodes have been vastly superior to the first one, so I'm super excited for everything that's coming. Although the music in this episode was not as good as the last one, or even the one before it. (And I'm probably not just saying that because there was no Jonathan Groff and Lea Michele, as I do really love Kurt's voice and of course Kristen Chenowith is amazing. Like, the music was all fine in the context of the episode, but there's nothing I'm going to be listening to at every possible chance I have, such as "Hello," "Like a Prayer," and "Burning Up.")

ugh I think one of my wisdom teeth is coming in. The two on the bottom came in sometime in high school but it was fine because I had 2 adult teeth pulled there before they came in so there was room for them once they did come through. But I was holding out the hope that my top ones would just never come down. sigh. This plus me still being sick and feeling like crap makes me feel like my body is rebelling against me today.

In better news, I'm almost entirely done with my paper! Yes! (Now you all won't have to read about me going on and on over how much more I have left and how much I hate writing papers! Well, except for once more right now.) I have nearly everything written, I just need an intro and conclusion (which I always leave for last anyways, which I think goes back to freshman year when I was writing a bunch of papers in a row and I was starting and finishing them the day before they were do and I'd finish everything except the intro and conclusion, which I'd leave until the next morning before class, and now it just feels wrong to write an intro or conclusion on the same day that I write the rest of a paper. I know, I'm super weird.) and... well, I have a thesis like... in my head, but I don't actually have it written out, so I should do that. And I'm barely at the bottom of page 7 without my intro and conclusion, so I might add another paragraph that kind of... pads the paper a bit, but it shouldn't take too long to write. I'll probably do that last after I see if I need to add it.

I got up at 9 AM this morning and it was kind of difficult to get myself out of bed but I wanted some time before I had to go to my morning class. Then I checked my e-mail and my morning class was canceled. blah. Oh well. I could've used the time productively to get my paper done, but instead I looked up more MSW programs I might want to apply to. I have absolutely nothing to do tonight other than finish this paper, so it shouldn't be a problem, anyways.


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